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Things to Do in Tangerang

Get yourself in this magnificent city with diverse culture and everlasting beauty.

45 Most Popular Things to Do in Tangerang

Behind the density and business of the city, Tangerang keeps so many tourists’ destinations and activities that are worth a try with family and friends. What are the destinations and activities?

1. The Portrait Park

Taman Potret is located in Jl. Sudirman, Babakan, Tangerang or located west of Tangerang City Mall, and can be reached by motorcycle. The park is open at all times, but generally crowded from 06.00-23.00.

The naming of this park matches the number of photo points in the Portrait Park. The favorite points are the classic sailboat, LOVE, 3 hippos bathing, a typical Batavian marquee, and a red bridge that is suitable for selfies. A children's play area is also available.

You are free of charge to enter the Portrait Park, but must keep it clean. B3, organic, and non-organic trash cans are perched in some corners of the park. If you are hungry, just rush to the snack market located in the Portrait Park area.

2. The Bamboo Park

Once satisfied walking in the Park Portrait, just go across to The Bamboo Park. The Bamboo Park was newly built in 2016 by the Park Office of Tangerang in collaboration with Bambu Nusantara Community.

The uniqueness of The Bamboo Park is all the ornaments in the park are made of various types of bamboo with the aim to introduce its usefulness to the community. Both children and adults must be very happy to climb bamboo houses, walk on the bamboo suspension bridge, or take photographs in front of the statues of women dancing and bamboo boats.

Bamboo Park is opened from 07.00-22.00 and is free of entry fee. At night, the park is no less beautiful than daylight. Therefore, the path is equipped with lanterns made of bamboo. Romantic!

3. Citra Raya World of Wonders

Citra Raya World of Wonders (WoW) is one of the unique tourists’ destinations in Tangerang because it has a miniature of 7 wonders of the world and the icon of historical countries in the world. Here, there are a planetarium, a diorama insectarium, and also watch the action of hunting dinosaurs on screen 360o.

World of Wonders operates from Tuesday-Friday at 10:00 to 18:00 while from Saturday-Sunday, it is open 1 hour early. With a total of 30 rides each of which can be tried twice, the admission on Tuesday-Friday is 60,000 IDR while Saturday-Sunday and holidays is 70,000 IDR.

World of Wonders is in Citra Raya Citra Housing Tangerang. If you drive your private car from outside Tangerang, you can get out of the Bitung toll booth and then cross Jl. Raya Tangerang-Serang for about 15 minutes.

4. The Crocodile Park

The uniqueness of The Crocodile Park is you can see hundreds of crocodiles in different kinds of ages. All cages can be safely traced by the edge of the cage. In fact, you can also buy a fish bucket worth 75,000 IDR/bucket to feed the crocodiles. In addition, there is also a culinary crocodile satay and souvenirs made of crocodile skin products across the entry.

Open every day at 08.00-18.00, the entrance fee for Taman Buaya is only 10,000 IDR and can be purchased on-site.

The only way to Crocodile Park is to use a private vehicle. If using the toll lane, you stay out of the Pintu Air Toll, then turn around the direction to Teluk Naga and take the right direction to the location of Crocodile Park in Teluk Naga Village in Jl. Raya Tanjung Pasir KM 29 Tangerang. Once you turn, you will find a large crocodile statue in front of the breeding complex.

5. BSD City Park 1

BSD City Park 1 is in Jl. Lieutenant Sutopo, Serpong, Tangerang, or in front of Al-Azhar. The way to BSD City Park 1 is very easy. If using toll, just exit Bintaro/Pondok Indah and you will immediately find City Park 1 on the right side of the road.

The difference between City Park 1 and City Forest 2 is City Park 1 BSD has a smaller area. Here, there are jogging tracks, outdoor fitness equipment, skateparks and free acupuncture lines. Although open for 24 hours, generally the city park is crowded from 05.30-18.00. BSD City Park 1 can be visited daily for free.

6. BSD City Forest 2

In BSD Forest City 2, you can see various types of ornamental plants such as roses, orchids and bonsai plants. There is also a red bridge and a view of the artificial lake in the middle, making BSD Forest 2 not only suitable for relaxation but also as a good place to take pictures.

You can enjoy the coolness of the forest area during its operational hours, from 06:00 to 18:00. There is no admission ticket for you to buy, but if you are going to do activities such as prewedding, tour groups, and commercial activities, you should report to the manager.

The way to BSD Forest City 2 from City Park 1 is turn left onto Jl. Hero Seribu and straight up to the end of Jl. Captain Soebijanto Djojohadikusumo. From there, go straight up to enter Buaran area to meet the Health Office of South Tangerang then turn right. The location of BSD City Forest 2 is in Jl. Tekno Widya, Serpong.

7. Bintaro Exchange Park

If you want to enjoy the walk in the park which is almost the same width as the mall, come to Taman Bintaro Exchange. The park is divided into several areas. The first area attached to the mall is often used for sports activities on weekends. The second garden area further away from the mall has jogging track facilities, foot therapy, skateboarding area, and parkour area. Visitors can also see the fish, and look at the nursery.

There is no entrance fee for activities in Taman Bintaro Exchange area. You just pay for parking. Just like the mall, Taman Bintaro Exchange is open from 10:00 to 22:00. The way to Taman Bintaro Exchange from Jakarta is exit through the Jakarta-Serpong toll road to Ciputat, then turn left onto Jl. Tegal Rotan Raya. The location of Taman Bintaro Exchange is in Sector VII of Bintaro Jaya Boulevard area, Pondok Aren, Tangerang.

8. Tourists’ Park of Situ Gintung Island

Situ Gintung Island Park is located in Jl. Kerta Mukti No. 20 East Ciputat South Tangerang. This tourist area is divided into the pool area, outbound area, and camping area. The pool’s admission at Situ Gintung Island Garden on weekdays is 20,000 IDR and on weekend is 30,000 IDR. Situ Gintung Tour is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

If you want to stay, Situ Gintung Park provides a camping place with a cost of 20,000 IDR/night. There are also Situ Gintung guest houses which can be rented for 350,000 IDR/night. The outbound kids package’s price is 55,000 IDR and for adult is 60,000 IDR including snack and insurance.

From UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, the way to Situ Gintung Island Tourist Park is down Jl. Kertamukti then turn right to Jl. Great Pisangan. After Al-Mughiroh Mosque, turn left and it is where the Situ Gintung Island Tourism Park is located.

9. Tanah Tingal

Tanah Tingal is an urban forest located in Jl. Merpati Raya No. 32, Jombang, South Tangerang. From Pasar Jombang Ciputat, the way to Tanah Tingal is to follow Jl. Raya Jombang, then turn left after Tanah Tingal Ciputat School. From Jakarta, you can take the Jakarta-Serpong toll out at Pondok Aren/Bintaro.

Unfortunately, if you come with a small family, you can only enjoy the pool and playground only. Activities through the forest, swimming, outbound, wall climbing, bird activity, kayaking, viewing rice fields, vegetable gardens, orchid gardens, even camping, playing futsal, and others can only be enjoyed when coming with a group of 50 people.

Tanah Tingal operates daily from 08:00 to 16:00. The admission on weekdays is 10,000 IDR/weekend is 15,000 IDR plus a car park for 2,000 IDR or a motor park for 1,000 IDR.

10. Scientia Square Park

Scientia Square Park offers fun activities while enjoying the wind and sunshine as it is outdoor. The activities here include walking in the middle of the rice field, see various beautiful butterflies flying, getting wet in the water feature, riding bikes, doing sports, feeding koi fish, and going inline skating. Teenagers can try the skateboard and bike trail. Inline skates can be rented by paying 20,000 IDR starting at 3 pm, bicycle 20,000 IDR/hour, and a wall-climbing equipment for 35,000 IDR.

Scientia Square Park is open on Monday-Friday with the admission of 30,000 IDR and Saturday-Sunday with the admission of 50,000 IDR from 05.00-21.00.

To get to Scientia Square Park, you can use private car. With the point at the roundabout of Summarecon Mall Serpong, you just keep straight to Jl. Gading Serpong Boulevard. Scientia Square Park is located in Jl. Scientia Boulevard, Gading Serpong, Tangerang. You can also take the free shuttle bus from/to Mall Summarecon Serpong.

11. Cihuni Lake

Situ Cihuni is open 24 hours and can be visited without admission (free). The uniqueness of Cihuni’s nature is a row of pine trees on the edge of the lake with a challenging bike path. In Situ Cihuni area, there is an agro-tourism area of 32 ha. Tourists can try farming there. There is also a bamboo gazebo that can be used to eat traditional dishes from restaurants that are in place.

Situ Cihuni is in Cihuni, Pagedangan, Tangerang. To reach here, consider the Prasetya Mulya University point. You just keep driving straight, down Jl. BSD Raya Utama to pass through BSD City Mall. Then turn right when you see Summarecon Serpong Scarlet Cluster on the right. It is in front of the lake of The Springs-Grisea.

12. Bulakan Lake

Situ Bulakan is not far from I Amsterdam Waterpark. Situ Bulakan is precisely located in Jl. Mutiara Pluit Utama Tangerang. To reach there, you can go to Jl. Villa Tomang Baru to find the first roundabout. After traveling about 600 m, you will find Situ Bulakan on the right path.

The uniqueness of Situ Bulakan or known as Mutiara Tomang Lake is various rides of water and land games as well as the very affordable culinary tour. The water games in Situ Bulakan are water bicycles, boats, jetskis, flying fox, and fishing. There is also a playground where children can play for free.

Situ Bulakan is open 24 hours and there is no admission fee, but you need to pay a parking fee of 2,500 IDR.

13. Bale Situ Cipondoh

Situ Cipondoh is located in Jl. K.H. Hasim Ashari Cipondoh, Tangerang, and operates at 08.00-20.00. The way to Situ Cipondoh is quite easy. From outside of Tangerang, you need to drive out of the Tangerang-Merak toll road and then along Jl. Nean Saba. At the first intersection, turn left onto Jl. Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, then turn left at last to Jl. Kampung Haji Jali to reach Situ Cipondoh.

The activities that can be done in Situ Cipondoh include trying the flying fox, water biking, and riding duck boats, all of which can be tried with 5,000-25,000 IDR/game. The place is pretty much perfect to just sit back to see the scenery. If you are hungry and do not bring lunch, you and your family can buy foods in the cafeteria nearby and order like roasted corn and coconut ice while sitting on the edge of Situ (the lake).

To enjoy the uniqueness of Situ Cipondoh, you need to pay the admission for 3,000 IDR.

14. Cisoka Blue Lake

Telaga Biru Cisoka or known as Cigaru Blue Lake has become the prima donna in Instagram for some time because of the unique color of the lake, sometimes blue sometimes yellow, depending on the pH level, algae, and weather during the visit. This uncertainty is the attraction of Cisoka Blue Lake. You can also rent a wooden boat for 20,000 IDR to surround the lake.

Telaga Biru is open from 07.00-18.00. The admission is free if you go by foot. If you drive/ride a vehicle, you need to pay a motorcycle parking fee of 2,000 IDR or a car of 10,000 IDR.

To reach Telaga Biru from outside Tangerang with public transportation, you can take the train and get off at Tigaraksa Station then take the angkot (public minivan) of the Adiyasa-Balaraja department up to the T-junction of SMAN 8 Cisoka. Then, continue the trip by motorcycle/walk up to the gate of Telaga Biru. Telaga Biru Cisoka is in Jl. Three Raksa, Cisoka, Tangerang.

15. Bendungan Pintu Air Sepuluh (The 10-Floodgate Dam)

If you intend to go to Masjid Pintu Seribu (The Mosque of 1000 Doors), do not forget to stop by Bendungan Pintu Air Sepuluh (The 10-Floodgate Dam) which is located in Mekarsari, Tangerang. Here, you will see 10 floodgates in the middle of the Cisadane River which have stood firmly since the Dutch era. In particular, this river flows about 500 ha of rice fields in the City and Tangerang District.

At certain times, the time when the floodgates are closed may be only 3-4 times, depending on the water debit and the need. If it recedes, you can see the children playing in the middle of the river and the people who bring the net/fish to catch the fish.

Visitors are not admitted and can visit it anytime. To get there, you can drive out of Tangerang toll road to Jl. Dr. Sitanala to New Bridge then go to Jl. Sangego Raya.

16. Tandon Ciater

Tandon Ciater is an artificial lake tourism area in South Tangerang. You can enjoy the afternoon sun while chatting with friends or family here. The facilities available include jogging tracks, traditional Batavian houses, as well as those being built i.e. campsites.

Tandon Ciater is open from 06.00-18.00. There is no entrance ticket to visit Tandon Ciater. You can bring your own food and drink, but do not forget to throw the garbage in the space provided.

Tandon Ciater is located at Jl. Haji Buaran, just 9 minutes from Forest City 2 BSD. To reach Tandon Ciater from Taman Kota 2, you can turn back from Jl. Tekno Widya to Jl. Buaran then turn right into Jl. H. Suggestions. From there, turn right again to Jl. Widya Kencana then straight up to find Tandon Ciater.

17. Tanjung Pasir Beach

Tanjung Pasir Beach is located in Teluk Naga District, Tangerang District. You can reach it from Jakarta by exiting from JORR to Jl. Kapuk Kamal Raya then turn left onto Jl. Raya Dadap. After passing Maternity Hospital, 600 m then turn to Jl. Kp. West Malay, and turn right to Tanjung Pasir Beach.

The activities that can be done in Tanjung Pasir Beach are a lot, ranging from riding banana boats, fishing, to riding the motor boats. You can be content to play sand all day without fear of hunger, difficulty in finding a place of prayer, or rinsing rooms because all the facilities are there.

You can try riding a motor boat to check out the Island of Untung Java in Thousand Islands at a cost of 50,000 IDR back and forth. The ticket of Tanjung Pasir Beach is only 5,000 IDR, which does not include parking. Tanjung Pasir Beach is open for 24 hours, but crowded from 11:00 to 18:00 only. For those who come in vehicles, they will be charged a retribution of 20,000 IDR for 4-wheeled vehicles and 10,000 000for 2-wheeled vehicles.

18. Tanjung Kait Beach

The entrance of Tanjung Kait Beach is located in front of Tjo Soe Kong Temple. Tanjung Kait Beach is not destined for a sand-play tour because the beach corners are steep. However, many people like to fish here because they can get various kinds of fish, from kuro to kerapu (grouper).

You have to pay the fishing point rental to the owner starting from 20,000-50,000 IDR. In addition to fishing, you can enjoy seafood in the houses on stilts while watching the fishermen move on docks made of bamboo.

All the uniqueness of this beach can be enjoyed without the need to buy admission alias free. You can come anytime because the beach is open for 24 hours. To get there, you can get out of the East Balaraja toll gate. You go down Jl. Raya Serang and turn right onto Jl. Kampung Cayur. About 3-4 km, turn left to Jl. Raya Pasar Mauk then turn right to Jl. Sutami Engineer.

19. The Heritage Fort Museum

The Heritage Fort Museum is located at Jl. Cilame No. 20, Sukasari, Tangerang, precisely in the Old Market area. To reach there from Tangerang Station, you can go to Jl. Kiasnawi then turn left to Jl. Kisamaun to reach Jl. Kali Pasir to Jl. Cilame.

In this museum, you will dive into a Chinese culture in Tangerang through the stories behind the existing Chinese artifacts. This typical Chinese interior is so thick and well-laid out in this 2-storey museum.

Visit the Heritage Fort Museum every Tuesday-Sunday at 10:00 to 17:00. The entrance fee for Museum Benteng is only 20,000 IDR, including a tour guide who will tell the history of the Chinese-Indonesian fusion. The duration of the tour is 45 minutes and it is limited to 20 people per tour.

20. Kramat Solear

Initially, Kramat Solear is a place of pilgrimage to the tomb of the followers of the guardians, one of them a Commander Sheikh Mas'ad bin Hawa who used to be trusted by the Sultan of Banten to spread the teachings of Islam in the Tigaraksa region. It is adjacent to a protected forest so it is often visited by hundreds of monkeys, similar to Sangeh in Bali. The uniqueness of it is that you can feed these monkeys with fruit or nuts.

Keramat Solerat is located in Solear Village, Cidahu, Tangerang District. The is 5,000 IDR excluding parking. In a pilgrimage season, generally visitors start to crowd this area from morning until afternoon. To reach Kramat Solear from Jakarta, you can follow the Jakarta-Tangerang-Merak toll road and then go to Jl. Raya Serang to reach the T-junction. By turning left of this fork, you will enter the Solear District.

21. The Mosque of 1000 Doors

The mosque is called a thousand doors because the construction of the building with really many doors. In fact, the original name of this mosque is the Nurul Yaqin Mosque. In addition to the uniqueness of the exterior, the mosque is also very spacious (about 1 ha). The major part of the Mosque of 1000 Doors building include very narrow alleys, with a dim light to a total darkness, so you have to bend your head and bring your own flashlight.

The location of Masjid Pintu Seribu is in Bayur Periuk Jaya, Periuk, Tangerang. It is located in the middle of the settlement of citizens and rice fields, whixh cause this mosque to be less reachable by visitors, either with private vehicles or public transportation.

To reach the Mosque of 1000 Doors from outside Tangerang, you can exit the Jakarta-Merak toll. There is no entrance fee to be purchased or operating hours of the Thousand Doors Mosque because this is a place of worship for Muslims. However, you can give infak (charity) if you wish.

22. Al-A’zhom Mosque

The main dome of Al-A'zhom Mosque is the largest mosque dome in Indonesia. The diameter is 96 meters and serves to keep the temperature inside the mosque to keep it cool. In addition to its large size, the dome is also beautiful. The inside of the dome is decorated with the first 7 letters of calligraphy in the Qur'an.

At night, the lights from the four towers make the mosque look blue, like the Blue Mosque in Turkey. You can enjoy the beauty anytime, from outside or from the inside of the mosque.

Al-A'zhom Grand Mosque is in front of Tangerang Mayor's Office, Central Government area. The way to Masjid Raya Al-A'zhom from Jakarta is out of Tangerang-Merak toll gate. From the direction of Benteng Museum/Tangerang Station on Jl. Kisamaun, continue down Jl. Daan Mogot then turn right to Masjid Raya Al-A'zhom at Jl. Satria-Sudirman.

23. The Cup Island

Pulau Cangkir (The Cup Island) is actually the place where a scholar named Syekh Waliyuddin was buried. Visitors generally come here to do a pilgrimage, but not infrequently also for just a trip because of the beautiful scenery. Here you can see Fish Auction Places (TPI) and the view of the mangrove forest as far as the eyes can see.

The way to Pulau Cangkir from Jakarta is to take a bus with the Kali Deres-Kronjo route. If you drive/ride a private vehicle, you can get out of the Jakarta-Merak toll until you reach Jl. Pasar Kemis Tangerang and continue to reach Jl. Raya Cadas-Daon. Next, turn left at the first corner, then at the junction, turn right. The location of Pulau Cangkir is part of Tangerang Regency.

Although the island is open 24 hours, the operational time of the manager and TPI is from 10:00 to 18:00 o'clock. The admission is only 6,000 IDR including to TPI. The price is very affordable and very suitable for tours with family.

24. The Oldest Temple in Tangerang: Boen Tek Bio

Boen Tek Bio Temple is located at Jl. Bhakti No. 14, very close to Benteng Museum and Old Market culinary area. You can go to Boen Tek Bio by public transportation from outside Tangerang, that is by commuters’ transport and get off at Tangerang Station then walk for ± 100 m. If you drive/ride a private vehicle, you must park 100 m at the end of Jl. Ki Samaun.

Boen Tek Bio Temple is special because it is 300 years old and has been crowned as the oldest temple in the city of Tangerang. The ornaments contained in this temple are beautiful. Among those who attract attention are the big gold bell in front of the temple and stone lions made in 1872. There is no entrance ticket to Boen Tek Bio Temple and it can be visited for 24 hours.

25. The Most Cornered Temple: Tjo Soe Kong

Tjo Soe Kong Temple is located in Tanjung Kait, Tangerang District. If you come from Jakarta, the way to Tjo Soe Kong Temple is out of the Jakarta-Merak toll road and then along Jl. Pasar Kemis to reach Jl. Raya Cadas-Daon. At the first corner, turn right and then turn left at the last corner to arrive at Tjo Soe Kong Temple.

Compared to other temples on the island of Java, Tjo Soe Kong Temple does not have a statue of a dragon or a bird statue. The building is made of bricks so at the first glance, this temple looks very simple. It is adjacent to Tanjung Kait Beach and features two pagodas in front of it. It is said that the pagodas still have not changed from the original form since the beginning of their manufactures.

You can visit this temple anytime, because the temple is open for 24 hours. You also will not be charged to enter Tjo Soe Kong Temple.

26. Boen Hay Bio Temple

Boen Hay Bio Temple is the oldest temple in Serpong, Tangerang. It is as old as the Boen Tek Bio Temple, which is 3 centuries old. The hallmark of this temple is a giant crab that greets you at the entrance of the temple.

The typical Chinese ornaments dominate the interior and exterior of the temple among the large-sized drums with beautiful ornaments. In the main room, there is a candle that always burns as a symbol that life goes on. Near the main worshipping altar, there is a large dragon wrapped around a pillar.

You can see the beauty of Boen Hay Bio Temple anytime because this place is open 24 hours, and free of charge. Boen Hay Bio is located in Jl. Serpong Old Market, Cilenggang, South Tangerang. You can reach it from the direction of Serpong Station by browsing Jl. Raya Serpong then turn left after 60 m.

27. Boen San Bio Temple

Boen San Bio Temple (Vihara Nimmala) is unique in terms of showing the acculturation of Chinese and Islamic cultures. At the rear of the temple, there are things regarding the teachings of Islam spreaders in Cikarang as well as the crown prince of Cianjur kingdom that is Raden Surya Kencana. In terms of architecture, Boen San Bio Temple is very grand. The entrance is guarded by a lioness and its roof is guarded by a pair of phoenix birds.

The entry fee into this temple is free of charge and it can be visited to worship at any time. Boen San Bio Temple is located at Jl. KS Tubun No. 43 Tangerang, just 7 minutes from Boen Tek Bio Temple. To go to Boen San Bio Temple from Boen Tek Bio, you can drive to the right towards Jl. Kali Pasir Indah, then turn left to Jl. Merdeka, and finally take the path to Jl. Otista Raya.

28. CBD Bintaro Snack Park

Taman Jajan Bintaro CBD is famous for its food choices, which are varied and unique. Here, you can try from street hawkers to five-star snacks such as sandwiches, steamboat, sushi, steak, Indian cuisine, Chinese food, Japanese food, seafood, green bananas, ribs, pasta, swikee, and more.

The prices of food in Taman Jajan CBD range from 25,000-100,000 IDR depending on the tenant. Taman Jajan CBD is open from 11 am to midnight.

From the direction of Bintaro Exchange Mall or Jurangmangu Station, the way to Taman Jajan Bintaro is turn to Jl. Boulevard Bintaro Jaya then turn around towards Bintaro Sektor 7. Bintaro Snack Park is located in Jl. Moh. Husni Thamrin, adjacent to Bank Permata and Supermarkets Day.

29. Salsa Food City

Almost the same as some supermalls in Tangerang area, Salsa Food City also carries the concept of outdoor foodcourt. Here, there are 50 tenants that provide halal and non-halal food for Muslims to differentiate. One of the famous foods is a variety of pork dishes. Other food choices are seafood, steak, cakue, durian, betawi dishes, Chinese dishes, chicken noodles, and juices. The prices for range of food at Salsa Food City are from 50,000-100,000 IDR.

Salsa Food City is located at Summarecon Mall Serpong Garden Walk (SMS) Jl. Kelapa Gading Selatan, Tangerang, not far from the toll exit. The operational time is from 11:00 to 22:00. To get there, from the direction of Plaza Summarecon Serpong, go around the roundabout to Jl. Gading Serpong Boulevard then go to SMS area. If you take the shuttle, get off directly at the BSD City stop.

30. The Flavor Bliss

Eating at The Flavor Bliss is quite special because there are more than 20 outlets providing traditional and international cuisines, not including factory outlets and modern grocery stores. You can find seafoods, Korean cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, as well as snacks, and street foods. The average food prices in The Flavor Bliss range from 50,000-150,000 IDR.

Uniquely, here you can feel the concept of alfresco dining and shopping, which is eating and hanging out while enjoying the afternoon sun or outdoor window shopping. The manager also diligently holds live music to entertain the visitors.

The Flavor Bliss is open from 09:00 to 22:00 and is located on Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard, North Serpong, Tangerang. To go to The Flavor Bliss from Tangerang area, just take the angkot Serpong-Kali Deres and down at the Alam Sutera roundabout. If you drive/ride a private vehicle, this place can be found by traveling 5 minutes from Jl. Raya Serpong. If you come from Jakarta, you can get out of Jakarta-Serpong toll road. You can also take the Trans BSD City shuttle bus, as well as the commuter line to the Buntu Rawa Station.

31. The Night Culinary Tour at The Old Market

The Old Market is a Chinatown area in Tangerang famous for its historical old buildings such as temples and Benteng Museum.

At a first glance, the foods sold are normal, but you should try them first to know the deliciousness. The best to try are chicken satay, chanai bread, snow princess ice, pickles, pork satay, emping jengkol (Melinjo chips with stinky beans-flavor), meatballs, porridge and crab noodles, and chicken noodles.

If you want a culinary tour at the Old Market area, you can come from 07:00 to 12:00 pm. However, the culinary market is generally crowded at night. The price range of foods in the Old Market is from 10,000-50,000 IDR.

The Old Market Culinary Tour is at Jl. Kisamaun, Sukasari, Tangerang and cannot be reached by vehicles. You have to park at the end of Jl. Ki Samaun then walk to explore the Old Market.

32. The BSD Modern Market Culinary Tour

After you finish shopping, you can stop by the culinary area of BSD Modern Market on the 2nd floor. What is so unique is that you can taste Medan soto and noodle, fried banana with srikaya flavor, pastel, bogana rice, Indonesian and Vietnamese coffee, Padang vegetable with ketupat (rice wrapped in banana leaves), pancake, pempek, shabu-shabu, to salmon porridge!

In the evening, the culinary area of street-hawkers takes place in the parking area of BSD Modern Market place from 5 pm to 3 pm with price ranges from 50,000-75,000 IDR. There is no retribution for the Modern Market unless you have to pay for parking if you drive/ride a private vehicle.

The Modern Market is located at BSD City Sector 1, Jl. Lieutenant Soetopo Rawa Mekar Jaya, Serpong, South Tangerang. From BSD City toll exit, you can follow Jl. Pelayangan then go around the direction to Jl. Griya Loka Raya. About 1 km, turn right onto Jl. Borneo, then turn left to The Modern Market.

33. Mal Tanpa Sekat: The Breeze

The Breeze Mall is designed without insulation and surrounded by green open spaces with views of the Cisadane River. Some tenants serve traditional Indonesian specialties such as Makassar, Manado, Betawi, Bandung, Padang, Bogor, Yogyakarta foods, as well as international dishes from Germany, Thailand, Chinese and Japan.

Coffee outlets also line up, just choose one to be your favorite. The food price at The Breeze is around 50,000-150,000 IDR, depending on its tenant. Even if you do not go shopping or on culinary tours, you can take a leisurely stroll in an outdoor pedestrian walkway that features canopies throughout the area or go cycling.

The Breeze's location is on Jl. BSD Green Office Park, Cisauk, Tangerang. To get there, you can go through Jl. Edutown to reach Jl. BSD Raya Barat. Take the U-turn to Jl. BSD Green Office Park to reach The Breeze.

34. Alfresco Dining ala Benton Junction

If you are looking for a place to take pictures and also a culinary spot in one place, then come to Benton Junction. Here, you will enjoy an outdoor (alfresco dining) atmosphere while eating snacks or heavy meals from different countries. The price of food in Benton Junction is on an average of 50,000-100,000 IDR.

Benton Junction is open from 10:00 to 23:00 and is located in Lippo Karawaci Jl. Boulevard Palem Raya No. 38 Lippo Karawaci, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang. It is opposite Pelita Harapan University. You can get there by exiting from Karawaci 1 toll gate then turn left to Jl. Boulevard Palem Raya.

35. Marcopolo Water Adventure

Marcopolo Water Adventure offers a swimming experience with the street and city views from the 5th floor. Marcopolo Water Adventure is open from 09.00-19.00, and the admission is 30,000 IDR for weekdays and 50,000 IDR for weekends, plus renting a locker for 5,000 IDR.

Marcopolo pools are quite unique because they have various types of swimming pools. Marcopolo provides a 20-50 cm pool equipped with colorful balls, a canal pool that has a long cave swirling with water, a large skate, a mushroom shower, and an adult whirlpool. You can rent a safety rubber tire worth 20,000 IDR to walk along a 200-m current pool.

Marcopolo Water Adventure is located in Serpong Town Square (Best Western Serpong) and can be reached from Jakarta via Jakarta-Merak toll gate. At the intersection, turn left until you reach Serpong Town Square. Marcopolo is located in the front tower of the area.

36. Ocean Park

As the name implies, Ocean Park offers ocean themed rides on an 8.5 ha of land. Ocean Park can be explored all day because it is open from 11:00 to 19:00 for Monday-Friday and 08:00 to 19:00 for Saturday-Sunday.

Ocean Park has various types of ponds, slides, trampolines, and flying fox for children and adults. Infants and toddlers can have fun in the swimming pools with the depth of 20 cm and 40 cm equipped Giant Mushroom, Steam Boat, Jelly Fish, Splash Town, Shell Slide, and Atlantis Castle.

The Tower Spiral Slide (10x60m), Race Slide (10x40m), a wave pool (15 minutes every 1 hour), and the flow of 500m using tire lease are worth to try. The rent of safety tires for double is 25,000 IDR and the single is 15,000 IDR.

To get to Ocean Park as you go out of Tangerang toll is follow Jl. Landing then turn right onto Jl. The Hero of the Thousand. You have reached Ocean Park then.

The Ocean Park’s admission for weekdays is 55,000 IDR and weekend/holiday is 95,000 IDR plus renting a small locker is 10,000 IDR or a big locker is 20,000 IDR. The price can be cheaper because there are so many promos every day.

37. I Amsterdam Waterpark

I Amsterdam Waterpark is located at Kutabumi Pasar Thursday. You can go there by angkot (public minivan) to Kotabumi then continue on foot/by ojek (motorcycle taxi ride) from the front of Villa Tomang Baru Housing about 10 minutes. If you come from outside Tangerang, you can exit the toll gate of Cikokol Tangerang.

The uniqueness of I Amsterdam waterpark is all the pools and its theme park are Dutch. There are ponds that have windmills, bridges such as Magere Brug, a giant water bucket, and a row of houses just like in the Netherlands. The flying fox across the main pool and there is no extra charge if you want to try it.

The admission for I Amsterdam Waterpark is affordable enough that is 35,000 IDR on weekday and 45,000 IDR on weekends. You can come with your family every day at I Amsterdam Waterpark, from 08:00 to 18:00.

38. The Naga Mas Bay

Naga Mas Bay is located in Jl. Raya Kyai H. Mushonif, Teluk Naga, Tangerang. You can reach it from Prof. Sedyatmo toll road. Through the toll gate to Jl. Kapuk Kamal Raya, turn left onto Jl. Raya Dadap to reach Jl. Raya Kosambi. After passing RS Bersalin, turn right to Jl. Kp. West Malay then turn right up to reach Jl. Raya Kyai H. Mushonif.

In Teluk Naga Mas, tourists can see the history and the relics of the early arrival of the Chinese population to Teluk Naga. You can also try other rides like flying fox, swimming, and riding the train with a ticket of 5,000 IDR/person. Here, there is also a gazebo for family/office events with the lake view at a rental of 100,000 IDR/2 hours.

The entrance fee is 15,000 IDR and it operates daily except Friday from 08.00-17.00.

39. Saiji Waterpark

Located in Serpong Garden Residence, Tangerang, Saiji Waterpark can be reached through the Jakarta-Serpong toll road. Head to Jl. Pelayangan then turn left to Jl. Boulevard BSD Timur to find Jl. Raya Serpong Rumpin. From here, follow Jl. Raya Cisauk-Lapan to Serpong Garden Residence.

In addition to providing swimming pools, Saiji Waterpark also features tennis courts, a flyover, a fishing pond, 4D cinema, and a lake tour with a duck boat. If you want to fish, you simply have to pay according to the weight of fish you caught, which is 35,000 IDR/kg.

Saiji Waterpark is open daily from 08.00-17.00 with admission ricket 35,000 IDR/person for weekdays and 40,000 IDR/person for weekends. The ticket includes admission to 4D cinema in low season.

40. Giant Playground in Paradise Dreamland

The uniqueness of Paradise Dreamland is its vast array of playgrounds. Children can play all day at the Giant Playground and swim in Paradise Pool. In fact, the toys at the Giant Playground are not only available for toddlers and children, but there is also outdoor fitness equipment for parents while waiting for children to finish playing.

Paradise Pool is open daily from 07:00 to 18:00 and the playground closes until 19:00. The bundling ticket to Paradise Dreamland on weekdays is only 17,000 IDR and on weekends is 24,000 IDR. You can buy non-bundling tickets for the weekday; the pool’s entry fee is only 15,000 IDR and the playground is only 5,000 IDR while it is only 21,000 IDR for the pool’s entry fee and the playground is only 6,000 IDR on weekends.

From Jakarta, the way to Paradise Dreamland is to exit Serpong toll road, turn to Jl. Rawa Buntu, Jl. Kelurahan Buaran, and Jl. Kodiklat TNI. Finally, turn left onto Jl. Puspitek Raya Serpong. Paradise Dreamland is located at Paradise Serpong City Jl. Paradise Serpong City, South Tangerang.

41. Cinemaxx Junior for Kids

Cinemaxx Junior is in the Maxxbox Lippo Village Tangerang area. In contrast to adult cinemas, ranging from the audience seats, theater space, waiting room, until the menu is special for children aged 3-10 years. Not surprisingly, the waiting room alone contains flying fox, giant trampoline, tube slides, spinners, sliding poles, spinning balls, drawing walls, and playgrounds.

Children's special films here only run 2-3 times per day. The schedule can be seen on the Cinemaxx Theater website. Cinemaxx Junior ticket price depends on a seat choice ie Sofabed 200,000 IDR/2 persons and lounger/cinemaseat/beanbag for 100,000 IDR. Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult by paying the same price.

The closest toll to Cinemaxx Junior is the Karawaci toll gate. From here, you can turn left onto Jl. Boulevard Palem Raya to find Supermal Lippo Village. Cinemaxx Junior is on the 2nd floor.

42. ILMA Science House

At ILMA Science House, children will be invited to experiment with easy-to-find ingredients and summarize the symptoms. You can choose a science theme each consisting of 3-4 experiments. There is a rocket theme, themed music/sound, magnetic themed, and slime.

Each program at ILMA Science House costs around 30,000-40,000 IDR. However, you need to make a reservation 1 day in advance by phone if you want to come. ILMA Science House opens every Saturday-Sunday and holds more programs when during school holiday. There is also experimental equipment that can be bought and tried at home.

ILMA Science House is located at Jl. TPU Parakan No. 148, Pondok Benda, South Tangerang. The way to ILMA Science House from South Tangerang Town Hall is down Jl. Benda Raya, then turn right on Jl. Benda Timur XI, turn left at Jl. Pendidikan I, then go to Jl. Cendana Residence. About 200 m turn right onto Jl. Al Hidayah and enter the ILMA Science House.

43. Little Jungle

Little Jungle is a playground located in the culinary area of The Flavor Bliss. The uniqueness of Little Jungle is the game is not only fun but also educative. The arena is divided into 2 arenas for toddlers aged 1-5 years old with mini trampolines, giant legos, soft slides, and a flying fox arena for 3-15 years old with inflatable climbs & slides, cannon balls, bungee trampolines, etc.

The Little Jungle is open every Monday-Thursday at 11:00 to 19:00, Friday 10:00 to 20:00, Saturday 9:00 to 21:00, and Sunday 09:00 to 20:00. Little Jungle’s admission from Monday-Friday for children is 40,000 IDR(regular) or 60,000 IDR(VIP), while Saturday-Sunday for children is 60,000 IDR(regular) or 90,000 IDR(VIP). For parents who accompany their children, they only pay 10,000 IDR/person.

After exiting the Serpong toll gate, the way to Little Jungle is to turn left onto Jl. Bhayangkara then turn right to Jl. Alam Utama. After 600 m, you will find the location of Little Jungle.

44. Upside Down World

Upside Down World is different from other 3D eye-trick museums because it carries the theme upside down. The shooting studio there has 3 floors. In order for the maximum results, do not forget to follow the direction from the on-duty staff to take pictures of the right angles.

On weekdays, Upside Down World is open from 11:00 to 21:00 while on holidays are from 10:00 to 20:00. Upside Down World’s admission fee for adult is 100,000 IDR and children shorter than 120 cm tall is for 50,000 IDR.

Upside Down World is the opposite of the culinary area of The Flavor Bliss, exactly in Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard, North Serpong, South Tangerang. To reach there, you can walk by Jl. H. Thamrin to reach the Alam Sutra roundabout and arrive at Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard.

45. Froggy Floating Castle

Froggy Floating Castle is located at BSD Grand Boulevard West Commercial Cluster Park no. 1, which is reachable. From AEON Mall BSD City, go straight from Jl. BSD Raya Utama and turn to Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard.

The uniqueness of Froggy Floating Castle is in the building and its edutography concept. The building looks like a castle in the clouds from the story of Jack and the Magic Beans. Edutography is an intelligence development program for children aged 7-12 years old to aspire and maximize their potential skills to make things happen. On every floor, children will roleplay various professions while being observed by the facilitators. On the top floor, they declare their ideals in the presence of their parents.

The schools or communities can work together with Froggy Floating Castle for 1-day fieldtrip. The admission for a private school is 125,000 IDR and a public school is 60,000 IDR.

Parents and children can come to the program 13 times for 3 months. The operational time of Froggy Floating Castle is from 08.00-17.00 with the duration of each trip for 4 hours.

Attractions & Activities in Tangerang

  • Funworld Tangcity Mall Rp120k & Rp250k Funcard Top-Up

    A lot of places claim to be fun for the whole family, but Funworld has got to be up there when it comes to family entertainment! Founded in 1983, Funworld presents itself as a family recreation center. What makes it different from other playgrounds? Well, the games and rides here are catered not just to young children, but teens and even adults as well, so the whole family can really have fun together! Get that adrenaline pumping with a quick ride on the Roller Coaster or the Bazooka Drop Zone Tower, spin around on the Carousel, or play educational games on the many arcade machines together. It's a great way to bond with family!
  • Lollipop's Playland & Cafe Supermal Karawaci Tickets

    Located in one of Jakarta's big shopping malls, Lollipop's Playland puts your children's safety and enjoyment first. Here, your children can enjoy a variety of games and activities, from a trampoline, mini flying fox, to console games like the Nintendo Wii. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait for your children at the cafe. No need to worry about your children's safety while playing either, because they will be accompanied by friendly staff members to make sure they're comfortable and far from danger.
  • I Amsterdam Waterpark Tickets

    Experiencing what it feels like to be in the Netherlands does not mean you have to go abroad. Just come to Amsterdam Waterpark Tangerang. In this Dutch-themed water park, you can enjoy unique, modern rides and other facilities which are designed to look like the Netherlands. There are windmills, a miniature of Amsterdam, mannequins with traditional Dutch clothing, and various statues of beloved characters. Do not forget to bring a camera to take pictures with friends or family.

    You can also find a long slide, spill buckets, bubble stone, children's pool, and even a flying fox. With an affordable price, the ticket will grant you access to all game facilities and rides in Amsterdam Waterpark Tangerang.
  • World of Wonders Tickets

    Enjoy colorful rides and learn something new at World of Wonders, an amusement park in Tangerang with an "international" theme suitable for all ages! The park offers atmosphere, rides, and facilities that make visitors feel like they are traveling around the world. The park is full of miniatures of famous landmarks such as Borobudur Temple, Egyptian pyramids, Colosseum, Sphinx, Stonehenge, and Great Wall of China.

    Have fun riding Mobil Gladiator, Kereta Minoan, Kebat Kebit coaster, Kincir Jurassic, Perahu Liberty, and many more. Visitors can also rent bikes, enter the haunted house, and enjoy an audio-visual treat at Cinema 4D. Food, beverage, and souvenir stalls are also available all around the area for your convenience.
  • Marcopolo Waterpark Serpong Tickets

    Marcopolo Waterpark Serpong gives unique experiences for visitors. The water park is located on the 5th floor of Great Western building. Guests can enjoy water-play structures such as slides, tube slides, kids pool, adult pool, whirlpool, and lazy river. The water park has a beautiful landscape, decorated with animal statues. If you don't bring floaties, you can rent one in the water park.

    While having fun, guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the city. There are facilities such as shower, changing room, locker, and prayer room. Local dishes served on small plates shaped like boats. You can also enjoy lunch under one of the gazebos.
  • Funworld ECOPlaza Cikupa Rp120k & Rp250k Funcard Top-Up

    Funworld has got to be up there when it comes to family entertainment! Founded in 1983, Funworld presents itself as a family recreation center. What makes it different from other playgrounds? The games and rides are designed not just for young children, but also teens and adults, so everyone in the family can have fun together.

    Pump up the adrenaline with a quick ride on the Roller Coaster or the Bazooka Drop Zone Tower, spin around on the Carousel, or play educational games on the many arcade machines together. It’s a great way to bond with the family!
  • PlayScape Indonesia

    Explore the universe like never before at PlayScape Indonesia! Held from April 1st to June 3rd, 2018 at Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang, PlayScape is a fresh new take on the playground experience, a perfect fit for children and adults alike! Engage your sense of adventure and explore the three multi-dimensional play areas: Interstellar with glowing inflatable planets and infinity room, Space Creator with the amazing LED Ball Pit, and Space Explora, a rope adventure complete with sound installation!
  • Top Up Balance at Amazone Karawaci

    Time spent with family and loved ones is never wasted, especially if you spend it having fun at Amazone Cibubur! First opening in 2001, Amazone has plenty of fun rides and games that are great for all ages. Various games across all genres, from racing, sports, music, to shooting, means that there's something to please everyone. With more than 74 outlets all across the nation, Amazone is one of the best known family entertainment centers, so if you get a chance to visit, you definitely should!
  • Amazone Balaraja Rp200k & Rp300k Card Top-up

    Time spent with family and loved ones is never wasted, especially if you spend it having fun at Amazone! First opening in 2001, Amazone has plenty of fun rides and games that are great for all ages. Various games across all genres, from racing, sports, music, to shooting, means that there's something to please everyone. With more than 74 outlets all across the nation, Amazone is one of the best known family entertainment centers, so if you get a chance to visit, you definitely should!
  • My Brow Studio Gading Serpong Beauty Treatments

    Nothing's wrong with a little self-loving, and what better way to make you more confident than a pampering session? Visit My Brow Studio and see the choices that you have! Amplify your look with an eyelash extension and get brighter and healthier skin with the Korean facial vit.c glow and the BB glow. All handled by professional therapists, you will leave My Brow with a newfound confidence and glow!
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