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Temukan jadwal film Cinemaxx hari ini dan beli langsung tiket anda di Traveloka dalam 3 langkah mudah.

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Movie Schedule Cinemaxx

Are you dying to watch a new mega box office hit? Head on to check the latest movie schedule on Cinemaxx through Traveloka app right on your phone. Find your favorite and book the ticket anytime.

Cinemaxx Profile

Cinemaxx is a national cinema network under Cinmaxx Global, owned by the renowned James Riady as the CEO. Even though the brand itself is quite new, Cinemaxx shows a rapid development, thanks to the hard work of Cinemaxx Global’s parent company, the Lippo Group.

Initially opened at Plaza Semanggi Jakarta on 17 August 2014, Cinemaxx is inclined to be the biggest and the most acclaimed cinema network. The launching of the first cinema is soon followed by the opening of its second cinema in FX Sudirman within the one-month period, and other 26 cinemas since its third year of establishment.

Cinemaxx Global envisions 2,000 of screens all across 300 different locations in 85 different cities in Indonesia within the next 10 years. To support this, Cinemaxx utilizes many interesting facilities, which are relatively better than what most of its competitors have to offer.

At first, Cinemaxx provides four different theatres with different facilities, adjusted to the type and the audience’s expectation, i.e., the Cinemaxx Regular, Gold, Ultra XD, and Cinemaxx Junior. Lately, the company also built its fifth theatre, the Deluxe.

The varied facilities and different types of theatres are aimed to serve the ultimate integrated cinematic maxxperiences for a better, fresher, cozier, and unforgettable movie experience.

Theatre Types

Regular Theatre

Technically, this is the basic theatre with the audience capacity of 300 seats. The Regular theatre looks like any other movie theatres, except for the technology and comfort of Cinemaxx. In addition to providing comfortable seating and clean rooms, this studio is also equipped with the latest projector engine to produce sharp images.

Not only that, Cinemaxx Regular is also equipped with qualified digital audio devices to reach all areas and provide an exciting watching experience. Regular theatre comes in two types: the Regular 2D for regular viewing and Cinemaxx Regular 3D for a more real movie experience.

Deluxe Theatre

This latest theatre of Cinemaxx provides and exclusive movie experience with improved comfort. It is equipped with wide, leathered chairs and comfortable backrest of 72 total seats, along with better facilities than the Regular theatre. With this, the audience can enjoy the movie in a better ambiance. Despite its higher-end convenience, the Deluxe type’s ticket is priced reasonably.

Gold Theatre

Cinemaxx Gold theatre is specifically aimed to provide a luxurious movie experience with even more enhanced facilities. It has wide seats, large screen, and crystal-clear audio system for a better enjoyment during movie play. Just like the Regular type, the Gold theatre also comes in two types, the 2D and 3D theatre.

Fun, cozy, and lavish would be the perfect words to picture this theatre. Cinemaxx also allows its audience to order various food and beverages from the menu to be enjoyed while watching the movie. You’ll be served with by a professional staff just like in five-star restaurants or hotels.

Ultra XD Theatre

Want to have a more exciting movie experience? Cinemaxx Ultra XD theatre might be a choice. This theatre is equipped with a screen that runs from end to end and dangles from the ceiling to the floor. That big screen will certainly make the movie looks more attractive.

Besides the cool visual appearance, Ultra XD theatre is also equipped with D-Box seats. D-Box is a simulator seat that will give the vibration and movement effects adjusted to the movie. Along with the facilities like a clear and sophisticated audio system, the audience can definitely enjoy 3D movies in a more tangible manner here.

Junior Theatre

This is the first movie theatre in Indonesia that is specifically designed for kids. It’s no surprise to find various exciting games like a mini flying fox, giant trampoline, mini hammocks, and others to please its junior visitors. Children can both enjoy the movie and play freely here.

Despite a large playground, Cinemaxx Junior theatre also includes unique seatings in its package. There are bean bags, lounges, standardize cinema seats, or sofa beds to accommodate two persons that provide maximum comfort while enjoying the movie. For now, Cinemaxx Junior theatre is only available at Lippo Village and Sun Plaza Medan cinemas.

Ticket Price

Cinemaxx’s ticket price is adjusted to the theatre type you choose. The better the facilities, the more pricey the ticket will be.

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