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Floating Market Lembang, Lembang

Even though it is famous for its nature scenery, Lembang also hosts to another exciting attraction, it is a Floating market. Here, tourists can get a unique shopping experience on a floating boat that serves West Javanese local dishes, vegetables, fish, and so much more. Aside from that, there are also kids’ facilities like water boat and outbound.

Top Things to Do Around Floating Market Lembang

Floating Market Lembang Tickets
Step up your shopping experience in Floating Market Lembang where you can shop on waters. Experience the unique sensation of shopping for goods like local delicacies on a boat floating along a beautiful lake using specially-made Floating Market coins for your purchases. Aside from the shopping, the Floating Market also offers other fun activities for all ages to try.<br /><br />From batagor, rujak, to ronde jahe and kebabs, you can find various delicious treats to satisfy your appetite. Explore other attractions around the market, such as water-based rides on the lake and the Rainbow Garden with beautiful outdoor photo spots. Better yet, rent the Kyotoku costumes, then stroll around in these kimonos with your loved ones and feel as if you’re in a Japanese park. For women who wear the hijab, there's also the Hijab Swimming Pool that you can enjoy while taking in a refreshing view of Lembang's mountains and greeneries!<br />Shop for local goods in a unique floating marketLush scenic views surrounding the lake is surely a sight for sore eyesUse special Floating Market coins for your purchasesAll these fresh produce await you here!<br />
Rp 20.000
Rp 17.000

Farmhouse Lembang Tickets
Don't need to go all the to Europe to get the feel of strolling around European streets - you can get this experience at Farmhouse Lembang in Bandung! Indulge in the city’s cool weather while surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Farmhouse Lembang also beautifully combines elements of modern and imaginative tourism with nature, making it the perfect destination for a short trip with your family. <br /><br />Explore the park and meet adorable small mammals like sheep and rabbits, rent traditional Dutch attires, or take photos at Bandung's version of Hobbiton, the Hobbit village from the cinematic masterpiece Lord of the Rings! There's plenty to see and do here, and if you get tired, you can always rest and have a drink or a hearty meal at the amazing restaurants serving tasty Indonesian and European cuisines.        <br />Stroll through European streets while in BandungFarmhouse's specialty fresh milk, anyone?Knock knock... is there anyone at home?
Rp 25.000
Rp 22.500

Rumah Guguk Tickets
First established in 2012, Rumah Guguk is a one-stop destination for animal lovers in Bandung. Here, you can get grooming services and shop for your pet needs as well as play with dogs of various breeds, ranging from Siberian Husky and Bernese Mountain to Golden Retriever and Rough Collie. There’s a yard and even a swimming pool for dogs to play at the back of the pet shop.<br /><br />Located across Rumah Guguk is Kebunku, a complex of tiny houses amid a green garden where you can cuddle and take pictures with these adorable dogs. The kid-friendly facility also houses a number of other friendly animals, such as cats, sheep, rabbits, and birds. What are you waiting for? Come on down to Rumah Guguk and play with these lovely four-legged friends!<br />Let's play with these furry friends!Don't forget to take some pictures with the dogsYou can even take your dogs for a swim!
Rp 50.000
Rp 45.000

Why We Love It

Best place to having a nice weekend in Bandung. I love the swimming pool, there is indoor hijab swimming pool for woman only. The place is so comfortable.

Afina A. W.
on Floating Market Lembang Tickets

Nice place to hang with the family. My daughters really enjoyed playing and petting the sheep. They let the sheep roam around freely in the area. Fun!

Christian S.
on Farmhouse Lembang Tickets

It was an interesting place, many activities for children, especially gardening and feeeding animal

Dina M.
on Tiket Jendela Alam Bandung

An animal keeper tells us so many explanations about the birds, chickens, etc., so we know so much more about them. The animals have been tamed so we don't need to be afraid.

Anastasia C. V.
on Bird & Bromelia Pavilion Tickets

A very well maintained park, it is the best value attraction in this area, very recommended to get great photo

Ary A. W.
on Dago Dream Park Tickets

Such an amazing experience, playing around those friendly dogs

Eugenia O. C.
on Rumah Guguk Tickets
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