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About Bandung

If you’re now full of the natural and culinary experiences in Bandung and wanting to try something new, museum Bandung can be your new option. This is partly because Bandung, that’s been known as the shopping center, natural tourism, and culinary tourism, is now developing modern tourism. The plan includes the latest galleries and museums, which is why the number of museums in Bandung is now abundant. In addition to it being a new leisure spot, the museum can also be a place to discover new knowledge and wisdom. The reason why the industry’s developed is because of the fact that as the largest metropolitan city in West Java, Bandung is a popular destination for tourists. Not to mention, this city is only 140km away from Jakarta, and it’s the third-largest metropolitan in Indonesia after Jabodetabek and Gerbangkertosusila. One notable historical event in Bandung includes the foundation of the first engineering institution in Indonesia, known as Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). The other event is the location for the battlefield of Bandung the Sea of Fire. And finally, Bandung is the established location for Asia-Africa Conference (KAA) in 1955, embodied in the Asia Africa Museum. However, not many people actually know that the name Bandung city comes from the word “Bendungan,” translated as “Dam.” The original name comes from the clogged Citarum River by the molten lava of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, which then became a lake. While according to the folklore, the name Bandung is originated from the story of Bandung Boat, two separate boats that were tied side-by-side. At that time, R.A. Wiranatakusumah II the past regent used Bandung boat to travel across Citarum River to discover the new regency and replace the old Dayeuhkolot capital city. Indeed, geographically, it’s indicated that Bandung is surrounded by mountains, which explains that Bandung was once a massive lake. The creations of Lake Bandung and Tangkuban Perahu Mountain are all a part of the folklore legend of Sangkuriang. This includes the story of how the lake dried out and left a cavity surface, in which the lake water flowed to a cave called Sanghyang Tikoro.

Bandung Museum Review

Now, if you happen to be on a holiday trip in Bandung, there are several types of exciting galleries and museums to visit. Here are some of the older museums with notable characteristics

Geology Museum

The museum is under the ownership of Ministry of Geology Agency ESDM, located in Jalan Diponegoro No. 57, Bandung. The ticket price to enter this museum is considered very cheap.

Asia Africa Conference Museum (KAA Museum)

KAA museum is located in Jalan Asia Afrika No. 65, Bandung. This museum has a permanent exhibition room, a library, audiovisual, and research room.

Sri Baduga Museum

Located in Jalan BKR No. 185, Tegal Lega. Sri Baduga Museum hosts 5,367 collections of Biologic, Geologic, Numismatic/Heraldic, Ethnographic, Archeologic, Historic, Phylosophic, Clays, Artworks, and Technology types.

Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi Museum

Located in Jalan Lembong No. 38, Braga, Sumur Bandung, this museum hosts the remnants of the war during the independence of Indonesia. There are collections of traditional weapons, colonial currencies, and images of the national heroes like the Commander of Siliwangi Division displayed here.

Indonesia Post Museum

Located in Jalan Cilaki No. 73, Bandung, this museum is home for a collection of stamps from all over the world. In addition, there are also collections of postmen equipment and official uniforms displayed here.

Locomotive Train Museum

Located in Jalan Dayang Sumbi No. 10, Bandung, this museum displays an array of historical artefacts related to the locomotive trains of the past. They include the ticketing machine, date recorder, wooden telephone, telegraph, and odhner calculator.

Recommended Museum in Bandung

If you desire to be nourished with knowledge and wisdom during the trip in Bandung, you can visit the recommended gallery and museum in Bandung. Some of the latest museums are as follow

Rumah Belanda

Rumah Belanda is a selfie attraction point with a very specific theme that is the Windmill Country known as Dutch. There are two separate zones in this museum, named the selfie park and restaurant area. Regarding the latter, you can rent a traditional Volendam set of clothes and take a picture with the aesthetic properties there. In addition, you can also watch the replica of the iconic windmill and savor the authentic Dutch cuisine like bitterballen and kroketten.

Rumah Belanda is located in Jalan Raya Maribaya Sukamaju RT.03/RW.04, Cibodas, Lembang, West Bandung. Entrance ticket is priced at Rp22,500 (Weekdays) and Rp27,000 (Weekends/holidays).

NuArt Sculpture Park

NuArt Sculpture Park displays over 200 sculptures made by the famous Indonesian carver named Nyoman Nuarta. Occupying a 3 hectare-field to the north of Bandung, the park displays the artworks and exhibits the performance of modern and traditional artists. Also, there’s classic literature and cultural reading for those who are curious about the stories of Bandung. Apart from the art exhibitions, there are also modern facilities like indoor & outdoor theatres, handmade boutique, café, and restaurant. Considering all these perks, this place has become the perfect spot to explore the culture in a park, perfect for artistic contemplation.

NuArt Sculpture Park is located in Jalan Setraduta Raya No. L6, Ciwaruga, Bandung with the entrance ticket price starts from Rp38,400*.

Amazing Art World Tickets

If you love contemporary artwork, then the best place to visit in Bandung is the Amazing Art World Museum. What makes it unique is that all of the displayed pictures here are 3D, as if they’re thrown out of the frames! You can admire the handmade pictures while taking pictures with your friends and/or families. This museum, which happens to be one of the largest 3D museums in the world, is split into 13 zones.

They are History Zone, Aqua Zone, Dinosaur Zone, Animal, Zone, Artistic Zone, and Living Zones to name a few. Located in Jalan Setiabudhi No. 293, Sukasari, the ticket rate starts from Rp49,500*.

This is Me

Located in the shopping center of Cihampelas, This is Me is the latest popular selfie spot for tourists in Bandung. Here, visitors may explore a variety of bright-colored thematic rooms like the cinema, grocery store, playground, and a white sand beach. And while you’re at it, you’re encouraged to take a pose and take a selfie for your Instagram or other social media accounts.

This is Me is located in Jalan Cihampelas No. 106, Tamansari, East Bandung. Entrance ticket price for thismuseum Bandung starts from Rp31,500*.

*Price is subject to change