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Things to Do in Bekasi

Get yourself in this magnificent city with diverse culture and everlasting beauty.

30 Most Popular Things to Do in Bekasi

Bekasi is one of the city in West Java that is famous as an industrial location. Because it is near to Jakarta, the city is also familiar with congestion and high population density. However, few people know that Bekasi has some beautiful tourist attractions; in fact, it should be added to your list of holiday destinations.

Tourist destinations in Bekasi are ranging from the water park, city parks, beaches, culinary centers, to many historical and religious tours. The destinations are summarized in a review of 30 tourist attractions in Bekasi that you must visit.

1. Go! Wet Waterpark

Go! Wet Waterpark is one of the largest waterparks in Indonesia. It is located in the cluster area of Grand Wisata Bekasi, on Jalan Southern Boulevard Kav. 1, Lambangjaya, Tambun Selatan. With an area of 7.5 hectares, Go! Wet Waterpark has a dozen water rides and over twenty stunning waterslides.

This water park can be reached from the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road very easily. After the Bekasi Timur toll gate, there is a special Tambun Selatan toll gate that directly leads to the Grand Wisata Cluster Area where Go! Wet Waterpark is located.

At Go! Waterpark Grand Wisata, you can relax on the water in the Go! Lazy arena, swimming in a wave pool in the Go! Wave arena, or playing in the water spray on the Go! Splash rides.

Go! Wet Waterpark is open every weekday at 10:30 to 18:30 pm and 09:00 to 20:00 pm on weekends. Entrance fee on weekdays for adults is Rp150.000,00 and Rp100.000,00 for children. On weekends and public holidays, the ticket price becomes Rp225.000,00 for adults and Rp175.000,00 for children.

2. Curug Parigi

Curug Parigi is a waterfall in Bantargebang that resembles Niagara Falls in America. Curug Parigi was originally formed because of the massive stone mining that is done for quite a long time.

To reach the waterfall, you can drive along Jalan Narogong KM 12.5 by car to Jalan Pangkalan 5. You can continue the journey by cycling, riding a motorcycle, or on foot. You must walk along a fairly sloping and steep road for about two kilometers.

It will be a long and hard journey. However, everything will be paid off when you arrive in Curug Parigi. Listening to the thrill of refreshing water and witnessing the beauty of this mini Niagara waterfall will be the best experience that you should not be missed.

Curug Parigi opens every day for 24 hours, but usually, there are more visitors between 09.00 to 18.00. There is no entrance fee. However, for those who bring a vehicle, prepare money for parking fees.

3. Situ Cibeureum

Situ Cibeureum is a beautiful lake surrounded by shady trees. You can also try many food stalls and saung makan (a small restaurant) in the area around the lake.

The beauty of Situ Cibeureum can be enjoyed for free. It opens every day for 24 hours. However, most visitors usually prefer to come during weekends or in the afternoon to watch the sunset.

To reach Situ Cibeureum, you can use angkot K-39 from Bekasi Trade Center and get off at Jembatan Legenda, then take an ojek to the lake. For those who bring a vehicle through the Cikampek toll road, you can exit at the Tambun toll gate and go to Grand Wisata. Situ Cibeureum is right behind the cluster area.

4. Gedung Juang 45

This historic site, also known as Juang Tambun Building, is located at Jalan Sultan Hasanudin no. 5, Tambun Selatan. From Tambun Selatan toll gate, you only need to drive for about 10 minutes through Jalan Haji Mulyadi Joyomartono to get to Juang 45 Building.

This building witnessed the history of Indonesia in the Dutch colonial era until the era before independence. The construction process was done in two stages. The initial construction began in 1906, and then the building was refined in 1925. The building was built with a combination of European and Indonesian architecture.

Currently, Juang 45 Building is used as a library. If you are interested in visiting this historical building, you need to pay Rp2000.00 for the entrance fee. The building opens from 08.00 to 15.00 WIB.

5. Venetian Water Carnaval

Venetian Water Carnaval is perfect for family vacation. This water park area is located in Villa Mutiara Gading 2, Jalan Agus Salim, Tambun Utara, Karangsatria.

Venetian Water Carnaval is about 15 minutes from Bekasi city center. If you come from outside Bekasi, you can drive your car from Lingkar Luar Timur toll road and exit in Bekasi Timur toll gate; you can reach Venetian Water Carnival in about 30 minutes.

Venetian Water Carnaval offers a unique theme and atmosphere. Once you enter the arena, you will feel the atmosphere of Carnival in Italy. The gates, as well as all the rides, are made with a festive carnival theme that will give you a whole new exciting experience.

The entrance fee is also relatively cheap; Rp20.000,00 on Monday-Friday and Rp50.000,00 on weekends and public holidays. Ticket prices apply to adult and children whose height is above 80 cm. Venetian Water Carnaval opens daily from 08.00-18.00 WIB.

6. Fun Park Waterboom

Located on Jalan Raya Bantar Gebang, Setu, Cimuning Raya, Waterboom Fun Park has four swimming pools with different sizes and depths that suitable for visitors of all ages.

The first pool—for adults—has a water depth of 120-150 cm. The second pool—with a depth of 50 cm and two slides (height of 2 meters and 3 meters)—is suitable for children aged 10-15 years.

The third and fourth pools are intended for smaller children. The third pool only has a water depth of 20 cm, while the depth of water in the fourth pool is 30 cm. Both pools are equipped with various games, such as fountain-shaped mushrooms and mini palace along with water slides.

Fun Park Waterboom entrance fee is very affordable. On weekdays, the ticket is Rp15.000,00, while on weekends and public holidays it costs Rp20.000,00. It opens every day at 07.30 WIB - 18.00 WIB.

Waterboom Fun Park is about 50 m away from the residential gate of Bekasi Timur Regensi (BTR) and is on the right side of the road (after the residential gate).

7. Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya

Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya (TBIJ), also known as the Cikarang Crocodile Park, is home to approximately 500 crocodiles from various species. The Sumatran crocodile is the most common species in TBIJ. Other crocodile species that are also protected in captivity are new guinea crocodiles, albino crocodiles, salt water crocodiles from Borneo.

Although TBIJ is not spacious, it has the largest collection of crocodile species in Asia, even in the world. Not only seeing the crocodiles, but you also can see the process of hatching the crocodile eggs and watch the ponds containing small crocodiles, as well as watching the crocodile show on certain days.

TBIJ is located at Jalan Raya Serang-Cibarusah KM.3, Sukaragam, Serang Baru. You can reach it through the Lippo Cikarang toll road (on the right lane). Another accessible road is the Cikarang Barat toll gate. You can directly drive to Cibarusah for about 11 km.

For the entrance ticket, adult visitors must pay Rp20.000,00 and Rp10.000,00 for children above three years old. TBIJ opens at 07.30-18.45 WIB.

8. WaterBoom Lippo Cikarang

WaterBoom Lippo Cikarang located at Jalan Madiun Kav. 115, Lippo Cikarang, Cibatu. It is designed with the atmosphere of the Island of Gods, Bali. There are many statues and huts decorated with frangipani, Balinese flower decoration.

Another attraction of Waterboom Lippo Cikarang is the spiral slide for children. The children's pool is also equipped with unique decorations such as pirate ships and fountains. For those who want to relax and freshen up, you can try the fish therapy pool.

The entrance fee is Rp60.000,00 on Monday-Friday and Rp95.000,00 on weekends. Waterboom Lippo Cikarang operates from 09.00-18.00. On weekends and public holidays, it opens early at 08.00 am.

You can reach this water park via Cikampek toll road and exit from West Cikarang toll gate. Waterboom Lippo Cikarang is about 10 km from the toll gate.

9. Wisata Sejarah Saung Ranggon

Saung Ranggon is located in Kampung Cikedokan, West Cikarang, Bekasi. It was established in the 16th century, and Saung Ranggon is now one of the historical tourist sites in Bekasi that can be visited for free.

In the area of 500 m2, Saung Ranggon is built with a size of 7.6 m x 7.2 m and has a height of 3-4 m above ground level. The shape of the building is a house on stilts with the roof of Julang Ngapak that made of wooden shingles.

If you are interested in visiting this historical tourist attraction, Saung Ranggon usually opens every day from 06.00 am to 09.00 pm. Saung Ranggon can be accessed by driving a private vehicle and by using the public transportation (to Cikedokan Setu).

10. Wisata Rumah Pohon Jatiasih

Jatiasih Tree House is a family tourist destination that offers the concept of natural beauty. In this place, you will be pampered with shady trees and fresh lake that is used as a fishing ground. As the name suggests, there are also tree houses that add a natural impression.

Not only relaxing in a natural setting, but you and your family can also enjoy a variety of fun nature activities. Many outbound games for children are available in Rumah Pohon Jatiasih. Adults can also ride ATV motors on muddy tracks or fishing in the lake.

All activities can be enjoyed at affordable prices. Flying fox and wall climbing are Rp25.000,00, ATV ride is Rp40.000,00, and fishing is Rp10.000,00. There is also a full outbound package at a price of Rp70.000,00 and mini outbound at a price of Rp50.000,00.

Rumah Pohon Jatiasih is located on Jalan Raya Parpostel. You can reach it through the Jatiasih toll gate, then continue the trip to Komsen Roundabout, and towards Villa Nusa Indah housing until you reach the tourist site.

11. Danau Marakas

This lake is located in the Pesona Ungu Housing, Jalan Sejahtera, Bahagia, Babelan, Bekasi. Lake Marakas is an artificial lake built by developers of Pondok Ungu Housing as a water reservoir as well as recreational facilities.

With an area covering 2 hectares, Lake Marakas is always full of visitors. There are several facilities provided, such as parks, swimming pools, fishing grounds, food stalls, and clothing store.

To reach Lake Marakas, you can use private vehicles through Summarecon towards Pondok Ungu Housing. Lake Marakas is right behind the marketing office of the housing complex.

There is no entrance fee to enjoy the beauty of Lake Marakas. However, you still have to pay for parking fees, as well as for eating and shopping. Lake Marakas opens for public every day for 24 hours. Usually, visitors prefer to come in the afternoon or on the weekends.

12. Taman Rusa Kemang Pratama

Taman Rusa Kemang Pratama is a must visit tourist destination for the family. It has seven imported chitals and many other animals, so the Taman Rusa Kemang Pratama is also known as a mini zoo.

Taman Rusa Kemang Pratama is also perfect for exercise as it has fresh air. Every day, many visitors come to jog, walk, or do other light exercises.

Taman Rusa Kemang Pratama is located at Jalan Niaga Raya Blok. C No. 3, Sepanjang Jaya, Bojong Rawalumbu. To reach this place, you can drive through the Cikampek toll and take the road towards Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani. Your destination is approximately 500 meters from the road.

Taman Rusa Kemang Prama opens from 08.00 am to 18.00 pm, and there is no entrance fee.

13. Hutan Kota Patriot Bina Bangsa

Hutan Kota Patriot Bina Bangsa is a green open space for citizens and located at Jalan A. Yani no. 2, Kayuringin Jaya, South Bekasi. You are free to visit this park anytime because it opens every day for 24 hours. You are also free to get in as it has no entrance fee.

In this 2-hectare park, you can picnic, ride a bike, or walk around the park to enjoy the view and the shady trees. There are also facilities such as benches and shelters. You may also find pigeons and Sooty-headed Bulbuls.

In addition to using private vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, you can use Angkot K05A to Bekasi-Kranji Terminal. Patriot Bina Bangsa is also quite close to Bekasi Station, so you can reach it by using the commuter train or economy train.

14. Masjid Nurul Islam "Islamic Center"

Nurul Islam Mosque located within the complex of Bekasi Islamic Center, on Jalan Ahmad Yani, South Bekasi. It was built in an area of 5000 m2 and consists of three floors. The ground floor of the mosque is used as a meeting hall and office complex, kiosks, and cooperatives (koperasi). The second and third floors are used as a place of worship that can accommodate up to 4000 worshipers.

Not only a worship place for Muslims, but Nurul Islam Mosque is also one of the icons of Bekasi. The tower of the mosque—which reaches 160 m high—becomes the tallest building in Bekasi. Visitors can go the top of the tower to enjoy the views of Kota Bekasi and Jakarta.

Nurul Islam Mosque can be reached by using Angkot K09B Metropolitan Mall-Housing Taman Wisma Asri.

15. Pusat Wisata Kuliner Saung Wulan

For those who love culinary tour, Pusat Wisata Kuliner Saung Wulan in Bekasi can be your perfect choice. Located on Jalan Abu Bakar no. 60 Setiadarma, Tambun, Saung Wulan offer a variety of Sundanese culinary that you can enjoy.

The restaurant complex—which is 4000 m2—is equipped with many other facilities. The main facilities are “saung-saung” with a variety of capacities, ranging from 5-10 people, up to 25-50 people (for family or office gathering).

In the restaurant area, there is also a pangasius (patin) breeding pond and a fishing pond containing giant gourami, pangasius, mujair, mas, and tawes. Saung Wulan provides free fishing pole for customers. Each fish that you are successfully captured will be priced at Rp35.000,00/kg.

Saung Wulan opens every day at 10:00 am to 23:00 pm. To reach it, you can drive through the Cikampek toll road, then exit at Tambun or Mustika Jaya toll gate. Once you out of the highway, you can take the road to the Grand Wisata Housing, then through the crossroads of Kalimalang and you will arrive at the location.

16. Pura Agung Tirta Bhuana

Pura Agung Tirta Bhuana is the only worship place of Hindus in Bekasi. This temple is located on Jalan Jatiluhur Raya, Jakasampurna. It adopts the concept of decoration like Bali’s temple.

In addition to religious activities, Pura Agung Tirta Bhuana is open for several other activities. After it was inaugurated in 1991, many youths and Hindu community activities were using the temple as the main gathering place. Pura Agung Tirta Bhuana becomes a learning center for Hindus younger generation, and a practicing place for Saraswati dance studio every Wednesday and Friday.

The Pura will be crowded with visitors in Hindu religious festivals such as Nyepi and Galungan. The place is easily accessible by public transportations and private vehicles. For those who want to visit this temple by driving a vehicle, you can exit through Bekasi Barat toll gate from Bekasi toll road.

17. Galaxy Tirta Mas

Swimming Pool Galaxy Tirta Mas is located on Jalan Raya Boulevard Barat, Jaka Setia, South Bekasi. It can be accessed by using private vehicles or Angkot K26 and K05A.

Galaxy Tirta Mas has four main pools consisting of a children pool, an adult pool, a stream pool, and one other pool with a 7-meter slide. In addition to the swimming pool, there is also an indoor badminton court and fitness equipment.

The entrance fee is Rp18.000,00 on weekdays, and Rp23,500 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. It opens every day between 07.00 am - 20.00 pm.

18. Bumi Perkemahan Karang Kitri

In Bumi Perkemahan Karang Fitri, you can enjoy camping and outbound facilities. Adults and children can use all facilities. Located on Jalan Desa Karang Mulya, Bojongmangu, Bekasi, you can drive to Jalan Raya Cibarusah to Karang Mulya Village after exit from Cikarang Utama 2 toll gate.

If you do not have complete camping equipment, you can rent the equipment to the staffs of Bumi Perkemahan Karang Kitri; they provide camping equipment such as tents, ropes, and others.

The entrance fee is Rp1.500,00/person for scout members, Rp2.500,00/person for the public, and the cost of renting a tent is Rp45.000,00/day. Karang Fitri Camping Site opens daily.

19. Vihara Dharma Jaya

This Buddhist worship place is located in Gang Kalong, Bojong Rawa Lumbu, Sukajaya, Cibitung. At the entrance gate, you will be greeted by two guardians’ lions called Bao-gu-shi. The temple itself has two floors filled with ornaments and statues of twentieth-century Buddhist gods. There are 14 praying altars on each floor.

The roof of the monastery is decorated with two dragon statues flanking a pearl, while red dominates the building’s decoration. If you visit this temple, you can immediately smell the incense that Buddhists use in their prayers.

Dharma Jaya Temple opens for public every day at 07.00 am. To enter the temple area, there is an entrance fee ranging from Rp2.000,00-Rp4.000,00.

20. Pantai Muara Gembong

Muara Gembong Beach is a popular tourist attraction in Muara Gembong. This beach can be accessed through the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road and Jalan Raya Karang Satria and Jalan Raya Muara Gembong.

You will be pampered with the views of the mangrove forest and a variety of faunas such as local birds and Javan lutung. Muara Gembong Beach offers a tour package for 4-5 visitors that costs Rp70.000,00. With the tour package, you can enjoy the beach and mangrove forest by using a canoe.

21. Pantai Muara Beting

Muara Beting Beach is the first beach that can be found when you visit Muara Gembong. The beach is located within the same tourist complex as Muara Gembong Market, about 48 km from Bekasi city center.

Muara Beting is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Bekasi that suitable for a family vacation. In the area of 7 hectares, you can see mangrove trees that surround the beach. You can also satisfy your appetite in the restaurants that sell a variety of Indonesian cuisine. Facilities at Muara Beting Beach are also quite complete with changing rooms and parking area.

Pantai Muara Beting opens 24 hours a day. To get to the beach, you must pay the parking fee. However, you can rent a boat for Rp20.000,00 if you want to boat around the beach.

22. Pantai Muara Bendera

Another beach that located in Muara Gembong Beach tourism complex is Muara Bendera Beach. This beach offers a fascinating view of the ocean and a beautiful underwater marine life.

Muara Bendera Beach also in the migration route of sea birds from the South China Sea. The beach opens daily for 24 hours. However, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of seabirds’ migration, you can visit the beach between September and February.

23. Pantai Mekar

The fourth and final beach located in the tourist area of Muara Gembong is Mekar Beach. This beach is located closest to the river mouth. You can rent a fishing boat with a price range Rp20.000,00-Rp25.000,00. There are also several unique gazebos in the middle of the sea known as Villa Joglo. You can use the gazebo to relax and enjoy the ocean view. Then you can also try fishing in the middle of the sea.

24. Kolam Renang Taman Harapan Baru

Taman Harapan Baru Swimming Pool is located at Jalan Taman Harapan Baru, Pejuang, Medan Satria. There are three pools; for children, teenagers, and adults. Each pool has waters slide with varying heights. There is also Ember Tumpah as the main attraction.

The swimming pool area has a cafeteria that sells food and beverages. The swimming pool staff also provides swimming gear for rented, such as swimming goggles and buoys.

Opened between 07.00-19.00 hours, the price of Taman Harapan Baru Swimming Pool ticket is affordable; Rp15.000,00 on Monday-Friday and Rp25.000,00 on Saturday-Sunday and public holidays.

25. Snow World International Revo Town (Dunia Salju Bekasi)

Snow World International or better known as Snow World Bekasi is located in the parking lot north of Revo Town, Jalan Jend. Ahmad Yani Kav. 1, Pekayon Jaya, South Bekasi.

This artificial snow tour is divided into two parts; the ice block and snow. In the first part, you will see various animals, trains, Santa Claus, and other shapes made of ice blocks. This section is decorated with colorful lighting lamps, and the temperature inside is not too cold.

The second part of Snow World is a snowy area which temperature reaches -15 ° C. This area is not only covered with snow on the floor but also equipped with fog and artificial snow made as if it comes from above. You can also enjoy the sensation of snow sliding.

By paying a ticket for Rp60.000,00 for adults and Rp50.000,00 for children under 140 cm, you can enjoy this snow world freely. Snow World Bekasi opens every weekday at 13.00-20.00 pm. On weekends and public holidays, Snow World opens early at 11:00 am.

You can access Snow World by private vehicles through the exit of Bekasi Barat toll gate. You can also use Angkot 02 from Pondok Gede, then get off at Bekasi Square.

26. Taman Alamanda Regency

Alamanda Regency Park situated in the residential area of Alamanda Regency Raya, Karangsatria, Tambun Utara, and it becomes one of the free tourist attractions that always crowded by visitors.

This park has many family fun activities, such as flying fox, rope course, and other agility games that you can enjoy. There is also a lake that creates a natural and refreshing atmosphere.

There is also an area for street vendors selling foods and beverages. Alamanda Regency Park is suitable for recreation, entertainment, and sport for all people of all ages.

Because it opens 24 hours a day, you can visit this park anytime. Alamanda Regency Park is quite easy to reach. For those who want to ride Public Transport, you can use Angkot K34A track Karang Satria-Terminal Bekasi that pass Alamanda area.

27. Transera Waterpark Harapan Indah

Transera Waterpark is a water adventure located on the border of Bekasi and East Jakarta, in Harapan Indah Boulevard, Pusaka Rakyat, Tarumajaya.

Transera Waterpark is the largest waterpark in Bekasi. In this waterpark, you can find various kinds of rides for children and adults. There are approximately 23 different rides, and all are specially designed with exotic African nature theme.

Entrance ticket to this water park on Monday-Friday is Rp85.000,00. On holidays, the ticket price becomes Rp125.000,00. You can get a lower ticket price on weekends worth Rp87.000,00 if you book the tickets through the official website of Transera Waterpark. This tourist attraction opens every weekday from 10:00 am to 19:00 pm and at 08:00 am to 19:00 pm on weekends and public holidays.

To get to this water park, you can go through Bekasi toll road and exit at West Bekasi toll gate or Cakung Barat and drive to Harapan Indah area. For public transportation, you can use angkot Pulogadung-Terminal Bekasi, then get off in Gerbang Harapan Indah. To go from there, you can continue your trip by ojek or taxi.

28. Rimba Kota Bekasi

Rimba Kota—which is located at Jati Kramat Street No. 54C, Jatimakmur, Pondok Gede—is a tourist destination as well as the lungs of the city of Bekasi.

Built in an area of 2 hectares and inaugurated in 2012 as a green open space for the public, Rimba Kota Bekasi is surrounded by shady trees and various types of flora and fauna. You can also find birds that come to this beautiful city park.

People usually use this park as a family recreation area and exercise, such as jogging and cycling. They also come to look at the collection of plants around the park and enjoy the beauty of nature.

You can enjoy the beauty of this park for free. Rimba Kota Bekasi opens daily from 08.30 am -21.00 pm. The location can be accessed by using the Public Transportation K02 that passes in front of Pondok Gede or by driving a private vehicle.

29. Taman Alun-Alun Kota Bekasi

Located on an area of 3500 m2, you can visit Bekasi Town Square Park with family. The park has various types of trees and plants. The City Government of Bekasi also provides children's playground such as slide and swings.

In the middle of the garden area, there is a fish pond surrounded by a jogging track. The track can be used for both walking and cycling. If you feel tired after a walk or exercise, you can rest on park benches available around the area of Bekasi Town Square Park.

This park opens every day starting at 07.00 am to 22.00 pm, and there is no entrance fee. Taman Kota Bekasi located between Jalan Pramuka and Jalan Veteran in Margajaya, South Bekasi.

In addition to using a private vehicle, you can ride Bekasi Public Transportation K15A or K9B, then get off in the Patung Lele roundabout. For those who use the train, the park can be reached from Bekasi Station by walking—for about two minutes because it is only 200 m away.

30.  Columbus Waterpark

There is one more recreational water park in Bekasi that convey a special theme. As the name suggests, the Columbus Waterpark offers the concept of oceans exploration and ocean voyages as the discoverers of the continent of America—Columbus—did in the past.

When you enter the main gate of Columbus Waterpark, the replica of Santa Maria ship will welcome you. The ship—that Columbus used to explore the ocean—contains a biography of Columbus, his sailing history, and the places that he had visited.

The Columbus Waterpark has complete rides. In addition to water sports arena with slides and Bahamas pool-themed, Columbus water park also has outbound and flying fox activities.

Columbus Waterpark is located in Mutiara Gading Timur Estate, Mustikajaya. It can be accessed through Jakarta-Cikampek toll road after you pass Bekasi toll gate.

Columbus Waterpark opens every day at 08.00 am-18.00 pm. On Monday-Friday, the entrance fee is Rp40.000,00 for adults and Rp30.000,00 for children. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the ticket becomes Rp65.000,00 for adults and Rp55.000,00 for children. If you come with a group, you can get special discounts ranging from 20-25%.

That is the review of 30 tourist destinations in Bekasi that you must visit. Hopefully, the reviews above can be a good reference for you who want to visit this city.

Attractions & Activities in Bekasi

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    While children are having fun, adults can get pampered at the spa, or try the fish therapy. There are also outbound facilities with games and professional instructors to accompany the guests. You can also enjoy Balinese dishes at the restaurant, sip some delicious beverages at the cafe, or enjoy beautiful artworks in the gallery!
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    Get that adrenaline pumping with a quick ride on the Roller Coaster or the Bazooka Drop Zone Tower, spin around on the Carousel, or play educational games on the many arcade machines together. It’s a great way to bond with family!
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    Get that adrenaline pumping with a quick ride on the Roller Coaster or the Bazooka Drop Zone Tower, spin around on the Carousel, or play educational games on the many arcade machines together. It’s a great way to bond with family!
  • Columbus Waterpark Entrance Ticket

    Beat the heat with a quick visit to Columbus Waterpark! One of the best waterparks in Bekasi, Columbus Waterpark has a variety of fun pools, including three child pools and one adult pool. There are also lots of exciting rides and activities like the Caribbean Island, Beach Volley, and De Magma. While you're there, you'll also spot a replica of Columbus' ship!
  • Funworld Mall Metropolitan 2 Bekasi Rp120k & Rp250k Funcard Top-Up

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    Get that adrenaline pumping with a quick ride on the Roller Coaster or the Bazooka Drop Zone Tower, spin around on the Carousel, or play educational games on the many arcade machines together. It’s a great way to bond with family!
  • Transera Waterpark Tickets

    Make your holiday more memorable with a vist to Transera Waterpark! The park is a combination of dry and water park, and there are a variety of rides such as voodoo house in the dry area or the Zambesi River expedition and Turkana pool in the water area. The variety of rides and facilities here are considered one of the most exciting and complete among Indonesian waterparks!

    To enjoy many rides, you have to top up your smart card bracelet balance prior to riding them. The smart card bracelet uses an integrated system so that you can easily check your balance and its active period, which usually lasts three months from the purchase date.
  • Fun & Fit Revo Town Bekasi Tickets

    If you're looking for an interesting way to spend the weekend, try the newest trend in entertainment and visit Fun & Fit, a fun destination that's perfect for all ages, including children. Here, you can enjoy a quality time with your loved ones by doing exciting activities like bouncing around a huge, indoor trampoline park while burning calories at the same time!
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