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Menyusuri Kepulauan Seribu Bersama Karel Susanteo

Despite its familiarity for the residents of Jakarta and other big cities around, the popularity of the Thousand Islands as one of the holiday destinations seems to be inferior to other islands such as Bali, Lombok, or Bangka Belitung.

With only 1 hour away with speed boat from Jakarta, the charm of the islands is equally attractive to fill your short getaway.

This time, Traveloka traces and summarizes essential information on some regions in Pulau Seribu, namely Pramuka Island, Harapan Island, and the surrounding to facilitate your next vacation plan. We also insert a bonus guide on filming locations around the island.

Pramuka Island, ideal for your first visit to Pulau Seribu

Pulau Pramuka

Located in the center of the Thousands Islands, precisely in Panggang Island District, makes you easily reach other islands, both in the north or south area. The island is the center of administration of the Thousand Islands and provides a variety of attractive activities and better facilities compared to other islands.

Things to Do in Pramuka Island

1. Swimming and camping

Location: Semak Daun Island, 20 minutes from Pramuka Island


The waters are shallow and have a sandy seabed, thus suitable for beginners and children.
Camping price Rp35.000/night per person, including a public bathroom but not including the tent.

2. Playing with the icon of the Thousand Islands

Location: Pramuka Island National Park


Information on hawksbill sea turtle
Admission ticket price for domestic visitors: Rp7.500 (weekend), Rp5.000 (weekdays)
Admission ticket price for foreign visitors: Rp225.000 (weekend), Rp150.000 (weekdays)

3. Getting around the Mangrove conservation

Location: Pramuka Island National Park

Info: Access to Mangrove maze is included in the ticket to hawksbill turtle conservation.

Tips: Try to get around the Mangrove forest with a canoe.

4. Enjoying seafood on the sea

Location: Nusa Keramba, 5 minutes from Pramuka Island


Must-try dish: Grilled Bawal Bintang
There is also a shark breeding on the location

Tips: Make sure to order the correct size of the fish so everyone can enjoy the dish.

5. Snorkeling and diving around Pramuka Island


There are 33 diving spots around Pramuka Island.
There are 6 dive centers in Pramuka Island, namely: Thousand Islands Marine National Park, Elang Ekowisata, Mazu Divers, Starfish, Family Diver, Marine, and Fishery Office.
The diving and snorkeling guide service Elang Ekowisata is managed by local youth and certified internationally (Arief, 082213121778).

6. 1-day snorkeling and diving tour around Pramuka Island


Diving activity will be guided by a professional diver.
Minimum participants of 4 (four) people.
Price starts from Rp960.000 for 6 hours, including snorkeling and diving gears, boat, guide, and lunch.

Hospital in the Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands General Hospital is the only hospital in the area. Located on the beach of Pramuka Island, the hospital has first aid facilities, especially for divers and two speedboats for transportation.

Where to Stay?

Bunga Bakau

A homestay that offers various activities, for example, cooking and short trips, such as snorkeling and tour around the island

Bunga Bakau

Jalan Ikan Belong. No. 27 Pulau Pramuka, Kepulauan Seribu Utara, Pulau Panggang

Starts from Rp361.446/night

Royal Mermaid Inn

This accommodation provides snorkeling and diving packages

Royal Mermaid Inn

Pulau Pramuka RT001/RW05, Kepulauan Seribu Utara, DKI Jakarta, Kepulauan Seribu Utara

Starts from Rp542.169/night

Seribu Resort Thousand Islands

A large resort for families or couples.

Seribu Resort Thousand Islands

Jalan Utama Pulau Pramuka, Kepulauan Seribu Utara, Pulau Panggang

Starts from Rp650.000/night

Harapan Island, another destination around Pramuka Island

With only 40 minutes from Pramuka Island, you can explore other islands, such as Harapan Island, Kelapa Dua Island, Genteng Kecil Island, Bulat Island and around. Some of these islands are also the filming location for the movie Impian 1000 Pulau, which will air on 28 October 2018. What makes these islands so special? Let’s find out with Karel Susanteo, the lead actor of the movie Impian 1000 Pulau, who spared his time to get around the island with the Traveloka team.

Activities you cannot miss

1. Visiting the hawksbill turtle conservation

Location: Kelapa Dua Island, 5 minutes from Harapan Island by fisherman boat.

Tips: Do not use flash when taking the picture with the turtle because their eyes are highly sensitive

2. Waiting for sunset at the bridge in the Mangrove area

Location: Kelapa Dua Island, 5 minutes from Harapan Island with a boat.

Tips: Be careful with your steps because the bridge has no fence.

3. Watching the sunrise in an uninhabited island


Arrive at the location at 05:30 a.m. for the best sunrise view.
Wear sandals when walking on the sand to avoid your feet wounded from the rocks.

4. Snorkeling with hundreds of colorful fish

Meet hundreds of various colorful fish, such as botana blue tang, angelfish, foxface rabbitfish, amphiprion, and many more.

Tips: The best snorkeling trip is in the morning until noon, before 15:00, to avoid strong current when heading to and departing from the snorkeling spot.

5. Island-hopping tour

Touring Harapan Island and the surroundings for 2 days 1 night. Tour includes: snorkeling in two spots, visiting the National Park, watching sunrise and sunset.

2D1N Harapan Island at Thousand Islands


Starts from Rp340.400


To Jakarta:

The Thousand Islands can be reached through Jakarta and continue to port in North Jakarta. Almost all major airports in Indonesia has direct flights to Jakarta, both International Airport of Soekarno-Hatta and Halim Perdanakusuma Airport.

You can book airport transfer before arriving in Jakarta and have it take you directly to Marina Ancol Port located in the North Jakarta region.

Getting to the Thousand Islands:

The easiest and most comfortable way to get to the Thousand Islands is through Marina Ancol Port. Though the ticket price is relatively more expensive compared to other ports.

From Marina Ancol:

Ancol admission ticket price is Rp15.000.
The boat is a fast boat with a capacity of more than 30 people.
The travel time is around 1 hour (Pramuka Island and its surroundings) and 1,5 hours (Harapan Island and its surroundings).
Details of regular fast boat ticket prices for one way:
Pari Island Destination/Pramuka/Tidung: Rp135.000 (Monday – Friday), Rp160.000 (Saturday – Sunday).
Destination of Harapan Island/Kelapa Dua: Rp220.000 (Monday – Friday), Rp270.000 (Saturday – Sunday).
Departure time is between 8 – 9 a.m. from Marina Ancol to the island, and between 1 – 2 p.m. from the island to Marina Ancol. Make sure you arrive an hour earlier to buy the ticket and then board to the ship half an hour before departure time.
You can rent a fast boat at a cost of Rp3.600.000 (small size, maximum capacity of 10 people) and Rp5.500.000 (medium size, maximum capacity of 15 people) for commuting on the weekend. Rental costs during weekdays are Rp300.000 cheaper than weekend prices.

Alternative ports

From Kali Adem Port

There are wooden ships often used by the residents of Thousand Islands, dubbed as kapal ojek with the capacity of more than 200 people.
Those ships serve numerous islands, especially the inhabited islands, namely Tidung Island, Pramuka Island, Pari Island, and Kelapa Island / Harapan Island.
Ticket price is Rp50.000/person for one way trip plus a platform fee of Rp2.000/person.

From Muara Kamal Port

The port located in Penjaringan area will transfer you to Cipir Island, Kelor Island, and Onrust Island.
If you come in a group, you can rent the boat with the price of Rp75.000/person.

Getting around the island

Rent kapal ojek or fisherman boat with a starting price of Rp5.000/person. The price depends on the travel distance.
The rental price of a small fisherman boat (capacity of 6 people): Rp250.000/day and the medium boat (capacity of 10 people): Rp500.000/day.
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