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Explore Central Park with New York Professional Photographer

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Explore Central Park with New York Professional Photographer
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New York City
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Take pictures of you and your loved ones surrounded by Central Park’s charming scenery
Enjoy the service of a professional photographer to help you take photos from all the best angles and lighting
Receive 30 amazing, high-resolution photos that have been professionally edited
Book an exclusive 1-hour photo session to capture your special moments
Good for:: Taking Photos

What You’ll Experience

A trip to the Big Apple isn’t considered complete if you haven’t visited the internationally famous Central Park. Explore Central Park with a professional photographer who will capture both your candid and posed photographs in different spots around the park. With green luscious trees overlooking the metropolitan skyscrapers surrounding the park, your photoshoot will have some very gorgeous backgrounds. Afterward, you'll receive 30 edited photos that you can keep and cherish forever!

Location Details
Central Park, New York, NY, USA
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How to Get There
By Bus
Alight at Central Pk W & West 84 St and continue on foot for approximately 1 minute.
Alight at 86 Street Station and continue on foot for approximately 7 minutes.
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Wed, 08:00-17:00 (Last Redemption Time: 16:00)
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