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Cheap Hotels in Singapore, Singapore

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Guest reviews in Singapore


323327 reviews from hotels in Singapore with aggregated rating of 8.4/10.

Review from various users that have stayed in Singapore will help you to choose the perfext hotel easily!

Paulina M.
V Hotel Lavender
/ 10
31 Mac 2020
Hotel was not bad, it’s fair price, room is small but it’s comfortable , in the room there is everything what should be, not every hotel for that price looks like that, also I like that they are really responsible and not everyone can go to the hotel they are checking temperature no matter witch hour is, I didn’t like just breakfast, could be more choises
Thet Y. W.
Mandarin Orchard Singapore
/ 10
20 Apr 2021
I’m so happy with my stay! I got the complimentary cake for my birthday and got free Room Upgrade. Really thankful & got perfect Birthday Day 🌼
Nurdarina B. M. S.
Hotel Boss
/ 10
19 Apr 2021
Good breakfast. Good service.
Martini M.
Hotel Bencoolen Singapore
/ 10
21 Mac 2021
The reception staff was not friendly especially the guy whose using an imposter. It was just a name tag only that was what he claimed. And he spoke to me a dialect language which is contradicting to his name because I feel it is not right to put a random name and not representing his true name. When I came was not welcoming because the fact was I was on staycation and the matter of fact there shouldn't be any difference with the locals on staycation and foreigners or visitors from other countries staying in this hotel. Every guest should be treated the same welcoming and smiling. But no I didn't get that. He was sitting and the one who attended to me was a lady who he claimed to be a new staff which is still alright because she is still new so she is trying to do her job. I appreciated that but not him. With that kind of lazy face and no smiling at all. After went in the room there was 4 pillows 2 on each bed because I took a family room. So I decided to call operator to ask if there is additional 2 more pillows for the comfort of me and my daughter as we couldn't sleep on one pillow. As I will get a bit giddy in the morning if I should be sleeping with one pillow. But they don't try to understand my situation. So I called operator that lazy face guy picked up my call and I asked for additional 2 pillows. The way his customer service was very bad. He just told me 'don't have'. I did asked him nicely can you check with the housekeeping but the answer he gives me still that short answer 'don't have'. I jus couldn't believe his attitude and character very bad. It doesn't mean I'm local here and trying to get nice staycation with my kids what I got was bad customer service. Instead he also told me to check at the top cabinet if there is any pillow if don't have that means he said 'don't have' as if there is nothing he could do to make me my stay worthwhile. He even don't bother to console me at least to tell me if he can check with housekeeping if there is additional pillow for me. I was frustrated but still I keep cool. Next I called operator again and its him again because I jus want to ask do they do room service. Same thing bad vibe from him the answer to me was no. 'don't have' I can't believed again. Even if the hotel is rated '3' star at least try your best to be the best customer service as you are to give the guest the respect and some satisfaction by telling me nicely that the hotel don't have room service. My next bad experience was the second day of my stay there. I booked from app for 2 days and 2 nights concurrently different days because I was redeeming the first day using my son's voucher and redeeming the second day using my remaining voucher. We checked in on Saturday 13th of March. So our second day Sunday 14th March at the noon we went out to get lunch but when we came back to the hotel after 2.00pm the attending front office staff an Indian lady was not friendly at all. We were asking about their spa jet pool on 2nd floor because I tried to tap my hotel card in the lift was red and couldn't go up to 2nd floor of the pool. So I asked the lady that my kids would like to go to the second floor but she was ignoring me instead she said she will ask their operation manager to tap for us when we want to go to the second floor. I was surprised and disappointed why would I need the approval of Manager to tap for us when we have our hotel card to assess. So I found out my assess card was not activate for the second day and that reception Indian lady with that stressed face never bother to check my assess card to see on the second day for guest and she should offer to check my card whether if she should activate it. But no again she never do that to check. Instead I brave myself to approached her because her fierce face and don't want to be approachable so I asked her can she check my card because the thing is my kids and me couldn't get up our hotel room when I tried to tap my card in the lift still shows red and frustrating. I'm really sad because most of the reception staffs are not friendly and bad vibes and not welcoming at all. Because for the sake of my kids happiness I had to went through the whole process of our staycation until it ends the last day checked out on 15th March. Last but not least the TV programmes was not up to date. We can only watched the basic free channel. The hotel management never try to improve the TV programmed. At least try to install some movie channel like HBO or kids channel or documentary programme. I hope my reviews will give app some ideas on how to tell them to improve their customer services in Hotel Bencoolen, 47 Bencoolen Street. Thank you.
wahida a.
YOTEL Singapore Orchard Road
/ 10
15 Apr 2021
The accommodation was cosy. Check-in & check-out process is smooth. Would stay here again. :)
Chong K. K.
Hotel Royal
/ 10
20 Apr 2021
The male staff that helped me to check-in is very professional and helpful. The room is clean and spacious. The hotel is not far from the shopping malls. Can find some good foods around the hotel. Thank you.
Cheong Yin Wai
V Hotel Bencoolen
/ 10
25 Mac 2020
Small simple and close with MRT bencoolen. Good choice to stay unless you do not mind small room. The others are very nice. Good location and can go to city very easily. Room views amazed me.
Hotel Chancellor@Orchard
/ 10
15 Mac 2020
I had a great stay in this hotel.. thank you so much...
Royal Plaza on Scotts
/ 10
14 Mac 2020
it was an amazing stay with a great experience...


Cheap Hotels in Singapore, Why Not? 

You get what you pay for. If you pay 20 dollars for a hotel room, you will get 20 dollars worth of service. This seems to be the consensus. This is also the reason why people try to avoid travelling on a budget – fearing that they might end up having one experience to forget.

But cheap hotels in Singapore don’t always translate to terrible experiences. Budget travelers might have a couple of things to say about that. And here are 8 strategies that you can learn about saving cost by booking cheap hotels in Singapore.

What’s the Budget

It is certainly the first thing you need to do when you plan to look for a place to stay on a budget. Sort the list of hotels based on the lowest price. However, consider sorting it out based on the range of your budget – if this option is available. You might not want to stay in the cheapest place that is available, but you can certainly stay in a place that is within your range of budget. This is also to avoid having too many options to sort as it narrows down the number of hotels you need to pick.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once you have a selection of cheap hotels in Singapore that falls within your range of budget, please check the hotel’s ratings. Almost all travel applications have provided this feature to help you select the best out of what is available. The funny thing about rating is that the cheapest in your selection might not be the one with the lowest rating. Again, price fluctuates as it depends on countless factors. One thing that is certain is customer satisfaction and it is something you should rely on.

Bad Review

Another thing that is as important as the rating is what the previous guests had to say about the hotel. It is possible that a hotel boasts a 4.3 out of 5 rating, but one or two guests have complained about the lack of hospitality or hygiene issues. It is indeed a possibility and you might want to look out and check the comment section.

When to Stay

As said before, price fluctuates. You can have different prices for a reservation on Wednesday than on Saturday. You can have a different price for a reservation in July than in October. It is very dependent on the season or the part of the week in which you plan to stay. Hotel prices tend to get higher if you book for a stay in the weekend or during the high season (summer, yearend, etc.). On the contrary, midweek and off-season will give you a relatively better deal.

Early in, Late out

Still in the spirit of maximizing the value of your stay, one of the most used strategies by frequent hotel guests is using the early check-in and late check-out features. Some budget hotels in Singapore do allow their guests, especially on weekdays, to check in earlier than the regular check-in schedule (14:00) and check-out later than the regular check-out schedule (12:00) without having to pay extra money. Please be sure to contact the front desk and ask if they can give you a slack when it comes to the in and out schedule.

Inclusive Deals

The purpose of staying differs from one person to another, from one occasion to another. Sometimes, a person needs only to stay the night and be gone early in the morning to catch a flight. If that is the case, hotel’s add-ons such as breakfast might not be essential. Always check for what the deal offers. If you feel like you do not need to have some of those, try eliminating the add-ons and you will likely see the price changes. Logically, the lesser add-ons you have, the lesser you have to pay for a stay too.

Exclusive Deals

Now this has something to do with how you are going to pay for your stay in budget hotels in Singapore. Some credit card holders are often a subject of attractive offers in the form of a few percent off. You might want to check the promo section and see if your Visa or Mastercard can get you a cheaper deal.

Discount Hunter

Everybody loves a price cut – be it 5 percent or 20 percent. As mentioned before, you can always count on your credit card to give you a number of promo that can result in a discounted price for your stay. However, there is a catch. You might not like using a credit card for a few reasons or there might not be an active promo that you can use. In that case, the exclusive deal strategy cannot be utilized. However, there is a solution to this and this solution comes in the form of making a reservation via travel app. Traveloka, one of the biggest travel apps that provides you a one-stop travel solution, offers you numerous options with the cheapest price and options for discount.

How? Here is how.

Download the app from your mobile phone or access it through your browser. Once you have access to the app, you will find numerous options in which you can start planning or reserving your stay in Singapore. If you are still unsure on where to stay because you don’t know the area, Traveloka can assist you with Hotels Near You feature, which will help you find hotels from locations closest to you. There is also a Pay at Hotel feature, in case you are not that comfortable with online payment. Now in relation to finding the perfect cheap hotels in Singapore, you should really try the Price Alerts feature that will notify you with active deals you can access.

Moreover, Traveloka also offers other solutions for your need for affordable stay. Vouchers and promos are dropped on a frequent basis. Additionally, you can always check the flash sale event that the app holds every now and then. 

Lastly, cheap hotels don’t always translate to terrible experiences. You can have a wonderful experience and Traveloka is here to help you manifest that.

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