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About Jakarta

As a part of the biggest metropolitans in the world, Jakarta has everything to offer that the society wants, ranging from a shopping center to barbershop Jakarta. Because of the fact that virtually everything is obtainable and almost all the big companies are located here, it’s no surprise that traffic jam is a common theme around Jakarta. Not to mention, the Special Capital Region of Jakarta is also the center of economy and governance in Indonesia, hosting numerous government and ministry buildings all around. As a result, this grand region is home for over 28 million of multi-ethnic citizens, both natives and foreigners, which contribute to the aforementioned traffic jam. Considering all of those factors, Jakarta has developed as the center of the governance for over a hundred years. Along the way, Jakarta had undergone numerous changes in the name, starting from Sunda Kelapa from the 4th to the 16th century. Then, during the colonization era of the Dutch, the city turned into an economic center for the particular foreigners, and the city name changed to Jayakarta, Batavia, and Jakarta, the latter is preserved to this modern era. Therefore, as the center of economy and governance in Indonesia, Jakarta always has the place in the heart of many people as one of the most sought-after location for tourism and jobs. This particular event leads to fast-paced development in the public transportation element in Jakarta. Among the fruits of the labor, MRT is now fully operational around several parts of the region. Then, there are also KRL electric commuter rail system and Transjakarta busway which have been around for quite some a long time as the most recommended public transportations. Of course, while being the jack-of-all-trades with the drawback being not having as much tourism potential as the other regions, Jakarta still has tourism potential to prove. Most of them are scattered across the coastlines and Kepulauan Seribu. Then, there are also notable historical and cultural architectures that are accessible. Besides that, Jakarta also prevails as a popular culinary tourism spot and shopping center. You can find a plethora of malls and shopping centers practically everywhere around Jakarta selling household items, fashions, and many others. As for the culinary world, Jakarta is home for a lot of modern cuisines, restaurants, and food chains from all over the world.

Barbershop Jakarta Review

Still, there are many other reasons for people to visit and stay in Jakarta. Apart from seeking a job opportunity, some simply want to go shopping, experience the culinary world, and indulge themselves in the holiday vibes here. But when it comes to the more specific activities, many people, particularly women, would aim for the shopping center, while the rest, especially men, would enhance their appearance at thebarbershop in Jakarta. Barbershop Jakarta is indeed diverse in its types and designs, ranging from the humble street-side barbershops to the sophisticated ones with their personal space inside and/or outside the malls. Of course, each barbershop serves a different range of service qualities. Some offer a simple haircut service, while the others provide a more stylish haircut to the extent of giving a complimentary massage. If you wish to receive the complete experience from the service that the barbershop Jakarta has to offer, it’s recommended to choose the ones with an established name and/or reputation. In many cases, people choose their preferred barbershops based on the services and quality that the barbershops display in their Instagram or other social media accounts. Because barbershop Jakarta is diverse in its type and form, you can find a lot of branded names that open their chains around the city. If you wish to observe the best barbershops, first you’d have to conduct research about their array of service and the locations. For reference, a barbershop situated in a mall is strategic enough for you to relax during the whole service. The experience will leave a good impression even when you continue the activities around the mall. However, one thing to look out for is that the established barbershop in Jakarta tends to have a long busy hour. To anticipate that, it’s best to call them and reserve a seat at the appointed time and place to avoid waiting for the queue.

Recommended Barbershop in Jakarta 

That being said, it’s still quite challenging for newcomers to find the ideal barbershop in Jakarta. Therefore, if you need a recommendation for the best barbershops for relaxing while grooming, check out these 4 notable barbershops

Shortcut Barbershop One Bell Park

Located in Mall One Bell Park LG. floor, Jalan Fatmawati Raya Pondok Labu, South Jakarta, this barbershop Jakarta is among the best in the city. In addition to being serviced by professional barbers, the barbershop also offers a complimentary drink to the customer per visit. Even the cozy atmosphere of the barbershop has to be taken into account, considering its appealing ethnic and rustic wooden interior.

With all of them combined, you’ll have both a relaxing haircut service with the extraordinary result that will leave you wanting for more. For reference, the price range starts at Rp81.000, and the barbershop opens from 10.00 to 22.00 every day, even during the holidays.

Tohang’s Barber Tebet

One of the advantages that Tohang’s Barber Tebet has compared to the other barbershops is its extremely strategic location. And even if you have to wait a lengthy queue, the barbershop accommodates you with its cozy modern rustic wooden exterior and interior design. In addition, there are also complimentary entertainment facilities usable for customers.

While the starting price is cheaper at Rp31.500, this barbershop Jakarta will charge more for additional services like a cream bath, shaving, and head & back massages. Despite that, customers always find themselves wanting to visit this barbershop again 

Barbershop Bayar Suka Suka

Translated as “Pay as you like,” Barbershop Bayar Suka Suka offers a much more affordable service. Despite being situated in Jakarta, the barbershop only charges Rp30.000 per haircut. For that price, you’ll get a one-hour haircutting service with the hairstyle following your taste and recommendation.

This barbershop in Jakarta also delivers head & back massage service included in the price. If you plan to visit it, head to Jalan Biru Laut Barat Block A3D, RT.14/RW.10, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. The barbershop opens from 11.00 to 21.30.

Batavia Barber Cilandak Town Square

The moment you enter Batavia Barber Cilandak Town Square, you’ll be greeted with a vintage and calming atmosphere. Numerous old-school items are displayed to recreate the life of the past inside the barbershop. Of course, that includes the barber seats shaped like the old-school Hollywood cinema seats. But despite the vintage design, the services that this barbershop Jakarta offers are top-notch and modern.

Professional barbers with unquestionable skills deliver not just haircutting, but also shaving, showering, etc. And for the starting price of Rp60.000 per haircut, you’d get to taste the excitement of haircutting in this barbershop Jakarta.

Location is in Cilandak Town Square, Jalan Terminal Simaptupang No. 17, RT.2/RW.1, Cilandak, South Jakarta.