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Abian Residence

Jalan Kutat Lestari 27, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, 80227
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Menurut 20 tamu
Istirahat nyaman, liburan senang
Prijono P.
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Berdasarkan 6 review traveler
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Berdasarkan 8 ulasan

Sangat Bagus
Tampilkan ulasan yang menyebutkan ...
- Liburan Keluarga
Semua ok lah tapi peralatan dapurnya harus diganti semua... termasuk kompornya.
- Backpacking
Tempatnya agak masuk kedalam lorong tapi bisa dilewati mobil. Lebih ditingkatkan kebersihanya. Airnya agak berasa bergaram.
- Liburan Keluarga
Istirahat nyaman, liburan senang
- Liburan Romantis
Air panas mati, jacuzzi rusak, dinding lubang penuh tisue..
Diterjemahkan oleh Google
- Urusan Bisnis
Airnya bau dan berminyak, mungkin karena pompa air tanah yang buruk. Juga buruk AC.
villa yang sangat buruk ... sangat miskin pemeliharaan
- Shopping & Kuliner
Aku sangat kecewa dengan tempat ini. Para staf bagus dan semua tapi setelah aku memasuki ruangan saya aku kesal tapi fakta bahwa kamar mandi tidak bersih dan tidak baik mantained. Air juga memiliki bau aneh ini yang saya tidak suka sama sekali. Lokasi ini tidak dekat dengan apa-apa. Im maaf karena im tidak akan kembali.
Ini benar-benar expiriance buruk
6 review
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kebutuhan yang baik bersih
memiliki potensi tapi dikecewakan oleh staf kebersihan yang buruk dan tidak bersemangat. Dapur dengan peralatan memasak tidak berguna atau barang. Wastafel berkarat. Di daerah yang buruk untuk melakukan hal-hal yang jauh dari daerah pantai tapi jika Anda seperti itu sangat tenang dan memiliki kolam renang.
Pasangan - 14 Jul 2017
Alistair R
Lusuh dan keluar dari jalan
Saya telah menginap di abian Kokoro, suster hotel di sanur, yang adalah besar. Sayangnya ketika saya tiba meskipun pemesanan penuh. com, tapi ini mungkin telah kesalahan saya. Sementara mereka merekomendasikan abian residence 10mins pergi. Tempat ini dan staf yang ramah, kamar mandi kotor, sangat lihai, staf tidak berbicara bahasa inggris, sarapan sederhana dan kopi instan. Semua ini untuk 700rp per malam untuk villa dengan 2 kamar double. Merasa sedikit ditipu. Ok untuk satu malam yang kami diperlukan, tapi tidak akan kembali
Berlibur dengan teman - 12 Jun 2015
Marcus P
Rundown hotel
Booked 3 night online via at Abian srama. Apperently it was fullbooked when we arrived but they told us we could stay at their sisterhotel only 15 min away. I did accept but not straight away. When we got there we had a quick look around. The rooms where okey but the location... We wanted to stay close to the beach and street life. This was nothing like it. Remote location with only buildingprojects all around. Wi-Fi did not work either. I took a quick walk upstairs and not a single room had guests. Staff was good and helpful but it did not matter to me. I called Srama and they fixed another hotel (abian kokoro) and it was much better. If you like privacy and so on then stay here but for the money you pay I believe there is better options.
Pasangan - 24 Feb 2016
extremely dissapointed
We booked the Abian villa (3 bedrooms) at Abian residence for two nights. One of the first things we noticed was there wasn't any fan installed at the villa's living room and kitchen (open plan setting). It was very hot even at night, not to mention during the day, we were sweating if we sat for long in the living room.The floor of abian villa is so sticky and dirty, like they never clean the place for long time. The drainage of two rooms at upstairs were clogged. After we had shower, the bathroom are flooded. Moreover, the electricity tripped at least 5 times the first 2 hours we were there. Then we complained to the receptionist, they said this is a norm. End up they agree to let us change to Sophie Residence (with two rooms) for the first night (they only can let us stay for the first night because the villa is booked by others for our second day), as it was already 12 am in the morning and said that the manager will come at 7:30am the next day, but the manager didn't turn up. The staff there explained that electricity tripped is due to we turn on 3 air-cond and the pool at the same time. So six persons squeeze in two rooms and no refund. The second day we moved back to Abian Residence, after checking how much voltage can the villa handle and found out that you have to off one air-cond to on A hair dryer. Thereafter, we found that one of the bed (single room) was inhabited with bed bugs!!! So again six persons squeeze in two rooms. In the morning, around 7am there was no electricity causing us to wake up early in the morning. The choice of breakfast was limited to 3 and was below average. The choices was toast and eggs, fried rice and fried noodles. We tried both the toast and rice, if you want to eat, go for the rice as it was the better of the two. The road leading to abian residence is very quiet, so expect to have your own vehicle as it is dark and far if you opt to walk out to the main road. The staff at night speak very limited english and bahasa melayu (as we are from malaysia) so we had to do some sign language to get the message across, only one guy in the morning spoke english. We will not be staying here again!
Berlibur dengan teman - 20 Jan 2013
Nice and quiet but out in the sticks
This is a six-months young hotel so everything's new. Nice tiles, bathtubs, beds, wardrobes. The hotel has three self-contained two storey (townhouse-style) villas - one is three bedrooms and the other two are two bedrooms - with private plunge pools and a few hotel-style rooms. We stayed for two nights in the Sophie villa, which had two bedrooms - one upstairs and one downstairs. Both rooms were spacious with ensuite and had comfy beds. There was also a small kitchenette, with some cutlery and basic utensils, a microwave and a decent size fridge, plus a dinning area downstairs. The dinning area was not air-conditioned, as our stay was during the hotter/wetter month of December, it was a bit too hot and sticky to spend too much time in. The pool was very nice though, and gets adequate sunshine during the day so the water is nice and warm, a plus when you want to go for a dip at night. Not much to critise about the rooms as everything is new and worked. The main issue we had with this place was the location. It really was out in the sticks, with nothing nearby apart from a few very local restaurants (I'm talking sitting in a hut eating food with your fingers local) and small shops. No supermarkets, no massage shops, no beaches, and hardly any street lighting. The hotel's website advertised having shuttle buses to the Sanur shopping area but when we arrived and enquired we were told 'no shuttle buses'. So the only possible way of getting around is by taxi or if you have your own car/scooter/bike. This OK as taxis are fairly cheap, but you have to wait for them to come as the place is a bit difficult to find and out of the way. We booked a taxi to go to the beach and had to wait 20 minutes for it to come. The driver then demanded a 'premium' quoting that he had to travel all the way to the hotel to pick us up. If you are booking a taxi for your departure, make sure you ask the staff to call in advance and allow plenty of time for it to arrive - the trip to the airport takes about 30 to 40 minutes in normal traffic. Another minor issue was the staff's limited English abilities so they were not able to recommend much about the area, they were friendly enough though. Overall, if you are looking for a quiet place to stay for a few days and not wanting to go out for any shopping, sightseeing etc. then this is a pleasant place to stay.
Keluarga - 22 Des 2012
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Fasilitas hotel


Ketentuan hotel

  • Fasilitas Kamar
    • Bathtub
    • TV kabel
    • Pemutar DVD
    • Microwave
    • Lemari es
    • Pancuran
    • TV
  • Servis Hotel
    • Concierge/layanan tamu
    • Check-in ekspress
    • Check-out ekspress
    • Resepsionis
    • Laundry
    • Penitipan bagasi
    • Staff multibahasa
  • Umum
    • AC
    • Ruang keluarga
    • Area bebas asap rokok
    • Area merokok
  • Kegiatan Lainnya
    • Taman
    • Kolam renang outdoor
    • Spa
  • Fasilitas Publik
    • Area parkir
    • Layanan kamar
  • Transportasi
    • Parkir berjaga

Check-in and Check-out Time

Check-in: 14.00
Check-out: 12.00

Menginap di Abian Residence saat anda sedang berada di Sanur adalah sebuah pilihan cerdas.

Lokasi hotel sangat strategis karena hanya berjarak 10,53 km dengan Bandar Udara Internasional Ngurah Rai (DPS).

akomodasi ini cukup mudah dijangkau karena berdekatan dengan fasilitas publik.

Tentang Abian Residence

Abian Residence adalah tempat bermalam yang tepat bagi Anda yang berlibur bersama keluarga. Nikmati segala fasilitas hiburan untuk Anda dan keluarga.

Pelayanan memuaskan serta fasilitas akomodasi yang memadai akan membuat Anda nyaman berada di Abian Residence.

Tersedia kolam renang untuk Anda bersantai sendiri maupun bersama teman dan keluarga.

Manjakan diri Anda dengan menikmati fasilitas spa yang memberikan harga dan kualitas pelayanan terbaik.

Dengan fasilitas yang memadai, Abian Residence menjadi pilihan yang tepat untuk menginap.

Disclaimer: Adalah tanggung jawab hotel untuk memastikan akurasi foto hotel. tidak bertanggung jawab atas ketidak-akuratan foto hotel. Harga kamar yang ditampilkan adalah untuk tamu dewasa. Anak-anak mungkin akan dianggap sebagai tamu dewasa dan dikenakan biaya penuh kecuali jika tertera sebaliknya. Harga kamar belum termasuk sarapan dan sarapan akan dikenakan biaya oleh hotel kecuali jika tertera sebaliknya.