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Thailand Internet Packages - SIM Cards, Rent Pocket WiFi, and Roaming Packages

Want to stay connected while visiting Thailand? Now you can find the solution through various international connectivity products. You can find Roaming Package, Pocket WiFi Rental, and Prepaid SIM Card with a cheaper price. Planning for your trip has never been easier with our international connectivity package.

Now available on Traveloka App

About Thailand

Having a reputation as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Thailand has many exciting sightseeing locations, such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chonburi, Krabi, and Surat Thani. Besides, Thailand is also known as a food lover's paradise. Furthermore, Thailand is home to a wide range of snacks and clothing, available at affordable prices.

Exploring Thailand is made more convenient with a stable internet connection. Because of this, Traveloka, via its International Data Plans service, offers a variety of different internet packages for those of you wishing to travel to the country famed for its elephants. Such services ensure that you will be able to maintain communication with family and friends while in Thailand, and can be activated before departure. Of added appeal is the fact that you can find an internet package with a price and facilities to match your exact needs.

How to Get Thailand Internet Packages on Traveloka

Enjoy the ease with which you can directly acquire a Thailand internet package from the palm of your hand. Using Traveloka App, you no longer need to feel confused when searching for the right kind of data package. Also, you can complete your purchase wherever you are, by merely using the Traveloka App.

To complete your acquisition, all you need to do is click where it says International Data Plans on the home page of Traveloka App. Next, choose the appropriate destination country and the duration of days you plan to be traveling. After this, select the Thailand internet package that meets your needs, and continue by filling in your details in the booking form.

Once you have finished, you can complete your payment by using one of the various payment methods offered by Traveloka. Later, your voucher confirming your internet package purchase will be sent to you via email. You can then conveniently enjoy your internet access wherever you are in Thailand.

SIM Card in Thailand

When traveling to Thailand, you will still need access to the internet. You may decide that a tourist SIM card is the best solution for catering to such a need. Interestingly, a tourist SIM card can be adjusted according to the needs of individual travelers. Therefore, you can make your purchase according to how you plan on using the card.

Buying a tourist SIM card is not difficult at all, as they can be purchased on Traveloka App. The way to do so is by opening the app on your smartphone, then choosing your local mobile phone provider. The process of purchasing a tourist SIM card on Traveloka is quick and straightforward. After you have completed your transaction, all that is left to do is to enjoy your internet access that comes with a strong signal and an expansive network with coverage in many different regions. Naturally, all of this will make your trip to Thailand much more comfortable.

See Popular SIM Card in Traveloka
ProductspricePickup Country
15 Days Happy Tourist SIM 15 Days 6GB data 100Mbps + Unlimited 3G 384Kbps Rp.195.000Thailand
8 Days Happy Tourist SIM 8 Days 2.5GB data 100Mbps + unlimited 3G 384Kbps Rp.95.000Thailand
Thailand (AIS Traveller SIM 7 days) 7 Days 2.5GB (4G) + unlimited (2G) + 100 minutes call Rp.150.000Indonesia
Truemove SIM Card 8 Days 3GB (4G) unlimited + 20 Mbps Speed Rp.172500Indonesia
Traveler SIM Asia 8 Days 4GB (4G) Speed+ unlimited (2G) 128 Kbps Thailand
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Pocket WiFI Rental in Thailand

To make traveling in Thailand more enjoyable for its users, Traveloka now offers rental of pocket WiFi devices for tourists. Pocket WiFi comes with unlimited data quota and can be shared by many different users at the same time. This means that if you are visiting Thailand with friends or family, Pocket WiFi can be the best choice for you to enjoy internet connection at an affordable price.

In addition to the above features, Pocket WiFi is also convenient for use while traveling. A single Pocket WiFi rental will come with some accessories, such as charger, battery, SIM card, and data cable, making it easier for you to plug in and play. This way, you will be able to use social media, ride-hailing apps, video calls, and have smooth access to digital maps over an internet connection that is fast and stable.

See Popular Pocket Wifi in Traveloka
ProductsPrice Per DayPickup Country
Smile Traveler WiFi Unlimited (4G) + 50Mbps data speed Rp.77.047Thailand
Wi-Ho Pocket WiFi Unlimited with 1GB per day (4G) + 9.8Mbps data speed Rp.59.000Thailand
Java MiFi Pocket WiFi Unlimited + 100Mbps data speed Rp.59.000Indonesia
IziRoam Thailand Travel WiFi Unlimited with 500MB per day (4G LTE) + 150Mbps download speed + 50Mbps upload speed Rp.55.000Indonesia
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Roaming Packages in Thailand

Another way to maintain internet access while in Thailand is to buy a roaming package. This way can be seen as the easiest and most convenient, as there is no need to switch to a local SIM card, change your phone's settings, or re-register your SIM card. All that is required is to use your home country's phone number, then enjoy a stable internet connection for communication or accessing social media as well as looking up useful information while traveling.

All you need to do is buy a roaming package for your mobile phone provider on Traveloka App. You will have the option of choosing a package that suits the length of your trip and choosing a data volume size that matches your needs. Continue by making a purchase using one of the many methods available, and you will be ready to enjoy internet access in Thailand without the need to change your SIM card.

See Roaming Packages in Traveloka
Nama ProdukHarga
Telkomsel 1-Day PROMO Asia & Australia 1 Days internet quota 200MB Rp.48.000
Telkomsel 3-in-1 Promo Asia & Australia (1D) 1 Days internet quota 200MB + 50 SMS + 50 minutes call to Indonesia Rp.70.000
Telkomsel 1-Day Asia & Australia 1 Days internet quota 250MB Rp.125.000
Telkomsel 3-in-1 Asia & Australia 1 Days internet quota 250MB + 15 SMS + 15 minutes call to Indonesia Rp.150.000
Telkomsel 3-Day PROMO Asia & Australia 3 Days internet quota 1GB Rp.115.000
Telkomsel 3-in-1 PROMO Asia & Australia (3D) 3 Days internet quota 1GB + 200 SMS + 200 minutes call to Indonesia Rp.195.000
Telkomsel 3-Day Asia & Australia 3 Days internet quota 750MB Rp.275.000
Telkomsel 3-in-1 Asia & Australia (3D) 3 Days 750MB data + 15 SMS + 15 minutes call to Indonesia Rp.375.000
Telkomsel 3-in-1 Asia & Australia (5D) 5 Days internet quota 1.25GB + 30 SMS + 30 minutes call to Indonesia Rp.500.000
Telkomsel 7-Day PROMO Asia & Australia 7 Days internet quota 2.5GB Rp.240.000
Telkomsel 3-in-1 PROMO Asia & Australia (7D) 7 Days internet quota 2.5GB + 500 SMS + 500 minutes call to Indonesia Rp.340.000
Telkomsel 7-Days Asia & Australia 7 Days internet quota 1.75GB Rp.500.000
Telkomsel 3-in-1 Asia & Australia (7D) 7 Days internet quota 1.75GB + 30 SMS + 30 minutes call to Indonesia Rp.600.000
Telkomsel 30-Day PROMO Asia & Australia 30 Days internet quota 5GB Rp.335.000
Telkomsel 3-in-1 PROMO Asia & Australia (30D) 30 Days internet quota 5GB + 500 SMS + 500 minutes call to Indonesia Rp. 425.000
XL Pass 1 Day 1 Days Remaining XTRA Combo/HotRod will be used (excluding call minutes) Rp. 65.000
XL Roaming Combo 1 Day 1 Days internet quota Unlimited Rp.125.000
XL Pass 3 Days 3 Days Remaining XTRA Combo/HotRod data will be used (excluding call minutes) Rp.120.000
XL Roaming Combo 3 Days 3 Days internet quota Unlimited Rp. 175.000
XL Pass 7 Days 7 Days Remaining XTRA Combo/HotRod data will be used (excluding call minutes) Rp.160.000
XL Roaming Combo 7 Days 7 Days internet quota Unlimited Rp.335.000
XL Pass 30 Days 30 Days Remaining XTRA Combo/HotRod data will be used (excluding call minutes) Rp.595.000
XL Roaming Combo 30 Days 30 Days internet quota Unlimited Rp.660.000
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Popular Travel Destinations in Thailand

It goes without saying that a vacation to Thailand will never be boring. There is an endless number of sights to see, restaurants, and historical locations which you can visit there. If you are not sure where to start, here are three recommended places which you will not want to miss when traveling to Thailand:

Grand Palace

If you would like to see something of historical interest, the Grand Palace is an obligatory location to visit. The Grand Palace is a building which also functions as the official residence of the Thai royal family. This structure was built using an architectural style filled with Buddhist elements. Additionally, this location is easy to reach, as it is situated in the heart of Bangkok, to be precise at 1 Na Phra Lan Rd, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200.

Besides the palace, the Grand Palace complex also contains a building of high artistic value, temples and beautiful parks. You can visit the holiest temple in Thailand, Wat Phra Kaew, or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Besides being a tourist attraction, Wat Phra Kaew also functions as a place of worship. These factors contribute to the Grand Palace's status as an extremely popular destination among tourists.

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Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical

Other than Bangkok, you can also go to Pattaya, and visit Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. This will involve an approximate two-hour drive from downtown Bangkok.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is highly suitable for those who wish to relieve some stress and explore the city of Pattaya. As far as the eye can see are parks filled with colorful flowers. Also, this tourist location has many theme parks such as the European Garden and Ant Tower. After you have completed your horticultural tourism, you can take in attractions such as the Elephant Show & the Cultural Show, go shopping for Thai knickknacks, and take photographs with tigers.

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Phuket Island

Phuket Island is located in the southern province of Thailand and is known as a popular marine tourist destination. A clean beach, calm waves, and light blue seawater are all part of Phuket Island's appeal as a tourist destination. There is not just the beauty of the beach to take in, but you can also go and watch a show at Simon Cabaret, enjoy some nightlife on Bang La Road, and go shopping for souvenirs to take home to friends.

Besides all of the above, there is one attraction which you are obligated to visit while traveling to Phuket, and that is to go for an exclusive tour of Phi-Phi Island. This limestone island is visited by large numbers of tourists, as it has incredibly picturesque natural views. Its breathtaking beauty has led it to become the pride of Thailand.

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