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Interesting Places in Lubuklinggau

Since 2001, Lubuklinggau has become a regency-level city within the South Sumatra Province. The city is located on the west side of the famous province of Pempek Palembanga.

From the geographical side, Lubuklinggau is very strategic located between Jambi, Bengkulu and Palembang cities. This city becomes the link between Java and other cities in the northern side of Sumatra Island. The potential helped boost development in this city, which is said to become the next metropolitan.

As one of the developing cities in Sumatra, Lubuklinggau has one airport in the city center, namely Silampari Airport. Every day, the airport helps connecting Lubuklinggau City with Jakarta and Palembang City. Some of the major airlines that provide flight tickets to Lubuklinggau are Batik Air, Nam Air, and Wings Air.

Most Popular Destinations in Lubuklinggau City

Got an airplane ticket to Lubuklinggau but still confused on where to go? The following most popular destinations can be a good start for tourist in Lubuklinggau.

1. Bukit Sulap Lubuklinggau

Location: Jalan Bengawan Solo, Kelurahan Ulak Surung, Kecamatan Lubuk Linggau Utara II.

The unique name "Bukit Sulap" is deliberately used to describe the magical power of this natural tourist attraction. Every morning before the sun rise, this hill seemed to disappear covered in fog. Along with the rising sun, a beautiful view of the green hills and urban clusters of Lubuklinggau will appear as the fog begins to disappear. To reach the peak of 700 meters above sea level, tourists can climb for 1 hour or take a tilted train for 30 minutes.

2. Air Terjun Temam

Location: Kelurahan Rahma, Lubuk Linggau Selatan I.

With an elongated shape similar to curtains, this place reminds many people of Niagara Falls. However, this mini version can be safely enjoyed from a close distant. With a height of about 12 meters and a width of 25 meters, visitors can play water to the side of the waterfall. The pool has a depth of 4 meters, ready to be a fun place to play water. At night, the look of this waterfall is even more beautiful with the colorful LED lights highlighting it.

3. Museum Subkoss Garuda Sriwijaya

Location: Jalan Garuda nomor 1, Bandung Kanan, Lubuk Linggau Barat II.

History lovers should go to this monument on the north side of Merdeka Square, Lubuklinggau. The monument was founded in 1986 and became a symbol of the preservation of heroic values ​​of the Indonesian independence fighters in 1947-1949. Here, there is a historic steam locomotive that first attracted train cars from Palembang to Lubuklinggau in 1933. The locomotive was placed near the entrance of the museum and become one of the favourite spots to take photos by tourists.

The Most Popular Places to Eat in Lubuklinggau City

If you are in Lubuklinggau and curious to taste the speciality in this city? Be sure to stop by the following popular places:

1. Nasi Bakar 88

Location: Jalan Yos Sudarso nomor 08 RT 02, Taba Koji, Lubuk Linggau Timur II.

From the outside, this restaurant looks small. But once inside, visitors are welcomed by an artistic and very wide dining area. The comfortable appearance is fairly suitable for large meals with the family. People come here to eat a variety of tasty and cheap variants of nasi bakar. While eating, visitors can enjoy music entertainment or fun karaoke.

2. Gubug Makan Mang Engking Lubuklinggau

Location: Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Siring Agung, Lubuk Lingau Selatan II.

Open every day, 10:00 - 22:00 WIB.

Although it is not a Lubuklinggau style, in fact this Sunda restaurant is the next most popular culinary destination in the city. Interestingly, this dining hut specifically offers a unique Lubuklinggau menu, namely Pindang Tempoyak. While eating delicious food, visitors can invite their family to enjoy fish therapy facilities, as well as a lake equipped with water balls, water ducks, and canoes.

3. Pempek Famidilin

Location: Jalan Yos Sudarso number 147, Batu Urip Taba, Lubuk Linggau Timur I.

Open every day, 08:00 - 21:00 WIB.

Because both are located in South Sumatra Province, Pempek can also be regarded as one of Lubuklinggau's culinary wealth. Pempek Famidilin is the most favorite place to eat pempek in this city. The specialty of Pempek Famidilin is in its delicious pempek taste along with the broth sauce. Here, visitors can also buy special packaging pempek to be brought as souvenirs or sent out of town.

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