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Pulau Cinta at Gorontalo Honeymoon Tour - 2D1N Tour
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Pulau Cinta at Gorontalo Honeymoon Tour - 2D1N Tour

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Take a romantic honeymoon tour to Pulo Cinta, Gorontalo Province
Relax in the tropical resort island dubbed as the Maldives of Indonesia
Explore the rich biodiversity of the Gulf of Tomini
Create unforgettable memories with a loved one and enjoy a free photography service
Cocok untuk: Berfoto-foto, Waktu Bebas, Relaksasi, Pencinta Alam, Pasangan

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Looking for a perfect destination to spend your honeymoon? Take this romantic honeymoon tour to Pulo Cinta (Love Island). Set in the Gulf of Tomini, Gorontalo Province, this tropical resort island is shaped like a heart and is often called the Maldives of Indonesia because of its crystal-clear water and romantic atmosphere. Put on your sunglasses and take pictures in the resort area and don’t forget to explore the spectacular underwater view of colorful sea animals. Have delicious meals with a view and watch the sun set over the vast sea. The tour also provides a free documentation service, so you will never forget the memories you’ve created on this island.

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Pulau Cinta at Gorontalo Honeymoon Tour - 2D1N, Patoameme, Botumoito, Kabupaten Boalemo, Gorontalo, Indonesia
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