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Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru

17 Jalan Tenteram, Tanjung Puteri, Johor Bahru - City Center, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia, 80300
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Merujuk kepada 606 tetamu
Berdasarkan 156 ulasan tetamu
Penyaman Udara
Kolam Renang
Meja Depan 24j

Tarikan berhampiran
Johor Bahru City Square
(0.61 km)
Komtar JBCC
(0.65 km)
Johor Old Chinese Temple
(0.67 km)
Angry Bird Theme Park
(0.82 km)
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Ulasan oleh pengguna Traveloka

383 Pelanggan Traveloka telah menginap di hotel ini dan memberikan ulasan:

Bilik selesa cume keadaan luar bilik agak lama, cat terkopek di pintu.
Hotel berada dalam keadaan baik cuma keadaan bilik air agak tidak memuaskan, yang lain semua okay.
Katil mendap, aircond bunyi bising.
Staff yang bagus. Siap bagi saya free upgrade kepada family room. Staff sangat baik.
Kolam renang perlu dibersihkan untuk keselesaan dan keperluan pelanggan.
Kebersihan tidak memberangsangkan, kurang selesa.
Bilik air banjir bile mandi dan tidak ade blower di bilik air, air botol mineral tidak juga disediakan didalam bilik seperti hotel lain..kettle ada tetapi tidak boleh diguna sbb pihak pengurusan hotel suruh ambil air panas diluar bilik hotel kalau nak buat air, agak menyusahkan sedikit kerana kena keluar bilik semata mata nak buat air panas.
Hotel ini sangat dekat dengan CIQ JB hanya 10 minit jika berjalan kaki. Bilik kemas cuma bilik air lantai licin, telefon tidak dapat digunakan disebabkan wayarnya putus dan layanan kurang mesra.
Kebersihan bilik air kurang memuaskan.
Tempat lebih bersih,nyaman, betul2 untuk liburan keluarga, cume jauh dr tempat makan sahaja.
156 ulasan
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Solo travel12
Friends getaway16
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Sangat teruk
Sangat Baik
Luar biasa
Not recommended. Full stop!
First of all I believe the Hotel policy is the Hotel is always right.. not the customers. When we first landed in Senai airport early in the morning we understand that most hotel wouldn’t accept any early check ins but some do subject to availabilities and discretion. So we’ve made the efforts to call in just to find out but greeted with some kind of arrogance denying our request. Still by 1.00pm we arrived at the Hotel and lucky enough to a have room 1012 available. We were happy at first. Do note that we intend to stay for 2 nights. When we reached room 1012 the first thing we noticed was a leakage from the ceiling and the floor was actually wet. We notified the front desk and again with some kind of arrogance directed us to 1106 on the 11th floor. Your first impression was that the room was dark and covered with thick curtains. We found out that it’s a room without a view or let’s put it half of the view (more of a makeshift windows to cover up the bulky aircond). We accepted our fate and moved one. We’ve tried the hotel restaurant at G floor for something to eat and nobody attended to us until my wife requested for the menu. We’ve ordered the package of nasi lemak fruits and drinks of RM23++. I’ve ordered a simple Teh tarik. My Teh tarik came after 5 mins but my wife’s drink and food are nowhere to be found..and no one at the restaurant. After 20 mins a lady came in and we asked about our orders and with some kind of arrogance she told us that it’s on its way (from where?..I thought the kitchen is in the restaurant)..and then the Nasi lemak came.. we asked for the drink.. and then it came after another 5 mins and we asked about the fruits.. and then they came in another 5 mins. There was no service to be frank. We travel mostly by uber and the next day (day2) we went out that day sightseeing JB and came back later to the hotel that evening just to find out that our room is locked and the card is not functioning. In good faith we thought it was the card issue until again we went down to check with front desk. The reception has the guts of asking us day of our stay in the hotel. I asked the reception to check their system only to confirmed that we are staying there for another night. With no apology just hand us the card with some kind of arrogance. So it seems that because it’s a Sunday and most patron have checked out they seems to overlooked others who stayed beyond Sunday itself. We are to check out on Monday. So by Monday early morning at 6.25am we woke up to get ready to catch our air Asia morning flight. At our surprise there was no water supply. I’ve called the reception but apparently the guy at the counter only know so much but did informed us that all supply from level 10 and above were disconnected. (???why?.. do they really think no one else staying beyond Sunday?). We call again around 6.45 and was informed that the technician is fixing the matter and shall take 5-10 minutes to water to pumped back to the levels mentioned. At 7am nothing happens and still no water bearing in mind we haven’t showered for us to catch our early flight. The 3rd time I’ve tried calling the front desk.. and nobody picking up the line.. goes on to my 7th call unanswered I went down personally just to find out the guy who is supposed to man the reception is not picking up the calls but rather playing with his mobile phone. At this time was already 7.10 am and I can see some staffs running in to take up their positions (morning shift I assume). I suggested that the guy would give us a room to take our showers and he complied with some kind of arrogance. So we took our showers at room 511. By 7.45 we were at the front desk to check out and my wife returned the keys to the reception. With some the lady at the reception with some kind of arrogance (the lady with the yellow hair need to improve on CSR) just took the keys and told the housekeeping to check our rooms and let us be without any courtesy to say sorry or even to invite us in the future or say something we customers like to hear eg.. we try to rectify the problems in the future.. None. In conclusion the team is not doing anything great for the Hotel rapport.
Couples - 12 Nov 2017
Aleng L
Hotel in JB
First time for me that stay in JB, on the way from KL to Singapore. I decide to stay in JB only one night for continuing to singapore. It's good hotel which is suitable price to stay. Nice and clean. Staffs also friendly, helpful to explain me how to go singapore without pay too much. Inside hotel all nice that I don't believe I can book hotel with nice and cheap.
Friends getaway - 8 Nov 2017
Lewis C
Dirty Motel.
Stayed 1 night in this hotel. Worst hotel I have ever stayed. Don't b fooled by the profile pic. It more Motel then hotel. The place was small compare to the pic. Corridor smell so rancid like dogs peed everywhere. The floor was sticky n room was dusty. Very dusty, when I lifted my leg the sole was black. They don't change the sheets, they didn't even bother to dust off the sheets. They just remade the beds as it is. Booked a twin room, as I uncovered the blankets there were hairs a lot of long hairs on both beds. I counted more then 20 strands. The price was cheap but they should have basic housekeeping standards. Even a no star motel in Mt Austin gave you better quality & price.
Family - 17 Sep 2017
a7md M
The best budget hotel around City square area
Hotel sentral is always one if my fav hotels when it comes to JB city Its definitely the best budget hotel in the area, the room are comfortable enough, friendly stuff, walking distance to jB city Square and CIQ, And what I like ve about it is the trucking food that open almost daily in the parking yard I do recommend it for sure
Couples - 14 Sep 2017
Totally Horrible
Booked this hotel for a short getaway and totally regretted it when we stepped into the room. Firstly, we booked for a twin bed room. But when we arrived, we were told that they do not have any available twin bed room. We asked if they could join the beds together and they said they could do so. That's why we went ahead to agree to check in. Bad decision! We went through the process of checking in and went up to our room. Big horror! Room was so dark and stuffy. Everything seems so worn out. Aircon is not cold at all even after sitting 20 minutes in the room. Bed was not joined as per what the front desk has agreed. And when we joined the beds together, guess what we found 'hidden' under the bed? A pad. A freaking USED pad! What has the housekeeping been doing? We decided to book for another hotel before leaving the room to check out. WiFi is not working at all! And all these happened within half an hr. This is the shortest I have 'stayed' in a hotel. I seriously have no idea how this hotel can still be surviving. Please do something about your hotel and services. If not, please close the hotel down and prevent people from wasting their money..
Couples - 30 Ogs 2017
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Polisi hotel

  • Kemudahan Umum
    • Parkir
    • Kedai kopi
    • Lif
    • Restoran
    • Pesanan bilik
    • Peti keselamatan
    • WiFi di kawasan umum
  • Kemudahan Dalam Bilik
    • Kabel TV
    • Kaunter
    • Pengering rambut
    • Peti besi dalam bilik
    • Bar mini
    • Pancuran mandi
    • TV
  • Perkhidmatan Hotel
    • Pekerja rencam
    • Meja depan
    • Penyambut tetamu 24 jam
    • Keselamatan 24 jam
    • Perkhidmatan dobi
    • Penyimpanan bagasi
  • Umum
    • Penyaman Udara
    • Bilik keluarga
    • Bilik larangan merokok
    • Kawasan merokok
  • Kemudahan Internet
    • Internet LAN
    • WiFi percuma
  • Makanan dan Minuman
    • Sarapan
  • Aktiviti
    • Kolam renang terbuka
  • Kemudahan Perniagaan
    • Kemudahan mesyuarat
  • Pengangkutan
    • Parkir terhad

Masa Daftar Masuk dan Daftar Keluar

Daftar masuk: 14.00
Daftar keluar: 12.00

Nota: hotel sebelumnya dinamakan Naza Talyya Hotel Johor Bahru

Penginapan di Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru ialah pilihan yang baik apabila anda melawat Johor Bahru - Pusat Bandar.

hotel ini amat mudah ditemui kerana kedudukannya yang strategik berdekatan dengan kemudahan awam.

Tentang Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru

Bagi anda yang ingin melancong dengan selesa mengikut bajet, Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru ialah tempat yang sesuai untuk menginap dengan adanya kemudahan yang baik dan perkhidmatan yang hebat.

Perkhidmatan terbaik dan pelbagai kemudahan yang disediakan akan membuat anda berpuas hati sepanjang penginapan anda di Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru.

Nikmati hari yang menyeronokkan dan santai di kolam, sama ada anda mengembara secara solo atau bersama orang yang tersayang.

Meja depan 24 jam tersedia untuk memberikan perkhidmatan kepada anda, dari daftar masuk hingga ke daftar keluar, atau sebarang bantuan yang anda perlukan. Jika anda inginkan lebih lagi, jangan ragu untuk bertanya kepada meja depan, kami sentiasa bersedia untuk memenuhi permintaan anda.

Nikmati hidangan kegemaran anda dengan makanan istimewa dari Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru eksklusif untuk anda.

Akses WiFi tersedia dalam kawasan umum penginapan ini agar anda sentiasa terhubung dengan keluarga dan rakan-rakan.

Dengan semua kemudahan yang ditawarkan, Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru adalah tempat yang sesuai untuk menginap.

Check In time : 2:00 PM
Bayaran tetamu tambahan boleh dikenakan dan berbeza-beza mengikut dasar hotel.
Pengenalan bergambar keluaran kerajaan dan kad kredit atau deposit tunai diperlukan semasa daftar masuk untuk bayaran sampingan.
Permintaan khas adalah tertakluk kepada ketersediaan semasa daftar masuk dan boleh dikenakan bayaran tambahan. Permintaan khas tidak dapat dijamin.
Perkhidmatan pengangkutan ulang-alik lapangan terbang tersedia atas permintaan. Sila hubungi hartanah lebih awal untuk membuat persiapan.
Penafian: Adalah tanggungjawab hotel untuk memastikan semua gambar adalah tepat. Traveloka tidak akan bertanggungjawab atas sebarang gambar yang tidak tepat.