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Saudi Arabia Internet Packages – Rent Pocket WiFi, and Roaming Packages

Want to stay connected while visiting Saudi Arabia? Now you can find the solution through various international connectivity products. You can find Roaming Package, Pocket WiFi Rental, and Prepaid SIM Card with a cheaper price. Planning for your trip has never been easier with our international connectivity package.

Now available on Traveloka App

About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is listed as a country in West Asian region with topographical areas mostly covered in desert. Looking at the geographical factor, Saudi Arabia is around 2.150.000 square kilometers. This makes Saudi Arabia the fifth largest country in Asia.

Being the largest oil-producing country in the world, the country's economy is relatively stable. Saudi Arabia is one of the favorite destinations for Indonesians. This is because Saudi Arabia is a popular religious destination, as people believe the country to be the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as the center of Islam. In most cases, Indonesians travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages, or even for business.

How to Get Saudi Arabia Internet Packages on Traveloka

You can stay connected during your trip by purchasing Saudi Arabia internet packages. Generally, tourists would usually buy the Umrah Packages offered by various mobile providers in the country.

A complete Umrah internet package is now available on Traveloka App. You can make your purchase by selecting the "International Data Plans" menu on the main page. After that, select "Saudi Arabia" in the destination country column. If you know how long you are traveling, check the box then choose the date of travel. Continue by clicking "Search Products" to see the results.

Make sure you read the detailed information of each product carefully before making your purchase. Choose the type of product and package that suit your needs. Currently, Traveloka offers two kinds of internet packages for Saudi Arabia, namely Roaming Packages and Portable WiFi.

After finding the right package, continue your order by entering the phone number and package activation date. After that, complete your payment within the time given. Your internet package will be activated immediately according to the desired date.

Portable WiFi in Saudi Arabia

Portable WiFi is a wireless internet modem that can travel with you everywhere. This product suits those who want unlimited service with their own network.

Portable WiFi also suits travelers who travel in a small group, since one portable WiFi can be used for up to 10 devices at one time. By bringing your own portable WiFi, you can access the internet whenever wherever without the need to wait for free WiFi access at your stay.

Two of Indonesia’s main providers that offer portable WiFi service are IziRoam and Java Mifi. Both companies are based in Indonesia, providing high-quality internet access at an affordable price. Traveloka provides portable WiFi to Saudi Arabia from IziRoam and Java Mifi with the following packages:

See Popular Pocket Wifi in Traveloka
ProductsPrice Per DayPickup Country
IziRoam Travel WiFi Arab Saudi Unlimited quota with FUP 500MB per day (4G LTE) + 150Mpbs download speed + 50Mbps upload speed Rp45.000Indonesia
Java Mifi Pocket WiFi 4G Arab Saudi Unlimited quota, high speed internet up to 100Mbps (4G LTE) Rp49.000Indonesia
Java Mifi Pocket WiFi 4G Timur Tengah Unlimited quota, high speed internet of 100Mbps (4G LTE) Rp99.000Indonesia
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Roaming Packages in Saudi Arabia

For those who wish to continue using their own SIM card to stay connected while abroad, you can purchase roaming packages. Directly activate the international data roaming package from your card to enjoy internet access at affordable prices.

The Saudi Arabia Roaming Package ensures you stay connected to the internet, make and receive calls from Indonesia, and send and receive SMS. You can enjoy all the ease of being connected without the need to change the SIM card, or your mobile settings, let alone re-registering.

One of the leading roaming package providers for Saudi Arabia is Telkomsel. The number one operator in Indonesia, Telkomsel, offers Umrah packages with various packages ranged from Rp125.000 – Rp335.000. The active period of the package is available from 1 to 3 days.

See Roaming Packages in Traveloka
Telkomsel Asia & Australia 1 day 1 day internet quota of 250MB Rp125.000
Telkomsel 3 in 1 Asia & Australia 1 day 1 day internet quota of 250MB, 15 minutes talk to Indonesia, 15 SMS Indonesia Rp150.000
Telkomsel Asia & Australia 3 days 3 day internet quota of 750MB Rp275.000
Telkomsel 3 in 1 Asia & Australia 3 days 3 day internet quota of 750MB, 15 minutes talk to Indonesia, 15 SMS to Indonesia Rp375.000
Telkomsel 3 in 1 Asia & Australia 5 days 5 days internet quota 1.25GB + 30 minutes talk to Indonesia + 30 SMS to Indonesia Rp500.000
Telkomsel Asia & Australia 7 days 7 days internet quota 1.75GB Rp500.000
Telkomsel 3 in 1 Asia & Australia 7 days 7 days internet quota 1.75GB + 30 minute talk to Indonesia + 30 SMS to Indonesia Rp600.000
Telkomsel Paket Umroh Plus 9 days 9 days internet quota 5GB Rp260.00
Telkomsel 3 in 1 Paket Umroh Plus 9 days 9 days internet quota 5GB + 30 minutes of out and in calls + 30 SMS to Indonesia Rp340.000
Telkomsel Paket Umroh Plus 14 days 14 days internet quota 10GB Rp350.000
Telkomsel 3 in 1 Paket Umroh Plus 14 days 14 days internet quota 10GB + 45 minutes of out and in calls + 45 SMS to Indonesia Rp550.000
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Popular Travel Destinations in Saudi Arabia

As a popular religious site, Saudi Arabia has a lot of places to visit. Those places become popular reasons for Indonesians to visit Saudi Arabia. Some of those top destinations are:

Great Mosque of Mecca: Al-Haram Mosque

The mosque is Muslim's top destination during Umrah, this holy site is the number one place to visit in Saudi Arabia. Al-Haram Mosque is the busiest mosque in the world located in Mecca. Not only popular as a site to pray, but it can also be visited by Muslims for educational and historical purposes.

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King Fahd's Fountain

King Fahd's fountain presents a beautiful view in the middle of Jeddah. The basin has the tallest water spray which is believed to be higher than Eiffel Tower in Paris. Anyone who's seen this up close will be in awe.

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Al Rahma Mosque

This mosque is located in Jeddah and is known as the Floating Mosque due to its location at the banks of the Red Sea. When the tide is high, the mosque looks like it's floating in the middle of the sea. The main mosque's blue dome also makes a charming panorama, especially during sunset.

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Cave of Hira

Located in Jabal-al-Nour, about 2 miles away from Mecca, the Cave of Hira are popular for Umrah travelers. This cave is believed to hold a strong historical value. According to Islamic history and beliefs, Cave of Hira was the place where Allah first has given His revelation to Prophet Muhammad through Jibril angel.

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Madinah Dates Market

Dates are iconic fruits from Saudi Arabia. To get this, you can visit dates market in Madinah that provides various types of dates at various prices. Make sure to buy dates as souvenirs.

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King Abdullah Park

Located in Riyadh, King Abdullah Park is a beautiful garden with colorful flowers. Tourists often visit this park to chill with family, have a picnic, take a walk, cycling, watch the fountain at night, or merely to play with kids.

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Fakieh Aquarium

This modern aquarium offers underwater experience with exotic sea animals. Besides acting as a marine tourism spot, this aquarium next to Al Nawras provides recreational facilities such as ice slides, kids playground, and buffet restaurant overlooking the Red Sea.

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