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VietJet: An Introduction

With a headquarter in Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam, and hubs in four airports, VietJet Air is a Vietnam-origin airline offering a budget concept for international flights. With the slogan "Bay la thich ngay!", which means "Enjoy flying!", VietJet Air serves 53 routes with its 45 fleets. VietJet Air offers three types of class, consisting of Promo Class, Eco Class and SkyBoss Class. In the past six years of its operation, the airline has received several accolades including Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier and Top 20 Sustainable Brands 2015.

VietJet Booking & E-ticket

Search and book your VietJet flight tickets online via Traveloka to get the best price and promotions.

How to Book

Here’s how you can book your VietJet ticket online:

  1. Go to Traveloka website or open your Traveloka App
  2. Fill in the flight details in the search box
  3. Choose and book your flight
  4. Fill in contact information and passenger details
  5. Complete your payment through the selected method
  6. Receive your VietJet e-ticket in My Booking or in your email

How to Pay

Payment for your VietJet ticket can be made via bank transfer (ATM/Internet Banking/bank teller), credit card, pay at stores or post offices. For complete information about payment methods, please visit How to Pay.

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VietJet Rating

based on 83 reviews

Service standard: LowCostCarrier

VietJet Seat Class

Promo Class

VietJet Air’s Promo Class offers the most affordable prices. However, it is only available during certain occasions, such as New Year holidays, school holidays or VietJet Air’s birthday. The cabin features Eco Class seats, and passengers are only allowed a maximum cabin baggage of 7 kg. Passengers are also not provided with in-flight entertainment facilities.

In-flight Meal

Passengers of VietJet Air Promo Class do not need to pre-order their meal before the flight. However, passengers can buy and enjoy the food and beverages available on the menu directly onboard.

Eco Class

First launched in 2011, the VietJet Air Eco Class is also known as the standard economy class, signifying the dedication of the airline to prove itself as one of Asia’s best low-cost carriers. Available on the Airbus A320 aircraft, Eco Class provides comfortable seats to ensure a pleasant experience during the flight. Passengers may also choose their seats at an additional cost.

In-flight Meal

Eco Class passengers can order and enjoy the food and beverages offered on board. A list of palatable menus are provided onboard. However, passengers are required to pay extra for the meals. To save up on the on-board meals, passengers can order their meals in advance until 36 hours before departure and get a special deal from the airline.

SkyBoss Class

SkyBoss provides passengers with extravagant facilities and services, such as a luxurious waiting lounge and delicious food and drinks. This is the class for those who want to experience the ultimate service from VietJet Air’s professional attendants. SkyBoss passengers are also granted several other privileges, such as priority check-in and priority seats on the plane. Each SkyBoss passenger is allowed 10 kg of cabin baggage and a maximum 30 kg of checked baggage. Passengers can also change their flight schedule up until three hours before departure at no extra cost.

In-flight Meal

SkyBoss provides passengers with palatable menu to be savored onboard. A wide selection of hot meals are available, rich with authentic Vietnamese flavors. Passengers can take a delight on crab and shrimp fried vermicelli noodles, stewed beef noodles, Vietnamese steamed cake with pork floss, BBQ grilled pork skewers, and many more.

VietJet Privilege Programs

Airport Lounge

The airport lounge facility is given only to SkyBoss passengers. The facilities include a quiet room with luxurious interior design to support passengers’ comfort and privacy, free internet access, a wide variety of newspapers and magazines, and a diverse menu of food and beverages. In addition, passengers in the airport lounge will be served entirely by the professional staffs of VietJet Air, ready to tend to the passengers’ every need.

VietJet Fleet

Airbus A320-214
Seat class:

  • Economy

Seat layout:

  • 3-3 (Economy)

Seat pitch:

  • 29 inches (Economy)

In-flight entertainment:

Not Available


Not Available

Power/USB port:

Not Available

Airbus A321-211
Seat class:

  • Economy

Seat layout:

  • 3-3 (Economy)

Seat pitch:

  • 29 inches (Economy)

In-flight entertainment:

Not Available


Not Available

Power/USB port:

Not Available

VietJet In-flight Crew

VietJet Flight Attendant Uniform

VietJet Air’s flight attendants wear a red short-sleeved shirt with brown checkered collar and cuffs, paired with brown checkered shorts. A brown checkered long bow tie knotted under the collar and a matching brown checkered side cap complete the look. In addition to the formal uniform, the VietJet female attendants are also known for its bikini uniform, a big move made by the airline’s female CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao in 2014.

VietJet Baggage Allowance

Flight Route

Seat Class

Cabin Baggage

Check-in Baggage

All routes

Economy Class

Max. 7 kg (Dimension: 56 x 36 x 23 cm)

Available upon purchase: 15 kg / 20 kg / 25 kg / 30 kg / 35 kg / 40 kg

VietJet Passenger Policy

Infant Passenger Policy (0-2 Years Old)
  • Infants are allowed onboard, only if they are healthy, both physically and mentally.
  • Infant passengers with particular health conditions, such as preterm birth, should have a health permit from a doctor to be allowed onboard.
  • Infant passengers must be accompanied by an adult aged at least 18 years old. The adult passenger should be fully physically and mentally capable of taking care of the infant. One adult passenger is only allowed to accompany one infant passenger.
  • Infant passengers under the age of 14 days are not allowed onboard.
  • Infant passengers traveling abroad should have their passport, valid identity card, and other supporting documents as required of adult passengers.
Child Passenger Policy (2-12 Years Old)
  • Child passengers are advised to be accompanied by an adult aged at least 18 years old. The adult passenger should be in good condition and do not have any special needs.
  • One adult passenger is allowed to travel with only one infant passenger and one child under 6 years old, or two children under 6 years old. There is no limitation for traveling with children above 6 years old.
  • Child passengers over 2 years old are required to purchase normal tickets.
  • Child passengers traveling abroad should have their passport, valid identity card, and other supporting documents required of adult passengers.
  • The airline does not provide any assistance to unaccompanied minors (child passengers who are traveling without an adult company).
  • All passengers should inform the airline if they will be traveling with minors at least 24 hours before departure.
  • All accompanied and unaccompanied minors are only allowed on domestic flights.
  • All accompanied and unaccompanied minors must be delivered and picked up by their parent or an adult guardian both in the departure and arrival terminals at the airport.
  • All passengers between 12 and 14 years old traveling without a passport must be accompanied by a legitimate representative. As an alternative, they must be accompanied by another passenger who has booked the ticket and is committed to taking care of the child passenger.
Pregnant Passenger Policy
  • Passengers within their 27 to 32-week pregnancy are required to carry letters and all flight licenses from a gynecologist. These letters must be issued within seven days before departure.
  • Passengers beyond 32 weeks pregnant are not allowed onboard.
  • Pregnant passengers traveling with VietJet Air must be in good health.
  • Pregnant passengers with personal and fetal conditions are required to submit a medical clearance.
  • Passengers pregnant with twins, or pregnant by artificial insemination, or are experiencing less than normal fetal development are required to submit a medical clearance before the flight.
  • Pregnant passengers traveling abroad must carry a valid passport, identity card, visa, or other supporting documents.
Disabled Passenger Policy
  • Passengers are categorized as disabled if they are suffering from blindness, deafness, muteness or reduced mobility.
  • Passengers with disabilities are not allowed onboard unless they are able to take care of their needs independently.
  • In certain conditions, passengers are required to have a companion onboard. The companion should be an adult aged at least 18 years old, who is physically and mentally healthy.
  • Each companion is allowed to travel with two disabled passengers.
  • Passengers with disabilities who are not accompanied by an adult are required to inform the airline at least 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Passengers with disabilities must be delivered and picked up by a relative or a caretaker in the departure and arrival terminals at the airport.
  • Passengers with disabilities traveling abroad should have passports, identity cards, and other related documents.
  • Passengers with disabilities or elderly passengers requiring a wheelchair should inform the airline at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Passengers with disabilities or with a mental or physical illness must submit a medical clearance to fly.

VietJet Check-in Policy

VietJet Check-in Time

Please find the check-in time for all VietJet flights on the table below. Check-in time may vary if your flight is operated by a partner airline. Please check your e-ticket to ensure.

Flight Route

Recommended Check-in Time

Check-in Time Limit


1 hour before departure

40 minutes before departure


2 hours before departure

50 minutes before departure

VietJet Online Check-in

Online check-in is also available for VietJet flights. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to VietJet web check-in page
  2. Enter your booking code, or other booking details, as instructed
  3. Complete your check-in details
  4. Save and/or print your boarding pass

VietJet Refund Policy

In general, refunds are permitted for personal reasons (self-cancellation, sickness, pregnancy, or death of a passenger), cancellation/rescheduling by the airline, force majeure, or double booking. However, different airlines have different policies regarding acceptable refund reasons. Please visit VietJet Refund Policy for a complete information on refund.

VietJet Reschedule Policy

You can easily change your flight schedule and itinerary using Easy Reschedule. Some airlines allow changes to date, time, route, and airline, while some only allow changes to date and time. Please refer to VietJet Reschedule Terms & Conditions to find the complete guide to rescheduling your flight. If your flight is not eligible for Easy Reschedule, please contact VietJet directly to reschedule.


About VietJet

VietJet Air (IATA code: VJ) is one of Vietnam’s low-budget international airlines. First launched in 2011, the airline’s shares are owned by Sovico Holding, HDBank, private investors, as well as individuals. VietJet Air has now become the second private airline that provides domestic flights in Vietnam. With a headquarter in Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam, and with hubs in Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Da Nang International Airport, Noi Bai International Airport, and Cat Bi International Airport, VietJet Air flies to 53 domestic and international destinations. Led by Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao as CEO, VietJet Air’s total fleet consists of 45 Airbus A320 and A321. VietJet Air’s logo is the airline’s name on a red background with a yellow star on the propellers. The red color itself is taken from the Vietnamese flag, representing the airline’s dedication to providing the best service for the country. With the slogan "Bay la thich ngay!" which means "Enjoy flying!", VietJet Air continues to provide the best services to all passengers by reinforcing four core values: safety, happiness, affordable price, and punctuality. VietJet Air is committed to realizing its vision to become a multinational aviation group with a network of routes covering the entire region and the world, providing and developing not only aviation services but also consumer products on its e-commerce platform. It is its mission to operate and develop its network of domestic, regional and international routes. The airline also strives to create a breakthrough in aviation services and to make flying a popular means of transportation in Vietnam and the world. Above all, VietJet Air makes the best effort to bring happiness and satisfaction to its passengers by providing them with luxurious quality services in a way that is friendly and welcoming. During its six years of service, VietJet Air has won 41 awards, consisting of 32 domestic awards and nine international awards. The accomplishments achieved by VietJet Air include Best Airline Award, Vietnam Best Places to Work in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry 2014 and 2015, Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier 2015, Top 10 Outstanding Brand, Golden Award PATA 2015 for Innovative Marketing Campaign, International Star Award for Quality, and Recognitions of Achievement 2015 by the Prime Minister of Vietnam. VietJet Air also provides three types of class on each flight, which include Promo Class, Eco Class, and SkyBoss Class. Privileges such as ordering food and beverages, access to the boarding lounge, and private check-in gate services are only given to SkyBoss passengers, while Promo and Eco passengers can enjoy the food that has been provided by the airline in its menu. SkyBoss passengers are also entitled to change their flight schedule or destination at no additional cost, while Promo and Eco passengers may enjoy the same feature at an additional fee. Passengers of the SkyBoss Class are allowed two pieces of cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg, while Promo and Eco Class passengers are only allowed one piece of cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg. SkyBoss passengers also get a checked baggage allowance of 30 kg. All passengers are required to arrive early at the airport to ensure that they will have enough time for check-in, security clearance and boarding. Check-in for domestic flights can be done from two hours until 30 minutes before departure at the airport check-in counters, while check-in for international flights start from three hours until 50 minutes prior to departure. Passengers who are late to present themselves at check-in will not be processed by the airline.

VietJet History

In the beginning of its establishment, VietJet Air got off to a rocky start. Originally, VietJet Air was going to be launched at the end of 2008. However, the plan kept being held off to the beginning of 2009, and then to mid-2010. The delay was mainly caused by the rise of fuel prices, which induced financial problems to the airline, and by the global economic crisis of the late 2000s, which generally affected the Vietnamese economy. In 2010, low-budget airline AirAsia bought 30% of VietJet Air’s shares. In the same year, VietJet Air was granted the permission to perform its first flight. Unfortunately, the flight was once again suspended due to an unresolved issue with the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV). VietJet Air’s operation license was going to expire in June 2011, but until February 2011, the airline was reportedly still completing the final stages of its launch. By October 2011, AirAsia announced that it had canceled its cooperation with VietJet Air because it could not reach an agreement with Vietnamese authorities on several terms, including to put the AirAsia logo on VietJet Air commercial operations. VietJet Air was officially launched in December 2011, becoming the second private airline to provide domestic flight services in Vietnam after Air Mekong. VietJet Air also became the fifth airline after Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam Air Service Company (VASC), and Air Mekong with the best domestic civil aviation services. VietJet Air had declared its plans to provide flights to Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang, and its intention to expand its network to other countries in Asia, such as Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia, China, and Japan. With Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao as CEO and President since 2011, VietJet Air now has its headquarters in Ba Dinh, Hanoi, with four hubs. In February 2013, VietJet Air finally made its first international flight service from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok, and became the first Vietnamese private airline that entered the international market. Furthermore in December 2014, VietJet Air launched its subsidiary, Thai VietJet Air, which also runs a low-budget flight service. Thai VietJet Air has its headquarters in 100/519 Moo 2, Chaeng-Wattana Rd with one hub in Suvarnabhumi Airport. At the opening of Singapore Air Show in 2014, VietJet Air strengthened its fleets by adding as many as 60 Airbus A320 worth US$6.4 billion after signing a Memorandum of Understanding for ordering 92 Airbus A320 in the previous period. At the Paris Air Show in June 2015, VietJet Air added its fleet again by purchasing six more Airbus A321 to meet the demands of its popular travel routes. Meanwhile, at the Dubai Air Show in November 2015, VietJet Air purchased 30 aircraft, consisting of 21 Airbus A321neo and nine Airbus A321ceo. In addition, VietJet Air also chartered another 10 A391 aircraft from Air Berlin Group, who delivered them in 2016 – 2017. During the 2016 visit of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, VietJet Air announced it had signed an order for 100 Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft, which will be shipped starting from 2019. In the same year, during the visit of the President of France, Francois Hollande, the airline signed an order of 20 Airbus A321s. Until 2016, VietJet Air has had as many as 45 modern and environmentally friendly aircraft. VietJet Air is the first airline in Vietnam to own the modern Airbus A320 Sharklet, capable of carrying as many as 188 passengers in each flight. Furthermore, VietJet Air also owns Airbus A321 aircraft, capable of carrying 230 passengers. This aircraft is known for being reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly. VietJet Air also often decorates the body of its aircraft with striking images. Having painted its planes with characters from the Disney animation Planes, VietJet Air has been named the Liveliest Fleet in the World. Besides working with Disney, Vietjet Air’s red and yellow colors have also been host to the Vietnamese national tourism logo, pictures of the airline's cabin crew, and photos of former Miss Vietnam May Phuong Thuy and actor Johnny Tri Nguyen for media promotion purposes. By working closely with the world's leading beverage company, Pepsico, some of Vietjet Air’s fleets are painted with the Pepsi logo. To realize its ambition, the airline is also working with many banks, such as HDBank and BIDV. Today, VietJet Air serves international routes with more than 30 destinations including Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Japan. The airline is using Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, which have only been operating an average of three years, in its daily operation. With various domestic and international accolades, VietJet Air will continue to do its best by bringing fresh innovation to provide better services. Furthermore, to improve the comfort and safety of all passengers, VietJet Air employs professional and international-standard cabin crew of pilots and flight attendants, who will ensure the safety and comfort of all VietJet Air’s passengers during the flight.

Contact VietJet

(+8428) 3551 6220

VietJet Office

HCM Office A 9th Floor, Hai Au Building 39B Truong Son St., D. Tan Binh Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam


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