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Things to Do in Bali

Get yourself in this magnificent region with diverse culture and everlasting beauty.

60 Most Popular Things to Do in Bali

Bali is a favorite destination for vacationers, both for domestic and foreign tourists. There are so many attractions to offer on this exotic island, ranging from natural panorama to designated tourists' attractions. Well, here is a list of complete references on tourists' attractions in Bali which are too interesting to be missed.

The Beaches

The charm of Bali's beaches is the main reason why most people visit this island. Finding beaches in Bali could be as easy as finding shopping centers in the metropolis cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. If you love beaches and plan to visit the beautiful beaches in Bali, the following is a list of beaches that you can refer to.

Tanah Lot

The first beach destination in Bali is Tanah Lot. This tourist attraction is located in Beraban Village, Tabanan and separated by only about 24 km from Kuta Beach. For the fastest route to avoid the traffic jam, you can drive through By Pass Tanah Lot.

The uniqueness of the tourist attraction is the temple on the top of the rocks jutting into the sea. Moreover, there are sacred serpents in the cave that lies beneath the cliffs. The legend that the local community believes is that the snakes are the incarnation of Dang Hyang Niratha shawls, descendants of Brahmins in the sixteenth century.

To enjoy the atmosphere and sights in Tanah Lot, local adult travelers are charged Rp30.000 per person and Rp15.000 is for local child tourists. Meanwhile, foreign tourists are charged twice higher, i.e., Rp30.000 for children and Rp60.000 for adults. You can visit Tanah Lot from 07:00 to 19:00 WITA (EIT – Eastern Indonesia Time.)

Besides watching the famous Tanah Lot temple and the sacred serpents in the cave, many tourists also come to this beach to enjoy the sunset. Not a few travelers have set up their cameras to capture the seconds the sun slipping down in the west from the cliff. In fact, not a few couples who make this location as a backdrop for their pre-wedding photos.

Kuta Beach

The fame of this tourists' attraction is far from doubtful. Not only domestic tourists, international tourists are also familiar with Kuta Beach. It lies just 4,5 km from Ngurah Rai Airport and 9 km from Denpasar. Because the area is crowded, if you are not with a big group, we recommend that you ride a bike or walk (if possible) to reach this place.

The beach is open to the public, and there is no admission fee. You are free to come to the Kuta Beach anytime. You can surf, sunbathe, play beach volleyball or football, or do other activities here.

Sanur Beach

Besides Tanah Lot and Kuta, another famous beach on the island of A Thousand Temples is Sanur Beach. It is on the east of Denpasar, so many people chase the sunrise moment here. However, because the beach is open for 24 hours, you can come anytime. Relaxing here in the afternoon with delicious peanut sauce spring rolls is not a bad idea.

You will not be charged with anything besides the parking fee. For motorcycles and cars, the parking fares are Rp5.000 and Rp100.00.

The distance from Sanur Beach to Ngurah Rai Airport is not only 16 km. From the airport, go through the toll road directing to Benoa, down Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. After that go to Jalan Bet Ngadang and Jalan Danau Tamblingan.

Padang-Padang Beach

This particular beach is a bit far from Denpasar, but worth the trip. Besides the three previously mentioned, this beach is more often visited by foreign tourists. Padang-Padang Beach is dubbed as a surfers’ paradise. The waves are high to surf which has made the beach, which was once the movie-set for” Eat, Pray, Love”, is filled with tourists packed with surfboards.

The beach is managed by the local community. The entry fee is only Rp5.000 for domestic travelers and Rp100.00 for foreign tourists. Parking fees are only Rp2.000 for motorbikes and Rp3.000 for cars. Although the beach is open for 24 hours, you should not visit Padang-Padang after 19:00 EIT. The low lighting from the beach to the parking lot makes it is quite risky.

From the parking lot, you have to descend the quite overwhelming stairs. The road to the beach is not wide, so it takes one person at a time. To get the best location, you have to pass through a gap of rocky cliffs.

The location is aligned with Dreamland Beach. From Denpasar, just find the road to Garuda Wisnu Kencana. After passing GWK and the Dreamland entrance, find a junction. From there, follow the path leading to Labuhan Sait. Find signboards with the words 'Padang-Padang Beach-Labuhan Sait Pecatu'.

Pasir Putih Beach

There are plenty white sandy beaches in Bali. Name Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and a variety of other beaches on the same coastline. Unfortunately, these beaches feel so crowded with people.

Try Karma Beach. There are not many tourists milling around here. This beach with white sand and the clear blue sea lies at the base of the cliff and only accessible through the escalator. This exclusive beach is indeed comparable to the price to pay, which is Rp350.000.

You can visit here from 09:30 to 18:00 EIT. It is about 27 km from Denpasar but within 1 km from Dreamland Beach.

Lovina Beach

The beach is suitable to enjoy the sunrise with a mountain backdrop. You can rent a boat with a capacity of four people and watch wild dolphins swimming in the ocean. However, the emergence of these dolphins is also affected by natural factors.

This tourists’ attraction is in the northern part of Bali, about 78 km from Gilimanuk Harbor. No fees are charged besides parking and renting a boat, which is Rp500.000. Besides enjoying the sights of dolphins on the black sandy beach, you can also go diving.

Balangan Beach

This white sand beach is about 8 km from Garuda Wisnu Kencana and 12 km from Uluwatu Temple. From GWK, continue straight up to meet an intersection. Take the road to Jalan Pantai Balangan I, follow it until the end with the accompanying instructions.

The Balangan Beach sea is clear blue, and the waves are loved by surfers. You can surf or swim. If you just want to enjoy on the beach, no problem. From a distance, the activities in Ngurah Rai Airport are visible. If you stand on the cliff, you can also see the beautiful Dreamland Beach. Besides that, local community’s fishing activities in the morning will also provide its own nuances.

To enjoy the exotic nature in Bali, you only pay for parking your vehicles, Rp2.000 for motorbikes and Rp5.000 for cars.

Dreamland Beach

Like its persuasive name, it is like a dream beach. Broad expanses of the clear blue sea with cliffs towering around will spoil your eyes. With the pretty quiet atmosphere, you will feel like being at a private beach.

Dreamland Beach is in the exclusive resort area of Pecatu and tightly guarded. You can visit here from 07:00 until 20:00 EIT without paying an entrance fee. Parking fees charged are Rp15.000 for cars and Rp3.000 for motorbikes.

Nusa Dua Beach

This beach is in the Nusa Dua area known as the elite area. However, no need to worry about the fees. Without a time-limit, you can enjoy the beach atmosphere and does not have to pay.

The waves tend to be quiet, so if you visit here with the children, no need to worry. You can relax, sunbathe, or swim in peace. There are no street merchants or masseuses milling around, so you will get all the peace you want.

This tourists’ attraction is easily accessible. From Kuta, you only need 20-30 minutes, while from Jimbaran is 15 minutes. If you are from the airport wanting to head directly toward Nusa Dua Beach, it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Seminyak Beach

Its geographical condition is the same as Kuta and Legian Beaches. The characteristic of Seminyak Beach is almost the same.

The huge waves are suitable for surfing, with white sand and ramps. It also offers the beautiful sunset. Seminyak Beach is wide and between Petitenget Beach and Legian Beach.

Compared to Kuta, Seminyak mostly indulges the upper class. Various facilities supporting the vacation are here: hotels, bungalows, Seminyak Square, and more. There are plenty expats choosing to stay in this region.

You are not charged with an entry fee, and there is no time limit to visit Seminyak Beach. You only need to spend around Rp2.000-Rp5.000 on parking fees.

Tuban Beach

If you are from Ngurah Rai Airport wanting to see the beaches, Tuban Beach can be a solution. It is not as busy as Kuta Beach. After paying Rp2.000, spend as much time as you like here, which is also known as the German Coast.

Getting here is easy, only ten minutes from the airport. Once out of the airport, head north. You will find a fork in the road, turn right into Jalan Dewi Sartika. After that, find the T-junction with the Holiday Inn Resort statue. It is Jalan Wana Segara, where Tuban Beach is.

Uluwatu Beach

When it comes to beaches, Kuta is very dominating among tourists. If you are not a traveling fan, you will not know a long line of beaches even more beautiful than Kuta. There are many exotic beaches you must also visit.

Uluwatu Beach is hidden in the southern Bali. It is also known as the Blue Point, a nickname from Australian tourists. To reach here, go down the narrow stairs. The ocean view will not be a disappointment.

You will be only charged around Rp2.000-Rp5.000 for parking. You will not find many domestic tourists. Most tourists who come are either up for surfing or sunbathing.

Suluban Beach

Suluban is another name for Uluwatu Beach. It comes from the Balinese language 'mesulub', which means walking past something above a human head. It is deemed fit to represent stairs leading to the beach which has become a kind of natural tunnel because it lies in the middle of two cliffs.

Double Six Beach

The name is taken from a discotheque with the same name, across from the beach. You can do the same as activities like in other beaches. What makes Double Six Beach interesting and slightly different from others is the colorful sofas under the same colorful umbrellas. Plenty young people spend their time here, simply enjoying the sunset.

Amed Beach

Love diving and happen to be in Bali? Visit Amed Beach to witness the beautiful north coast of Bali. This beach at Karangasem region besides offering its beautiful sunrise and a diverse marine life, it also has a lake usable for beginners learning to dive. Just pay for parking services during your visit here.

In Jemeluk Village, close to Amed Beach, divers can see a very beautiful coral reef, with turtles, manta rays, and reef sharks. About ten meters from the beach corner, there are frameworks of Japanese patrol boats that sank during World War II.

Geger Beach

It is considered the most convenient beach in Nusa Dua. Geger Beach is in an elite and luxurious hospitality area in Nusa Dua. Therefore, it is normal if the security is pretty tight.

You only need to spend on parking fees. The sandy beach is great, with no small corals. The coastline is quite long, and the water is clear and calm. Since the beach does not face west or east, you cannot get a sunset or sunrise moment here.

Legian Beach

Lyinesg side by side with Kuta, Legian beach is not too crowded, although the view is still as beautiful. The waves are also great for surfing. In the morning or afternoon, you can go jogging.

The atmosphere here is not much different from Kuta. There are many hotels and inns close to the beach, from one to five stars. Down from Jalan Melasti to Jalan Arjuna is also filled with art shops, shopping centers, pubs and more.

There is no time limit nor entry fee for visitors here. The access is also easy and can be reached about 10-20 minutes from the airport, depending on the traffic. From Ngurah Rai Airport, go to Jalan Dewi Sartika, Jalan Bakung Sari, and Jalan Pantai Kuta.

Canggu Beach

The name is certainly familiar to local and international surfers. The black sand beach is also the venue for the ISC (Indonesian Surfing Championship) which has an international standard. The activities involve not only local surfers, but also international ones.

However, Canggu is not only for the wave-challengers. If you have no plan to practice balancing yourself on a surfboard, you can still enjoy Canggu Beach. Running on the shoreline or sitting by the beach is also okay.

You can also enjoy other attractions offered here. Across the coast are fresh paddy fields, complete with birds fluttering. You do not get this kind of view on other Bali beaches or other areas.

Shopping Centres

Bali also has many tourists’ shopping destinations enthused by local and international tourists. Either traditional markets or shopping centers/malls, they have their uniqueness. Here are the travelers' favorite shopping destinations in Bali.

Badung Market

As the largest traditional market in Bali, this market never closes. Since the early morning until the evening, transactions occur. You can find the typical busy atmosphere of traditional markets in the middle of the growing number of modern shopping centers here.

You can find all kinds of daily necessities here. From food, ceremonial things, domestic needs, clothing, accessories, until Balinese art items. Like traditional markets, you can bargain over purchasing items.

Sukawati Market

If you wish to buy Balinese arts items, Sukawati is the right place. It is in Sukawati Village, Gianyar. If you head from the airport, get to Sukawati in about 45 minutes. If you are in Ubud, it takes less. It is only about 8 km.

You can find various items in Sukawati. Interestingly, you can bargain the prices for what you want. The earlier you come, the cheaper. The locals believe if they get to sell all their merchandise in the morning, they will sell more later.

This tourists’ shopping attraction operates from 8:00 to 18:00 EIT and is open every day except Nyepi and Galungan. Come around at 8:00 to 10:00 EIT after they finish praying. The fixed prices for merchandised items are usually a third of the actual price.

Bali Galeria Mall

The location is strategic and easy to find. The shopping center with the tagline "Enjoy, Play, Eat, Shop" is in Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, next to the towering Dewa Ruci (Ruci The God). Despite carrying the modern concept, visitors can still feel the typical Balinese atmosphere here. The spatial arrangement is designed with a tropical and exotic touch. You will find lush, beautiful gardens down the outdoor and indoor areas of the mall.

This one-stop shopping mall operates from 11:00 to 23:00 EIT. Like most malls, you only pay for the parking entrance. It is also often used for various events, from food fairs, car shows, jewelry exhibitions, and more.

Lippo Mall Bali

Kuta is famous for its quite high and dense economic activities. Lippo Mall is also part of the business cycle and the economy there. You can shop for high quality items, watch movies, eat, or just walk around.

Lippo Mall Bali opens from 10:00 to 22:00 EIT, Monday to Sunday. Compared to other malls, the parking fees here at Jalan Kartika Plaza is cheaper. The cost per hour is never more than Rp3.000 for cars.

Discovery Shopping Mall

Still in Kuta and Jalan Kartika Plaza, a large mall is also located. Discovery Shopping Mall is not far from Kuta Beach, which is always busy and crowded. Interestingly, in the back of the mall, you can connect directly to the beach.

You can spend the time to completely surround and visit each outlet here. The mall operates for twelve hours, from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm, EIT.

Centro Bali

Centro is part of the Discovery Shopping Mall, so it is also known as DSM or Centro.


Not every tourist visiting Bali feels satisfied only with the elegance of its natural scenery. Especially travelers enjoying shopping, take your time to visit the shopping centers in the tourists’ destinations.

Beachwalk is a shopping place to indulge and satisfy your pleasures. With international standard, its design is truly beautiful. Even if you do not intend to shop, taking a walk at the mall will not disappoint you. You can also enjoy the atmosphere at the cafes or restaurants facing directly onto the streets and Kuta Beach.

Starting at 10:00 to 00:00 EIT, you can explore this mall. Most of the items are expensive branded goods, but it is quiet. You do not have to spend money in here at Jalan Pantai Kuta. Many visitors come for window shopping and taking pictures here.

Kuta Square

It is in Kuta and part of the crowded and prone-to-heavy-traffic area. If you stay at a lodge around there, you had better go on foot. Even the pedestrians’ lanes are already packed up like the roads.

The shops lining up are with foreign brands. The opening hours every store start differently. If you do not intend to shop, just spend a whole afternoon to window shopping.

Seminyak Square

Although not like big malls previously mentioned, this shopping complex at Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak, is modern and elegant.

Seminyak Square consists of two floors, but specifically designed to attract visitors from the top.

You can do many things in Seminyak Square. Shopping for clothes and luxurious jewelry, souvenirs, and ornaments from Indonesia, hunting for books in English, enjoying wine and comfortable dinner, and et cetera. Treat yourself to a luxurious spa here, since Seminyak is also known as a spa center in Bali. The operational hours of shops in the shopping center do not start not at the same time, but Seminyak Square itself opens from 10:00 to 22:00 EIT.

Museums and Monuments

Museums and monuments exist for storing objects worthy of public attention and recalling certain events. Destinations for history and art enthusiasts are in Bali, like museums and monuments below.

Museum Pasifika (Pasifica Museum)

It is in the elite Nusa Dua area, precisely in BTDC Block P region. If you stay in Nusa Dua, you can get by about a ten-minute walk. If you are from the airport, take the motorway route through Bali Mandara and exit Nusa Dua toll gate. In about 15-20 minutes you will arrive at the museum.

In 2004, this educational tourists’ attraction was still not categorized as a museum and was still named the Asia Pacific Center. Later in 2006, this place was still not categorized as a museum and renamed the Museum Pasifika.

This museum displays various works of art from Asia Pacific, with Indonesia (through Bali) as its center. The artists who help enliven this museum through their work are Le Mayeur, Antonio Blanco, Theo Meier, Gunarsa, Affandi, and more.

The museum is open to the public from 10:00 to 18:00 EIT. The entrance ticket is Rp75.000, but the price is valid for foreign tourists. Local tourists only pay Rp50.000. Also, visitors are prohibited to take photos in the rooms except for the Temporary Exhibition and Premier Art of Vanuatu and Pacific Island, Paintings of Aloi Pilioko and Nikolai Michoutouchkine.

Museum Bali

Located in Denpasar, this museum is an old building, next door to Jagat Pura Agung Natha. From the airport, follow the road to the city center that takes 45 minutes. Since you go through a crowded area with vehicles, the motorbike is the best option.

The museum is only open on Sundays and Fridays. For Sunday-Thursday, you can visit at 8:00 to 15:00 pm, and on Friday at 8:00 to 12:30 pm. It is not open on Saturdays and public holidays. The entry ticket price is Rp5.000. If you want to use this place for a pre-wedding location, you have to pay Rp150.000.

This is not an art but a history museum. Bali Museum's collection consists of the prehistorical tools, religious ceremonies and traditional equipment, and the development of art and cultures of Balinese society from all times. Through this museum, you will get to know the Balinese culture through every era.

Puri Lukisan Museum

If you love art, this museum is suitable for you. Puri Lukisan Museum is in Ubud, already well-known all over the world as the Balinese art center. The oldest museum in Bali has a collection of traditional and modern Balinese and woodcarving artwork.

It is in Jalan Raya Ubud, about 300 meters to the west from Ubud Art Market. The estimated time from Denpasar to the museum is about an hour.

Besides during Nyepi, the museum is open from 09:00 to 18:00 EIT. You are only charged Rp75.000 to enjoy a collection of paintings in the Batuan, Sanur, Ubud styles, and et cetera. Children under 15 accompanied by their parents will not have to pay.

The Bali Bombing Monument

In 2002, a major event occurred in Bali gained attention, sympathy, and criticism from various corners of the world. It had taken 202 lives as a result of the bombing carried out by Amrozi and his friends.

To commemorate the tragedy, this monument was built by Bali’s local government. It is at Jalan Legian, Kuta, in front of Paddy's Pub and Sari Club. There, you can find the victims’ names and their countries from the tragedy. You are free to visit the monument.

The Bajra Sandhi Monument

If the Bali monument was built to commemorate the victims of the tragedy, the Bajra Sandhi Monument was built to commemorate the Balinese’s struggles. This monument is in front of the Balinese Governor’s Office and the Balinese Provincial Parliament Building, precisely on the Niti Mandala Renon field. This is where Puputan War took place.

The museum that tells the stories of the Balinese’s struggles since prehistoric times until Independence Day is on the second floor. In telling the stories, the manager uses the 33 diorama concepts. Meanwhile, on the third floor, you can enjoy the view of Denpasar and its surroundings through the glass, like in Monas.

Bajra Sandhi Monument is open on Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 EIT. Pay Rp5.000 to visit here. The monument also has other facilities, like: a library, a fish pond, and handicraft exhibitions.

The Temples

With the majority of the population practicing Hindu, Bali is also known as the island of a thousand temples. You can easily find a place of prayer in each corner of Bali. Below are some recommendations of beautiful temples to visit.

Besakih Temple

Besakih is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali. It is a complex in Besakih Village, Rendang District, Karangasem regency. The complex consists of a central temple, which is Penataran Agung Besakih, and 18 accompanying temples comprising one Basukian Temple and 17 other temples. Besakih has become the center of the whole temples in Bali.

Standing at the foot of Mount Agung, Besakih’s own existence cannot be separated from its association with the highest mountain in Bali. Mount Agung is believed by the community as a place for the ancestors’ spirits and the gods incarnated from Sang Hyang Widhi. For this reason, the community has established a sacred building right at the foot of Mount Agung. It has existed since the year 1007 AD and was listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage in 1995.

Make sure you dress modestly when visiting this holy place. Women having a period are not allowed to enter. The temple is open to public daily from 9:00 to 17:00 EIT. Visitors are charged Rp15.000 for admission and Rp2.000-Rp3.000 for parking.

Tirta Empul Temple

The main attraction of Tirta Empul is the bath considered sacred to the Hindus. This rectangular pool with 30 showers lining from east to west is what attracts many tourists. You may go into the pond and purify yourselves, but you must wear Kamen, a cloth tied around the waist.

This temple opens every day starting from 08:00 to 17:00 EIT. The visitors are charged Rp15.000 for adults and Rp7.500 for children. Besides the considered sacred pool with springs, the other attraction of this temple is Tampak Siring Palace, none other than Indonesian presidential palace.

This temple is in the Manukaya Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar. The journey from Denpasar to there may take less than an hour. No need to fear of getting lost because many signposts direct you to get there.

Uluwatu Temple

Located in the village of Pecatu, the southern part of Bali, it is never empty of visitors. Uluwatu Temple stands at the height of 97 meters and offers a stunning scenery. This praying place’s exoticism on a clifftop presenting a stretch of the Indian Ocean is just too good to miss.

Open from 9 a.m. to 19:00 pm, the best time to watch the panoramic perfection is during sunset. The entry ticket is not expensive. Local adult travelers are charged Rp15.000, and foreign tourists are charged Rp20.000. For children, the price is half of the cost of an adult ticket (Rp7.500 for locals and Rp10.000 for foreigners).

If you also want to enjoy the famous Kecak dance performance, just pay for Rp85.000 for a duration of two hours (starting from 5:00 p.m. to 19:00 EIT).

Taman Ayun Temple

One attraction in Mengwi Temple is a large pool that surrounds the temple. With a width of 15-20 meters and a depth of 4 meters, this pool makes the temple look as if floating on water. The scenery around is also very soothing to the eyes, with broad lawns and trees surrounding the temple.

The temple is the Mengwi Kingdom legacy. It was built by I Gusti Agung Ngurah Made Agung, the king of Mengwi Kingdom. This area used to be established only as a resting place for kings. As you enter the temple, you will go through a small bridge above the lake and will be greeted by Bentar Temple as the main door of the temple courtyard.

Local tourists are only charged Rp100.00 for an entry fee and Rp2.000 for motorcycle parking. You can visit Taman Ayun Temple every day from 08:00 to 18:00 EIT.

The Kawi Mountain Temple

It is a protected archaeological site in Gianyar regency. Its interesting part is the rock created as a basic ingredient of the temple. If the temple was typically created using the solid rock, then it was not so with Gunung Kawi Temple. This temple was made of carvings on the cliff wall of Pakerisan River.

This temple is a place of worship for the Balinese king named Son Wungsu, the son of King Udayana. Pura Gunung Kawi is also used as a center for spiritual and religious training. The Hindu community also makes this place for self-purification, for there is the confluence of the Bulan River and the Pakerisan River on the south of the temple.

You can visit Gunung Kawi every day with tickets that cost Rp100.00. From Denpasar, find a route to Gianyar through Batubulan. Follow the road until you find the road to Mas Village. You can see the signpost or ask the local community (or just use the GPS technology). From Mas Village, turn up to meet Bedulu Village intersection, then turn left. Follow the road down to approximately 5 km to find Tampaksiring Market. About a hundred meters on the right path, you will arrive at Gunung Kawi Temple.

Ulun Danu Temple

This is a temple most often people see and has become a Balinese icon. Even if you have never heard of it, you might see the Ulun Danu picture on the back of the Rp50.000 banknote, behind the picture of hero I Gusti Ngurah Rai.

Ulun Danu Temple is in Bedugul, a plateau region in Bali. With a calming view of the lake and cool climate, it has a different appeal than other temples. Ulun Danu itself is a complex of five temples and a Buddhist stupa. The temple we often see in the Rp500 banknote is Lingga Petak Temple.

Normally you can visit Ulun Danu Temple from 08:00 to 18:00 EIT with ticket prices only Rp100.00 for domestic tourists and Rp30.000 for international tourists. However, if the atmosphere is foggy, the manager will close more quickly. To arrive here from Kuta, it takes approximately two hours.

Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple

If you are in Ubud, do not miss Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple. It is in the southwest area of Monkey Forest travel region. This temple functions as a place of worship for Lord Shiva and is often known as the "Temple of the Dead".

The entrance fee to Monkey Forest and also this temple is Rp30.000. You could settle for a walk and take photos or videos here starting from 8:00 to 18:00 EIT. But mind your luggage, because there are a lot of mischievous monkeys here.

Pulaki Temple

It is a sacred area on top of a rocky cliff and facing directly to the sea. The panorama perfection radiates better with the steep rocky hill, which occasionally turns green during the rainy season. Entering Pulaku Temple, you will be greeted with an exotic blend of nature, and its religious aura is very strong.

Not only the ocean view presented and became the main attraction of this temple, but a small cluster of hills in the western part shaped promontory is also equally interesting. The existence of wild monkeys living in the temple area also adds to the uniqueness of the atmosphere. Overall, this temple looks firm, noble, and dignified.

This temple is within easy reach, especially if you start from Gilimanuk. It is just on the edge of the Gilimanuk-Singaraja highway.

Sarasvati Garden Temple

Again, Ubud offers an attractive tourist place and which cannot be missed. Taman Saraswati Temple is a place to worship Dewi Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge. The interesting thing about this temple is the pool in the central part of the area filled with lotus flowers. Besides that, almost every detail of the temple building has distinctive carvings of the Ubud artists.

In this tourists’ attraction, you can enjoy the Kecak dance performance. Kecak Dance is held on a stage surrounded by the lotus pond. To watch this Balinese dance, you need Rp75.000. This show is not held every day, only on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 19:30 EIT.

Ubud is very suitable for traveling by walking or cycling. From Monkey Forest, it takes a 20-minute-walk to Taman Saraswati Temple via Jalan Bisma. After about 1.4 km, turn left into Jalan Raya Ubud as far as 110 meters, then turn right into Jalan Kajeng. Walk as far as 90 meters, and on the left of the road, Taman Saraswati Temple awaits you.

Luhur Batukaru Temple

This temple on the slopes of Mount Batukaru functions as a place to worship The Gods of Mega. The name is probably derived from the name of Mount Batukaru. Besides being a sacred praying place, Pura Luhur Batukaru also opens as a general tourists' attraction for the public from morning until evening with a Rp100.00 ticket price.

There are many foreign and domestic travelers visiting Luhur Batukaru Temple. This place offers a quiet, peaceful atmosphere and the coolness and freshness of the mountain air around the temple. There are no souvenir shops, art shops, cafes, and the likes here.

Batukaru Temple is in Penebel District, Tabanan. From Tanah Lot, follow the road to Jalan Pantai Kedungu. After that, take the direction to Kalanganyar Sudimara to Jalan Rajawali, Tabanan. Follow the road to Jalan Batukaru, then continue to Jalan Batukaru CEPAG in Jegu and Jalan Penatahan. From there, your destination is just within 10 km.

Other Natural Tourists’ Attractions

Bali is too broad to be explored around the corners. There are so many natural attractions to discover, making tourists have to come back many times or stay long enough to visit all of them. If you do not have much time to enjoy the whole Balinese charm, at least four natural attractions besides the beaches here are worth your visit.

Mount Agung

The highest peak of Bali lies at the top of Mount Agung, which is considered very sacred by The Balinese Hindus. According to locals’ belief, Mount Agung is where the gods are to always supervise humans. And on the mountain slopes is where the largest temple in Bali, Besakih, located.

You cannot climb this mountain without a guide. It is to reduce the number of accidents and maintain the sanctity of Mount Agung. The fee for the services of a guide is around Rp300.000.

There are three hiking paths that you can choose, and each track presents a different atmosphere and scenery. The first is through the south, bypassing Pasar Agung Temple, Karangasem. The second is through the Southeast, District Bebandem. The third is through the track which is quite popular, Besakih Temple in the southwestern region.

Mount Batur

One of the best locations to watch the sunrise is at the summit of Mount Batur, Kintamani. To get to the peak, it normally takes about 2.5 hours. Despite the estimated short time, you should not rush to conclude that the ascent will be easy. Especially if you have never done trekking before because the Mount Batur hiking trail exists in the form of large rocks and slippery sand and also goes uphill.

Since the sun rises at 06:00 EIT, the climbing usually is done at 03.00. The map to this location can easily be found with the help of GPS. You do not have to hire a guide like in Mount Agung, but it is enough to pay a retribution of Rp100.00 per person.

Tortoise Island

Want a tour of nature without going to the beach or a hike? Tortoise Island could be an alternative tourists’ destination, especially if you bring children. To get to Tortoise Island, enter the Benoa Cape first with a donation of Rp100.00 for adults and Rp5.000 for children. Then after that, by renting a boat for Rp150.000 for everyone, you can enter a tortoises’ conservation area.

This tourists’ attraction operates daily, starting from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 EIT. From Denpasar, go through Benoa Toll Road for the fastest route. Of course, the ground vehicles will only take you up to Benoa Cape. To go to Tortoise Island, you have to hire a boat.

The Gitgit Waterfall

The waterfall is the right destination for those wanting to enjoy a mix of water travel and trekking. Gitgit Waterfall in Buleleng, Singaraja, is a destination that will not be a disappointment. It is a waterfall with the highest cliff in the northern Bali.

The retribution you pay is very affordable, Rp5.000 for adults and Rp3.000 for children. From the parking area, you have to walk a few hundred meters through a very indulging view of a track. You will go through the rice fields, cloves and coffee gardens with the cool air, typical of the plateau.

From Denpasar, the quickest path is through Jalan Raya Bedugul, Singaraja. You can rely on GPS to get to Gitgit village.

TheElephant Cave

It is an artificial cave in Sukawati, Gianyar, visited by many tourists. According to the collected data, Elephant Cave is a sacred site and used as a center of Hinduism and Buddhism during the reign of Dynasty Warnadewa. Now by the public, this historic site serves as a center for religious activities.

From the parking area, you have to go down the stairs to get to there. But relax, the trees surrounding the Elephant Cave area are very shady, so it gives the cool atmosphere. Even more unique, the trees have reached hundreds of years old.

The entrance of the cave with two guardian statues on the outside is only fit for one person at a time. The inside of the cave is shaped like the letter T with a height and width of 2 meters each. There is an inlet on the right side and left of the cave which is speculated to have been the first place for meditation.

By paying Rp15.000, you can enter this tourists' attraction. Elephant Cave operates every day starting from 08:00 to 17:00 EIT. From Monkey Forest, head towards Jalan Bisma then turn right into Jalan Raya Ubud. After that, turn right towards Jalan Cok Gede Rai, then turn left into Jala Raya Teges. Continue to Jalan Gua Gajah and your destination is on the right side.

Recreational Theme Parks

You do not have to only visit the natural attractions or historic buildings in Bali. This island also provides many alternative attractions, such as recreational theme parks. Visiting these places will feel more suitable for the children and families.

Bali Bird Park

This family attraction was first opened in 1995. The two-hectare bird park is one of the largest bird parks in Indonesia. Now, about 10 birds of 250 species of animals are treated and have become the collection of Bali Bird Park. Besides viewing live fowls here, you can feel the thrill of a 4D theater.

Bali Bird Park’s opening hours are from 9:00 to 17:30 EIT, every day except Nyepi. Adult visitors will be charged Rp150.000 and children charged at Rp75.000. Infants under 2 years old are not charged.

Bali Bird Park is at Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Batubulan, Gianyar. From Denpasar, take the road to Gianyar. During the trip, you will find many street signs that lead to your destination.

Elephant Safari Park

This tourists’ attraction built in the forest area of more than two hectares will give you a memorable experience with elephants. At Elephant Safari Park, you can go around with an elephant ride, take pictures with the elephants, feed them, also watch the elephant show where they paint and play ball. If you visit Bali with your children, Elephant Safari Park in Gianyar will certainly provide an exciting experience for them.

The elephant park is open every day starting from 08:00 to 18:00 EIT.

Bali Butterfly Park

In Tabanan, there is another beautiful tourists’ attraction that you should visit. The Butterfly Park is the largest education and butterfly research facility in Southeast Asia. Thousands of butterflies of various species are gathered here.

The time to visit the park that opens since 1996 is from 8:00 to 17:00 EIT, every day. From Batukaru Temple, take around 25 minutes with a motor vehicle to reach The Butterfly Park. Through Jalan Penatahan, continue to Jalan Gunung Batukaru in Jegu, and then continue to Wanasari. About 3.7 km later, turn right, and you will arrive at Butterfly Park on the right.

West Bali National Park

Not everyone can visit The National Park which is highly protected by the government. You need permission from the local supervisor to enter it, which is divided into three distinct zones. This is because the government wants to preserve the ecosystem that has existed since 1911 and served as a wildlife research.

There are two alternatives for those who want to visit TNBB. The first is from Gilimanuk. You can directly visit The Bali Barat National Park Office in Gilimanuk Village, Jembrana district. The second is from Denpasar.

If you want to visit Menjangan Island, go through Labuhan Lalang Gulf. You just pay for Rp2.500 to enjoy TNBB and Rp20.000 for foreign visitors. But if you want to go to Menjangan Island, you have to pay again for Rp200.000.

Bedugul Botanical Garden

This huge, spacious tropical botanical garden is in Bedugul, Tabanan. It is in Bedugul mountainous area with an altitude of 1250-1459 asl. It is dedicated to collecting various gymnosperms from around the world. If you want to travel and relax in a nicely-sighted area and blend with nature, do not skip this tourists’ attraction.

Bedugul Botanical Garden operates every day except during Nyepi, starting from 8:00 a.m. to 18:00 pm. The ticket price for domestic visitors is Rp9.000, and the ticket price for foreign visitors is Rp17.000. If you travel from Butterfly Park, head south toward Jalan Batukaru to Jalan Raya Buruan, go to Jalan Raya Babahan Senganan and into Jalan Raya Candikuning. Bedugul Botanical Garden is at Jalan Baturiti, Candikuning, Tabanan.

Bali Zoo

Going to the zoo does not always have to be done with children. You and your partner can also visit Bali Zoo at Jalan Raya Singapadu, Desa Batuan, Singapadu District, Gianyar. The location is strategic and easy to find.

The time for a visit to the zoo is 9:00 to 22:00 EIT every day except during Nyepi. Each adult is charged Rp110.000 and children (over 2 years to 12 years) are charged Rp85.000. Like zoos in general, you can see a variety of animals and animal shows here.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest
Ubud Monkey Forest

Besides the tourists’ attractions which protect certain animals such as elephants, butterflies, and birds, there is one animal breeding area. If you plan to go to Ubud, The Monkey Forest must surely be one of the destinations on the list. Here, you can walk in the very cool breeding area, accompanied by long-tailed monkeys inhabiting this region.

If you like walking activity and natural cool shades, then you will certainly enjoy the atmosphere here. As a reminder, do not carry too flashy things and provocate the monkeys’ mischief. You will not even notice if there is a monkey watching from the bushes and suddenly snatching the stuff. They are very agile.

Domestic adult visitors have to pay Rp30.000 for the tickets. The visit can start from 08.30 until 18.00 EIT. As a direction reference, from Sukawati Gianyar, just go straight east toward Jalan Raya Sukawati. Then take Jalan Raya Sakah and Jalan Raya Mas then continue to Jalan Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Waterbom Bali

This water park has been the best waterpark in Asia and second in the world. So of course, the excitement of various water rides at Waterbom Bali are undoubted. Besides the interesting rides, the view there also deserves appreciation. The tropical garden is arranged so neatly that it will pamper your eyes.

Starting from 09:00 to 18:00 EIT, visitors can try the entire rides on a land of 3.8 hectares. If you are the adrenaline test game enthusiast, then challenge yourself with rides like Ace Track, Super Bowl, Boogie Ride, Jungle Rides, Boomerang, Climax, and many more. For local adult visitors, you have to pay Rp310.000 while for children, it is Rp265.000.

To reach this location from the airport is quite easy. Out of Ngurah Rai Airport, take the route to Jalan Dewi Sartika, and continue to Jalan Kartika. Waterbom Bali is at Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Bali.


Puja Mandala

Puja Mandala is one proof of the unity and the value of religious tolerance in Indonesia. This is a complex house of worship for five recognized religions in Indonesia, consisting of the Great Mosque Ibnu Batutah, the Protestant Church for the GKPB Bukit Dua congregation, the Catholic Church Maria Bunda Segala Bangsa, Jagatnatha Temple, and, Vihara Buddha Guna. Here, you can feel the beauty of harmony in differences.

You are free to visit the Puja Mandala at any time and for free. It is at Jalan Nusa Dua, BTDC area.

New Kuta Golf

In Pecatu Indah Resort, New Kuta Golf is one of five golf courses in Bali. It is really amazing, on a hill with steep cliffs directly adjacent to the waterfront. Besides playing golf, enjoying the sunset views will also give you the satisfying personal experience.

To play golf here, you have to spend a minimum of Rp1.1300.000. If you do not carry golf equipment, you can rent one here. The rental fee for golf clubs is Rp350.000 and golf shoes are Rp80.000.

Benoa Harbour

Benoa Harbor is under the auspices of PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) III and situated in Denpasar. It is a place where international cruise ships moor. To get into this port, you do not have to pay any entrance fees except the parking fee. Unfortunately, there is no access for a tour of the mooring yachts, because the security is very tight.

Gilimanuk Harbour

Gilimanuk Harbor is the gateway for the tourists coming to Bali via ferry from Java Island. This port is under the management of ASDP Indonesia Ferry. Every day, with an hour duration of crossing, hundreds of ferries serve passengers from Bali to Java and vice versa.

This port is in Jembrana and opens 24 hours. The ticket prices are varied, depending on the type of vehicles taken. But for those not taking the vehicle, the crossing is appreciated Rp6.000 for adults while it is Rp4.000 for the children.

Ngurah Rai International Airport

This international airport is in Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. With the tight schedules of daily flights, Ngurah Rai Airport has been named the third busiest airport in Indonesia after Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta and Juanda International Airport in Surabaya. The number of airport departure gates owned are up to 24, with details of 8 at the domestic terminal and 14 at the international terminal.

Those are some interesting places in Bali worth your visit when traveling to The Island of The Gods. Have a good vacation!

Attractions & Activities in Bali

  • Bali Zoo Tickets

    Looking for a fun activity to do that's suitable for the whole family? Why not visit Bali Zoo? It has a wide collection of animals, from orangutan, to tigers, to elephants and many more! Simply walk around the zoo area and you'll be able to encounter many animals that are happy to meet you, too! Throughout the day, there are a variety of events that you can participate in, including animal shows and feeding time. Located in Gianyar, Bali, the zoo also acts as a conservation site for a wide variety of animals, so you can be sure that all the animals living here are as happy as they can be!
  • Bali Bird Park E-voucher

    Bali Bird Park boasts over 5,000 birds across its 20,000-square-metre site. See more than 250 species of birds, meet the black palm cockatoos, and feed lory birds. The park is carefully divided into different regions that mimic the bird’s natural habitats. It also showcases indigenous plants usually seen only in Australia, Africa, and Latin America.

    In the South American region, you can see scarlet macaws and the glossy ibis. They are joined by Swainson's toucan, the orange-winged amazon, and hyacinth macaws, among others. The Sumatra region transports you deep into the jungle. See endemic species like the white-crested hornbill, the lesser coucal, and the crowd favourite Senegal parrot. In the Borneo region, you can witness an array of exotic birds in the mixed species aviary. Spot birds like the Javan great rhinoceros hornbill, the crested serpent eagle, Bulwer’s wattled pheasant, and many more. The park also features regions such as South Africa, Papua, Java, and Bali.
  • Upside Down World Bali Entrance Ticket

    Looking for a quirky and unique destination to visit over the weekend? If you've never visited Upside Down World Bali, now's the perfect chance! If you're unfamiliar with it, Upside Down World is a photo studio with many different rooms, each with different concept and interior design. You may ask, what makes it so special? Well, Upside Down World, true to its name, has its rooms all turned upside down! Imagine the photo-taking opportunities you'll have here, with a guide to help you take photos from the best angles!
  • Admission Ticket to Taman Nusa

    Indonesia is a beautiful archipelago with an equally beautiful and intricate culture and history. With so many different cultures coexisting, there's so much to be learned. Curious? How about visiting Taman Nusa? It's the perfect place for you to learn more about Indonesia's culture and history. Located in Gianyar, Bali, Taman Nusa is a cultural park that aims to educate its visitors on Indonesia's ethnic groups. Villages with traditional houses and dioramas, as well as various cultural items displayed here will give visitors a deeper understanding of this beautiful tropical paradise, and you get to do so while also enjoying the beautiful natural panorama surrounding the park!
  • Rafting Package at Telagawaja

    Feeling bored with your daily routine? How about you leave your schedule behind for a while and chase the thrill of an adrenaline rush with Sobek Bali? There are a variety of exciting activities that you could choose from. Test your courage by going whitewater rafting at Bali's longest rivers, or surround yourself with Bali's unique charms by going hiking or cycling around interesting sites!

    Being a pioneer of adventurous activities in Bali, Sobek Bali has a 100% safety record, so you can relax knowing that you're definitely in safe hands! Not only is it a great bonding time for friends and family, you'll also make incredible memories that'll stay with you for a lifetime!
  • Dream Museum Zone Bali Tickets

    Bali has a lot of natural charm, however, it doesn't mean that something man-made can't be just as interesting. Come on down to DMZ Trick Art Museum, where you'll not only be viewing magnificient pieces of artwork, you also get to be in them!

    DMZ has around 120 unique art pieces that are designed specifically to make you look like you're part of the picture, whether it's underwater-themed, a romantic canal, or stepping over hot lava. Don't forget to take lots of photos!
  • Sobek Ayung Light Rafting

    If you are looking for a unique way to see the depths of Bali, than this 2 hour scenic rafting down the Ayung river is perfect for you! Wind through deep valleys with cascading waterfalls and towering cliffs of prehistoric significance. This 2 hour visually spectacular rafting trip down the Ayung River is made even more enjoyable and comfortable by the brand new industry leading, safety approved equipment.

    Get wild excitements, breathtaking views and a well-guided sightseeing excursion all in one!
  • eBikes Bali Electric Bicycle Tours

    What better way to explore exotic Bali than with a bike tour! You don't have to be a sporty person to see the appeal, after all, Bali's tropical beauty is best enjoyed as you make your way on an electric bicycle! Spare 3 hours of your day and make your way from Ubud to Tegalalang. Held at 2 different hours of the day, in the morning and the afternoon, you can choose which tour suits your schedule best. Your destination will be the UNESCO Heritage Site of the Tegalalang Rice Fields, but along the way, we'll be making stops at picturesque temples, coffee plantations, and more. What are you waiting for? Come see the real Bali!
  • Cultural Show at Devdan Theater Bali (Without Transport)

    Embark on a visual journey of Indonesia's cultural diversity with a theater performance from Devdan Show entitled Treasure of the Archipelago. With Indonesian traditional dance fused with contemporary dance and world-class acrobatics, coupled with amazing costumes and music, you're sure to be endlessly entertained! It's not just Balinese culture on the showcase either, as the show actually focuses on the diversity of Indonesian culture from Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and Papua.
  • I AM BALI 3D Museum & UPSIDE DOWN ZONE Tickets

    Bali is arguably one of Indonesia's most famous islands, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign tourists each year, and thus, there is no shortage of tourist attractions. The Island of Gods may be more famous for its beautiful sunsets viewed from soft, sandy beaches, but there are plenty of other interesting attractions as well, such as the I AM BALI 3D museum! As one of the most interactive 3D art museums in Indonesia, it has a collection of over 100 paintings with varying themes, painted by local Balinese artists. It's the perfect place to take unique, one of a kind photos!
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