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The Cheapest Internet Roaming Packages at Traveloka

Want to have internet access in various countries? Now Traveloka offers Data Roaming Package for every operator. Stay connected wherever you are through Traveloka’s International Data Plan that you can buy with a more affordable price.

Now available on Traveloka App


When you are making a trip abroad, something you need to be aware of is how to ensure that you maintain your ability to communicate. Never allow a situation whereby your business becomes affected due to your inability to communicate effectively. One fundamental to making sure that you stay connected when traveling is a stable internet connection.

An internet connection will make your time abroad much more comfortable as you will have no difficulty using ride-hailing apps, booking hotel rooms and airline tickets, as well as using GPS. In order that you may stay connected to the internet, you no longer need to worry about having to find a WiFi hotspot. Indeed, not all WiFi hotspots come free of charge.

This is why mobile phone providers such as Telkomsel, XL, and Tri now offer the roaming data services to make it easier for you to stay connected to a smooth internet connection, without obstacle, around the world. All you need to do is pick the roaming data package that suits you best without inserting a new SIM card.

Telkomsel Roaming

Telkomsel users can use their roaming packages in many different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and even China. By using a Telkomsel roaming package, you no longer need to worry about internet charges when abroad. The choices of Telkomsel roaming packages start at Rp50.000, which is even cheaper than buying a new SIM card from a local mobile phone provider.

In addition, Telkomsel also offers roaming packages for those of you who plan to go on a holy pilgrimage such as Umrah or Hajj. There are 6 choices of Umrah and Hajj roaming package; these are 3-in-1 30-Day Hajj Package, 30-Day Internet Roaming Package, 3-in-1 40-Day Package, 20-Day Internet Package, 40-Day Internet Package, and 1-Day Talk Mania Package. These different packages will make it much easier for you to communicate with family members in Indonesia.

XL Roaming

For XL users, you can enjoy more efficient communication when traveling abroad by using one of XL Easy Roaming packages. One of these XL Easy Roaming packages is XL Pass with a period of service of between 1 – 30 days. By using the XL Pass service, you can quickly gain access to an internet connection in 53 different countries without the need to insert a new SIM card.

Besides, there are also XL Combo Roaming packages to accompany you when you travel abroad. Starting at Rp250.000, you will be able to access the internet, make phone calls, and send text messages for three days.

There is also a service available to XL users who plan to make an Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage to the sacred land. With a package costing Rp149.000, you will be able to make calls, send text messages, and have unlimited access to the internet while you make your pilgrimage.

Tri Roaming

With the support of Tri Global, users of Tri mobile phone services can connect to the internet with ease and at affordable rates. There are a few different Tri roaming packages which you can use in more than fifty different countries. You can also make the most of your trip abroad with an unlimited internet connection.

For Tri users who plan to visit Australia, New Zealand, and 20 European countries, you can use the TRIp Aero Pass package for only Rp400.000 for 5 days, and Rp750.000 for 10 days. Meanwhile, for Tri users who plan to visit Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, there are also Asia Pass packages for you.

There is also the Sea Pass package, for those of you who wish to visit Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. For Singapore in particular, you can buy the special TRIp Singapore package at a very affordable price, that is, ranging from Rp20.000 for one day up to Rp75.000 for one week.

Besides the above, Tri mobile users who plan to make their pilgrimage to the sacred land can activate the package TRIp Ibadah for only Rp125.000 for 10 days or Rp250.000 for 44 days. These prices are very affordable.

How To Activate Your Roaming Package

Your roaming data package can be activated before or even during your trip to the country you are visiting. To activate your Telkomsel internet roaming package, there are several options which you can choose from. KartuHALO, simPATI, or kartuAS users can enable their Telkomsel internet roaming packages by using the MyTelkomsel app, or by using the USSD code *266#.

For XL users, you can activate your XL roaming package by keying in *123*747# or via the myXL app. Your roaming package will be ready to use after you have received an SMS notification. Beforehand, make sure that your phone's data roaming settings have been turned on.

On the other hand, if you are an XL Prioritas user, you can activate your roaming package via prepaid or postpaid Open International Roaming services. Users who pay in cash can make an Open International Roaming transaction by changing their method of payment to credit card at their nearest XL center, or transfer the money to an XL account.

For Tri users, you can activate your roaming package by using the USDD code *899# or via the BimaTri app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play and the Apple App Store. You do not need to worry about manually changing your settings as your Tri SIM card will automatically connect to one of its affiliate operators in the country you are visiting.

To make things even easier, it is also possible to activate your Telkomsel, XL and Tri roaming packages via Traveloka App. By purchasing an internet roaming package via Traveloka, you can activate services with greater efficiency, as they will be ready for use as soon as you have completed the payment. As well as this, there are many discount promotions available on Traveloka which will allow you to enjoy great savings.

Tips for keeping costs low while roaming

To make sure your costs stay low while using your internet roaming package when you travel abroad, there are a few things you should stay aware of. These tips will help you avoid overstepping your budget when using your internet package.

To begin with, only activate your roaming package when you are out of range of a WiFi hotspot. Next, use your smartphone apps as efficiently as possible by just turning on essential apps and turning off automatic downloads when using mobile data. Don't forget, set your phone's apps to update manually and only update them when you are within range of a WiFi hotspot.