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Taiwan 4G SIM Card (Taipei Airport Pickup)
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Taiwan 4G SIM Card (Taipei Airport Pickup)
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Taipei City
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Experience fast internet speed and smooth connectivity in Taiwan
Collect your SIM card at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport upon arrival
Enjoy high-speed local data and call credits for five, seven, OR 10 days
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What You’ll Experience

Experience smooth connectivity during your visit to Taiwan with a local SIM card. Choose from three SIM card options depending on your length of stay, and enjoy unlimited use of mobile data that is also applicable for data sharing. All three, five, six, seven, and 10-day SIM cards come with designated credits for local and international calls.

Location Details
Taipei, Taiwan
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Additional Information
- You are required to present your passport or any valid photo ID issued by your country's government AND any of the following documents: an entry permit issued by the National Immigration Agency, visa, boarding pass, Entry Stamp, TR, resident certificate, or ISIC.
- Only one SIM card can be issued per subscriber.
- You will be assisted in activating the card upon pickup. If the internet is still unavailable after activation, please set your APN to "internet" (applicable to both iOS and Android).
- Non-compatible devices: China Telecom devices, custom-made devices, and locked devices. The phone must support the SIM card and be unlocked from the former cellular carrier.
- Available card sizes: 3 size adapter; supports nano, micro, and standard size
- The voucher is valid for redemption only on the date specified.
- Please be informed that the SIM card will be activated upon redemption, and expire based on the designated validity period after the redemption date. The SIM card cannot be recharged or used again.
- Guests 19 years old and below are not allowed to register. If you are under 20 years old, please visit the service centre with your parent or guardian. You will need to present primary and secondary IDs for the application.
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