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Japan 4G SIM Card - Pick up in Vietnam
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Japan 4G SIM Card - Pick up in Vietnam
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Stay conveniently connected on your holiday with a local 4G SIM card
Enjoy fast connection speed with 4G connectivity
Enjoy delivery in Vietnam
Supports smartphones and tablet PCs with GSM/4G LTE standards
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Convenient and affordable, this SIM card will help you stay connected with family and friends no matter where you are in Japan. Thanks to 4G connectivity, you'll get a lightning-fast connection speed, get updates on your social media accounts, and make hassle-free travel arrangements, all on your smartphones and tablet PCs with GSM/4G LTE standards. Even better, the SIM card will be delivered to you if you live in Vietnam. Get ready and have a hassle-free trip to Japan!

Tan Son Nhat International Airport Pickup Instruction:

You can pick up the SIM card at Gohub Counter, Column 7, near D2 entrance, International Departures Terminal, Tan Son Nhat International Airport
Operational hours: 05:30 – 23:00
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Tokyo, Japan
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- If your booking has been verified, Gohub will contact you directly to confirm the delivery date and time.
- For more information regarding pickup details, usage info, exchange or return policy, please contact customer service at 0866440022 or via email at booking@gohub.vn.

Customer Service Operational Hours:
- Every day: 08:00 – 23:00

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