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Things to Do in Semarang

Get yourself in this magnificent city with diverse culture and everlasting beauty.

45 Most Popular Things to Do in Semarang

Semarang might not be the first place you think of when planning your holiday. However, a closer look may reveal its cultural richness and beautiful landscape. Take a look at the buildings. Whether designed in traditional concept or classic European architecture, the appeal is hard to be ignored. Together they create a beautiful composition on your camera.

Aside from historical and traditional buildings, Semarang offers a range of natural attractions to soothe your eyes and soul. Not to keeping you in suspense any longer, let's explore the most recommended tourist attractions in Semarang for your next holiday idea.

1. Lawang Sewu

Who hasn't heard of Lawang Sewu? Built in the colonial era, it has a grand architectural concept which makes it a must-visited spot in Semarang. Albeit famous for its mystical atmosphere, the building holds an interesting historical background.

Under the Dutch-East Indies government, Lawang Sewu played a role as an administration office for a private train company. The building was designed by two architects from Amsterdam, Jacob F Klinkhammer, and B.J Ouendag, in 1904, and the construction was finished three years later.

Lawang Sewu means ‘thousands of doors' in Javanese. Local people call it as such because the building has rows and rows of doors, more than you can count on hands. The design was chosen for optimizing circulation in the heat of Semarang climate at that time.

Lawang Sewu Tourist Attraction is located in Tugu Muda Tourist Complex, Pemuda Street, Sekayu, Semarang, Central Java. It opens from 07:00-21:00. The ticket price costs only 10,000 IDR for adult visitor and 5,000 IDR for the kid.

2. Tugu Muda

Not far from Lawang Sewu, there lies a landmark which reminds people of a remarkable event in Indonesian history. It stands as a memoir for five days battle in Semarang; a battle which happened not long after the declaration of independence. This landmark is called Tugu Muda, a monument which was built to relive the spirit of the battle that occurred between 15 October-20 October 1945.

Tugu Muda is located right in the middle of a crossroad; a junction between 4 main roads in Semarang, namely Pemuda Street, Imam Bonjol Street, Dr. Soetomo Street, and Pandanaran Street. Those roads were a battle field in the past. They served as witnesses for Indonesian struggle against Japanese invasion.

The monument itself was built five years after the fierce battle. Nowadays, it stands as a historical icon for the city. Together with Lawang Sewu and other remarkable buildings, it is called Tugu Muda Tourist Complex. The accompanying buildings are Mandala Bhakti Museum, Cathedral Church, and Bulu Market area.

3. Sam Poo Kong Temple

Sam Poo Kong temple presents its beauty as Semarang’s most popular tourist attraction after Lawang Sewu. It functions not only as a religious sanctuary but also a cultural heritage. Its architectural concept is a strong magnet. Tourist floods this temple every day, both local and international.

Looking back at its story, Sam Poo Kong Temple was the first transit point of Cheng Ho Admiral, a legendary Chinese-Moslem figure. The remarkable thing about this temple is the relics of two great cultures living side by side in a harmonious society. Besides being used as a religious sanctuary for those who practice Confucianism, the visitor can find traces of Cheng Ho Islamic tradition. One of them is a text which reads: let us pay silent tribute by contemplating the Qur’an.

Sam Poo Kong architectural concept radiates an intense Chinese culture from ancient time. Visiting this temple could bring you back into an old Chinese society in its land of origin. To enjoy the sight of this beautiful temple, steer directly towards Simongan Street Number 129, Bongsari, Semarang.

4. Avalokitesvara Pagoda

Along with Sam Poo Kong, this pagoda is one of tourist attractions in Semarang which reflects an intense cultural influence in its architectural concept. Avalokitesvara Buddhagaya Watugong Pagoda is the highest pagoda in Indonesia. It stands 45 meters tall and famous as The Pagoda of Mother Guan Yin (Indonesian called her Kwan Im Goddess) due to the statue of this particular bodhisattva guarding the front gate.

Inside this seven-floor pagoda, the statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara stands mightily. The name Avalokitesvara is the original Sanskrit language for Guan Yin. Near the spot where the statue stand is a place for Tjiam Shi ritual. It is a fascinating custom of foreseeing one’s fate, performed with a specific bamboo tool.

For you who are interested in divination, this ritual might add another insight to enrich your experience. To visit the place, steer directly to Perintis Kemerdekaan Street, Pudakpayung, Banyumanik, Semarang.

5. Pandanaran Park

Semarang has an interesting city park. Thanks to public enthusiasm, this park is now famous as one of tourist icons in Semarang. The magnet of this park is a statue which is called Warak Ngendog. This artwork quickly becomes visitor’s favorite spot for taking pictures.

For the locals, Pandanaran Park is the place for leisure, enjoying the breeze while watching over the busy road. Some of them usually jog around the area, while others absorbed in their gadget, enjoying free internet access in the park.

Pandanaran Park is a proper place for family outing. If you come with family, try to sit among the locals in Pandaran Park. It is located on Pandanaran Street, Mugasari, Semarang.

6. Raden Saleh Cultural Park

Seeking a place to enjoy the cultural performance in Jakarta is not difficult. You can easily visit Ismail Marzuki Park, the center of all cultural events. Thankfully, Semarang has a similar cultural center, Raden Saleh Cultural Park. It is located on Sriwijaya Street Number 29, adjacent to the building of Central Java Regional Library.

Not long ago, Raden Saleh Cultural Park was a zoo. Later on, the zoo was relocated, and the vacant area was built as a stage for a cultural performance. Here, the visitor can enjoy traditional performance such Indonesian puppet show or wayang. Not only Wayang, but other performance such as theater, drama, or poetry reading, are also frequently held in Raden Saleh Cultural Park.

This park opens every day from 06:00-21:00 Indonesia Western Standard Time (IWST). You could access this place freely without an entrance fee. However, you need to pay the ticket to enjoy the performance.

7. Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery

It is a must-visited place for art-enthusiasts. This gallery exhibits a wide range of contemporary artwork from talented Indonesian artist, both the young and the seniors.

The building underwent several episodes of rehabilitation process in the past. It was demolished and renovated in 1918. Under the Dutch-East Indies government, this building was used for insurance company office. The typical colonial architecture is still reflected in the building to this day.

By paying a ridiculously small amount of entrance ticket, 10,000 IDR, you can enjoy the magnificent works of Indonesian contemporary artists in this museum. It is a highly recommended place to visit. The location is on Taman Srigunting Street Number 5-6, Kota Lama, Semarang.

8. Old City 3D Trick Art Museum

Old City 3D Trick Art Museum is a recent addition to Semarang tourist attractions. Located in Kota Lama, this three-dimensional entertainment museum has 108 3D backgrounds which attract a lot of visitors, particularly those who fond of taking fun pictures. It presents various themes, from local Semarang theme, world renowned architectures, cartoon, and movies. The management team replaces those backgrounds every four months to keep it interesting for the visitor.

To enjoy those attractive 3D illustrations, you only need to pay 40,000 IDR. Old City 3D Trick Art Museum opens every day from 10:00-22:00 IWST.

9. Central Java Grand Mosque

Central Java Grand Mosque is a tourist attraction imbued with the religious atmosphere. It reflects Islamic philosophy on its architectural concept and ornament, yet physically adopts Javanese and Greek culture. Built in 10 ha area, the grand mosque could astonish anyone who comes to visit.

Six giant umbrellas welcome the visitor to the front yard. The design is similar with those on the Great Mosque of Mecca. Those umbrellas serve as a canopy, providing shade for the underneath platform, which sometimes functions as extensional space. Another appeal of Central Java Grand Mosque is the Asmaul Husna Tower. Asmaul Husna is the term for 99 names of Moslem's God. The tower adopts the name for the fact that has 99 meters height. You could look at the scenery of Semarang from the height using the available binocular.

Experience the tranquil atmosphere of Central Java Grand Mosque to calm your soul. Enjoying the cool, serene atmosphere, and adoring the grand design of the building is a humbling experience. This mosque also provides various facilities, such as the library, museum, souvenir shop, café, and kid's corner.

The grand mosque is located on Gajah Raya Street, Sambirejo Village, Gayamsari District, Semarang.

10. Gedong Songo Temple

This cultural heritage is a must-visited one. It is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Java. Built in the 8th century, this temple represents a relic of Medang Kingdom. It is situated on the slope of Ungaran Mountain, in Dusun Darum, Candi Village, Bandungan District, Semarang Regency.

As its name implies, the temple consists of 9 individual structures. ‘Songo’ means nine in Javanese, while ‘gedong’ literally means building. The nine individual temples are distributed strategically around the plateau. The distance between one and another is quite lengthy. You need to walk hundreds of meters to observe all the nine temples.

However, the scenery of Ungaran Mountain proves worth the walk. Located approximately 45 km from Semarang city center, it is far away from the humdrum of the city. A complete tour package covering all nine temples only costs 70,000 IDR.

11. Umbul Sidomukti

Now, let us visit one of Semarang natural attractions. Located in Sidomukti Village, Bandungan District, Umbul Sidomukti offers a complete package for a relaxing holiday.

The main feature of this place is mineral spring park. You can find swimming pool, outbound area, camp site, Pondok Wisata, and Pondok Lesehan among other challenging games. It is a perfect place for outdoor activities with family or your loved one.

The entrance fee to Umbul Sidomukti is 4,000 IDR on weekdays and 5,000 IDR on the weekend. For enjoying other entertainment and games, you may be charged an additional fee. For example, an amount of 20,000 IDR is needed to rent an ATV for three rounds.

12. Kampoeng Wisata Taman Lele

Kampoeng Wisata Taman Lele is another option for a family outing. It offers a beautiful landscape and other entertainment distributed in a 2-ha area.

What kind of entertainment is it? It provides a wide range of family-friendly entertainment such as water-bike, mini-zoo, kid’s swimming pool, and beautiful park for relaxing with the whole family member.

Taman Lele means Eel Park. It is named as such according to the history of this place. In the past, this area was guava plantation. It has a large spring where hundreds of eels lived in.

In short, when you visit Semarang with family, remember this place as your choice. It opens every day from 08:00-18:00 IWST. The entrance fee is very affordable, 2,000 IDR on weekdays and 3,500 IDR on the weekend. It is located on Walisongo street km 10, Ngaliyan District, Semarang.

13. Kreo Cave

Still venturing Semarang’s natural attractions, let’s explore the cave of this city. Named Kreo, this cave holds an interesting history behind it. “Kreo” in Javanese is derived from the word “mangreho” which means “to guard” or “to look after." This place is believed as the relic of Sunan Kalijaga, an important figure in the history of Islam in Java.

It is widely believed, when Kalijaga collected teak to build a mosque, he passed by this cave and encountered a group of monkeys. Those monkeys became his ally and helped him to guard the pile of teak. To this day, you could still encounter a group of monkeys living in Kreo Cave.

No need to afraid of the monkeys. They are tamed and friendly, as long as you are sensible enough not to provoke them. Besides playing with the ‘native inhabitants,' you could also enjoy the splash of water from the waterfall which is situated to the north of the cave.

To be exact, this cave is located on Goa Kreo Main Road, Kandri, Gn. Pati, Semarang, and open every day from 05:00-18:00 IWST.

14. Simpang Lima

Visiting Semarang would not be complete without visiting Simpang Lima. You can say that it is the heart of the city. More popular with the name Simpang Lima Area, the original name of the courtyard is Lapangan Pancasila. It is always crowded with visitors during the night. The highlight is, of course, the culinary center. But you could also rent a decorated pedicab and enjoy the city.

Most locals come for dinner with family, but tourists often take an interest in the decorated pedicab. If you want to wander around Simpang Lima in this pedicab, you only need to pay 35,000 for one round.

15. Kota Lama Semarang

Kota Lama or the old city represents Dutch culture in the city. It was built and designed similarly to the design of Dutch city in its land of origin. Few of the buildings are well maintained. Most of them decayed and left unattended. However, the few sites are more than enough to represent the greatness of the architecture.

Those few are Blenduk Church, Tawang Water Dam, and Praoe Lajar cigarette factory. Several art museums sprouted in the recent year, a nice addition to Semarang tourism. Kota Lama is located in Letjen Suprapto Street, Tanjung Mas, North Semarang. Don’t forget the camera to record the magnificent heritage.

16. Semarang "China Town."

China Town or Pecinan as the local call it, is located closely to Kota Lama. Two interesting highlights of Semarang China Town are the food and the shrine. If you come for the culinary experience, this place is a must. The photographer may also find this place interesting for the number of uniquely designed shrines.

The culinary center is located in Semawis. It is a culinary heaven in this area, come during the night and experience the vibrant atmosphere of this place.

17. Tinjomoyo Forest

Looking for a nice place for a family outing? Try Tinjomoyo forest. Located in Sukorejo Village, Banyumanik, Semarang, this touristic forest is not only suitable for a family outing, but also for other activities, such as trekking, camping, and outbound.

For those interested in photography, Tinjomoyo forest greets the visitor with the lush green scenery. Teak and pine dominate the plantation around the place, providing a natural habitat for birds.

Tinjomoyo forest opens for public every day from 07:00-18:00 IWST. The entrance fee is very affordable, 3,000 IDR per person.

18. Mangkang Zoo

No kid could refuse a trip to the zoo easily. Bring them to Mangkang Zoo, where they can observe various animals. This zoo is quite elaborate. It has 40 species of animals and still growing. Those animals are Japanese Monkey, honey bear, Lutung monkey, wild boar, Timor deer, and much more.

Mangkang Zoo is located on Walisongo Street km 16, across Mangkang bus station, Semarang. The distance from Simpang Lima is approximately 16 km. It opens every day from 08:00-17:00 ISWT, with ticket price at 5,000 IDR on weekdays and 7,500 on the weekend.

19. Maron Beach

Semarang is not famous for its beach. However, you still can find a nice beach to lounge around. One of them is Maron Beach.

Maron beach is near to Ahmad Yani airport. The ambiance is quiet enough to relax with friend or family. Some water activities are also available, such as fishing or canoeing.

20. Kali Pancur Waterfall

The highlight of this natural attraction is the serene atmosphere. Splashing water and greeneries greet you as you step in. Another interesting point is the swallow nest on the cave.

Kali Pancur waterfall is located in Nogosaren Village, Getasan District, Semarang Regency. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation available to reach this place. You need to rent a car or bring your own.

21. Mandala Bhakti Museum

This place is a part of Tugu Muda Tourist Complex. Located across the famous Lawang Sewu, this museum displays enumerable items of war relics. Inside this museum you could find a multitude of weapons from different eras, some of them are Bambu runcing (which means spiked bamboo), rencong (a long knife originated from Aceh), spear, bow, and the modern ones like gun and canon.

Other display items are various uniforms of Indonesian soldiers, such as uniform from burlap sack, uniform of PETA (Pembela Tanah Air, means Homeland Defender), uniform of TKR (Tentara Keamanan Rakyat or Civil Protection Soldiers), uniform of BKR (Badan Keamanan Rakyat, or Civil Protection Association), and Heiho uniform (used by Indonesian men which were instructed by Japanese to help them during World War II).

There is a room called “Ruang Peristiwa" at Mandala Bhakti Museum. It is a room where historical artifacts are presented contextually. Historical events are presented chronologically, complete with the related items. Exploring Wana Bhakti Museum is a great way to delve into Indonesian history, to learn from the past and get inspired by the struggle of our predecessors. Mandala Bhakti museum is located in Tugu Muda Area, Bangunharjo, Semarang and opens for public only on Tuesday-Friday from 08:00-14:00 IWST.

22. Gombel Hill

For Indonesian people, the term Gombel invokes unpleasant ideas. “Gombel” is the term for one of the Indonesian most unsightly ghosts. And, guess what? In the past, Gombel Hill is known as the place where the ghost appears. Don’t freak out! Nowadays Gombel is different. It is no longer scary. Lights and people are everywhere.

Nobody remembers Gombel Hills as a scary place anymore. Instead, more and more young people regard it as a romantic spot. The view of Semarang from atop Gombel is the most memorable view you might want to enjoy with your loved one.

Nights no longer bring terror, but lights and laughter. Come during the night and look over at the sea of lights below from a cozy café in Gombel. Still, doubt it? Let's visit Gombel next time and enjoy its night breeze.

23. Bukit Semarang Baru

Bukit Semarang Baru (BSB) is a residential complex. As it develops into the biggest suburb in Semarang, the developer allows more facilities for family entertainment. People from outside the area end up visiting this place as well. They spread the word about this area as an interesting tourist attraction. Some facilities are Lakers Club swimming pool, Kids Park, BSB Lake, and the modern architecture of BSB houses.

24. Puri Maerokoco

Maerokoco shares a similar concept with Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) in Jakarta. If TMII offers the miniature of all provinces in Indonesia, Maerokoco presents the miniature of all regencies in Central Java Province. There are 35 regencies in Central Java, and a traditional house represents each of them. Inside the house, traditional craft and local product from the respective regency are displayed.

To enhance its entertainment aspect, Puri Maerokoco provides various facilities, such as Indonesian Kids’ Palace, Touristic Village, Floating Market, Merry-go-round, Waterboom Swimming pool, Science, and Technology Museum, Outbound area, and cable car.

Quite a complete package, isn’t it? Don’t forget to enlist Puri Maerokoco as your holiday destination in Semarang. Puri Maerokoco is located on Yos Sudarso Street, approximately 5 km from Tugu Muda Area. It opens for public from 08:00-18:00 ISWT.

25. Brown Canyon Semarang

Brown Canyon initially is a C type excavation project. It plays a role as the source of income for the locals, particularly for those who work as a sand miner. Brown Canyon has never been intended to be a tourist attraction. However, as the sand mining goes on every day, years by years, Brown Canyon transforms itself into exotic cliffs which attract many photography enthusiasts.

To this day, tourist floods the place to enjoy the landscape, and take many gorgeous pictures.

Brown Canyon is located in Rowosari Meteseh, Tembalang, Semarang. Situated far away from the city, among the dusty and arid landscape, doesn't prevent the visitor from coming to Brown Canyon. On the contrary, the more challenging it is, the more visitors are intrigued to visit the place. If you want to visit Brown Canyon, don't forget to use a mask, hat, and protective glasses.

26. New Bandungan Indah Waterpark

New Bandungan Indah Waterpark is one of tourist attractions in Semarang that is suitable for family vacation. Sharing similar atmosphere with Puncak, which is a popular destination for many people in Jakarta, this place also offers the soft and fresh breeze of the mountain. You could also enjoy many water activities in the waterboom swimming pool.

Managed by PT. KAI, this place provides fishing pond and other interesting entertainment, such as reflection therapy center, fish therapy, ATV, shaky bridge, ship, and much more. New Bandungan Indah Waterpark is located on Veteran Street Number 3, Jetis, Bandungan, Semarang. Entrance ticket is affordable, ranging from 5,000 IDR to 25,000 IDR.

27. Indonesian World-Record Museum (Museum Rekor-Dunia Indonesia - MURI)

Who hasn't heard of MURI? Each interesting event in Indonesia which scores a record is documented safely in this Museum. MURI was built on 27 January 1990 and located in Jamu Jago Industrial Area, Semarang.

Inside the museum, various historical records are documented. They are mainly in the form of a photograph. There is also various item related to the development of Indonesian herbal medicine.

MURI is located on Perinitis Kemerdekaan Street Number 275, Srondol Kulon, Banyumanik, Semarang. It opens to the public on weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 09:00-14:00 IWST and doesn’t charge any entrance fee. Worth a visit, isn’t it?

28. Tawang Lake

Tawang Lake is located in Tanjung Mas Area, North Semarang, not very far from Tawang Station. It doesn’t feature a lot of amenities, but still an option for relaxing in the afternoon or evening.

You may find some visitors spending their spare time by fishing in the evening. Besides for fishing or relaxing, you could take some beautiful shot around Tawang Lake. This place could be your option to spend afternoon time or to kill time while waiting for the train to depart.

29. Medini Tea Plantation

Tea plantation is not only in Puncak, but you could enjoy it also in Semarang. The fresh breeze and greeneries typical in tea plantation will greet you as soon as you arrive in Medini Tea Plantation, which is located in Ungaran Mountain, Ngesrepbalong Village, Limbangan District, Kendal.

Medini offers not only the charm of fresh greeneries but also a cave and waterfall. Curug Lawe or Lawe Waterfall and Gua Jepang (literally means Japanese Cave) could be reached by 15-20 minutes walking from the entrance gate.

Medini is the transit point for those mountaineers who trek along the trails of Ungaran Mountain. If you are interested in visiting this beautiful tea plantation, prepare yourself physically, since the trail is quite difficult. It is recommended that you choose the easier route through the villages. The villagers are very friendly and ready to help or show you the way to Medini.

30. Gonoharjo Hot Spring and Waterfall

Nglimut Area, Gonoharjo is a must-visited destination for the nature lover. It is located along the slope of Ungaran Mountain and offers a refreshing hot spring and waterfall.

Gonoharjo tourist attraction offers a different sensation of relaxation. Imagine yourself bathing in the warm, energizing water, soothed by the soft breeze, and surrounded by greeneries. It is a remedy for the mind as well as for the body.

If you prefer to venture along the small trail in Ungaran Mountain, this area provides a special trek towards the waterfall, surrounded by astonishing landscape. Located approximately 2 km from the entrance gate, along with the way you will be accompanied by singing and chirping birds.

To reach Gonoharjo Hot Spring and Waterfall, you can take the route which passes through Kendal, Semarang, or Ungaran. From Semarang, you can depart from Cangkirang bus station. Don't be afraid of getting lost; you'll find lots of signs guiding you along the way. The entrance fee is very affordable. It costs 8,000 IDR and 12,500 IDR for swimming pool ticket and hot spring water, respectively.

31. BSB Rubber Plantation

Bukit Semarang Baru or BSB is not only about houses and buildings. Aside from tourist attraction we have covered above; there is another natural attraction which is currently popular among the locals. It is called BSB rubber plantation.

The locals sometimes call it as Alaska, as an acronym for Alas Karet. “Alas" means forest in Javanese. In general, the appeal of this spot is the plantation itself, a row of trees and greeneries. If you have a keen eye, you may find a nice spot to take a nice and instagrammable picture.

Besides the beautiful landscape, you can also try to collect the rubber sap and watch the process of rubber production from the rubber sap into various rubber products.

Tired of walking? Let's go around BSB rubber plantation by riding Segway. Interesting, isn't it? This attractive rubber plantation can be reached easily by private car. If you choose to take public transportation, from the bus station, you can proceed with "ojek," a motorbike-taxi which will take you to the plantation.

32. Lawe Waterfall (Curug Lawe)

Many people call this place as a hidden paradise of Semarang. It is no wonder, since this natural attraction holds an extraordinary beauty, even though its location is difficult to reach.

Although it makes a big name among nature lovers, some of them do not know the exact location of Curug Lawe. Geographically, Curug lawe is located on the west slope of Ungaran Mountain, quite far away from Semarang city center. To be able to enjoy the refreshing splash of Curug Lawe, you need to take a walk for approximately one hour. Quite an ordeal, isn’t it? However, the trail is safe. It is only inaccessible by any vehicle.

Along the way to Curug Lawe, you will be accompanied by the lush greeneries and chirping birds, flying from one trunk to another. At some point, you will encounter a bridge which is called “Jembatan Romantis” or means romantic bridge. Visitors mostly take pictures in this spot.

Make sure you come to Curug Lawe in the morning to be able to enjoy nature as long as possible, because the waterfall only opens to the public until 15:00 IWST. Curug Lawe is located in Kalisidi Village, Gunung Pati, North Ungaran District, Semarang, or approximately 12 km from the city center.

33. Penggaron Forest

Penggaron Forest is located in Susukan village, Ungaran District, Semarang Regency. It is famous as a camp site for students and scouts.

What makes this forest worth a visit? Besides the lush greeneries and fresh breeze, you can find an interesting spot for a photo shoot. It also provides supporting facilities for jungle trekking, outbound, and camping.

The entrance fee to Penggaron Forest is very affordable, 6,000 per person. It opens every day from 07:00-17:00 IWST.

34. Kali Kulon Tree House

Kali Kulon tree house is a tourist attraction for those who long for the quiet atmosphere of a village. Rice field and a row of trees surrounding the place creates a nice background for a photo shoot. Many people climb the tree house to take a picture with this background.

Set at 10-meter level on the tree, this instagrammable house is located in Sepakung village, Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency, which takes approximately 1 hour from the city center.

The best time to visit the tree house is in the morning or the afternoon. You may be able to have a nice and clear sky around that time.

35. Bantir Hills

Many tourists regard this place as the most romantic tourist spot. It has a big name among netizen due to the beauty of its unique landscape.

Visitors will be greeted by the amazing landscape, such as mountain, forest, green rice field, and villages.

From atop the hill at 1.000 above sea level, you could adore the landscape around Bantir Hills serenely. If you are interested in visiting Bantir Hill, don’t forget to take some pictures in the gazebo, tree house, bridge, and viewing post. Those are the major appeal of the place.

Bantir Hills tourist attraction is located in Losari Village, Sumowono District, Semarang Regency. It is considered a recent tourist attraction. Therefore, no entrance fee is charged. You only need to pay for parking fee 2,000 IDR for motorcycle and 5,000 for the car.

36. Setiya Aji Flower Farm

A beautiful flower farm is not only found in Lembang, Bandung. Now, you can enjoy it on Bandungan, Semarang. Tourists flood the place every day to view the sight of the colorful chrysanthemum.

Setiya Aji Flower Farm is located on Ngasem, Jetis Village, Bandungan district, Semarang regency. It opens every day, from 07:00-18:00 IWST. The ticket is affordable, 7,500 IDR per person.

It is recommended to come in the morning or afternoon to avoid the harsh sun. Keep in mind that you should be careful not to damage the flower.

37. Nglarangan Village

Not far from Gedong Songo temple, there is an interesting tourist attraction. It catches the attention of many photography enthusiasts. Named as Nglarangan Village, the highlight of this attraction is the stilted bamboo houses.

This village is said to hold traces and relics from the Hindu Kingdom. Visiting this village, you will be brought back into the past when technology and electricity haven't touched humanity.

38. Gardu Pandang Lereng Kelir

Gardu Pandang Lereng Kelir is a proper place to unwind and relax while enjoying the breeze at the height of 715 meters above sea level.

Located in Bongkol, Gertas Village, Ambarawa, Semarang Regency, this natural attraction offers mountain scenery with lush greeneries.

Since the viewing spot is located at a higher altitude, you need to be prepared physically to travel along the steep and winding trail. Don’t forget to take the most epic picture after you reach the viewing spot.

39. Kayon Pine Forest

Try to take a distance from the bustling and saturated life in the city, come to Kayon Pine Forest to enjoy the amazing nature. This tourist attraction was a hit on social media a while ago. Among many tourist attractions in Semarang, make sure you don't miss this one.

It is located in Krangkeng, Batur Village, Getasan District, Semarang Regency. This area is often used as a camp site for the tourists. Not only convenient for a family vacation, but the rows of tall pine trees in this area also serve as a nice background for taking a selfie.

40. Kendil Mountain

Located in Gojati, Sepakung Village, Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency, this mountain resembles a hill, but the locals prefer to call it a mountain. Albeit only a hill, this place is the best spot to enjoy the landscape of Rawa Pening.

Travelers need only 45 minutes to climb Kendil Mountain. Even though the gradient is not too steep, but the trail is challenging due to the number of cliffs and the narrow space.

Most people prefer to visit Kendil Mountain at night or before dawn to watch the sunset. If you want to climb Kendil Mountain, don’t forget to prepare enough food and drink, since the water source in the place is quite scarce.

41. Jatibarang Water Reservoir

This multipurpose water reservoir is located in Gunungpati. It is usually crowded with people on the weekend. Visitors can explore the 189 ha water reservoir area by taking a ride on rented motor boat. The rental costs 60,000 IDR per person, while the entrance fee only costs 2,500 IDR.

Jatibarang Water Reservoir stretches across four villages and two districts, namely Kandri and Jatirejo villages from Gunungpati district, and Jatibarang and Kedungpane villages from Mijen District.

Kreo Cave, which has been mentioned previously, lies in the middle of this vast reservoir area. You can reach Kreo Cave by crossing the Jatibarang Bridge. Another appeal of Jatibarang Water reservoir is its viewing post which takes the form of the heart. Local people even called it “The Love Hill of Jatibarang” due to the heart shaped post. Why don’t you visit Jatibarang with your loved one?

42. Marina Beach Semarang

Marina beach probably is the most prominent beach in Semarang. It is a must-visited place if you like beach activity.

Historically, Marina Beach was a mangrove. Later, the government decided to transform it into a proper tourist attraction. Located not far from the city center, the beach has never been vacant from the visitor. Marina Beach is located in PRPP area (Pekan Raya Promosi dan Pembangunan or Promotion and Development Fair).

What kind of interesting activities that you can do in Marina Beach? Besides walking along the shores, you can also relax and fishing from the boat. There is also a dragon fruit plantation which acts as another appeal of Marina Beach. The coast is relatively safe for kids. However, you still need to pay attention for their safety.

Marina Beach is located in Yos Sudarso Street, Tawangsari Village, West Semarang. It only takes 30 minutes from the city center to reach the beach. The entrance fee costs only 3,000 per person.

43. Tirang Beach

Located not far away from Maron Beach, Tirang is also easily accessible from Ahmad Yani airport. The beach has clearer water than Maron and Marina, but it doesn’t get proper maintenance. It is a shame since this beach has a potential to be an interesting tourist attraction, particularly because of its close location to the airport.

Nowadays, visitors who come to Tirang Beach are those who fond of fishing. Actually, besides fishing, you could also wander around the mangroves. The wave is calm and suitable for swimming as well, even for children.

It is mainly full of visitors in the afternoon and on the weekend. Albeit looks a bit shabby; the calm atmosphere can be an alternative if you want to relax and enjoy the breeze. To reach Tirang Beach in Tugurejo area, you can access it from Graha Padma Street.

44. Ambarawa Train Museum

Holiday and weekend don't necessarily call for mere entertainment. Tourist attraction which can provide entertainment and education at the same time is more preferable. One of the tourist attractions in Semarang which has those two features is Ambarawa Train Museum.

This museum originally is an old station. It has a collection of steam locomotives, from the old diesel machine to the one who has hundreds of years of age. You could also get in the locomotive, and ride on.

The museum provides several different routes. There is Ambarawa-Tuntang route which offers mountain scenery, or Ambarawa-Bedono route which brings you into the hilly landscape, Ungaran Mountain, and Merbabu Mountain.

Visitors may choose the departing schedule. There are several schedules available, at 10:00 and 12:00 am, or at 14:00 pm. The ticketing desk opens from 08:00 in the morning. The price for regular tourist trip is only 50,000 IDR per person.

If you are visiting on the weekend, make sure to go early, that way you can freely choose the route before the ticket are sold out. The management team set a certain quota for every route.

45.Eling Bening

Eling Bening tourist attraction is also a recent addition. This place offers family entertainment concept. To accommodate the different needs of family members, the developer provides a wide range of facilities, such as restaurant, swimming pool, playground area, outbound facility, camping site, and inns.

In this 3-ha area, you can enjoy the beautiful hilly landscape of Ambarawa while sitting leisurely in a comfortable gazebo. The exquisite place attracts young couple and bride-and-groom-to-be to take pre-wedding pictures and video.

It is no wonder if many visitors regard this place as a perfect spot for some photo shots. The beautiful scenery of the fresh green mountain sure is a feast for the eyes.

Eling Bening tourist attraction is located on Sarjono Street, Bawen, Semarang, and could be reached from Terminal Bawen crossroad by taking the road towards Ambarawa. The ticket is very affordable, 15,000 IDR per person and you can even show the ticket to get a welcome drink.

If you are interested in visiting Eling Bening on the weekend, be prepared to drive very early. As the sun gets higher, more people are coming, and the area can be very crowded.

Those are 45 tourist attractions in Semarang for your references when planning the vacation. Don’t forget to prepare carefully, choose your favorite destination, and make the most out of your holiday. Make sure you get the best experience with the best tourist attraction and accommodation.

Attractions & Activities in Semarang

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    Various water rides ranging from mild to extreme ones are available to fulfill your needs, including slide boomerang and wave pool. Fun activities such as paintball, pendulum, and ATV rides will complement your happy family time.
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    One of the best 3D art museums in Indonesia has finally opened its doors in Semarang! This weekend, why not give Dream Museum Zone a visit with your loved ones? The Semarang branch of this Korean 3D Trick Eye Museum boasts as many as 12 different themes, including animation, safari, and more. Go from room to room and take as many interesting pictures as you can!
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    Located on the 1st to the 3rd floor of Semarang Town Square, PlaPlay Indoor Theme Park is one of the best options for a fun outing with friends and loved ones. With 16 kinds of fun rides (and counting) that are suitable for all ages, it's bound to be fun for the whole family!
  • Fun Educative Tour at Taman Kelinci Tickets

    Bring the whole family for a fun outdoor trip at Taman Kelinci Semarang! There are plenty of exciting activities to do, both for children and for adults. The place is famous for Outbound Fun Educative, Team Building, Character Building, and Thematic Training for Adults.

    Adults can try the River and Lake Rawa Adventure, 3D Archery, and plenty more, while children can enjoy fun and exciting games like Ice Breaking Games, Child High Ropes Game, Child Flying Fox, Swimming, Rice Planting, and Fun Tubing Kids. Breathe the fresh air, get your body moving, and have a blast at Taman Kelinci Semarang!
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    Take a break from your usual, busy routine and spend some quality time together with your little ones at Trans Studio Mini. Just like the name suggests, this indoor theme park is a mini version of the famed Trans Studio. Designed thematically with decorations like a replica of the Liberty Statue and the Golden Gate, there are also plenty of rides that you and your children can enjoy together. From ball pits, climbing games, to mini trains and flying swings, there's a lot to keep your children entertained!
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    Each kid will be provided with a laptop, online account, and programmable robot. During classes, your children will learn to code and build their logical and computational thinking, while having fun creating exciting various outputs, like digital arts, mobile apps and even games! Enroll your children now, and watch them bloom and create magnificent things!
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