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Bagus Place Retreat

No 1C, Pasir Sarang, Kg Mukut, Kampung Mukut, Tioman Island, Mersing, Malaysia, 26800
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Beach/Ocean View
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2 Pelanggan Traveloka telah menginap di hotel ini dan memberikan ulasan:

Selama 2 hari yang lalu, air tidak berfungsi sama sekali. Tetapi mereka mempunyai perkhidmatan yang sangat baik dan makanan yang baik juga.
Secara keseluruhannya, pengalaman hebat untuk tinggal di sini. Pandangan, lokasi, kakitangan yang benar-benar mesra, bar, dan terutama makanan. Tetapi kita menghadapi masalah dengan air. Saya tinggal di bilik Sang Kancil selama 1 malam dan mandi hanya bekerja sekali (pada waktu tengah hari), selepas itu air sentiasa terperangkap namun tandas bekerja. Pada malam kedua kami tinggal, kami perlu berpindah ke The Boat House, tapi mereka berkata bilik itu belum siap, jadi kami perlu melangkah ke bilik Sang Kancil. Sekali lagi, air tidak berfungsi, kita perlu meminjam bilik mandi dari bilik lain yang membuatkan kami sangat tidak selesa kerana kami mempunyai bulan madu kami.
347 ulasan
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Fantastic, true care and attention
This summer we stayed in Bagus Place Retreat for 4 days with a befriended couple. We had a great experience: you're really away from the world. Be aware that this is not a large resort with many entertainment activities, screaming children, etc. But that was exactly what we were looking for. Compared with the rest of Malaysia, the rooms are really clean and comfortable - and well airconditioned. We had some issues with monkeys breaking into the cabin (twice), but this only added to the experience. We loved the massages that were given in a sort of 'pagode' near the beach. Beautiful snorkeling and nice food. Alcohol is served in the bar, you can even mix your own drinks. But the most important was: the incredible care/attention of the staff. They were genuinely interested in our wishes and tried to accomodate them as good as possible. We would definitely go back.
Friends getaway - 9 Nov 2017
A little piece of paradise!
Amazing retreat we had a wonderful stay, walking through the fishing village to the waterfall is highly recommended. We snorkeled with the company next door and I think they have a better boat and service for this. Absolutely beautiful snorkeling with lots of colorful fish, a must do!! Our chalet was invaded by a monkey who destroyed everything! Medications, dried flower arrangements we had bought from Singapore, packets of biscuits and chips, the tea/coffee left from Bagus. Stuff was strewn all throughout the hut. It was cleaned up by the staff, however there was no apology or compensation for all that we lost which was a little disappointing as we had locked up the house and had not been warned of the monkeys. It’s a beautiful rustic place and charming in its own way so please go and enjoy:)
Couples - 4 Nov 2017
Qani'ah A
Wonderful getaway
Great services by the Bagus Place Retreat staff begun upon our arrival where my husband and I were warmly welcomed and were brought to the Bagus Place by a conducive and exclusive speedboat. The jetty setting was just perfectly built with a picturesque background of greenish forest that could make you feel like walking into a paradise. Lunch was served at their best. I had Pineapple Fried Rice where the fried rice was literally placed in a half-cutted pineapple. It was absolutely succulent meal I could say, especially after tiring journey from the Tanjung Gemok jetty. Later on that night, we had another savory buffet meal with varieties of menu. Ranging from Western cuisines to authentic Malaysian cuisines, they have it all. In other words, the ideology of you'll be starving when staying at the island is illegitimate. Speaking about the accommodation, we spent two nights there (in Bagus Place); the first night we had in the Boat House and the other night at the Rock House. The Boat House was uniquely designed and crafted. It was placed just by the side of the sea, thus you'd see it as a stranded boat on the sea shore. While on the other hand, the Rock House was placed just by the seaside. Hence, the peaceful wave sound could be heard just from the bedroom. Another thing that I would never forget was to see the seaview right through my window. It was one of the most idyllic views that you wouldn't want to miss when waking up in the morning. Moving on to the activities that we did there. We snorkeled as twice as my husband really loved the adventure of exploring and viewing what's on the seabed. I just did once because I was under the weather at that time. The staff were being so helpful that they calmed us down when we were panic when my husband's goggle dropped off into the seabed when he jumped off from the jetty into the sea. On the second night, we had a barbecue night and there was a campfire set up for us as to celebrate the newly weds. We felt so honored to be given a chance to lit up the campfire. It was definitely one of the unforgettable moments for us. I went to the spa to have some pampering massage. The staff named Babynia who massaged me said that she wasnt a professional massager but I can assure you that, her massage was as good as the professionals'. I would highly recommend to especially the ladies who need some 'body service' or self-pampering to have the spa service in the Bagus Place. In a nutshell, the Bagus Place is definitely a super Bagus (good = the best) place and we shall return sooner. And not to forget to thank all the staff, namely; Amirul, Os, Halim, Babynia, Ana, Ah Ming, Atha, Kesshen and others whom had given the best facilities and services during our stay.
Couples - 2 Nov 2017
Shahi S
An unforgettable escapade to cherish!
The resort offers the best services, facilities and structures for those who wish to unwind, relax, rest, rejuvenate and have a bit of adventure too. Besides the clean bathroom and toilets, cozy rooms and cleverly spread out chalets, the staff are super efficient and friendly. Their ever willing to assist and positive attitude reflects the resort's main objective of ensuring its guests' comfort and safety. Nothing has been compromised for the ultimate vacation, from well made beds to meals served. My compliments to the chef and the kitchen staff. The resort has a mini liabrary, some sort of a repository of books, mostly fictions that were left by previous guests. That alone is a testament left behind by many satisfied and happy guests. I really like the quite atmosphere, the serenity, the calmness. Its the best place to relax and unwind or just to go exploring around the compound. Unlike most resorts that are built to take in as many tourist as possible, hence making it them too crowded and noisy, Bagus resorted to just having a manageable number of chalets. That reason alone enhanced their exclusivity which i believe are well recognised and appreciated by foriegn tourists. Other than what has been said, the resort stood out from the rest due to its physical position. It is surrounded by lush green rainforest as a backdrop and clear blue water with sandy beach on its frontal end. Its not difficult to see why many foriegn tourists made the resort their choice of destination, Kudos to the management and all its staff for the splendid work. I would surely visit the resort again in due course. All the best
Friends getaway - 2 Nov 2017
Shakeel H
Great Escapism!
We were warmly welcomed and greeted by the friendly staff upon our arrival at the Bagus Place. The jetty setting itself was stunning with the view of mountains at the back. We had spent 2 nights; first night at the boat house and another night at the rock house. The boat house was just perfect for those who are looking for something different than an ordinary bedroom. As for the rock house, thing that you could not get elsewhere is to enjoy the sea view right from your bed! The first activity we did during our stay was snorkelling. With the nice motherly nature seabed view and plus with a well cared environment, we assured that you wouldn't just want to do it once. The food was on-point, there were varieties of cuisines to choose from; including English to Traditional Malaysian food. Great food service by the staff Baby Nia and Ana throughout our stay at Bagus Place. Not to forget the barbecue and campfire night especially on weekends! On the second day, we went for a trekking from Bagus Place to the nearest neighbour village Kampung Mukut where we were guided by helpful staff; Halim. On our return journey, we were fetched by Kesshen and Farouq by speedboat. As an overall, it was a remarkable stay with amazing facilities that we definitely shall return. Therefore, many thanks to helpful staff; Amirul, Os, Halim, Kesshen, Ana, Babynia, Ah Meng, Atha, who had served their best to fulfil what customers need.
Couples - 1 Nov 2017
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      Daftar masuk: 14.00
      Daftar keluar: 12.00

      Bagus Place Retreat terletak di kawasan / bandar Kampung Nipah.

      Terdapat banyak tarikan pelancongan yang berdekatan, contohnya Kota Tinggi Waterfall dalam 106.49 km, dan Endau-Rompin National Park dalam 107.67 km.

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