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UK Farm Agro Resort

Lot 8, Projek Pertanian Moden Kluang, KM 13 Jalan Batu Pahat,, Malaysia, 86000
8.7/10Sangat Baik
Merujuk kepada 15 tetamu
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Berdasarkan 32 ulasan tetamu
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(44.97 km)
Johor Premium Outlet
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Senai International Airport (JHB)
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Kota Tinggi Waterfall
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Bilik asas bersih, selesa dan keselesaan. makan malam BBQ adalah pilihan makanan laut lebih besar tetapi tidak. Secara keseluruhan pilihan yang baik untuk staycation pada pengalaman yang sangat berbeza
Kakitangan yang ramah, aktiviti yang baik
Ia penginapan 2 saya pada lawatan resort tetapi kali pertama untuk rombongan keluarga yang lain. Segala-galanya dengan resort tamunya cekap kecuali mengecewakan utama saya diberitahu apabila mendaftar masuk: ditempah untuk 2 bilik dalam talian dengan resort melalui rasmi agensi yang dilantik dalam talian mereka pada 16 Mac untuk 1 dan 2 April tetapi tarikh semakan masuk untuk kedua-dua bilik berbeza dari apa yang saya dimaksudkan semasa hari pemeriksaan masuk => kerana terdapat lagi ruang yang mencukupi disediakan, tetapi saya masih perlu membayar resort sekali lagi dalam bentuk wang tunai untuk salah satu daripada 2 bilik sahaja dan mereka dikenakan saya kadar musim rendah ( > RM 600). ..so periksa tempahan dalam talian anda dengan teliti untuk mengelakkan yang disebutkan di atas daripada berlaku kepada anda (walaupun saya telah melakukan tempahan dalam talian yang tidak terkira banyaknya atau pembelian pada masa lalu dan apa-apa seperti ini berlaku sebelum ini!). relatif caucasian Australia saya yang mempunyai banyak penginapan ladang di negara sendiri dan di luar negara (NZ, Taiwan, Thailand dan lain-lain) kagum dengan beliau tinggal di UK Farm sejak ia lebih daripada sebuah ladang tropika: kebersihan, makanan, standard perkhidmatan yang sempurna dan lain-lain . saya dan penginapan berulang isteri saya sendiri di ladang itu bercakap jumlah untuk dirinya sendiri.
percutian yang hebat untuk keluarga dengan anak-anak.
Peluang untuk membawa anak-anak bandar untuk memulakan pengalaman di luar bandar seperti gaya hidup. tetapan yang mudah dan baik. Sebuah tempat untuk ibu bapa untuk berehat (sedikit)
32 ulasan
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Dry or wet, be prepared to go back with a super dirty car...
We (family with 2 teens) did the 2 hour farm tour and thoroughly enjoyed the feeding of chickens, ducks, ostrich, and goats. Bonus part was ability to hand carry some of the baby goats and baby rabbits. Farm has lots of potential and owner could improve the overall experience by working on landscaping and training of the guide. Place, as mentioned by the rest, is very deep in from the main road. Be prepared for bumpy ride across sandy/rocky and rough access road. I can imagine how muddy it would be during rainy season. Dry or wet,be prepared to go back with a super dirty car.
- 31 Mac 2017
Farm stay with modern amenities
Overall, the best part of the stay was feeding duck, chicken, ostrich, deer and rabbit (for rabbit you would need to purchase rabbit food at RM3/packet). This activity is great for younger children as our 3 year old enjoyed it. She even put food on her palm to feed the rabbits. However, this is not a free and easy activity as it's far away from the lobby area and we were told we can't go there on our own. After the farm tour, we had some free time before dinner hence we played on the swings and roamed the mini zoo. Saw some reviews saying they fed and pet the animals at the mini zoo but the animals are mostly caged up and the food wasn't anywhere in sight hence I don't know this was possible. As we couldn't feed the animals, there was nothing much to do there. Be on time for dinner as food is served promptly. A lot of families went back to their chalet and came to the lobby area at 7+. By then, the food was cold. We had ours piping hot and it was delicious. There were 5-6 dishes and the portion was generous. Our 6 y.o. kept refilling her soup bowl. After dinner, we opted for the night tour (RM5/person). Basically, it's a tour via the bus. The bus driver will drive slowly and 2 guides (on each side of the bus) will shine spotlight into the distance to spot animals. We saw 1 bat flying, 1 owl and 2 birds. It really depends on luck. With the slow speed of the bus and engine sound, both of our daughters (3 & 6 y.o.) fell asleep. In the middle of the tour, all lights will be off and the bus will drive in pitch dark as we approach the firefly spots. We saw a lot of fireflies and it's really pretty. At this point, we couldn't wake the 6 y.o. up to see the fireflies. I feel that the night tour is worth it. Quite a good experience. After the night tour, we went back to our chalet for warm shower. It was frustrating as we couldn't figure out how to get warm water and we had 2 cranky kids. If you face similar issue, you might want to push up the black ELB reset button on the bottom left hand corner. We collected our kong ming lanterns (tip: don't let kids colour or draw too hard as there will be a hole and the lantern won't fly) and had fun releasing them. The next day, we had breakfast (be on time for delicious food) followed by sheep challenge. In 3 minutes, if we hug a sheep for 2 seconds we will be given a medal. It's too difficult (but fun)! After that, there wasn't much to do as the only free and easy activity was mini zoo. Although we wanted to try the sheep specialties for lunch, we had nothing to do hence we checked out earlier. Comparing Koref with UK farm: Our daughters preferred Koref as they could feed and carry the rabbits anytime they want. There was also more free and easy activities on Koref. Also, you can get everywhere by foot on Koref. Food wise, UK farm wins hands down. Tip: - Don't unload luggage when you reach the lobby area. After you check-in at the lobby area, you will need to drive a few minutes to reach your chalet/dormitory. - Be on time for meals to enjoy piping hot food
Family - 30 Dis 2016
Good fun for a city kid
First things first. The actual farm is located about 6km from the main road, and the access road is bumpy and untarred. Just be prepared for that. Once inside, it's a really nice feeling to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Paid for the tickets which includes the bus ride around the farm. The bus itself is quite quirky, basically it's just the chassis with some seats and wooden body bolted onto it. We spent time feeding goats (grass and bottled milk), eating goat-milk ice cream and watching the super efficient demonstration of milking goats, feeding ducks and chickens and ostriches and deer. The whole tour took around 2 hours. While we did have sufficient fun, this place can benefit from slightly more polish in the overall experience. It also seems to be a missed opportunity for the retail shop, which smelled really bad for some reason. We basically breezed right through without even stopping to consider the merchandise.
Family - 28 Dis 2016
dark k
a great experience for 2 day 1 night
This is a 2day1night school trip,we stayed in the dorm.First, we arrived there and ate our lunch.The lunch is quite nice .After our lunch, we go to feed the sheep,the sheep are very tame and friendly.After feeding sheep we go to see the processed of the sheep milk and buy sheep milk ice cream.Then, we go to Jakun village to see the tree house and see a aboriginal use the blowpipe to pop a balloon on the tree.last we go to do the sheep catching activity (the sheep are so fast and they are very good).this is a great experience with friends
Friends getaway - 13 Nov 2016
Lily O
Disappointed Visit Farm
Looks Good in photo but..... 😓😖 Difficult to access - 6km driving road full with stone. Watch some 'duck'; 4 ostrich, few rabbits. Most lousy is the orang asli village.... one man show!! 😶 no word to describe. Only a bit more interesting part is the feeding of goats 🐐. Other than this section nothing at all is interesting or adventurous. Compare the price that pay per adult RM47.90 against the journey is totally unreasonable. The farm still have a lot of space to improve to make it as a tourist place to go.
Friends getaway - 6 Okt 2016
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      Masa Daftar Masuk dan Daftar Keluar

      Daftar masuk: 14.00
      Daftar keluar: 12.00

      Penginapan di UK Farm Agro Resort ialah pilihan yang baik apabila anda melawat Batu Pahat.

      resort ini amat mudah ditemui kerana kedudukannya yang strategik berdekatan dengan kemudahan awam.

      Tentang UK Farm Agro Resort

      Selain terletak berdekatan dengan pelbagai tempat menarik untuk pengembaraan anda, UK Farm Agro Resort juga akan memberikan anda penginapan yang menyenangkan.

      UK Farm Agro Resort amat disyorkan bagi pengembara yang ingin mendapatkan penginapan mampu milik dan selesa pada masa yang sama.

      resort ini ialah tempat yang sesuai bagi pasangan yang inginkan percutian romantis atau tempat berbulan madu. Nikmati malam-malam yang penuh kenangan dengan orang kesayangan anda dengan menginap di UK Farm Agro Resort.

      Semasa penginapan di resort, reka bentuk dan seni bina adalah dua faktor penting untuk dinikmati. Dengan suasananya yang unik, UK Farm Agro Resort menyediakan anda penginapan yang menyenangkan.

      Bergembiralah dengan pelbagai kemudahan hiburan yang tersedia untuk anda dan seisi keluarga di UK Farm Agro Resort, sebuah penginapan yang menarik untuk percutian keluarga anda.

      resort ini ialah tempat terbaik bagi anda yang inginkan percutian yang tenang dan nyaman, jauh daripada orang ramai.

      Nikmati hidangan kegemaran anda dengan makanan istimewa dari UK Farm Agro Resort eksklusif untuk anda.

      Akses WiFi tersedia dalam kawasan umum penginapan ini agar anda sentiasa terhubung dengan keluarga dan rakan-rakan.

      UK Farm Agro Resort adalah resort yang memberikan keselesaan hebat dan perkhidmatan terbaik menurut kebanyakan tetamu resort ini.

      Penginapan di UK Farm Agro Resort pasti akan memuaskan hati anda dengan layanan baik dan harga yang berpatutan.

      - Check-in time: 2pm; check-out time: 12pm - Breakfast time is 8am - 10am. - Late check-out will be penalised MYR 15 per hour - Kids age:3-12 years old considered as child price. - Kids age are based on born year. - Therefore kids born on the year 2013 are considered as 3 years old even though they were born on mid or end of 2013. - Kids born on 2014, 2015 & 2016 are complimentary. - Inhouse guest are not allowed to tour the farm using their own car to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. - Drinking beer are not allowed at lobby or dining area. - Durians are STRICTLY not allowed at lobby, chalets, dormitory and dining area. - UK Farm Agro Management reserves the right to refuse, alter, amend, delete or add to the stated terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.-
      Penafian: Adalah tanggungjawab hotel untuk memastikan semua gambar adalah tepat. Traveloka tidak akan bertanggungjawab atas sebarang gambar yang tidak tepat.