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Ndalem MJ Homestay

Jalan Surami MJ No 853 A , Mantrijeron, Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta, Provinsi Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 55143
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Menurut 10 tamu
Sangat menyenangkan, tempat yang tenang, pelayanan yang ramah, masakan enak & dekat dengan alun2 kidul dan Taman Sari cukup jalan kaki. Dekat juga dengan coklat Monggo & Nanamia Pizeria yang luar biasa
Drajat H. S.
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Berdasarkan 5 review traveler
Resepsionis 24 Jam

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Review pengguna Traveloka
Review pengguna

7 orang pelanggan Traveloka telah menginap di hotel ini dan memberikan reviewnya:

Sangat menyenangkan, tempat yang tenang, pelayanan yang ramah, masakan enak & dekat dengan alun2 kidul dan Taman Sari cukup jalan kaki. Dekat juga dengan coklat Monggo & Nanamia Pizeria yang luar biasa
Cukup baik. Tetapi semoga area depan (parkir) bisa lebih cepat diselesaikan agar tampilan homestay bisa terlihat lebih baik lagi
Menemukan suasana rumah yang asli tanpa embel2 SOP hotel..
Tempatnya homy, dapat sarapan yang enak dan pelayanan ramah. Dekat dengan tempat wisata lain, overall menyenangkan
Pertama kali masuk mengejutkan. Saya bersama 5 orang teman menginap di dua kamar: arjuna dan nakula-sadewa. 4 teman saya yang laki-laki menginap di kamar arjuna dengan menambah 1 bed, dan mereka tidak berhenti membicarakan mengenai lubang besar dan tanaman gelombang cinta di dalam kamar mandi yang fenomenal. Meski awalnya kaget tapi mereka merasakan sensasi mandi serasa di alam. Menawarkan jasa layanan kamar dan juga laundry, ditunjang dengan sarapan yang enak, membuat liburan serasa berada di rumah. Kami pun bebas untuk menggunakan isu kulkas dan bisa keluar dan masuk penginapan kapan saja.
Tempat penginapan yang cukup baik hanya parkir yang sempit.
Fasilitas ndalem mj homestay baik tetapi layanan dari itu tidak baik
5 review
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zulfa a
Tempat yang bagus
Saya pernah di bawah perkiraan pertama dengan tempat ini karena gambar buruk di internet. Tapi setelah saya datang. Saya sangat takjub dengan desain dan interior ruangan yang penuh dengan nuansa alami dan kayu (bahkan memiliki pohon besar di kamar mandi). Saya tidak tahu harga untuk kamar karena saya menginap di sini tapi setelah aku melihat harga di Instagram, mereka menawarkan harga yang baik, selain itu untuk longstay. Tapi jika Anda mencari harga di Traveloka atau pemesanan. Com hari harga terlalu mahal untuk penginapan. Jangan berharap akan mendapatkan sarapan yang baik karena Anda tahu itu hanya sebuah rumah bukan sebuah hotel. Saya hanya memiliki sedikit nasi kuning, kopi (mereka tidak dapat membuat kopi yang baik, terlalu manis), piring buah (mangga dan jeruk) dan bakpia. Fasilitas yang hanya memiliki beberapa handuk, sabun dan shampoo. Saya menyarankan Anda untuk memesannya dari Zenrooms sehingga Anda bisa mendapatkan pasta gigi dan fasilitas lainnya untuk gratis.
Pasangan - 11 Jul 2017
Sébastien G
I spend 5 months of my life with Dita and Juan, the owners of the homestay, from now I can say that they're part of my family. They've taked care of me, giving me what they give to themselves and they also protected me. They're both great and amazing persons taking care of this lovely place that I trully recommend.
Wisata sendiri - 8 Agu 2017
Lovely settings, dreadful management.
We arrived here a bit randomly in the evening after an exhausting day and without a booking. The good review we found on internet (while on the spot) led us to pay the high price in the hope for a good night sleep (no discount possible despite the fact that the place was empty). Bad choice! High points: - great infrastructure with brand new facilities. Everything in the room was functional. - great wooden design. The bathroom looked amazing. - very clean - wifi in the room Low points: - 10 min for price quotation. Very little english spoken. The owner wouldnt dare come talk to us even though we requested to see him. - no sheets and blanket on the bed in ANY of their rooms. Didnt strike the staff as a major issue (!). After we insisted on making the bed, it took 15 min for a worker to find the size that would fit our bed. The sheets were new and clean but we were given old towels that didnt match the standing of the room. During the whole process, the owner didnt move from his chair and looked at us with an amusing eye. - felt asleep to the noise of the owner and his family chitchating in circle right in front of our room, woke up to the noise of hammer and other tools by workers completing the terasse pavement. - Breakfast consisted of one cold fried egg and cheap toasts, both already ready on the table when we woke up. Not very appealing. Besides, we had ordered omelet in the evening and specifically asked not to prepare our breakfast before we woke up. Overall: - under current management, this place is not worth half the price they charge. The owner clearly looks for maximum profit with minimum service. That's very sad because by adding some efforts to the infrastructure they have, this place could easily become one of the best lodging in town. That's unlikely to happen though, as the owner seems to live here with his family.
Pasangan - 23 Apr 2014
I miss the place as soon as i left...
This place is a true gem! Situated near the Prawirotaman street, its set in a quiet neighbourhood yet near enough to the royal Kraton. The place was designed so tastefully by the owner Mas Juan (MJ) balancing his love for nature and the deep Javanese traditions that only speaks the pride he has for the city. We booked a room for two nights and this lodging has only 6 rooms and each room is unique - the bathrooms are very outdoor-ish with rocks and plants. Mas MJ wouldnt cut the trees, rather he made accomodations for them to continue growing in the property. Honestly, i think it was a very good decision to keep the plants that way. Outside each room there are chairs that you could sit outside and enjoy the fishes that are right outside your doorstep. They have a common dining table that you could make your own drinks and have a chat with the family. Its indeed very homely. The staff are pleasant and attentive. They dont disturb you unnecessarily but would attend to your needs - just ask them. I was exhausted after my climb up Merapi and wanted to look for a massage. The staff was able to get a local "ibu" to come over to give a massage inhouse! Pure Java bliss. Mas MJ also has its own cafe and he lets his young staff handle the menu and drinks and the hot chocolate is a must try!!! So fluffy and delicious! There are no phones in the rooms - but its okay...take a walk to the reception or ask the staff for watever you need. AC was okay but it could get a lil stuffy in the afternoons. Just open the doors and windows and its bearable. Furnishings are woody and natural and according to the owner it was in accordance to the design of a typical javanese house. Rooms are big too. Pictures are what it is (no one is lying abt how great the rooms are!!) and even my pictures would not do it justice. Mas MJ kept a room a secret but im sure some travelers would already knew abt it. We stayed at a # (insert room number) and it was lovely! You have to get here and look/ ask for it. ;) each room is also named after characters from the Wayang- look out for them on the roofs! This is a unique homestay! If you are looking for a true Javanese experience, give this place a try. Its a fine balance with nature, traditions and once you enter this place, all the hustle bustle of city life is left at the door. You are bound to relax and be at peace. Tip: bring your own travel adaptor with the round heads. If you cant get one, there is an electronic shop nearby. With all nature surrounding you, you might be worried abt mosquitoes. Well, i was fine because they provided a repellent and its not like you're surrounded by jungle! Just gardens really. :) I love this place and would come back if i visit yogyakarta again! Thanks MJ and family for a wonderful stay!!!
Pasangan - 5 Mar 2014
A charming homestay with lots of potential...
We stayed at Ndalem MJ Homestay for two nights. It is a charming little homestay with only 7 rooms and is situated down a quiet street with hardly any traffic. It is only a short walk to Prawirotaman area where there are many restaurants and cafés to eat at. The rooms are delightful, big and cool even during the day however I was a little disappointed that our room wasn't cleaned when we went out on the first day. When we asked the staff why they seemed unsure how to answer and said they needed to ask the boss. The homestay is still very new (opened in August last year) and has the potential to become hugely popular. It just needs some rough edges polished off in order to ensure it gets guests needs seen to properly. Breakfast choices could also be improved as we were offered fried rice or bread. However, the positive in this was also that they asked us the night before what we would like and at what time we wanted to eat. The design of the homestay is wonderful and a pond with fish in around the rooms means that you constantly hear the sound of water. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and the convenience to the action at prawirotaman and would definitely recommend it.
- 2 Feb 2014
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  • Fasilitas Publik
    • Layanan kamar 24 jam
    • Area parkir
    • WiFi di area umum
    • Kafe
    • Restoran
    • Kopi/teh di lobby
    • Restoran untuk sarapan
    • Restoran untuk makan siang
    • Restoran untuk makan malam
  • Fasilitas Kamar
    • Bathtub
    • Meja
    • TV
    • Pancuran
  • Servis Hotel
    • Concierge/layanan tamu
    • Laundry
    • Jasa tur
    • Resepsionis 24 jam
  • Umum
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    • AC
    • Teras
  • Makanan dan Minuman
    • Bar
  • Fasilitas Bisnis
    • Fasilitas rapat
  • Transportasi
    • Penyewaan sepeda

      Check-in and Check-out Time

      Check-in: 14.00
      Check-out: 12.00

      Ndalem MJ Homestay adalah akomodasi di lokasi yang baik, tepatnya berada di Mantrijeron.

      Lokasi hotel sangat strategis karena hanya berjarak 8,07 km dengan Bandar Udara Internasional Adisutjipto (JOG).

      Dari Stasiun Lempuyangan, akomodasi ini hanya berjarak sekitar 3,45 km.

      Selain letaknya yang strategis, Ndalem MJ Homestay juga merupakan akomodasi dekat Alun-Alun Selatan Keraton berjarak sekitar 1,01 km dan Taman Sari berjarak sekitar 1,41 km..

      Tentang Ndalem MJ Homestay

      Ndalem MJ Homestay adalah pilihan cerdas bagi Anda yang ingin menginap di akomodasi dengan harga terjangkau, namun tetap memberikan pelayanan yang baik.

      Resepsionis siap 24 jam untuk melayani proses check-in, check-out dan kebutuhan Anda yang lain. Jangan ragu untuk menghubungi resepsionis, kami siap melayani Anda.

      Terdapat restoran yang menyajikan menu lezat ala Ndalem MJ Homestay khusus untuk Anda.

      WiFi tersedia di seluruh area publik properti untuk membantu Anda tetap terhubung dengan keluarga dan teman.

      Ndalem MJ Homestay adalah akomodasi dengan fasilitas baik dan kualitas pelayanan memuaskan menurut sebagian besar tamu.

      Ndalem MJ Homestay adalah pilihan cerdas bagi para wisatawan yang berkunjung ke Mantrijeron.

      You may be required to present valid government-issued identification at check-in, along with credit card or cash to cover deposits and incidentals. Special request may depend on hotel's availability at check-in and may cost extra fee. Special request availability is not guaranteed. Hotel may charge you additional fee for each extra person after reserved room's maximum capacity.
      Disclaimer: Adalah tanggung jawab hotel untuk memastikan akurasi foto hotel. tidak bertanggung jawab atas ketidak-akuratan foto hotel. Harga kamar yang ditampilkan adalah untuk tamu dewasa. Anak-anak mungkin akan dianggap sebagai tamu dewasa dan dikenakan biaya penuh kecuali jika tertera sebaliknya. Harga kamar belum termasuk sarapan dan sarapan akan dikenakan biaya oleh hotel kecuali jika tertera sebaliknya.