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Chiang Mai Night Bike by SpiceRoads

Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District
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Pedal along alleyways and be captivated the rare sight of Chiang Mai at night on a 10-km biking journeyDelight in the illuminating historical highlights like ancient temples and old townStroll around night market with an abundant selection of fresh fruits and vegetables while savoring delectable snacksBike at night while the cool breeze and quiet streets make your night memorable
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The illuminating sights of Chiang Mai and cool night breeze arrives after sunset making it ideal to start your biking journey and explore the city. The nighttime is when life begins to slow and during this relaxing time you can enjoy traveling down quiet alleyways and backroads to visit illuminating ancient temples, old town and markets while learning about local history and interesting geography.

On top of that as you pedal along you will be able to enjoy riverside view at night under the moonlit sky and later on stop by and stroll around night markets with wide arrays of fresh vegetables, fruits and mouth-watering snacks.

Don’t forget to charge your cameras so you capture Chiang Mai’s stunning beauty.

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SpiceRoads Chiang Mai Office, No. 1 Moon Muang Road Lane 7, Mueang Chiang Mai District, 50200, Thailand
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Chiang Mai Night Bike by SpiceRoads

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