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Ho Chi Minh City
Tan Binh District
Ward 15
Manwah Restaurant Chain Vouchers by Giftpop
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Manwah Restaurant Chain Vouchers by Giftpop

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Tan Binh District
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Enjoy the convenience of a cash voucher, which you can use at all brands of Golden Gate group
Come to Manwah for an experience of Taiwanese hot pot, made from the great selection of spices and the careful preparation of ingredients
Easily choose vouchers with different values depending on your need
Use your voucher on any date you want within the voucher's validity
Good for:: Tasty Dinners, Lunches, Fun-Loving Families

What You’ll Experience

After hundreds of years of existence in Taiwan, Taiwanese hot pot is not merely a combination of familiar ingredients, but is continuously improved and perfected, from generation to generation. Diners coming to Manwah will be able to discover for themselves a unique culinary journey with naturally sweet hotpot, combined with stews and spices to bring up the signature aroma of Taiwanese cuisine. The speciality comes not only from the hot pot, but also from the Taiwanese dipping dishes—you'll find more than just beef and herbs. They are the combination of ingredients that will create a meticulous and delicate flavor. 

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the details location of Manwah Restaurant Chain Vouchers by Giftpop?
Manwah Restaurant Chain Vouchers by Giftpop is located at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Manwah Restaurant Chain Vouchers by Giftpop.
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