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Things to Do in Jakarta

Get yourself in this magnificent region with diverse culture and everlasting beauty.

45 Most Popular Things to Do in Jakarta

For those who live in Jakarta, visiting Puncak Bogor or Bandung to spend the holiday has become a tradition that repeats every season. It is not surprising anymore that such condition can be the cause of traffic jams throughout the routes to people’s favorite holiday destinations. While expecting a fun holiday, some people only get unfortunate twist because they are stuck in the traffic jams.

In order to avoid that kind of problem, visiting some tourist attractions in the city is an alternative choice that is worth to try. As a matter of fact, Jakarta has a large number of interesting places and public interests. From historical sites, theme parks, natural tourisms, city parks, to shopping centers and large markets, below are 45 tourist attractions in Jakarta that offer exciting holiday experience just for you.

1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah was initiated by former Indonesian first lady, Ibu Tien Soeharto. It is a miniature park intended for educational, historical, and entertainment purpose in a form of modern tourist destination. Miniature cultural houses of 33 Indonesian provinces are the main attraction in TMII.

Besides the miniature of Indonesian provinces, Taman Mini also has other interesting attractions such as Teater IMAX Golden Snail, Istana Anak Indonesia, Skylift Indonesia cable car, Provinces Pavilions, SnowBay, Teater 4D, swan paddle boats, and some museums that are worth-seeing.

Access to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah will cost you between 1.000 IDR - 30.000 IDR, depending on what kind of transportation you use. Moreover, to enjoy the attractions and facilities in the area, you will be charged between 10.000 IDR-180.000 IDR per ride.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah opens every day from 07:00 am-09.00 pm with different operational hours for each ride. This famous tourist attraction can be reached by private and rented vehicles or public transportations such as Trans Jakarta, taxi, and commuter line.

2. Dunia Fantasi (Dufan)

Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World) is the pioneer of a theme park in Indonesia and has been existed in Ancol Dreamland since 1985. Proboscis monkey is the mascot of this theme park. With its interesting and challenging rides, Dufan is the biggest and most exciting entertainment center for you as well as for your families and friends. It is also one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Jakarta.

Dufan opens every day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, while the entrance fee of this theme park is 200.000 IDR on weekdays and 295.000 IDR on weekends and holidays. There is good news for you who want to visit this theme park frequently. You can buy an annual ticket which costs 400.000 IDR that can be used to explore Dufan for a whole year without additional costs.

Transportation access to Dufan is quite easy. From the station, you can use angkot M15 or M15A to Tanjung Priok and stops in Ancol tourist area. You can also use public bus or Trans Jakarta corridor 1 and 4.

3. Jakarta Seaworld

In addition to Dufan, another tourist attraction in Ancol Dreamland is Jakarta Seaworld. In this place, you will get exciting experience when walking under the giant fish tank and interacting with thousands of marine ecosystems, and all of them can be done without diving or snorkeling. You can also watch a variety of shows performed by professional divers.

The entrance fee to Seaworld costs between 80.000 IDR-200.000 IDR. It opens every day from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm. Because it is located in famous tourist area, you can use almost any kinds of transportation to get into Seaworld. Public transportation such as angkot, bus, Trans Jakarta, and taxi can bring you to this place.

4. Atlantis Water Adventure

If you feel like Dufan and Seaworld are too mainstream, Atlantis Water Adventure which is still located in Ancol Dreamland, can be an alternative choice for those who want to spend their holiday in Jakarta. Atlantis Water Adventure offers many exciting and challenging water rides for you to try. There are at least eight main pools equipped by various rides in this water park.

The entrance fee to Atlantis Water Adventure that costs between 95.000 IDR-200.000 IDR is obviously cheaper than Dufan. The water park opens at 08:00 am to 06:00 pm on weekdays and at 07:00 am-08:00 pm on weekends. The location of this tourist attraction can be reached by some public transportations to Ancol and Tanjung Priok such as commuter line, angkot, bus, and taxi.

5. Ocean Dream Ancol

Ocean Dream is another point of interest in Ancol Dreamland that is always full of visitors. The main attraction of Ocean Dream is the Dolphin Show, performed by professionally trained dolphins.

Besides watching the dolphin performance, you can also observe how the dolphins are preserved, treated, and trained. For more exciting experience, you can try Underwater Theater, Cinema 4D, or Scorpion Pirates, that offer many interesting shows every day.

The ticket prices range between 95.000 IDR and 200.000 IDR. Ocean Dream Ancol starts to open at 09:00 am to 05:00 pm on weekdays and 09:00 am to 06:00 pm on weekends. The ticket booth is usually closed one hour before closing time. From the city center of Jakarta, you can use private or rented vehicles, or take public transportations that pass by Tanjung Priok or Ancol Dreamland to reach Ocean Dream.

6. Jakarta Waterboom

Jakarta Waterboom is a water park located in Indah Kapuk Beach, South Jakarta. One of the most exciting rides in this water park is Aquatube. It is a giant water slide with 118 m length and 14.5 m tall.

Besides Aquatube, you can also try other challenging rides such as Speedslide, The Hairpin, The Whizzard, and Twizter. Don’t worry about the safety issue because each ride in Jakarta Waterboom has been equipped with safe and healthy tools as well as guarded by professionally trained guards.

On weekdays, the entrance fee to this area is 100.000 IDR for children and 170.000 IDR for adults. Meanwhile, on weekends and holiday seasons, the ticket is a little bit increasing, that is 200.000 IDR for children and 270.000 IDR for adults. The water park opens from 10:00 am on weekdays and 08:00 am on weekends until it is closed at 09:00 pm.

To get into Jakarta Waterboom, you can use Trans Jakarta corridor 9A and stops at Pluit Village Mall, then continued by angkot B01 Grogol-Angke until you reach Indah Kapuk Beach. You can also reach this place by taking a public bus or driving on you own vehicles.

7. SnowBay Waterpark

SnowBay Waterpark is located in the area of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). There are at least five water rides in this tourist attraction: Hurricane, Flush Bowl, Cool Running, SnowBay Beach, and Typhoon River.

The main attraction of SnowBay Waterpark is its man-made beach with seven different waves that are challenging and exciting at the same time. Although it belongs to TMII area, you need a separate ticket to get access to SnowBay Waterpark. The entrance fees range between 140.000 IDR and 180.000 IDR. It opens from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm.

SnowBay Waterpark can be reached by private vehicles or public transportations. For public transportation, Trans Jakarta corridor 9 or commuter line and angkot to TMII can help you reach this tourist attraction.

8. Ancol Beach

Ancol beach is one of the beaches in Jakarta that is always full of local visitors as well as tourists that come from other regions. The beach is located in the tourist area of Ancol Dreamland, along with other tourist attractions, such as Dufan, Seaworld, and Ocean Dream Ancol.

The length of Ancol Beach is 500 m, and it consists of five other beaches in its coastal area: Karnaval Ancol Beach, Festival Ancol Beach, Ria Beach, Elok Beach, and Indah Beach. The beach is quite clean despite the fact that it is located in an area which has a high population density.

There are a number of shelters provided on the beach for those who want to enjoy the windy and fresh air of Ancol. In addition, several facilities such as jogging track, toilet, food court, and harbor are also available and can be used by visitors who want to take photographs or watch the sunset.

The good news is, you don’t need to pay for the ticket in order to get access to this place. The beach opens twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Ancol Beach can be reached by Trans Jakarta, public bus, or angkot that stops at Tanjung Priok and Ancol.

9. Ocean Ecopark

Ocean Ecopark is the right place for those who want to take a holiday and participate in preserving the environment at the same time. This educational park applies four main concepts (Eco Energy, Eco Care, Eco Nature, and Eco Art) in its attractive rides and facilities.

You can do several exciting outdoor activities, such as outbound and paintball. This tourist attraction is also a place for you who want to learn how to raise farm animals, watch the process of producing honey in bee preservation, even learn how to plant and grow seeds in Learning Farm. You only need to pay 25.000 IDR to get access to Ocean Ecopark.

However, each ride in Ocean Ecopark may cost you differently, between 25.000 IDR-180.000 IDR. The park itself is located in the tourist area of Ancol Dreamland and can be reached easily by private vehicles or public transportations such as Trans Jakarta, Angkot, or taxi.

10. Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) is an archipelago located in Sunda Strait, the northern part of Jakarta. Some islands in this archipelago are inhabited by citizens while some others are the uninhabited islands. There are at least five big islands that become favorite holiday destinations for both local or foreign tourists: Kelor Island, Cipir Island, Onrust Island, Rambut Island, and Untung Jawa Island. Each island in the archipelago of Thousand Islands has its own attractiveness and uniqueness.

In Kelor, Cipir, and Onrust Islands, you can see the ruins of colonial-era buildings and the museum of Onrust Island. In Rambut Island, you can find various kinds of birds in their natural habitat. This island is indeed used as wildlife preservation for Indonesian birds. Meanwhile, in Untung Jawa Islands, you can enjoy many modern water sports such as speed boat, banana boat, and snorkeling.

Exploring those five islands will only cost you between 600 IDR-1.500 IDR. However, there will be an additional charge if you want to enjoy other facilities, such as renting a boat and lifesavers, or playing water sports.

To arrive at Thousand Islands, you can use Pelni boat from Marina Beach, Ancol, then continued by a small boat that is available to rent. For your information, the ferryboat will only serve the passengers until 05:00 pm.

11. Semak Daun Island

If you are some kinds of nature-loving person and like to experience camping in the middle of the forest or in the coastal area of the beach while watching the sunset, Semak Daun Island in Thousand Islands is the best choice for you.

The main attraction of this island is its long, shallow shoreline and crystal clear blue sea. You will also find so many instagramable spots and beautiful corners to be featured in your photographs. Also, don’t miss the chance to explore the world under the sea by diving or snorkeling.

Itinerary including transportation, exploring the island and the forest, snorkeling, and visiting the preservation place of sharks and turtles usually cost you 385.000 IDR per person. Other additional facilities such as lunch, tent, electricity, and drink are not included. To get into this natural island, you need to take Pelni boat from Marina Beach and stop in Pramuka Island. Your trip will be continued by a small boat until you arrive at your destination, Semak Daun Island.

12. Tidung Island

Tidung Island is one of the most favorite holiday destinations in the archipelago of Thousand Islands. There are so many things you can do on this site. Snorkeling, enjoying the beautiful landscape while watching the sunset, exploring the island on a bicycle, or taking a selfie on the top of the legendary Love Bridge, are some exciting experiences that are waiting for you on this island.

Love Bridge connects Big Tidung and Small Tidung Island. You still can find a lot of villagers’ houses in Big Tidung Island, while Small Tidung Island is only used as mangrove conservation area. The boat that will take you to the island usually sails from Muara Angke Port, while the price ranges between 40.000-45.000 IDR per person.

If you want to spend the night by staying on this beautiful island, you don't need to build a tent because there are many available homestays and inexpensive guest houses for you.

13. Bidadari Island

Bidadari (Heavenly Nymph) Island is a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists. The island attracts people’s attention with the historical ruins of colonialism era that can be seen in the middle of the island.

In addition, Bidadari Island is a conservation place for various kinds of rare flora and fauna such as mangrove, Kepuh, Sentigi, dolphin, Elang Bondol, and Indian freckled Mousedeer. You can enjoy your holiday while learning more about nature.

Bidadari Island can be accessed using the ship from Marina Beach, Ancol, or Muara Angke Port. The ship ticket prices range between 40.000-45.000 IDR. Don’t forget to bring your best camera when visiting Bidadari island because the island’s charm and beauty are really worth-capturing.

14. Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach is located in Pari Island, a part of Thousand Islands archipelago. The main attraction of this beach is its white sand, crystal clear water, and enchanting mangrove forest.

When visiting this island, you can go fishing, snorkeling, or exploring the mangrove forest by renting a small boat. Virgin Beach can be accessed from Marina Beach by Pelni boat. From that point, It will take about 1.5 hours to reach Pari Island and Virgin Beach.

The rental boat including accident insurance starts from 40.000 IDR per person, but the entrance fee to Virgin Beach only costs you about 2.000 IDR per person. However, you need to pay an additional charge if you want to rent a boat, bicycle, or the tools for diving and snorkeling.

15. Marunda Beach

For those who usually have a holiday in Jakarta, Marunda Beach is not really popular compared to other beaches in Thousand Islands. However, that rule does not apply to those who live in North Jakarta, especially in Cilincing region.

Located near two oldest buildings in Jakarta (Al-Alam Mosque and the house of S Pitung), Marunda Beach offers exciting holiday experience in a simple yet attractive beach. You will not be charged to get into the beach area, but you still need to pay for parking space, and when you want to explore the shoreline using the fisher’s boat, you will be charged about 3.000 IDR per person.

If you want to use public transportations, take a metromini Tanjung Priok-Cilincing, then continued by red angkot KWK U05 once you reach Cilincing. After you stop in front of STIP (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pelayaran), you can walk until you arrive at Marunda Beach.

16. Angke Kapuk Natural Park

Indah Kapuk Beach is not only filled with luxurious suite and houses, but also several natural tourisms that attract people's attention. Angke Kapuk Natural Park is one of them.

The park is a natural habitat of some endemic faunae. Monitor lizard (Biawak in Indonesia), for instance, can be found while you are walking around the mangrove forest in this natural park. If you rent a boat to explore this park, the driver who also plays a role of a guide, can take you to the part of the forest where those lizards live.

Don't forget to capture every exciting moment you experience in this place, because the natural beauty of Angke Kapuk Natural Park is good objects for your social media feed, or Instagram in particular. The entrance fee costs you about 25.000 IDR, but you will get an additional charge to rent a ship or boat to explore the lake.

Angke Kapuk Natural Park opens between 08:00 am to 06:00 pm. To reach this place, you can take Trans Jakarta corridor 9A or public bus that stops by Grogol, and continued by taking angkot B01 Grogol-Angke.

17. Lake Lembang Park

Situ (Lake) Lembang is a man-made lake located in the city center of Jakarta, near Lembang Street, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Opened for a fishing area, you can catch various kinds of fish in the lake.

The lake is surrounded by jogging track and park with a variety of beautiful flowers. Besides fishing, you can relax yourself by sitting around the park with your beloved families or friends.

Located in the city center of Jakarta, Lake Lembang Park can be reached easily by public transportation, including angkot, taxi, and Trans Jakarta. You will not be charged to get access to this park. It opens 24 hours per day, and always accessible for those who are looking for fresher ambiance in the middle of the city crowd.

18. Cattleya Park

Cattleya Park, also known as Tomang Park, is a natural tourism located in West Jakarta. The park is three hectares in area and consists of a variety of beautiful plants.

Jogging track, playground, man-made lake, and flower garden are several things that can be found in Cattleya Park. Different from other parks in Jakarta, food stalls are rarely found in this park. The access to this park is always free and available for 24 hours a day.

If you are interested to visit Cattleya Park, both private and public vehicles can take you to this park. As for public transportation, you can take a public bus Grogol-Semanggi, and stop at the intersection of Tomang Park.

19. Ayodya Park

Located 500 meters away from Blok M Terminal, Ayodya Park is always full of local visitors, especially on the weekends. A 1.500-meter-squared man-made lake adorned by octopus decorative lamp and water fountain is the main attraction that you can find in this park.

The park is also surrounded by public facilities such as jogging tracks, gazebos, park benches, toilet, and free WiFi. The access to this park is always free and available for 24 hours. The park can be reached by public bus or metromini from Blok M Terminal that stops at Mahakam Street.

20. Tebet Forest Park

Tebet Forest Park is the best choice for those who want to keep their health when taking a holiday in an inexpensive way. The park has several sports facilities, including jogging and bicycle track, a complete active zone with various sports equipment, soccer field, natural reflexology park, and comfortable, relaxing shelters. 

The clean and convenient toilet, as well as praying room, are also provided in this public place. Opened for 24 hours, the park can be accessed by several public or private transportation because it lies in a strategic location.

21. Srengseng Urban Forest

Srengseng Urban Forest is an interesting natural tourism which is located in West Jakarta. Built in 1995, this urban forest is now a home for about 4.800 kinds of trees from 63 different varieties. A lake, children playground, and jogging track are also available in this place.

Pendopo or open verandas and several shelters are provided for those who want to relax themselves while enjoying the forest landscape. By only paying 2.000 IDR, you can get access to this place from 07:00 am-05:00 pm.

Several public transportations can be used to reach Srengseng Urban Forest. Some route options that you can take are Kopaja 609 Blok M-Meruya or angkot 24 Kemanggisan-Srengseng. Both of them will stop at Haji Kelik Street. From that street, you still need to walk about 600 m until you arrive at the forest area.

Although it is located in the city center of Jakarta, there is no public transportation that can take you directly to Srengseng Urban Forest, without having to walk through a relatively long track.

22. Suropati Park

Suropati Park is one of the oldest parks in Jakarta that was built in 1920. Surrounded by jogging tracks, relaxing area, and various kinds of trees, this park is an alternative public space for local people who want to spend the weekend in the city.

On the weekend, Suropati Park is more crowded at night due to the performances of street artists and musicians which are often held in the park. You will also find various kinds of food stalls and enjoy unlimited WiFi service while relaxing in the park.

The access to this park is free, and because of its strategic location, Suropati Park can be accessed by both private or public transportations. One of them is Trans Jakarta Corridor 6 Dukuh Atas-Pulo Gadung or corridor 9 Dukuh Atas-Ragunan.

23. Menteng Park

Not far from Suropati Park, lies another attractive public space, Menteng Park. This comfortable park is known as the Central Park of Jakarta because of its various facilities and attractions. Jogging tracks, basketball field, sports facilities, playground, fish pool with a fountain, futsal field, and relaxing spaces are some public facilities that can be found in Menteng Park.

Every weekend, you can watch the performance and attractions which are usually put on by some communities of extreme sports. Menteng Park opens for 24 hours with free access every time. The park can be reached by Trans Jakarta, public bus, or private vehicles.

24. Taman Ismail Marzuki

Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) is the center of arts, education, and culture, located in Cikini, Central Jakarta. The park gets its name from a legendary Indonesian composer, Ismail Marzuki. Since it was built in 1968, the park has become a favorite destination for those who have an interest in arts and cultures.

For your information, Jakarta Institute of Arts (Institut Kesenian Jakarta/IKJ) and Planetarium are the parts of Taman Ismail Marzuki. Almost every day, you can watch a number of arts performance, including poetry recital, music and dance performance, as well as crafts and paintings exhibition.

TIM opens for 24 hours. The access to this place is basically free, but you will be charged accordingly if you want to watch theatrical or art performance. Meanwhile, to get access to Planetarium, the entrance fee is 3.000 IDR for children and 7.500 IDR for adults.

You can take Kopaja 20 Senen-Lebak Bulus or metromini P17 and stops at Cikini Raya Street to reach Taman Ismail Marzuki.

25. Spathodea Park

The only park you can find in Kebagusan, South Jakarta is Spathodea Park. The park is 1.5 hectare in area and has interesting landscape and facilities. Public facilities you can find in Spathodea Park include a 100-meter jogging track, playground, and a man-made lake. This park is also known as a slanted park because of its sloped ground structure. The park opens for 24 hours and is usually visited by those who want to enjoy the city nights of Jakarta. The access to this park is free and can be reached by private vehicles or angkot M17 Ragunan.

26. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo is a home for various faunae from 295 different species. This zoo does not only exhibit the animals, but also provides educational facilities for younger visitors.

There are three educational areas in Ragunan Zoo: Primate Schmutzer Center, the museum of primates; Orang Utan World, the collection of Orang Utan from various species; and Children Zoo, a place intended for children who want to interact with tame animals.

Besides educational areas, you can also find a playground with different exciting rides, toilet, and praying room. The entrance fee to this zoo is 4.000 IDR for adults and 3.000 IDR for children, but there will be an additional charge to get access to the playground and educational facilities.

Ragunan Zoo opens from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. It can be reached by public transportations, including Trans Jakarta Corridor 6, Kopaja, or Mikrolet that pass by Ragunan, Pasar Minggu.

27. Lake Babakan

Lake Babakan was formerly built as the location of water absorption in the area of South Jakarta. However, throughout times, the lake is also opened for public as Betawi cultural center. Many Betawi people live in the villages that surround this beautiful lake.

Opened every day from 06:00 am-06:00 pm, the access to Lake Babakan is always free. The area can be reached by private vehicles or Kopaja Terminal Pasar Minggu.

28. Tanah Abang Market Blok A

Tanah Abang Market Blok A is the biggest wholesalers center in Southeast Asia. Along with Pasar Baru Bandung, Tanah Abang has become one of most-visited shopping centers that are famous among local and international tourists.

The commodities sold in this market has similar qualities to those which are sold in Orchard Singapore or Malaysian Central Market. Some of the commodities are even exported and sold abroad.

The market opens from 09:00 am-10:00 pm. The building has 12 floors, so make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes when visiting this market. You can ride your private vehicles or take commuter lines to reach Tanah Abang Market.

29. Glodok Market

Located in Pecinan area, Glodok Market is the largest, yet the cheapest electronic center in Jakarta. Besides shopping for electronic devices, this area also offers a number of historical buildings from colonialism era.

The buildings in Glodok area have been existed and operated since many decades ago. Some of them are functioned as stores, while some others become the restaurant areas. Additionally, the place will give you special experience of Chinese tourist location.

You can use private vehicles or take public transportations such as Jabodetabek commuter line, Trans Jakarta corridor 1, Mayasari Bus, or mikrolet, to access Glodok Market.

30. Plaza Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia that is located in MH. Thamrin Street, Central Jakarta, is a good place for those who want to buy branded commodities at affordable prices.

Consisted of three floors and a basement, Plaza Indonesia offers shopping experience of high-quality commodities. In addition to shopping, you can enjoy delicious cuisines from famous restaurants or stay at five-star hotel Grand Hyatt, a part of Plaza Indonesia.

Located in the city center of Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia can be reached easily by public transportations, such as bus, Trans Jakarta, commuter lines, and taxi. The area opens at 10:00 am-10:00 pm.

31. Thamrin City

Located 150 m away from Hotel Indonesia roundabout (Bundaran HI), Thamrin City Mall is one of the shopping centers in Jakarta that offer relatively affordable prices for all commodities. The mall has 10 different floors: Cellular Zone, Stationary Zone, Handicraft Center, Sports Center, Electronic Store, Food Center, and Office Center. Other public facilities such as apartment complex, town house, hotels, office buildings, and the exhibition hall are also available in this place.

Thamrin City Mall opens from 09:00 am-10:00 pm. This shopping center can be reached by public transportations such as Trans Jakarta, public bus, or taxi.

32. Ancol Art Market

Ancol Art Market is a shopping and entertainment center located in the area of Ancol Dreamland. The art market is equipped with a musical stage as a place for the show that is often performed by artist and musician communities. Besides watching art performances, you can visit art and handicrafts stands to buy local products or learn how to make some handicrafts under the artisans' guidance.

By only paying 25.000 IDR to get into Ancol Dreamland, you will get direct access to this market. The market opens at 09:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm every day. Ancol Art Market can be reached by private vehicles, mikrolet, or Trans Jakarta Corridor Ancol.

33. Pecenongan Culinary Center

For decades, Pecenongan Street in Central Jakarta has been famous as the center of night culinary center. The area starts to open at 06:00 pm - 02:00 am. Some famous foods in Pecenongan Area include seafood, pork, and martabak. Some other foods are delicious as well. Besides food stalls, you can find a number of restaurants that have been existed since many years ago. All of them offer similar deliciousness that is worth to try.

These culinary centers occupy the 600-meter area in Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. You can visit this place by private vehicles or by taking public transportations such as commuter line, Trans Jakarta, and mikrolet.

34. Taman Prasasti Museum

Despite the word "museum" in its name, Taman Prasasti is actually the area of Dutch cemetery in Tanah Abang Street that has been existed for centuries. In this place, you can find a variety of sculptures on top of gravestones. It is believed that former Dutch functionaries in colonialism era are buried in this cemetery area.

Besides gravestone sculptures, remains carriage and coffins which were usually used by Dutch Meneers and Madames in the past can be found in this area. The coffin used by Indonesian proclaimers, Soekarno and Moh. Hatta, is also shown in Taman Prasasti.

The entrance fee to this area is 5.000 IDR for adults, 3.000 IDR for students, and 2.000 IDR for children. The area opens at 09:00 am-03:00 pm. You can take a commuter line to Tanah Abang Station or Trans Jakarta corridor Tanah Abang to arrive at this place.

35. Satria Mandala Museum

Satria Mandala Museum is an educational and historical site in Jakarta. It exhibits the history of Indonesian National Armed Forces from colonialism era, independence era, reformation, until present days.

Rocket and helicopter that were used in wars will welcome you once you get into this place. The entrance fee is quite cheap, that is 2.500 IDR for adults and 1.500 IDR for children.

Located in Gatot Subroto Street, the museum is easily accessible by public transportations such as Trans Jakarta and commuter line. Satria Mandala Museum opens Monday-Friday, from 09:00 am - 02:30 pm.

36. Fatahillah Museum

Another historical site in Jakarta is Fatahillah Museum. The building was formerly used as the Governor Office of Batavia General. Colonialism artifacts, the replica of ancient inscriptions, and artistic creations in the past are displayed in this museum.

Fatahillah Museum is located in Pinangsia Street, West Jakarta and opens Tuesday-Sunday from 09:00 am-03:00 pm. The entrance fee of this museum is 2.000 IDR per person. The museum can be reached by private vehicles or public transportations such as mikrolet M12, M08. M15, Paras AC bus, or Trans Jakarta Corridor 1 Blok M-Kota.

37. Textile Museum

Not many people know the existence of this unique museum, despite the fact that it is located near Tanah Abang shopping center. Textile Museum can be a new experience for you besides mainstream tourist attractions like parks or beach.

Textile Museum collects various kinds of traditional textiles and fabrics from different regions in Indonesia, such as batik, songket, and tenun. Besides looking at the displayed collection, you can also learn how the textiles are made by traditional textile maker and the coloring process that is obtained from plants.

The entrance fee to this museum is 2.000 IDR. Opened Tuesday-Sunday at 09:00 am-03:00 pm, this place can be reached by public transportations such as commuter line and Trans Jakarta corridor Tanah Abang.

38. Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum is a museum that collects everything related to marine and maritime world. The building of the museum was formerly used as a warehouse in Dutch colonialism era. The area offers the attractiveness of colonial architecture and buildings.

Maritime Museum is located in Pasar Ikan Street No. 1, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. The museum opens Tuesday-Sunday, from 09:00 am-03:00 pm. To get into this place, you can take Trans Jakarta Blok M-Kota, and continued by mikrolet no. 15 or ojek. The entrance fee is quite cheap, that is 2.000 IDR per person.

39. Wayang Museum

Wayang is a genuine Indonesian art that should be kept and protected. For that reason, the government provides this building as a special museum to collect various kinds of wayang in Jakarta. In this place, various kinds of wayang and masks are collected and displayed. Wayang Museum is located in Old City area, near Fatahillah Museum.

The entrance fee to this place is 2.000 IDR per person. Besides looking at various types of wayang, you can take photographs in front of the museum or other old Dutch-colonial buildings around it.

Wayang Museum opens Tuesday-Sunday at 09:00 am-03:00 pm. The route to this place is similar to the route to Fatahillah Museum.

40. Gajah Museum (National Museum of Indonesia)

Gajah Museum is the biggest museum in Indonesia that has the largest number of collections, including inscriptions, artifacts, ceramic handicrafts, earthenwares, clothes, furnishings, jewelry, and sculptures. The museum gets its name because of a big elephant (gajah) statue which is placed in front of the museum.

All collections in this museum come from prehistoric era until the present. Interestingly, the museum also displays the real crowns of former kings that lead several regions in Indonesia in the past. Gajah Museum is located on Medan Merdeka Barat Street.

Because of its strategic location, the museum is easily accessible by public transportations such as Trans Jakarta or commuter line. The entrance fee to this museum is 5.000 IDR per person. It opens on Tuesday-Thursday at 08:30 am-04:00 pm, on Friday at 08:30 am-11:30 pm, and on Saturday-Sunday at 08:30 am-05:00 pm.

41. Alive Museum Ancol

Alive Museum is the first 4D museum in Jakarta. Located in the tourist area of Ancol Dreamland, this unique museum displays various paintings, graphics, and a mural that look "alive", as well as instagramable and interesting spots in every corner.

To get into the tourist area of Ancol Dreamland, you need to pay 25.000 IDR per person. However, you need to pay 100.000 IDR per person to get access to the museum. Alive Museum is quite far from the main gate of Ancol Dreamland because it is the part of Ancol Beach Mall.

By private vehicles, you can take Kota-Tanjung Priok route. Meanwhile, if you want to take public transportation, Trans Jakarta corridor Ancol or Tanjung Priok will get you into this place.

42.  National Monument

Jakarta is closely related to the National Monument, the tall monument with ember sculpture on top of it. The height of National Monument is 132 m. It serves as museum and tourist attraction for the locals and tourists from other regions.

Besides looking at the historical diorama of Indonesia, you can also enjoy the city view from the top of the building. You only need to pay 2.500 IDR to get access to the building. The National Monument opens at 08:00am-03:00 pm.

The monument is located near Gambit Station. Therefore, it can be accessed by commuter line or Trans Jakarta Corridor 1 Blok M-Kota.

43. Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque is the national mosque of Indonesia. It is located in the city center of Jakarta, near to other tourist attractions in the city, such as National Monument, Presidential Palace, and Cathedral Church.

The mosque and church building that are located side by side is a symbol of religious harmony in Indonesia. Istiqlal Mosque was built in modern architecture and is suitable for Indonesian tropical climate. Besides praying, the visitors can find various religious relics and collections in the mosque area.

Istiqlal Mosque opens for 24 hours for Moslems who want to pray in this place. It can be accessed by commuter lines, Trans Jakarta, metromini, or taxi.

44. Cathedral Church

Cathedral Church is a Dutch-colonial building located in a high-density area of Central Jakarta. It has a similar concept to European churches as expressed in its classic design for the interior and exterior.

Elegant, luxurious, and beautiful, the Cathedral Church is often used as a spot for pre-wedding photo sessions. The church is not only opened for Catholic Christians, but also for publics, especially for those who want to see old and historical buildings from colonialism era.

The access to this church is free. Either by private vehicles or public transportations such as Trans Jakarta or metromini, Cathedral Church is easily accessible.

45. Jin De Yuan Temple

Jin De Yuan is the oldest temple in Jakarta located in Old Pecinan Area, Glodok. The temple was built in 1650 by Lieutenant Kwee Horn. In addition to the place for Konghuchu to pray, this temple has been through several historical events in Indonesia.

Rich in Chinese culture, this building is an interesting tourist attraction to visit. The access is free, but it is better for you to give some money for donation.

Jin De Yuan can be accessed by public transportations such as bus, Trans Jakarta Corridor 1, Mayasari Bus, and Jabodetabek commuters.

Those are 45 interesting tourist attractions in Jakarta that are worth to visit. Hope they can give you the inspiration of traveling destinations in the holiday session. Happy Holiday!

Attractions & Activities in Jakarta

  • Jakarta Aquarium Indonesia Entrance Ticket

    There are not many places you could go to refresh your mind in crowded Jakarta, but being located in one of the shopping centers in the city, Jakarta Aquarium is very easily accessible for all! As an aquarium doubling as a conservation site, you can enjoy the beauty of marine diversity here!

    Come meet the cute intelligent otters at the Otter Exhibition, or give the gentle animals a pet at the Touch Pool. Go on a seatrek and meet the majestic stingray, or if you are an experienced diver, you can even go diving with sharks! If you have the time, try to catch the theater show Pearl of the South Sea, which features illusions and underwater dancing!
  • Waterbom Jakarta Entrance Ticket

    What better way to cool down on a hot day than playing with water at Waterbom Jakarta? It is the first waterpark in Indonesia with international standard facilities, and there are lots of outdoor activities to choose from! Whether you want to chill on a tube on the pools or go 70 km/hour on the Speed Slide, there is something for everyone! Don't worry, the water filter system runs 24 hours to ensure everything is clean.

    With its Urban Cool-themed minimalist architecture combined with tropical trees and lush gardens, you will surely feel comfortable. Staff members will make you feel welcome, and you know you are in safe hands with the experienced lifeguards. It is the perfect outing for the whole family!
  • SnowBay Waterpark TMII Entrance Ticket

    Once you set foot into the Snowbay Waterpark TMII by Snow Bay, you'll feel like you're on the other side of the world. Despite from its location in Jakarta, Snowbay Waterpark is designed to give an imaginative view of a mountain atmosphere, with artistic artificial snow that covers 70% of the area. If you've always wanted to see what snow is like, visiting this water park is perfect for you!

    The place combines world-class water rides and attractions and the snowy concept makes it unique and suitable for family vacation time. This water park spans over 3 hectares of land, so it's certainly spacious enough!
  • Alive Museum & Alive Star Ancol Entrance Tickets

    Stimulate all your senses in Alive Museum and Alive Star Ancol, Jakarta. These amusement parks offer unique displays and arts that challenge your visual perceptions. Alive Museum displays art installations, paintings, and illustrations with visual illusions and forced perspectives, creating unique experiences for the whole family.

    Alive Star is a wax museum, filled with real-like wax statues of famous singers, actors, musicians, and athletes. Visitors can also look at original memorabilia signed by the people who are displayed. Celebrities displayed include Angelina Jolie, Steve Jobs, Elvis Presley, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, and various Korean celebrities.
  • Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) Ancol Entrance Ticket

    Enjoy a fun-filled day at Dunia Fantasi, Indonesia's first theme park in Ancol, Jakarta! With 26 outdoor and 4 indoor rides, you can choose something thrilling, adrenaline-pumping, or even cute and relaxed. Don't miss out on the opportunity to try iconic rides such as the Turangga-Rangga Carousel, the Halilintar Roller Coaster, the Niagara Water Log Ride, and more!
    If you want to watch movies, there's also a simulation theater that's going to give you real-life sensations, making you feel like you're part of the movie. The theme park proudly presents its Indonesian culture and international trend-themed attractions, and you can see it for yourself with the many parades, art performances, festivals, and so much more! It's the perfect destination!
  • Atlantis Water Adventure Entrance Ticket

    Experience the best holiday fun at Atlantis Water Adventure, a water park with various pools and structures for the whole family. Located in strategic area in Ancol, this water park offers features such as Rainbow Splash, Water Outbound, and giant slides called Crazy Highest Longest Slide. There are also pools and facilities for little kids and toddlers, so everyone can have fun.

    Once you finished playing with water, head to the education facility, where you and the family can get knowledge about sea mammals, delivered by professional staff. The strategic location means you can eat at restaurant, shop at the gift shop, and enjoy other activities in one area.
  • The Wave Pondok Indah Waterpark Entrance Ticket

    Get a thrill and feel the different sensation at The Wave Pondok Indah Water Park which highlights the first ever Flow Rider in Indonesia. Strategically located in the shopping center in Jakarta, the water park is in accord with the international operation standard.

    Please your family members by the recreational place, close to the biggest golf area. Enjoy the 7 rides such as the Aqua Play, Olympic Pool, Lazy River Tube, Wizard Slides, and the only one Flow Rider. You can even hold some events in the water park, and the staffs will be glad to help you.
  • Skyworld Indonesia Entrance Ticket

    Almost everyone had, at some point, a dream of exploring outer space. Whether it was just a passing daydream or a fervent ambition, the mysteries of space have always piqued the curiosity in all of us to learn more about it. You might not be an astronaut (yet), but don't worry, Skyworld Indonesia is here! Aiming to educate more Indonesians on topics related to outer space, aeronautics, and the technologies, visitors can expect to find a digital planetarium, a 5D cinema, an exhibition room on space, a 3D photo booth, a waterpark, and other attractions and facilities to keep you entertained while learning something new!
  • Bee Bee Land Entrance Ticket - Cipinang Indah Mall

    Bee-Bee Land provides an educative and entertaining playground. Motoric and color stimulation are integrated into engaging plays. Creative Space encourages children to learn shape and color. Rubber pattern package stimulates three-dimensional recognition and coloring. Butterfly, car, animals, and flowers pattern are available.
    Lego blocks and drawing books are available for those who prefer more quiet activity. The playground consists of a wooden hut, balls pond, and mini-outbound area which stimulates motoric skills. The rooms are specifically designed to create safety. Walls and hard floor are covered with padding/cushion lining to avoid bump or bruise. The toy store is also available if you are interested in buying some toys for later use.
  • Seaworld Ancol Entrance Ticket

    Did you know that watching fishes swim is said to relieve stress? Why don't you try it for yourself at SeaWorld Ancol? It's the perfect destination for you and your loved ones for a quick getaway! There's no better way to spend the day enjoying high-quality entertainment while also learning a thing or two about marine life. Located within the Jaya Ancol National Park area, you can enjoy this indoor recreational park with about 24 large tanks filled with highly diverse marine life, as well as an exciting underwater tunnel! Make your trip even more memorable with professional guides and special events such as shark-feeding. With so much to do and see, it's definitely something the whole family can enjoy!
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