50 Cheapest Michelin Meals

Going for a Michelin-starred meal doesn’t have to mean blowing the travel budget. We’ve found the 50 cheapest one star (*) and two star (**) restaurants in each country covered by the Michelin guide, and ranked them by the price of an individual meal. Sort the list by location, price, or type of meal and click on each restaurant to find out exactly where you can eat beautiful, delicious, Michelin-worthy food wherever you go in the world.

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#RestaurantLocationMenuPrice (USD)Price (GBP)
1Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle*Czech RepublicSingapore, SingaporeÀ la carte$2.20£1.70
2Tim Ho Wan*Czech RepublicHong Kong, Hong KongÀ la carte$3.80£3.00
3Hamo*Czech RepublicSouth Korea, SeoulÀ la carte$7.10£5.60
4Chugokusai S.Sawada*Czech RepublicJapan, OsakaSet lunch menu$9.70£7.60
5Jay Fai*Czech RepublicThailand, BangkokÀ la carte$12.00£9.40
6Ginza Ibuki*Czech RepublicJapan, TokyoSet lunch menu$12.70£9.90
7Three Coins*Czech RepublicTaiwan, TaipeiÀ la carte$13.00£10.20
8Lao Zheng Xing*Czech RepublicChina, ShanghaiÀ la carte$14.60£11.40
9L'Antic Moli*Czech RepublicSpain, El CastellSet lunch menu$16.60£13.00
10Al's Place*Czech RepublicUSA, San FranciscoÀ la carte$18.00£14.10
11King*Czech RepublicMacau, MacauÀ la carte$18.60£14.50
12The Coach*Czech RepublicUK, MarlowÀ la carte$21.10£16.50
13Ten-you*Czech RepublicJapan, KyotoSet lunch menu$21.40£16.80
14Tuju**Czech RepublicBrazil, São PauloSet lunch menu$22.40£17.50
15Fritz's Frau Franzi*Czech RepublicGermany, DusseldorfSet lunch menu$22.40£17.50
16Le Pousse-Pied*Czech RepublicFrance, La Tranche-sur-MerSet menu$22.90£18.00
17Vintage 1997*Czech RepublicItaly, TurinSet lunch menu$22.90£18.00
18Bistro Racine*Czech RepublicBelgium, Braine-le-châteauSet menu$22.90£18.00
19Esquina Mocoto*Czech RepublicBrazil, São PauloÀ la carte$24.50£19.20
20Tail Up Goat*Czech RepublicUSA, Washington DCÀ la carte$26.00£20.40
21Band of Bohemia*Czech RepublicUSA, ChicagoÀ la carte$26.00£20.40
22The Ninth*Czech RepublicUK, LondonSet lunch menu$26.80£21.00
23Field*Czech RepublicCzech Republic, PragueÀ la carte$27.80£21.70
24Costes Downtown*Czech RepublicHungary, BudapestSet lunch menu$28.10£22.00
25Florian Maison*Czech RepublicItaly, San Paolo d'ArgonSet lunch menu$28.70£22.50
26Antiqvvm*Czech RepublicPortugal, PortoSet lunch menu$28.70£22.50
27Cookies Cream*Czech RepublicGermany, BerlinÀ la carte$28.70£22.50
28Strandlodge*Czech RepublicNetherlands, WinterswijkSet lunch menu$31.50£24.70
29La Vara*Czech RepublicUSA, New York CityÀ la carte$32.00£25.10
30Stazione di Posta*Czech RepublicItaly, RomeÀ la carte$32.10£25.10
31La Riva*Czech RepublicSwitzerland, LaiSet lunch menu$32.20£25.20
32Alma*Czech RepublicPortugal, LisbonÀ la carte$37.80£29.60
33Atelier Amaro*Czech RepublicPoland, WarsawSet lunch menu$38.80£30.40
34Greenhouse*Czech RepublicIreland, DublinSet lunch menu$40.10£31.40
35Premiere*Czech RepublicGreece, AthensÀ la carte$40.10£31.40
36Le Pilori*Czech RepublicBelgium, ÉcaussinnesSet menu$41.30£32.30
37Mee*Czech RepublicBrazil, Rio de JaneiroÀ la carte$42.10£33.00
38Tian*Czech RepublicAustria, ViennaSet lunch menu$42.40£33.20
39Sinne*Czech RepublicNetherlands, AmsterdamSet lunch menu$44.70£35.00
40La Gaichel*Czech RepublicLuxembourg, EischenSet lunch menu$44.70£35.00
41Pertinence*Czech RepublicFrance, ParisSet lunch menu$51.60£40.40
42Mesa*Czech RepublicSwitzerland, ZurichSet lunch menu$52.30£41.00
43La Cabra*Czech RepublicSpain, MadridÀ la carte$57.30£44.90
44La Bottega*Czech RepublicSwitzerland, GenevaSet lunch menu$58.30£45.70
45Grön*Czech RepublicFinland, HelsinkiSet menu$59.60£46.70
46Søllerød Kro*Czech RepublicDenmark, CopenhagenSet lunch menu$60.80£47.60
47Pelegrini*Czech RepublicCroatia, SibenikSet lunch menu$67.90£53.20
48Mathias Dahlgren-Matbaren*Czech RepublicSweden, StockholmÀ la carte$87.50£68.60
49Galt*Czech RepublicNorway, OsloSet menu$103.90£81.40
50Dill*Czech RepublicIceland, ReykjavikSet menu$109.50£85.80
The cheapest Michelin meals (1* or above) were gathered from the official Michelin website for each country (or city, for US and Japan) covered by the Michelin guide. If the cheapest was not in the capital city, the cheapest in the capital city was also included. All meal options and local prices are accurate as of June 2018. Set lunch and set menu (lunch or dinner) prices are taken from the Michelin guide, and verified on the restaurant’s own website where possible. All à la carte prices refer to the most expensive main meal listed on the restaurant menu, or the guide price listed on the Michelin website. All exchange rates are accurate as of August 2018.
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