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The Ghost Bus Tour London

Central London, London
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Take a bus tour through London with two wickedly guides who will spill secrets about twisted characters, murders, executions & supernatural happenings
Ride an elegantly refurbished double-decker pitch-black 1960s Routemaster bus (former funeral bus) through the city.
Surprisingly informative and hellishly funny, this Ghost bus Tour is a sightseeing show with actors and on-board technical trickery
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Spooktacular city tour in a funeral bus. This tour, like the history of London itself, is bloody, brutish, and packed with the tortured souls of the dead. In the manner of a mad scientist in a laboratory on a hill, these award-winning tours bring fantastical creations to unearthly life. You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll scream.

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The Ghost Bus Tour - Meeting Point, 8 Northumberland Ave

The Ghost Bus Tour London

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