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Things to Do in Magelang

Get yourself in this magnificent city with diverse culture and everlasting beauty.

60 Most Popular Things to Do in Magelang

Consisting of 5 small temples, Ngawen Temple was estimated to build by Syailendra Dynasty in the 10th century AD. The uniqueness of Ngawen Temple is the presence of 4 lion statues on the corners of the temple number II and IV. Of the five temples, only those two which have the same building structure. Besides the lion statues on the corners, there are also lion statues supporting the temple.

Ngawen Temple is located in Ngawen, Muntilan, Magelang. Precisely, it is about 5 kilometers from Yogyakarta before Mendut Temple. There is no entrance fee. Ngawen Temple is open daily from 06:00 AM-05:00 PM.

1. Canggal Temple

It is also called Gunung Wukir Temple or Shiwalingga which belongs to Hindu Temples. Based on Canggal Inscription contents found in the temple yard in 1879, Canggal Temple was built in Ancient Mataram Kingdom era around 732 AD, during the reign of King Sanjaya. The inscription written in Sanskrit is the main source of Canggal Temple’s origin.

There are also three statues in front of Canggal Temple which becomes a marker of Hindu Temple. Those three statues are Nandi or the female cow, Lingga as the symbol of Lord Siva, and Yoni. In the courtyard, you can find four temples consisting three ancillary temples and one main temple (Canggal Temple itself).

Canggal Temple is located in Carikan, Salam, Magelang. Precisely, it is on Mount Wukir, the western slope of Mount Merapi. You can reach this place by using public transportations to Ngluwar until you arrive in Kadiluwih, Canggal. Then, continue on foot to the hill. No entrance fee or visiting hour limit, but you should not visit above 05:00 PM due to the difficulty of road access.

2. Selogriyo Temple

Selogriyo Temple is also a Hindu temple built around the 8th century AD. This temple was constructed at the same time as the temples in Dieng Plateau. Although it was found in a state of collapse, you can see that there are five statues in this temple; those are Ganesha, Durga, Agastya, Nandiswara, and Mahakala.

One of Selogriyo Temple uniqueness is its peak shaped like a keben fruit, called Amalaka. Used as a solitude place for Hindu kings, this temple has a water shower which is believed being able to cure various diseases and make people ageless.

This tourist attraction in Magelang is located in Campurrejo, Kembangkuning, Windusari, Magelang. The closest route is Magelang-Bandongan with Bandongan Market as the main sign. From this place, follow the road sign to the temple. No entrance fee and visiting hour limit, but it is no later than 05:00 PM every day.

3.  Lumbung Temple

No sources tell the origin of this Buddist temple’s name, but the rice-barn shaped may be the reason it was named Lumbung. Until now, this tourist attraction in Magelang is known as Lumbung Temple.

Lumbung Temple is a group of 17 temple buildings, with one main temple surrounded by 16 ancillary temples. The main temple has a polygon shape with 20 sides, which, unfortunately, remains with its ruins only. Outside the walls, you can see the paintings of a human couple in real size, called Kuwera and Hariti.

The sixteen ancillary temples surround and face the main temple. The differences between them can be seen from the ancillary temples' walls in which they do not have any decorations. Lumbung Temple is one of Sengi Temple’s parts.

Lumbung Temple is located in Tlatar, Krogowanan, Sawangan, Magelang. Precisely, it is on the banks of Kali Apu, the western slope of Mount Merapi. You can reach it by taking Yogyakarta-Magelang route to Ketep through Blabak. The entrance fee is 10.000 IDR. Lumbung Temple is open from 06:00 AM-05:00 PM every day.

4.  Gunung Sari Temple

Reportedly, Gunung Sari Temple is the oldest Hindu temple site in Java. Not many people know this tourist attraction in Magelang due to its location on the mountain. After a walk-through rice fields for 20 minutes, you can find this historic building site.

Unfortunately, there are only the ruins left. Moreover, no one knows the original shape of this Hindu temple. However, from the shattered ruins and piles of stones, it is estimated that Gunung Sari Temple has a main temple and several ancillary buildings around it. According to the locals, there are still many ruins buried and have not been found.

This temple is on the top of Gunung Sari, Gulon, Salam, Magelang, only one hour drive from Borobudur Temple. Since it is still untouched, you will not be charged anything. However, since the access is a footpath through rice fields to the mountain, don’t visit this place more than 05:00 PM.

5.  Losari Temple

Losari Temple was discovered in 2004. The temple location was buried by Mount Merapi eruption around 900 AD. Hundred years later, a salak garden owner named Badri dug a trench and found some stones which were alleged as Losari Temple ruins.

Losari Temple has a main temple and three ancillary temples. However, what makes it unique is the water-buried location. The water is not derived from rain water, but from a spring which becomes one with the temple building.

Based on its shape and reliefs engraved, it is estimated that Losari Temple is a Hindu temple built during the Hindu kingdom, about the 7th century AD. Also, the Losari Temple discovery is allegedly related to Canggal Inscription near this temple.

This tourist attraction in Magelang is located in Losari, Salam, Salam, Magelang. From Krasak Bridge separating Yogyakarta and Central Java, about 300 meters, there will be a road sign to this temple location. Since it has been just officially opened, you will be not charged anything. You can visit this place from 08:00 AM-05:00 PM every day.

6.  Asu Sengi Temple

This temple name is not Asu Sengi. In fact, it is still unknown. Initially, the locals saw a broken cow statue or Nandi that resembled a dog. Finally, they decided to name it Asu (meaning dog in Javanese) and Sengi. Sengi is the name of the village where the temple was found.

Asu Sengi Temple is one of the buildings abandoned by Sanjaya Dynasty from the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. Just like most Hindu temples, Asu Sengi’s walls are decorated with Kinara-Kinari reliefs.

Around the temple area, it was found several inscriptions, like Sri Manggal I and Sri Manggala II Inscriptions made in 874 and 876 AD. Then, there is also Kurambitan Inscription which wrote that Asu Sengi Temple was built around 869 AD when Rakai Kayuwangi from Sanjaya was victorious. Also, it was said that Asu Sengi was used as a shrine for worship.

Asu Sengi Temple is located in Candi Pos, Sengi, Dukun, Magelang. Precisely, it is the western slope of Mount Merapi, on the banks of Tlingsing Pabelan River, about 25 kilometers in the northeast of Borobudur Temple. You can visit this place from 08:00 AM-05:00 PM and prepare the contribution fee of 10.000 IDR.

7.  Umbul Temple Warm Bath

At Umbul Temple, you will not only be served with the magnificent Hindu temple of Ancient Mataram Kingdom built in the 9th century AD but also enjoy a warm bath in the temple pool. It is said that the princess used this warm-watered pool to clean themselves after carrying rituals at Borobudur Temple.

The name of Umbul was taken due to the emergence of air bubble from the bottom of the pool. In Javanese, the word ‘umbul’ means to appear. The bathing place of this temple is divided into two, the warm-watered and regular pools. Around here, you will find several former stones of Umbul Temple in which the original foundation of this Hindu temple is still buried.

Umbul Temple is located in Kartoharjo, Grabag, Magelang, next to to Sekar Langit Waterfall and Bleder Lake. From Magelang City, take Magelang-Semarang route to Secang. Find the directions to Grabag and follow the road signs. The tourist attraction is open daily from 06:00 AM–05:00 PM with the contribution fee approximately 10.000 IDR.

8.  Ketep Pass

The former tourist attraction named Ketep View Point was built on an area of 8000 square meters. From here, you can enjoy the stunning natural scenery while trying various snacks, such as roasted corns and hot ginger milk.

To increase the number of visitors, there are some facilities built related to mountain activity, such as Vulcanology Museum. In this museum, you can see all of Mount Merapi activities. There is also a mini-sized theater showing the history of Mount Merapi, binoculars, Pancaarga or Five Volcanoes equipment, and viewpoints.

Ketep Pass is located on Ketep St., Sawangan, Magelang, about 30 kilometers from Magelang City and Borobudur Temple. From Salatiga and Boyolali, you can reach the location through Kaponan or Kopeng. The entrance fee and the museum ticket is 7.500 IDR. The theater ticket is 7.000 IDR. The binocular ticket is 3.000 IDR. The ticket for foreign tourists is $3 USD, including all facilities. The theater and museum facilities are only open until 05:00 PM, but you can stay in the view point area for 24 hours.

9.  Kedung Kayang Waterfall

Kedung Kayang Waterfall presents you with not only its natural beauty but also the other unique things, such as the myth and the presence of 3 springs that flow through the cracks of large stones. Also, there is a cave for the hermit behind the waterfall.

Reportedly, the name of Kedung Kayang Waterfall was derived from 3 Empu (master craftsman) named Empu Putut, Empu Khalik, and Empu Panggung. They were rumored to live here. After holding an egg-throwing competition, the broken egg shells turned into the water source of this waterfall.

Kedung Kayang Waterfall is located in Wonolelo, Sawangan, Magelang, about 3 kilometers from Ketep Pass. After arriving at the entrance, you can walk for 20 minutes. The admission fee is 2.500 IDR, and this place is open from 08:00 AM-05:00 PM.

10.  Sekar Langit Waterfall

Reportedly, Sekar Langit Waterfall has a close relationship with the legend of Nawangwulan. It is about Nawangwulan who came down to earth and bathed, lost her scarf stolen by Jakatarub, and made her unable to return to the heaven.

The legend attracts the tourists to visit this tourist attraction. Under the waterfall, there is a lake which is said to be the place where Nawangwulan bathed. Here, you can enjoy the natural scenery and fresh air.

Located in Telogorejo, Grabag, Magelang, Sekar Langit Waterfall can be accessed from Salatiga City or Magelang City. Take the direction from Secang to Grabag until you find Grabag Market. Then, take the direction towards Grabag-Ambarawa and follow the road signs. Prepare 10.000 IDR as the contribution fee. Sekar Langit Waterfall is open daily from 08:00 AM–05:00 PM.

11.  Silawe Waterfall

Silawe Waterfall may not sound familiar since many tourists have not visited it. Although it is next to Kedung Kayang Waterfall and Ketep Pass View Point, the road access is quite difficult making this waterfall unspoiled.

The name of Silawe comes from the discovery of cobwebs when the locals opened this area into the tourist attraction in Magelang. Adjacent to this location, there is another fascinating waterfall called Sigong Waterfall. During the journey to the location, you will be presented by the natural landscape of beautiful rice fields spreading.

Silawe Waterfall is located in Kopeng Kulon, Sutopati, Kajoran, Magelang. Precisely, it is located in the south of Mount Sumbing slope. The access to this location also passes the road to Borobudur Temple followed by passing Salam-Purworejo road. After finding the intersection, take the route to Kajoran until the road turns smaller and damaged. This location is open daily from 08:00 AM–05:00 PM with the entrance fee of 4.000 IDR.

12.  Progo River

Besides rich in historical tourism, Magelang City is also famous for its rafting tours. One of them is Progo River rafting tour. Having water sources from Mount Sumbing slope which flows to the southeast, the upstream of this river has rapids which will make your heart racing. Supported by the stunning natural landscape, Progo River becomes the favorite rafting location.

Progo River is also located in the same area as Kyai Langgeng Park. You can contact the service of rafting providers if you want to try conquering the river rapids.

13.  Elo River

Not only Progo River which has thrilling rapids, but Elo River also offers a similar experience to spur your adrenaline. In Elo River, you can also travel along the rushing river while enjoying the beautiful natural atmosphere of Magelang City. Just like in Progo River, there are many services of rafting providers for you who want to try this exciting activity.

14.  Punthuk Setumbu

Punthuk Setumbu is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Magelang. It offers you the most beautiful view of the sunrise with a majestic background of Mount Merbabu and Merapi. Moreover, you can also see the silhouette Borobudur Temple covered by fog.

In the past, this 400-meters hill in the group of Menoreh Mountains was used as fields by the locals. At the top of this hill, there are gazebos and houses on stilts for tourists to sit while waiting for the sunrise.

Punthuk Setumbu is located in Kerahan, Karangrejo, Borobudur, Magelang. If you depart from Yogyakarta, you just need to go to Manohara Hotel from Borobudur Temple Park. Then, take the route to Menoreh Hill until you find a writing of Borobudur Nirvana Sunrise. From here, follow the road signs.

The best time to visit Punthuk Setumbu is between June-August, during the dry season. It is better to arrive here before 05:00 AM if you want to see the beauty of the sunrise. Punthuk Setumbu is open until late evening, with the entrance fee of 15.000 IDR.

15.  Rumah Kamera (Camera House)

Rumah Kamera has the exact shape of a DSLR type camera with the long lens characteristic. It was built by a painter from City of Atlas Semarang who has lived in Bali, Tanggol Anggien Jatikusumo. Reportedly, Tanggol deliberately built this unique house as a gallery and a painting school.

The objects displayed in Rumah Kamera are Tanggol’s works such as paintings and pictures. If you are lucky, you can also meet the owner to talk about his most unique works. Moreover, you can also see the landscape of Borobudur Temple and some majestic mountains such as Merapi, Merbabu, and Sumbing on the top of this building.

Rumah Kamera is located on Majaksingi St., Borobudur, Magelang. From Borobudur Temple, you just need to go straight for one kilometer. You can take pictures and enjoy the beauty of Tanggol’s artwork every day from 08:00 AM–05:00 PM by paying the admission charge of 15.000 IDR.

16.  Candirejo Village

Perhaps Borobudur Temple becomes the icon of Magelang City because of its charm and its cultural and historical values. However, Candirejo Village offers diverse cultural stories for you. This village used to become the staying place for tourists who wanted to visit Borobudur Temple.

Not only lodging, but Candirejo Village also offers various tour packages, ranging from cultural, natural attractions, to agro tourism. In this village, you also could learn the traditional custom preserved until now.

The village location is only 2.5 kilometers from Borobudur Temple. You can visit this village anytime and enjoy various interesting tour packages from the locals.

17.  Panca Arga Park

Panca Arga is a housing complex built specifically for the Army in Magelang City. As the name suggests, five mountains flank this complex. In this complex, there is a park which is usually used for family recreation called Panca Arga I Park. This park has complete facilities for children to play.

This park also has a tank and a cannon—Dutch relics. There is also a monument that looks very similar to the National Monument. This monument was built in conjunction with the construction of the park.

Panca Arga Park is located on Sukerjo, Mertoyudan, Magelang. If you use public transportation, you can take a bus or public minivan to Mertoyudan and continue the trip with a motorcycle taxi. You can visit this park from 08:00 AM–05:00 PM every day without any entrance fee.

18.  Pinusan Kragilan

Pinusan Kragilan is a pine forest at the foot of Mount Merbabu which is more famous with the name of Top Selfie Pinusan Kragilan. According to visitors, this place has many beautiful spots to take pictures. Besides taking pictures and exploring the pine forest, you can also see Selo Tumpang River.

One of a good spot for taking pictures is the straight downhill road after the entrance to the parking lot with a row of pine trees lined up. You can also take pictures in the middle of the forest while sitting and enjoying the natural scenery of Mount Merbabu.

Pinusan Kragilan is located in Pogalan, Kragilan, Pakis, Magelang. The easiest route to the location is through Salatiga to Kopeng until Ketep Pass. This place is open daily from 06:00 AM–06:00 PM with the entrance fee of 10,000 IDR. You are not allowed to stay or camp here.

19.  Alun-Alun Magelang (Magelang Square)

Each city has a square that is often used as a cheap family recreation place. Magelang Square is one of them. The reason this tourist attraction becomes interesting is the presence of the tall water tower—a Dutch relic—on one side. Moreover, there are also a flower garden and a Diponegoro statue on the other corner.

The square is more beautiful since the big writing “Magelang” was put in front of this place and also the existence of flower-shaped lanterns near Liong Hok Bio Temple. At night, this area will be full of young people or families who just take a walk while enjoying various Magelang snacks around the square.

Magelang Square is located in the center of Magelang City. If you find a water tower, it means you have arrived at the location. In front of this place, Masjid Agung (Great Mosque) Magelang stands majestically. This place is free to visit and open to the public for 24 hours.

20.  Pendem Temple

Located in one complex with Asu Sengi Temple and belonging to the cluster of Sengi Temples, Pendem Temple is a Hindu temple that stood since the 9th century AD. It was built during the reign of Great King Rakai Kayuwangi Dyah Lokapala, the 8th king of Ancient Mataram Kingdom.

Pendem Temple is estimated to have a larger size than Asu Sengi Temple, but since this temple was just left with its leg, the statement cannot be proven. Also, none of the statues explains how and why Pendem Temple was built. However, since it is located in field areas, you can see exotic and fascinating natural scenery.

Pendem Temple is located in Dukun, Magelang, just 150 meters in the east of Asu Temple and 50 meters in the south of Pabelan River. The location is quite difficult to find, so it is better if you ask the locals to accompany you. This temple is open daily until 05:00 PM with no entrance fee.

21.  Kali Bening Bath

Kali Bening Bath is a water tourism place in the form of swimming pool with various supporting facilities. Sabda Alam Kalibening Water Park was built on an area of 2008 square meters. Although the construction has not been completed, people have been interested in visiting this place due to its amazing natural scenery.

Besides the water tourism facilities, this tourist attraction in Magelang also has outbound facilities and restaurants. Kali Bening Bath is located in Kalibening, Secang, Magelang. Open daily from 07:00 AM–05:00 PM with the entrance fee of 20.000 IDR.

22.  Magelang Chinatown

The Chinatown area of Magelang City is one of the shopping and business centers in this city. On each side of the 1.5 kilometers road, you will find many stalls, shops, mini-markets to restaurants. Besides shopping tour, you can also enjoy the Chinese’s history and ethnic culture.

The Chinatown area of Magelang is located along Pemuda St., Magelang City. The route is Yogyakarta–Magelang St.–Tentara Pelajar St. or Magelang Square–Pemuda St. or Chinatown. This area starts to operate on 07:00 AM.

23.  Barede Hill View Point

Besides Ketep Pass, Magelang City also has another view point to enjoy the hilly natural landscape, namely Barede Hill View Point. This view point takes on the same concepts as Kalibiru in Yogyakarta or Punthuk Setumbu, using towering tall trees to see sunrise or sunset.

Barede Hill View Point is located in Sendaren 2, Karangrejo, Borobudur, Magelang, only 2 kilometers from Borobudur Temple. Since it is somewhat new, this tourist attraction is still free with the operational hour starts after the dawn to the late evening.

24.  Sukmojoyo Hill

Sukmojoyo Hill or commonly called Punthuk Sukmojoyo is a hilly natural tourism that offers the beauty of Mount Merapi and Merbabu. Just like Punthuk Setumbu and Barede Hill View Point, Punthuk Sukmojoyo is visited by tourists who want to hunt for sunrise and sunset photos.

Punthuk Sukmojoyo is located in Giritengah, Borobudur, Magelang, adjacent to Punthuk Mongkrong. To go to the location, look for the direction of Manohara Hotel from Borobudur Temple area to Tuksongo Elementary School and continue to Gunden. Then, take the direction to Gunden until Giritengah Village Hall. This tourist attraction is open daily starting before sunrise until after sunset with the entrance fee of 5.000 IDR.

25.  Ngawen Tourism Village

One of the villages where the historic Buddhist temples were found, Ngawen, becomes a tourism village other than Candirejo. Ngawen’s name is taken from the locals' habit of greeting each other by waving a hand, or it is usually called Ngawe-awe in Javanese. Besides Ngawen Temple, you can also visit Jurug Manis Spring which is the heritage of Kyai Raden Santri.

Also, you can see the bridal stone in Bongkleng River or swim in the pool of Cyblon Waterpark and Semilir. Ngawen Village is located in Muntilan, Magelang. If you want to see the exoticism of Ngawen Temple, you can go around this village.

26.  Gapoktan Ngudi Luhur Picking Salak Tourism

Magelang City is also famous for its salak pondoh which has a sweet taste. Here, you can enjoy the agro tour or pick salak directly from the gardens in Gapoktan Ngudi Luhur. Gapoktan means Gabungan Kelompok Tani (Farmers Group Consolidation). If the harvest seasons come, you can enjoy picking salak from the gardens as well as buying the other gifts from Magelang.

Gapoktan Ngudi Luhur is located in Kaliurang, Sumbung, Magelang. This area is also the road access to Mount Merapi. You can visit this place every day, but it is advisable to come at the harvest seasons since you can pick salak directly.

27.  Kedung Sembrani

Kedung Sembrani is not as popular as Grenjengan Kembar Waterfall, whereas the location of these two waterfalls is quite close. Indeed, since the road access to Kedung Sembrani is more difficult than Grenjengan Kembar, not many visitors try to explore this waterfall. Besides, the water fountain of Kedung Sembrani is not too high or too cool, although its natural scenery is still beautiful.

If you want to see the beauty of Kedung Sembrani, you can go to Pakis, Magelang, where Grenjengan Kembar Waterfall is located. The route you can take is Kopeng Main Street from Magelang to Pakis. The entrance fee is 5.000 IDR, and it starts operating at 09:00 AM–04:00 PM.

28.  Mudal Spring

Mudal Spring is more like a swimming pool. However, the water is really clear and refreshing. Every day, Mudal Spring is used by the locals as the water source. The pool may be not too big or deep, but the scenery around is magnificent. The expanse of rice fields and the cleanness of the water make this tourist attraction in Magelang crowded.

Mudal Spring is located in Butuh Kulon, Sawangan, Magelang. You just need to go to Muntilan until Blabag from Yogyakarta. Then, find the route towards Sawangan to Butuh Kulon. You can visit Mudal Spring every day from 07:00 AM–05:00 PM. Prepare the contribution fee of 5.000 IDR.

29.  Selo Projo Waterfall

Waterfall tourism is located in the mountains, including Selo Projo Waterfall or commonly called Sumuran Waterfall. There is another waterfall along with Selo Projo, namely Senthong Waterfall. However, since the access to Senthong is difficult, it is still untouched. To go to Selo Projo, you have to go through a narrow and slippery footpath.

Under Selo Projo shower, you will find two artificial pools as water play facilities, especially for children. While playing water, you can enjoy the natural scenery of Mount Telomoyo and fresh air. Selo Projo is located in Seloprojo, Ngablak, Magelang. Open daily from 08:00 AM–05:00 PM without any entrance fee.

30.  Maren Spring

Besides Mudal Spring, there is another tourist attraction in Magelang offering an amazing underwater view, namely Maren Spring. It is a medium-sized and not-too-deep pool. However, the water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the spring without having to put your head into the water.

Besides swimming in refreshing mountain water, you can also enjoy the natural atmosphere around Maren Spring. This spring is located in Sawangan, Magelang, not too far from Ketep Pass. This place is open daily starting at 06:00 AM–05:00 PM. Bring 5.000 IDR as the donation fee.

31.  OHD Museum

OHD Museum is a private modern and contemporary art museum in Magelang City, presenting the collections of a famous collector, Dr. Oei Hong Djien, which is abbreviated as OHD. Starting his collections in the 1970s, there are 2000 objects displayed in this museum now.

The unique and quirky museum is located on Jenggolo St. No. 14, Kemirirejo, Central Magelang, Magelang City. Open daily starting at 10:00 AM–05:00 PM, except Tuesday and holidays. The entrance fee is 50.000 IDR for adults, 25.000 IDR for students, and it is free for children under six years old. As for foreign tourists, the contribution fee is 100.000 IDR.

32.  Diponegoro Museum

Prince Diponegoro is an Indonesian freedom fighter who is famous for his guerrilla strategy. In recognition of his services, a museum was built in Magelang City, named Diponegoro Museum. The building used for this museum was the place where Prince Diponegoro had held negotiations with the Dutch.

Inside the museum, you can see the original collections of Pangeran Diponegoro, ranging from a nail-scratched chair to his cloaks and books. This museum is located on Diponegoro St. No. 1, Magelang. Open daily starting at 08:00 AM–02:00 PM without any entrance fee.

33.  Bumiputera 1912 Museum

Bumiputera 1912 is one of the largest insurance service companies in Indonesia. To let people know about the history of the insurance emergencies, Bumiputera Museum was built. In the museum yard, there are three statues of the company founders; those are Mas Ngabehi Dwidjosewodjo, Mas Karto Hadi Soebroto, and Mas Adimidjojo.

Bumiputera Museum exhibits legendary documents and old photos since 1912. Moreover, you can also see the old tools used by this company. This museum is located on Jend. A. Yani St. No. 21, Poncol, Magelang. Open every Monday–Friday, starting at 07.30 AM–04.30 PM without any entrance fee.

34.  Sudirman Museum

One more freedom fighter who had fought and defended our country is Great Commander Sudirman. In recognition of his services, Sudirman Museum was built by VII Diponegoro Commander, Major General Yasir Hadibroto in 1967. In this museum, there are many objects used by General Sudirman, such beds as well as his painting works.

Sudirman Museum is located on Ade Irma Suryani St. C.7 Magelang, in Potrobangsan region. You can visit this museum every Monday–Friday from 07:30 AM–04:30 PM without having to pay the entrance fee.

35.  Senopati Seed Garden

In Senopati Region, Magelang, an educational seed garden was built. This garden is still classified a new tourist attraction in Magelang since it was just built and officially opened one year ago. Nevertheless, the educational concept offered makes this place famous as a family recreational place or school visits.

Here, you will see various plants and know how to plant and take care of them. You can also learn to plant using hydroponic. This seed garden is located on Panembahan Senopati St., North Jurangombo, South Magelang. You can take the route to Kyai Langgeng. This seed garden is free to visit every day from 08:00 AM–04:30 PM.

36.  Samudera Raksa Ship Museum

While visiting Borobudur Temple, you can also visit one of the museums located in this Buddhist’s magnificent temple area, called Samudera Raksa Ship Museum. This museum was built to remind us how our ancestors struggled across the oceans.

Here, you can watch the movie screenings, the displays of objects used during sailing, and also the replica of the large ship, Samudera Raksa. This ship belongs to Philipe Beale, a former British navy. This museum is located in Borobudur Temple Tourism Park, open daily from 08:00 AM–05:00 PM; the entrance fee is included on Borobudur Temple’s tour package.

37.  Mount Andong

As the name suggests, Mount Andong has a shape resembling andong (a carriage drawn by one or more horses in Java). This tourist attraction in Magelang is the favorite place for climbers or explorers since it is not too high and comfortable for camping. Moreover, Mount Andong offers great views of other great mountains, such as Mount Merbabu and Merapi in the east and Mount Slamet, Sumbing, and Sindoro in the west.

The road access to the summit is also not too difficult since it has been repaired and laid out to facilitate climbers. Mount Andong is located in Sawit, Ngablak, Magelang, just one-hour drive from Magelang downtown. Open daily without any time restriction; the contribution fee is about 3.000 IDR.

38.  Mount Merbabu

Mount Merbabu becomes the most popular climbing destination for professional climbers. At the foot of this 3.145 meters high mountain, there is a famous hermitage in which on 15th-century that Bujangga Manik had visited. Although the terrain is not heavy, you still need to be careful since there is no water source in this mountain.

Mount Merbabu has several hiking trails; those are Kopeng Thekelan, Wekas, Kopeng Cunthel, Selo, and Suwanting. This mountain can be reached from any direction since its location is divided over Magelang, Boyolali, and Semarang Regency.

39.  Badaan Park

Badaan Park is a green open park which becomes a favorite family recreation destination in Magelang every weekend. Its name was taken from the rhinoceros statue in the front of this place. The complete playing ground facility and the location close to the downtown makes this green park filled with the locals.

Badaan Park is located on Pahlawan St. No. 190, Potrobangsan, North Magelang, just 5 minutes from Magelang City Town Square. At night, especially on weekends, this place will be very crowded and full of children playing as well as sellers selling various snacks around the park.

40.  Babadan View Point

Inspired by Ketep Pass, Punthuk Setumbu, and Kalibiru, many viewpoints are showing up around Magelang and Yogyakarta. One of them is Babadan view point. Here, there is also a post where you can see the pictures of Mount Merapi volcanic activities. So, besides enjoying the scenery of Mount Merapi and the other mountains, you can also see the pictures displayed in the post.

The atmosphere is cool since it is not too far from the mountains. Babadan View Point is located in Babadan, Dukun, Magelang. This view point can be reached from Boyolali-Mungkad Main Road or Muntilan. You can visit this view point anytime, but the movie screening is just until 05:00 PM. The entrance fee is 7.000 IDR.

41.  Dlimas View Point

Besides Babadan, there is also Dlimas View Point which becomes the most popular destination for teenagers. You may also find the other one adjacent to Dlimas, namely Cepogo View Point. The uniqueness of this tourist attraction in Magelang is the shape of the view point forming the words “I ♥ U."

Besides enjoying the natural scenery and sunrise or sunset, you can also visit Dlimas Waterfall. Dlimas view point is located in Girimulyo, Windusari, Magelang. Open daily from the dawn until the late evening, with the entrance ticket of 5.000 IDR.

42.  Grenden Pine Forest

Grenden Pine Forest is located on Grenden Hill, which is a natural and cultural conservation in Magelang. Besides enjoying the rows of pine trees, you can see the beauty of Rembesan Cliff, Heart Bridge, and Dwarf House. You can also try outbound facility offered in this conservation area.

Grenden Pine Forest is located in Pogalan, Pakis, Magelang. Cycling and camping can be the alternative activities that you can do besides walking around. This conservation area is open daily from 06:00 AM–05:00 PM with the entrance fee of 3.000 IDR.

43.  Mount Sumbing

If you cross Temanggung-Wonosobo road, you will find the beauty of two twin mountains which are famous in Central Java, Mount Sindoro, and Sumbing. Mount Sumbing is the third highest mountain in Indonesia after Semeru and Slamet, and the only active volcano until now.

Nonetheless, Mount Sumbing is still the favorite climbing destination for climbers since the height of this mountain reaches 3.371 meters. The location is divided into three areas, Magelang, Temanggung, and Wonosobo. The climbers’ favorite route is from Garung Post, which is located in Kledung Pass area.

44.  Mangli View Point

Mangli region is touted as the "Hidden Paradise." Here, a not-too-high view point has been built, but it is good enough to satisfy your thirst for the beauty of nature. This tourist attraction is located at the foot of Mount Sumbing, Kalegen, Magelang. The narrow and uphill road access is more suitable for two-wheeled than four-wheeled vehicles.

The route to reach this view point is not difficult. From Bandongan Market, take the route to Tonoboyo until Kalegen Market. From Kalegen, find the route to Mangli and follow the directions. This area is open daily from 07:00 AM–05:00 PM with the entrance fee of 3.000 IDR.

45.  Retno Temple

At first glance, the area where Retno Temple was found is quite scary, since it is covered by lush bamboo trees behind the residence houses. Reportedly, Retno Temple is a Hindu temple abandoned by the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. Although yoni and lingga were found here, there was no clue which explains when this temple was built.

Retno Temple was built using bricks, which makes the life of this temple increasingly short. This temple is located in Bandungan, Candiretno, Secang, Magelang. Since its location is rarely known, this temple site can be visited anytime for free.

46.  Hok An Kiong Temple

Hok An Kiong Temple is touted as the oldest temple in Magelang Regency. The worship place of Confucians was reportedly built in 1878 in Muntilan Market area before it was moved to Pemuda St. No. 100, Muntilan, Magelang. This temple location is easy to find since the location is located on the main road of Muntilan. Visiting this temple is free, and it is open daily for 24 hours as a worship place.

47.  Kerkhof Gate

In the past, Kerkhof is a vast land used as a Dutch cemetery. Now, it has turned into the locals’ residences with a few tombs left. However, the entrance gate to this area still stands majestically, called Kherkof Gate.

One of the tombs which were not displaced is owned by Papa Johan Van Der Steur, a Dutchman who founded a charitable institution and nursed neglected children at the time. This gate location is in the north of Tidar Hill. Kherkhof Gate is believed to carry mystical aura to everyone who passes it.

48.  Liong Hok Bio Temple

Liong Hok Bio Temple is the silent witness of Chinese people’s struggle in expelling the invaders along with Prince Diponegoro. This temple was built by a wealthy merchant from Solo, Kapitein Be Koen Wie or Tjok Lok in 1864. Its unique architecture becomes the attraction of this worship place.

Located in Southern Town Square St. No. 2, Magelang, this temple is open to everyone who wants to see its beauty for free. The visitors are just allowed to see the outside of the temple, considering this place is for worship.

49.  Muntilan Mission Museum

In the past, this museum was a church to improve people’s faith so that it would not only be a worship place. This museum was built to provide spiritual services for Christians. However, now, this museum displays more collections of wooden, leather, bamboo, paper objects, to paintings. 

This museum is located on Kartini 3 St., Muntilan, Magelang. The visitors can see the museum collections every Sunday–Friday starting at 08:00 AM-03:00 PM and Saturday at 08:00 AM–12:00 without any entrance fee.

50.  Wanurejo Tourism Village

Wanurejo Tourism Village is famous for its regional art which is still preserved until now, for example, karawitan, fiber craft, and written batik. In this village, there is also the house of art Lumanjawi and the old hall Nitihardjan. Don’t forget to try Magelang special culinary, rengginang.

Wanurejo Village is located in Brojonalan, Wanurejo, Borobudur, Magelang, very close to Borobudur Temple area. You can visit this place any time without any admission fee.

51.  Cempaka Park

Cempaka Park presents you a beautiful green atmosphere with fresh mountain air. This park is a large garden area with green grass, which is perfect to spend the weekend with family. Located in Kemirirejo, Magelang City, you can visit Cempaka Park anytime without any entrance fee.

52.  ANIEM Monument

ANIEM Monument was built in 1924, with a special characteristic, that is four clocks all over its sides. This monument is also benchmark point zero kilometers of Magelang City since there is a zero-kilometer post nearby. However, the monument located in the southeast of Magelang Town Square is the memorial monument of the entry of electricity supply to Magelang, which clarified by the inscription on the monument wall which reads “Marrt 1942 Electrificatie Magelang”.

If you visit Magelang Town Square, don’t forget to visit this historical monument for free.

53.  Mount Giyanti

Mount Giyanti is located at the foot of Mount Sumbing, with a height of about 1200 masl. Not surprisingly, this mountain becomes climbers’ favorite destination to explore its natural beauty while setting a tent at its peak. In the evening, Giyanti Mountain presents stunning views of residential lights and sunset behind the mountain. Simply pay 2.000 IDR, you can see the natural exoticism of Mount Giyanti.

Well, how about it? Apparently, there are many tourist attractions in Magelang that are as interesting as Borobudur Temple. Although it is a small town, Magelang turns out to have many natural and cultural tourism destinations to be proud of.

Attractions & Activities in Magelang

  • Candi Borobudur Entrance Ticket

    Often regarded as one of the most important Buddhist sites in the world, the Borobudur Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A must-visit if you're around Central Java, this 9th century temple was built in line with the Buddhist belief of the Universe. The main temple has a total of 72 stupas, each containing a statue of the Buddha. At this colossal structure, you get to see thousands of stone carvings and decorated panels revolving around Buddhist imagery and aspects of Javanese life thousands of years ago. Did we mention the view? The panorama from the top of this temple is jaw-droppingly beautiful, with lush greenery and mountains surrounding it, perfect for history buffs and nature lovers alike!
  • Fun Rafting at Elo River Magelang

    Located in Magelang, Central Java, and surrounded by peaceful fields is the base camp of CitraElo Rafting, but don't let its appearance fool you! This base camp is one of the biggest in Indonesia, and from here, you can embark on an exciting, adrenaline-pumping adventure whitewater rafting along the river of Elo Progo! The river is suitable for all levels, and there are several trips with differing difficulty levels that you can choose from. As you raft along the river, you also get to enjoy the beautiful surrounding environment, and after a tiring rafting session, sit down and have a delicious traditional meal at CitraElo's restaurant!
  • Adrenaline Rafting at Elo River

    For those of you who are adrenaline junkies and like going whitewater rafting, then Elo River is a must visit! A Class-III river, it’s very suitable for all levels, even if you’re a beginner at rafting. Your journey will take around 2.5 hours, rafting through a total of 12.5 kilometers, made more fun and challenging by the fast currents and stones. You also get to enjoy the beautiful view along the river as you row past! Rows and rows of lush trees and the sound of birds singing coupled with the rushing rapids makes this activity both exciting and relaxing at the same time!
  • Adrenaline Rafting at Sungai Progo Atas

    For those of you who are adrenaline junkies and like going whitewater rafting, then Progo Atas River is a must visit! A Class-III+ river, it's very suitable for all levels, even if you're a beginner at rafting. Your journey will take around 2.5 - 3 hours, rafting through a total of 12 kilometers, made more fun and challenging by the fast currents and stones. You also get to enjoy the beautiful view along the river as you row past! Rows and rows of lush trees and the sound of birds singing coupled with the rushing rapids makes this activity both exciting and relaxing at the same time!
  • The Healing Touch Nakamura Magelang

    If you're having a tiring day, how about taking a break from your daily routine and showing your body some love? Relax your mind and body with therapy from The Healing Touch Nakamura Magelang! From knee therapy to a whole body treatment, there are many kinds of therapy you could choose from based on your own needs!

    What makes it unique is the method used, which is traditional Japanese healing, guaranteed to improve your physical and mental health naturally and enhance blood circulation to relax your muscles.
    Sit back, let the professional staff take care of you and in no time, you'll be refreshed and ready to take on the busy week!
  • Setumbu Hills Sunrise Package - Borobudur Temple & Prambanan Temple

    Discover a mystical and fairytale-like side to Yogyakarta with a tour to Setumbu Hills. Fans of Indonesian blockbuster "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" should be familiar with these picturesque hills as the romantic setting where the two main characters met. Pop culture aside, Setumbu Hills is undoubtedly one of the best places to watch the sun rise. Our journey will start early morning to make sure you get not only the perfect view of the orange sun rising, but also a rare sight of Borobudur Temple emerging from behind the morning mist. We'll also be visiting Prambanan temple, the largest Hindus temple of ancient Java.
  • One Day Onthelan Borobudur Tourism Village

    Have a vacation in Borobudur with one day onthelan Yogyakarta package! Onthelan is a local term referring to biking using an old bicycle called onthel. In this day tour, you will visit Borobudur Temple, a Buddhist temple built in the ninth century. Borobudur is a cultural heritage which has high historical values and becomes an attractive tourist destination.

    During the tour, you will sightsee the beautiful scenery around Borobudur and observe the daily lives of Borobudur locals. Then, you will be guided to visit the places where typical Borobudur hand-drawn batik and handicraft are made. Through the tour, you will feel closer to Borobudur locals.
  • Spa, Massage, and Reflexology at De Wave Magelang

    De Wave Spa and Reflexology provides body treatments like spa, massage, and reflexology. Its skilled and professional therapists will serve customers using high quality and natural products. During the treatment, customers will experience a great atmosphere of modern interior design, with a large capacity of 12 bedrooms for single, 2 rooms for couple, and 12 units of reflexology chairs. Furthermore, the treatment procedure also honors its customers’ privacy and comfort by providing service based on gender e.g. female customer will be served by female employees, and vice versa.
  • Heritage Borobudur's Tour and Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan

    Here’s a chance for you to get a look from up close of one of the temples in UNESCO’s world heritage list! Borobudur Temple is a Buddhist Temple built in the 8th century that has remained relatively intact to this day and is open to the public to explore and learn more about this chapter of Indonesian history. Admire the beautiful sculptures and stupas here, or maybe even pray if you feel like it! We’ll take you to Borobudur Temple and the three temples nearby, Pawon, Mendut, and Prambanan, which are just as beautiful, with a private car and an English speaking driver who’s ready to take you to your destination.
  • Spa Packages at Padma Spa Plataran Borobudur

    Need to relax and pamper your body with spa treatment? Try Padma Spa at Plataran Borobudur Resort and Spa which provides spa treatment, plus a beautiful Borobudur temple view and tropical forest at the background. The atmosphere creates a sense of timeless calm and balance.

    Moreover, in evocative treatment rooms you can experience the old Java, where colonial architecture is combined with indigenous antiques and contemporary comforts. Padma Spa uses organic spa products and with its well-trained spa therapists and yogists, there is no doubt that you will get the maximum benefits.
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