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Home Sweet Home

270 A/B, Taman Raya 3, Jalan Melaka Raya, Melaka Raya, Melaka City Center, Melaka City, Malaysia, 75000
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Mahkota Medical Centre
(1.00 km)
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall
(1.18 km)
Mahkota Parade
(1.21 km)
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4 Pelanggan Traveloka telah menginap di hotel ini dan memberikan ulasan:

Receptionist adalah perkhidmatan yang sangat buruk. tanda lokasi sangat buruk & walaupun tiada maklumat lebih baik mengenai lokasi hotel.
Kemarin pas mau check-in dr pihak hotel bilang dah full. malah mereka mempersoalkan darimana kita book hotel mereka. terpaksa door to door cari hotel lain yang rata2 full juga full. akhirnya dapat hotel bintang dengan rate terlalu tinggi daripada tidur dijalan.
Hotel meminta lebih banyak wang. tempat yang begitu tidak sejuk. jangan tinggal di hotel di Melaka. bos begitu ramah. tetapi kakitangan adalah baik. Saya tidak mendapat wang deposit saya kembali, 10Ringgit. ahh..please tidak tinggal di hotel ini. hanya mencari hotel lain. okay
Aduh ini hostel beda banget sama di foto, tempatnya jelek, kotor, kesannya setinggan. Perkhidmatan pun mengecewakan, saya sarankan jangan ada yang mau menginap di hostel ini deh
55 ulasan
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Andrea P
I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT STAY HERE. This is not because of the dirty rooms with slacking mattresses that are begging for a replacement, nor the paint chipping from the walls. It's not even due to the horrendous smell that permeated everything. No my friends, DO NOT STAY HERE because the owner is an absolute creep. Upon arrival, he told us he had no record through Agoda of our booking as he couldn't access the site. I showed him my receipt of my credit card payment (in full, done through Agoda), and he begrudgingly let us move into one of the rooms. Later that night, my friend got hot (no AC, and the fan isn't near powerful enough) while trying to sleep so she opened the door. Now this is where it gets fun. He came into our room at 4 in the morning, WITHOUT CONSENT, and caressed my friend's arm to wake her up. He then told her to close the window of our dorm, which we had tried to close before with no success. After he closed our window, he asked my friend if she wanted a beer. Let me once again stress, it's four in the morning. As we couldn't sleep knowing the owner of the establishment may walk into our room at any time without consent, we decided to pack up and leave. I hoped we could exchange keys and get our deposits back without conflict. And this is where the fireworks began. The owner launched into a tirade about how he woke my friend up because she was "mumbling in her sleep", the most heinous of crimes, and how our door kept slamming (it wasn't) and disturbing the others. He told us we were being "uncivilized" by yelling at him for coming into our room, and told me that since I paid through a credit card I had no right to complain about treatment. He accused us of being racist because he's Asian (as are we) and stated that since he has our passport numbers he can report us (I expect a call from the sleep police soon). Multiple interruptions and a bunch of nonsense later, we got our deposit back and got the hell out of dodge, stuck with nowhere to stay at 5 in the morning because the owner of this hotel thought it was perfectly in his rights to invade our room in the middle of the night. Whoever you are, however much travel experience you have, DO NOT STAY HERE. Not unless you rather like touchy 4am wake up calls from the most unprofessional business owner I've ever met.
Friends getaway - 30 Apr 2017
Daphnée C
I do not recommend
I was in home sweet home a few months ago with my girlfriend, and I think it is crucial to make a review after the ones I just read in french. We arrived quite late in Melacca, and the owner (Sunil) was really nice and offered us a lift and a stay. Usually we would have refused an offer like that, but he seemed like a honest man, so we went. He brought us around town and told us about his awful day. W made him laugh so he offered to make pancake for us (it was quite late already). At first, we felt bad for him so we wanted to spend a little bit of time with him to change his mind, but he started drinking. He was acting weird with me telling me I was special and stuff. He is bright and figured I was starting to be uncomfortable, and made me feel bad about it. He then offered to buy us some food, we did not understand everything but he had called for the food before we even realised. He said he was paying for it. After hours we it was around 5am and we finally managed to go to bed. (We had a family room because of problems he had with other clients, but it was not supposed to be a problem) At night, I heard a noise (Our room was on the last floor and his was downstairs). The next morning we found a note saying thank you and everything..but it was too much. We had a bad feeling he had abused our kindness...it is hard to explain. The next da we managed not to see him and left quite early the day after. Then, he charged us more and said he never invited us for the food, so I just said that next time it would be nice to know because he was not clear and it is like he was coming back on his words. He EXPLODED he started yelling at us saying we were traitors and everything. We left, choked, him running after us in the staircase. I hope he is trully a nice person, but life made him lonely and sad and now he is just trying to feel a little bit loved..but after reading reviews of people going trough the same thing..I do not know, so just do not go there. Sincerely,
Friends getaway - 26 Nov 2016
Referred as above, me and bf both get bitten by BED BUGS and it followed and stick with my backpacks! We end up need to go for a thorough laundry for all clothes and bag! Worst ever travel experience! Things I HATE: 1) Hot and Bed Bugs - I got bitten all over my body. Spend extra on medical cream & laundry! 2) Over friendly host - DR Sunil (d psycho yet famous owner) was nice initially in his own way where he often love to knock on your door (every 2 hours) even if it's already 2-3 am, inviting us to join the music jamming and drinking. Drinking offer free.. But we need REST more than entertainment! 3) full of DRAMA - check out others comment. He shared his personal life to us (which we never interested of) & hold us up to 5am listening to his story. Horrible. We were both so torn out for being kind to be the dumb listeners. He can win Best Actor too with his dramatic face expression when he talk about his life. 4) this owner is really a NO-NO for solo female traveller! If you are traveling with your spouse, please stick to your the other half ALL THE TIME! Do not show any empathy to any of Dr Sunil's story. (And I bet he's not even a Dr, why would a doc running such a rundown guesthouse? And grab late night travellers at Melaka Sentral??) Here's what happen to me: On my 2nd night stay, he tried to hint me that he's a better choice as spouse and I gotta change my bf. (I know d difference of a joke and seriousness) he quickly open his arm and gesture me to hug him. Thank god My bf on d right timing, came out from bathroom. And Sunil quickly smile to him and walk away. We knew something is not right and check out immediately d next day. 5) RACIST or BIAS. Reading from comments, Sunil sort of treating foreign travelers slightly more polite than local travellers. We were treated coldly in d beginning too as Sunil thought we are local Malaysians. But his attitude change 360 degree when he knew we aren't locals. Note: owner will show you his true colours when u stay more than 1-2 nights! Try it!! If you hate reading long essays, here's d summary: VERY "CHEAP" and DISASTER. if you are not a drama believer, try this place. I PUT 5 STARS, BECAUSE U SHOULD READ THIS!! I tried some other places and I never regret it more. Victor Guest House is one of them! 💯‼️ So much of a heaven (Victor) and hell (HSH) experience! Melaka is a very beautiful city to visit. Don't ruin your holiday because of d drama from Mr Sunil. 😁😁😁
Couples - 8 Okt 2016
Honeymoon stay
My husband and I enjoyed our honeymoon very much at homes sweet home! Right when we arrived our room was cooled to the perfect temperature. Witch was great bc our taxi drive was exhausting and Hot! We stayed in room 8 and our view was amazing. Although I think the best thing about the resort is the chef! He prepared us the most amazingly delicious meals! We ate there quite a few times. The manager was very helpful with helping arrange things to do during our stay. We went snorkeling and horseback riding. Witch we enjoyed very much. The only thing I did not like was the amount of weird bugs and mosquitos at night. I have about a dozen bites on my body from waking up with them flying around our bed side. But besides that my husband and I definitely recommend this resort!
Couples - 10 Jul 2016
Lisa E
Don't stay here. It's a trap!
The guy picked us up from the main station, offering to take us to town for free if we stayed at his guesthouse for the night. The prices that he told us kept varying, but since we missed the last bus and didn't know where to stay, we agreed. On the way back he drove us around town for about 30 minutes explaining about the town's history (seems to be his thing, reading the other reviews here). He kept talking about his life and his problems without us even responding because we were so tired and wanted a place to crash. He talked about how many guests were staying at his place that night, that he was fully booked and that some of his guest held a music session in the lounge (there was literally no one!!). The bathrooms and the room weren't really clean. We slept on our towels because there were little black spots on the mattress and we were afraid of bed bugs. Plus the pillows had lots of hair :/ He acts like he doesn't have change and offers to give it back to you in the morning, happened to us as well as to one other guest. He promised to take care of our bus tickets but never did. When we had to leave early in the morning he was no where to find (he told us before he would be sleeping in one of the rooms) and he never gave us our deposit back!!! ALL the rooms besides one were empty and there were no names in the guest register either. Highly non-recommended!!!
Couples - 3 Apr 2016
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Bermula 1 September 2017, tetamu hotel yang bukan warga Malaysia atau bukan Penduduk Tetap Malaysia perlu membayar cukai pelancongan sebanyak MYR 10 untuk 1 bilik 1 malam bagi semua hotellihat lagi

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Masa Daftar Masuk dan Daftar Keluar

Daftar masuk: 14.00
Daftar keluar: 12.00

Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home merupakan tempat penginapan serba ringkas yang direka bagi memenuhi keperluan pengembara yang mahu berjimat. Ia merupakan bangunan sederhana dengan perlindungan asas untuk suasana rehat yang selesa dan selamat. Pelawat disambut dengan mesra oleh petugas terlatih dan sekiranya anda agak bertuah, pemilik tempat penginapan ini yang akan mengalu-alukan kedatangan anda sambil berkongsi sejarah latar belakang rumah tumpangan tersebut.

Cara Menuju ke Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home

Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home terletak di dalam kawasan Melaka Raya di negeri Melaka. Ia terletak berdekatan dengan Stesen Bas Melaka Sentral, iaitu anda boleh mendapatkan khidmat teksi untuk perjalanan yang hanya mengambil masa selama 20 minit untuk tiba. Anda juga boleh meminta untuk mendapatkan khidmat jemputan daripada wakil rumah tumpangan yang mungkin merangkumi siri jelajah sekitar Bandar Melaka.

Alamat rasmi bagi Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home ialah 270 A/B, Taman Raya 3, 75000 Melaka. Koordinat sistem penentududukan sejagat (GPS) pula ialah 2.18791 Latitud dan 102.253 Longitud.

Pilihan Jenis Bilik Tumpangan di Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home

Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home menyediakan 12 bilik tumpangan yang dilengkapi dengan pelbagai kemudahan berdasarkan kesesuaian jenis penginapan. Bilik-bilik tumpangan memberikan pilihan jenis katil serta perabot mengikut bilangan pelawat sama ada mencakupi keperluan keluarga atau pengembara secara berkumpulan mahupun secara bersendirian. Perkakas umum pada setiap bilik termasuk kemudahan Internet Wi-Fi di kawasan umum, sebuah televisyen yang dilengkapi saluran wayang / satelit / kabel, sebuah peti sejuk serta kemudahan untuk menggosok pakaian. Bilik Keluarga turut disediakan untuk kemudahan melayani anak-anak kecil.

Restoran dan Kafe di Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home

Tiada sebarang restoran mahupun kafe disediakan di Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home. Namun begitu, penginap di Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home disajikan dengan hidangan sarapan mudah yang diperuntukkan setiap hari seperti bijirin, roti bakar beserta mentega dan jem yang dihidangkan bersama kopi atau teh. Kemudahan mendapatkan makanan bagi pelawat Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home adalah sekitar lot-lot rumah kedai sepanjang kejiranan Melaka Raya.

Kemudahan Perkhidmatan dan Aktiviti oleh Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home

Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home menyediakan perkhidmatan sewa basikal serta bantuan mendapatkan pakej jelajah sekitar Bandar Melaka. Anda juga boleh meminta untuk mendapatkan perkhidmatan persiaran dan penghantaran secara pergi balik ke lapangan terbang apabila diperlukan. Petugas Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home sentiasa bersedia membantu untuk memenuhi sebarang keperluan pelawatnya. Mereka amat prihatin untuk mendengar dan memberikan pandangan tentang perkara menarik yang mungkin boleh diusahakan sepanjang tempoh penginapan.

Destinasi Menarik sekitar Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home

Memandangkan Melaka Raya merupakan pusat budaya bagi negeri Melaka, anda boleh menjangkakan kemudahan perhubungan ke tempat-tempat menarik di sekitarnya. Antara tempat tumpuan pelancongan yang cukup terkenal termasuklah Kota A Famosa dan Gereja St Paul. Kota A Famosa yang tinggal hanyalah sebahagian daripada runtuhan Porta De Santiago, kubu yang dibina oleh bangsa Portugis sekitar tahun 1511, pihak Belanda kemudiannya memusnahkan kebanyakan bangunan terebut dan hanya meninggalkan kawasan yang menjadi tumpuan foto ketika ini. Kubu tersebut telah diselamatkan oleh usaha Sir Stamford Raffles pada tahun 1810. Struktur Roman ini dipercayai telah dibina oleh Alfonso de Albuquerque yang kini hanya meninggalkan pagar yang berwarna putih lusuh di kaki bukit bangunan Gereja St Paul.

Pasar raya tempatan beserta hiburan semasa terletak di tengah-tengah Bandar Melaka yang bernama Mahkota Parade.

Jika anda mengikuti sebarang pakej siri jelajah di sekitar Melaka, ia pasti menjadi pengalaman yang menakjubkan. Tersohor sebagai bandar bersejarah Malaysia, jika anda melawati Melaka ibarat merentasi masa untuk menyaksikan serta merasai sendiri kegemilangan era usia emasnya. Kawasan warisan lama yang dipelihara menyingkap seri sejarah Portugis dan Belanda. Ini turut ditujukan kepada sejarah kaum Peranakan yang boleh dilawati sekitar Muzium Warisan Baba Nyonya. Ia merupakan koleksi tiga buah rumah cantik yang telah dipulihara bagi mempamerkan keaslian kediaman Baba Nyonya pada abad ke-19. Rumah-rumah bandar ini telah dibina pada tahun 1896 dan merupakan contoh binaan Chinese-Palladian dengan pengaruh Belanda, lampu gantung Victoria, bidai-bidai Venetian serta tiang-tiang Greco-Roman.

Dalam usaha untuk memperingati hubungan perjanjian pendudukan, sekitar tahun 1949, Maharaja Yung Lo telah menghantar wakilnya, Laksamana Cheng Ho bagi menjalinkan hubungan komersil dengan negeri Melaka. Sultan Melaka pada waktu itu, iaitu Sultan Mansur Shah telah menikahi anak Maharaja Dinasti Ming ketika itu, iaitu Puteri Hang Liu. Sejarah ini boleh ditelusuri dengan menziarahi Bukit Cina, tempat terletaknya tanah perkuburan Cina terbesar dan tertua di luar daripada negara China. Pelawat mungkin juga berminat untuk melawat Muzium Budaya Cheng Ho yang telah dibuka pada tahun 2006. Ia dipercayai bahawa gudang yang merupakan muzium ini telah dibina sendiri oleh Laksamana Cheng Ho 600 tahun yang lalu bagi penempatan sementara untuk barang-barang keperluan sepanjang penjelajahan beliau.

Sejarah pembukaan negeri Melaka pastinya tidak terlepas daripada mengukir nama-nama seperti Parameswara beserta kelibat pendekar lima bersaudaranya yang bernama Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu dan Hang Kasturi. Makam Hang Jebat beserta petunjuk batu nisan bertarikh yang merakamkan pendudukan Portugis pada tahun 1512 boleh didapati di Jalan Kampung Kuli di Melaka.

Tujulah ke kawasan Ayer Keroh, pelawat berpeluang untuk meneroka taman-taman tema serta taman peranginan seperti Taman Mini Malaysia and Taman Mini ASEAN yang mempamerkan kepelbagian budaya Malaysia melalui binaan replika rumah-rumah etnik seperti Taman Buaya serta Zoo Melaka.

Pengalaman pembelajaran yang menarik turut boleh didapati oleh pelawat Ayer Keroh. Pada tahun 2009, Pusat Sains Pengembaraan Planetarium Melaka telah dibuka kepada pengunjung awam. Ia merupakan bangunan tiga tingkat berinspirasikan senibina kompleks Islamik yang dilengkapi dengan ruang pameran, perpustakaan, kafeteria serta menempatkan kubah teater terbesar di Malaysia yang menayangkan pertunjukan wayang berkala.

Tarikan terbaru yang telah dibuka pada tahun 2011 ialah taman batu karang yang pertama di Malaysia, Coral Wonderland, Melaka yang menempatkan lebih daripada 1000 spesis ikan marin serta batu karang. Ia menawarkan kolam terpanjang di Asia dan juga akuarium batu karang terpanjang di Malaysia. Pelawat boleh merancang untuk bersantai memandangkan ia terletak di dalam bangunan Dataran Pahlawan Mall yang memudahkan pengunjung mencari makanan serta membeli-belah di kemudian hari.

Sebuah lagi pengalaman unik yang boleh didapati di Melaka adalah untuk melawat D-Paradise yang menjanjikan pengetahuan berupa industri penanaman di Malaysia. Pelawat boleh datang dan mendekati koleksi terbesar dunia berkenaan tanaman labu, kaktus dan periuk kera; mengenali tenggiling serta menerokai bangsal biskut yang menyediakan kudapan tempatan.

Di bandar Melaka, pelawat boleh bersiar-siar dengan menaiki beca berhias mengharungi Perkampungan Portugis dan singgah menikmati keenakan minuman cendol di Jonker Street yang popular. Cendol merupakan minuman kegemaran tempatan yang berupa helaian agar-agar tepung pulut berwarna hijau yang dihidangkan dalam santan kelapa bersama sirap pekat gula Melaka dan parutan ais.

Saban tahun, tanpa perlu dipertikaikan lagi, Hard Rock Café telah diangkat menjadi suatu jenama yang membawa kepada perpaduan hiburan dan mengetengahkan suasana Amerika dengan menampilkan persembahan muzik secara langsung yang mengasyikkan. Hard Rock Café Melaka berhasrat untuk meneruskan tradisi ini di bangunan dua tingkat yang berkeluasan 9000 kaki persegi bertempat di sekitar Sungai Melaka.

Melaka juga termasuk sebagai antara destinasi makanan yang patut dicuba. Cabarlah diri untuk mencuba Coconut Shake Pantai Klebang, Asam Pedas Melaka, Ikan Bakar Parameswara di Umbai dan Kuih Keria Antarabangsa Masjid Limbongan.

Jadi, apakah yang anda tunggu lagi? Ayuhlah kemukakan tempahan untuk Rumah Tumpangan Home Sweet Home di traveloka.com hari ini bagi mendapatkan tawaran terbaik dan promosi istimewa!

Anda mesti menunjukkan ID bergambar semasa mendaftar masuk. Kad kredit anda akan dicaj semasa anda membuat tempahan. Pilihan merokok/jenis katil tidak dijamin. Tempahan anda dibayar dahulu dan dijamin untuk ketibaan lewat. Caj keseluruhan adalah termasuk semua caj bilik dan cukai, serta bayaran tempahan. Sebarang caj sampingan seperti bayaran tempat letak kenderaan, panggilan telefon dan perkhidmatan bilik akan diuruskan terus antara diri anda dan hartanah tersebut.
Bayaran tetamu tambahan boleh dikenakan dan berbeza-beza mengikut dasar hotel.
Pengenalan bergambar keluaran kerajaan dan deposit tunai diperlukan semasa daftar masuk untuk bayaran sampingan.
Permintaan khas adalah tertakluk kepada ketersediaan semasa daftar masuk dan boleh dikenakan bayaran tambahan. Permintaan khas tidak dapat dijamin.
Penafian: Adalah tanggungjawab hotel untuk memastikan semua gambar adalah tepat. Traveloka tidak akan bertanggungjawab atas sebarang gambar yang tidak tepat.