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XL Data Package

Product Name Price
Hotrod 800MB 800MB data, up to 100 Mbps speed, 30-day active period Rp. 29,700
Xtra Combo 6GB 6GB data, 20 minutes of free calls to all operators, 2GB YouTube quota (free access from 01:00 - 06:00 WIB), 30-day active period. Rp. 56.000
Hotrod 3GB 3GB data, up to 100 Mbps speed, 30-day active period Rp. 58,800
Xtra Combo 12GB 12GB data, 40 minutes of free calls to all operators, 4GB YouTube quota (free access from 01:00 to 06:00 WIB), 30-day active period. Rp. 83,000
HotRod 6GB 6GB data, up to 100 Mbps speed, 30-day active period. Rp. 95,800
Xtra Combo 18GB 18GB data, 60 minutes of free calls to all operators, 6GB YouTube quota (free access from 01:00 to 06:00 WIB), 30-day active period. Rp. 117.000
HotRod 8GB 8GB data, up to 100 Mbps speed, 30-day active period Rp. 125,800
Xtra Combo 30GB 30GB data, 100 minutes of free calls to all operators, 10GB YouTube quota (free access from 01:00 to 06:00 WIB), 30-day active period. Rp. 171,000
HotRod 12GB 12GB data, up to 100 Mbps speed, 30-day active period. Rp. 175,000
HotRod 16GB 16GB Data, up to 100 Mbps speed, 30-day active period Rp. 213.000
Xtra Combo 42GB 42GB data, 140 minutes of free calls to all operators, 14GB YouTube quota (free access from 01:00 to 06:00 WIB), 30-day active period. Rp. 229,000
Xtra Combo 6GB (12 months) 6GB data, 20 minutes of free calls to all operators, 2GB YouTube quota (free access from 01:00 to 06:00 WIB), 30-day active period. Automatic renewal every 30 days for 12 months Rp. 570,000

XL Data Package

Discovering that your XL data package has run out is naturally an irritating occurrence. Especially when you’ve been having fun online, for example by browsing the web or playing games. Without data package, you will also not be able to chat online with your friends, or make use of social media. 

In order to go about your usual business and stay connected, you will need a reliable data package. No need to worry, since you can now buy data packages through Traveloka App. Yes, now Traveloka does not only provide travel services, such as airline tickets and hotel room bookings, but also  top-up and data packages to its customers.

How to Buy XL Data Packages with Traveloka

Feel the ease and practicality of buying  data packages with Traveloka. You no longer need to bother with mobile phone kiosks, as you can purchase top-up credits and data packages just by  using your smartphone. The purchasing process via Traveloka App is also very simple. . All you need to is move your figures to buy the internet package with Traveloka. This, of course, makes life much easier for customers. 

However, before making a purchase, it goes without saying that you will need to download the Traveloka App first. After the app has been installed on your smartphone, you can buy XL internet packages, whenever and wherever you want. Yes, this includes if you suddenly need to make such a purchase early in the morning or in the middle of the night!  

Various XL Data Package Choices Available

Traveloka has a variety of XL data packages you can choose from. Starting with the XTRA combo package, with its quota of 800 megabytes (MB) to 56 gigabytes (GB), which you can buy using Traveloka App. This package has an activation period of 30 days. You can also buy the XL data combo, XTRA S, with its quota of 1.5 GB and receive bonus talk time of 30 minutes. 

In addition, you can also buy the XL data combo package, XTRA M, which gives you a quota of 12 GB, with 10 GB of this exclusively for 4G networks. If you need to increase your quota capacity , you can also buy the XL data combo, XTRA L. You will receive a quota of 19 GB, with 15 GB of this exclusively for 4G networks. On top of this, you will receive a bonus of 75 minutes talk time for all providers.  

Also available is the XL internet data combo package, XTRA XL. You can use this for virtually unlimited internet use, with its quota of 26 GB. In fact, this package contains 20 GB of data for use with 4G networks, boosting the speed of your online experience. This package comes with a bonus talk time of 100 minutes. 

If you still need an even larger quota capacity, you can buy the XTRA 2XL combo. By buying this package, you will receive  a quota of 40 GB, containing 30 GB of data for use with 4G networks. XL also provides bonus talk time of 125 minutes to all providers when you buy the XTRA 2 XL package. You are even given bonus unlimited talk time to any XL number. 

Still not enough?  You can go ahead and purchase the XL data combo, XTRA 3 XL. You will be given a quota of up to 56 GB, with 40 GB of this being for use with 4G networks. In order to satisfy its customers, with this package, XL has included bonus talk time of 150 minutes to all providers.  Indeed, you will also receive bonus unlimited talk time to all XL numbers when purchasing this package. 

Another option might be buying the XL HotRod internet data package from Traveloka. You can buy HotRod data packages with quotas of between 800 MB to 16 GB, with activation periods of 30 days. The HotRod package also boasts the speed of up to 100 Mbps. You can use this package for chatting, browsing, or staying up to date on social media. If 800 MB quota is not enough, you can choose the XL HotRod data package with its quota of 3 GB. 

XL also provides HotRod data packages with quotas of 6 GB, 12 GB, as well as 16 GB. With such bandwidth capacity, you will be able to download movies or stream YouTube videos to your heart’s satisfaction. 

XL Internet Coverage 

XL has now positioned itself as a premier mobile phone provider for smartphone users. This is because XL often offers promotions and tempting data packages. In addition, XL internet coverage reaches far and wide, with fast internet access speeds.  

As one of the oldest mobile phone providers, naturally, XL has a large customer base in a number of different territories. In order for its customers to feel satisfied with the services they have been given, XL has rolled out 3G services in a number of areas. XL’s 3G coverage can be enjoyed in a number of large cities on the island of Java, as well as in provinces in the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. Furthermore, 3G coverage can be accessed in a number of other territories, such as Sanggau in West Kalimantan, Nunukan in North Kalimantan, and Palopo in Sulawesi. 

The arrival of 3G network with wide coverage obviously brings with it a positive impact on customers. XL customers are now able to enjoy an internet connection which is not only fast, but also stable. 

Additionally, XL also provides 4G network. This network can already be accessed in a number of territories. Users in Jabodetabek area can already enjoy fast XL 4G coverage. 4G coverage can also be accessed in certain territories in Java, Pekanbaru, Deli Serdang, Medan, Palembang, Batam, Denpasar, Lombok, Banjarmasin, and Manado. 

How to Check Your Remaining XL Quota

Sometimes you might find yourself too busy enjoying time spent online, when suddenly you lose your internet connection because your data package has run out. Consequently, you need to buy a new XL data package in order to reconnect to the internet. 

Suddenly finding that your data package has run out is clearly not a fun experience. To avoid this unpleasant experience from happening to you, it’s better  to routinely check your remaining internet quota. If it turns out that the XL data package you’ve bought is starting to run out, the first thing to do is to temporarily stop your internet usage.  

There are several things you can do to check your remaining XL data package quota. The first way of finding out how much quota you have left is by means of a voice call. Simply key in *123*7*5# to ascertain how much XL data package quota you have left. Routinely check your remaining internet quota using this feature to ensure that you don’t find yourself suddenly losing your connection in the middle of your online activities. 

Another thing you can do, is to check your quota via SMS. All you need to do is type ‘KUOTA’ in the body of an SMS, then send it to 868. Later on you will receive a reply detailing how much remaining internet quota you have. Using a voice call or an SMS, it’s simple to check your XL internet package quota.  

Tips for Choosing the Right XL Data Package

When you are deciding which XL data package best meets your needs, there is no need to feel confused. XL offers a variety of data packages to fit the demands of its customers. With this in mind, you should feel no stress when choosing from the data packages available. 

For example, if your monthly internet usage needs are too great, you might end up choosing the HotRod 800 MB data package, or the XL data combo, XTRA S with its 1.5 GB quote. With these quotas, you will be able to chat online, browse the web, and access social media as much as you need. 

However, if you are in fact somebody who enjoys frequent browsing and accessing social media platforms, you may find yourself needing an XL package with a larger quota. A better fit for your needs might be the HotRod 6 GB package, or the XTRA M combo package, with its 12 GB quota or XTRA L with 19 GB. 

With quotas as large as the aforementioned, you will be able to use the internet to your satisfaction. You will no longer need to worry about your package running out quickly when you’re streaming a video, because of the abundance of bandwidth at your disposal within the XL data package. Indeed, you can even use this type of package to download songs and movies. 

Additionally, XL also provides data packages with quotas of 26 GB, 40 GB, and 56 GB. This range of choices of data packages with their large quotas will naturally leave customers feeling satisfied.  

Tips for Economical XL Data Package Usage

Is your internet quota running out quickly? Perhaps you have been using it heavily and without realizing it, the quota that was supposed to last 30 days has quickly run out. Because of this, it is recommended that you take steps to ensure your usage is economical, so that your internet quota does not quickly run out. There are several methods you can employ for thriftier usage.

1. Make use of public Wi-Fi facilities

When you are in a public place, such as a restaurant, office, park, or mall, use the WiFi network which has already been made available at this location. Nowadays, it is very common for public locations to provide free WiFi to their visitors. By accessing the internet using a WiFi network, your XL data package usage will become more economical.

2. Use data saving features

Some browsers now come with built-in data saving features. The way these features work is to limit data consumption during a browsing session, especially with regard to multimedia content such as pictures or video. By using a data saving feature, the web page which you are currently accessing will display pictures at a lower resolution, or even prevent pictures from loading altogether. By using such features, you can ensure that the amount of your XL internet quota being drained will be kept to a minimum.

3. Data usage settings

If the two above methods prove to be unsatisfactory, you can also try adjusting your data usage settings. The aim of this is to anticipate usage which exceeds your quota. For example, you can adjust your data usage settings for a weekly or monthly time period.

By using these settings to limit your data usage, you will receive warnings when you are enjoying your online activities. By turning on data usage limits, you will soon find that you are being more economical in your usage, and subsequently notice that your XL internet package is not running out quickly.

However, once you have set limits for yourself, you also need to make sure your usage is kept within their confines. Unless you do so, taking such steps will prove fruitless, and you will continue to find that your XL data package is running out quickly.

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