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Traveloka Gift Voucher
All you want to know about
Traveloka Gift Voucher
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Available on App
Why Choose Traveloka Gift Voucher?
Because it’s fun and easy.
For you and for them.
Purchasing Traveloka Gift Voucher
How to Buy Traveloka Gift Voucher?
Buy in 3 easy steps: choose the occasion, enter the details, and make payment.
Step by Step
How does Email and Print version differ?
Recipient will receive gift voucher directly in their email.
Email Preview
You will receive gift voucher in your email in a printable format.
Printing Instruction
Using Traveloka Gift Voucher
Important Notes
How to Use
Voucher Expires
Within 1 year
Voucher Is Valid For
All Traveloka products
Voucher Is Limited For
One-time usage only
  1. Each gift voucher can be used up to 1 year for booking any travel date with no minimum transaction.
  2. Each gift voucher code is valid for one-time use only.
  3. Multiple coupon codes from a gift voucher can be used together or for separate bookings. Gift voucher can also be combined with promo coupon codes.
  4. Gift voucher can be used to purchase Flight, Hotel, and Flight + Hotel products on Traveloka.
  5. Gift voucher can be used on Traveloka desktop/mobile site and/or Traveloka App for IOS/Android for any payment method.
  6. By applying the gift voucher, you will earn Traveloka Points based on the discounted price. However, combining your gift voucher with promo code will not earn you Traveloka Points.
  7. Traveloka does not take any responsibility for any loss or misuse of gift voucher arising out of user’s negligence.
  8. Please visit http://traveloka.com/giftvoucher/help to learn more about Traveloka Gift Voucher.

Choose Product

Log in/register on Traveloka site or App and choose a product.

Complete Details

Fill in the booking form, review and make sure your details are correct.

Proceed to Payment

Continue to payment page and choose the payment method you prefer.

Enter Gift Voucher Code

After selecting payment method, enter and apply the gift voucher code on “Coupon” section.

Complete Payment

Click/tap Pay to complete your transaction.

Printing Gift Voucher


  • Use an A4 sized Art or Buffalo paper.
  • Choose the “two-sided” setting on your printer.


  1. Prepare your paper.
  2. Put the paper precisely in line with the printer’s input slot.
  3. Once printed, follow the dashed line to cut the gift voucher on its’ borders.

Making Envelope


  • Use an A4 sized Art or Buffalo paper. This size is already adjusted with your gift voucher size


  1. Prepare your paper.
  2. Cut the outer frame of the envelope template following the blue dashed line.
  3. Cut the short dashed line below the envelope’s image. This cut line will be used as the envelope’s closing.
  4. Fold all the parts marked by the solid black lines inward, following the order number.
  5. As the envelope starts to form, put the gift voucher you have printed inside the envelope.
  6. Insert the envelope’s upper part to the short line that you cut on the 3rd step.
  7. And that’s a wrap! You can now present your gift voucher.
How to Book Traveloka Gift Voucher?
Buy a Traveloka Gift Voucher from Traveloka App version 3.8 and/or above. Always start with logging in, then follow the steps below:
Choose the occasion
The occasion you choose will determine the design of your gift voucher.
Select design, amount, and delivery method
You can choose to Email the gift voucher or Print it to give in person
Review and proceed to payment
Make sure that the amount, quantity, and recipient details (only for email gift voucher) are correct.
Email Type Preview

Sharing Happiness With Traveloka Gift Voucher

Everyone must have someone that they care about. Parents, siblings, children, close friends, colleagues, and new acquaintances. There are certain times that when we want to show our care by giving them special treatment.

When giving something means a symbol of caring, the process of determining "what to give" can be time consuming and lead to a long debate. Often because of a dilemma to choose what really suitable for that special person. If you buy particular goods, there might be a thought that the item might not suitable or not fit to them.

One of the simple yet useful gift is Gift Voucher. Gift voucher with a certain nominal value could make the recipient get a discounted price for necessities shopping or be able to do transaction at the voucher issuer. In other words, they can decide for themselves on what should they get with the gift voucher.

One of the types of gift voucher that can provide fun is of course a travel gift voucher. It is because everyone like to travel, having recreation, or simply eating at restaurants. Due to these, anyone who receive the gift voucher must be very happy, whether they use it to buy products, travel services or lifestyle packages.

With Traveloka, now we can share the happiness easily. You can purchase Traveloka’s latest service Gift Voucher, directly in the latest version of the Traveloka App. You can buy and present it to the people you love. Voucher recipients can use the gifts they receive to buy travel and lifestyle products at Traveloka. It also can be used as a Traveloka Hotel or Traveloka Travel Voucher.

Now is the time for you to send happiness to the closest people through Traveloka. There are many benefits that you can enjoy from the Traveloka Gift Voucher service. Starting from fun personalization, easy steps of purchase and sending, until the easy usage of the gift voucher. 

In terms of personalization, you can package the gift voucher as attractive as possible. Traveloka provides many design templates according to the various important moments that you want to celebrate. The voucher amount varies, starting from IDR 100,000 - Rp1,000,000. Later, you can decide for yourself whether the voucher will be sent directly to the recipient via email or if you wish to print it first.

To buy the Traveloka gift voucher, you can simply do these three easy steps. Start by opening Traveloka App version 3.8 and above on your mobile, log in to your account, then select the Gift Voucher menu. After entering the menu, (1) you can choose the moment of celebration, (2) choose the design, voucher amount and selection to send, (3) then make a payment after carefully checking the order details.

After those steps, it is time to send the Traveloka gift voucher for all happy moments. This gift voucher has a long validity period, up to one year. The voucher holder can use it for every transaction at Traveloka, anytime, and without a minimum purchase. Traveloka first, share happiness later.

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