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About Malang

Malang is a laidback city in East Java, with cool temperature and relaxing atmosphere. The city is an ideal destination to escape the more bustling city. You can enjoy most of the city if you book a tour package. Malang is also close to Batu, an even quieter hilly area with beautiful sceneries and fresh air. Malang is the second biggest city in East Java Province after Surabaya, the capital city. The city is surrounded by five mountains (Arjuno, Semeru, Kawi, Pandeman, Kidul), giving it a fresh, breezy atmosphere. Malang has several sister cities around the world, such as Lyon, Manchester, Varazdin (Croatia), Nonsan (South Korea), and Hebron. These cities formed partnerships to introduce each other’s culture and develop their areas. Tourism has been supporting the economy in Malang for years. Every year, the numbers of domestic and international visitors increase. One of Malang’s newest destinations is the Jodipan Village, known as “the colorful village”. This village has colorful homes with artworks, simple food stalls, and other interesting photo spots. Another village, Tridi, is famous for mural arts. Malang also has a rich cultural heritage. Visitors can enjoy various cultural performances, depending on when they come. Malang is also one of Indonesia’s education cities in Java, with several big universities that become favorites among Indonesians to achieve higher education. You can make a stop in Malang before head for a quieter holiday in Batu. The distance between the two cities is just 30-minute drive away. Malang’s public transportation is quite reliable, and many domestic travelers choose not to bring personal vehicles.

Malang Tour Package Review

Malang tour package makes it easier for you to explore its unique attractions. Tour package allows you to travel freely, without making itineraries, useful if you are unfamiliar with the city. You can also see all the recommended spots and attractions in a more effective way. Everyone who has limited holiday time can use this benefit of a tour package. Tour package eliminates the need to get your own transportation, which can be a hassle. A tour service includes shuttle transportation from and to your hotel. You don’t have to think about meal and entrance tickets, because tour package covers those things.


Traveloka offers several great tour packages to explore Malang and its surrounding areas. Here are some you can enjoy

Sunrise Bromo, Colorful Village, Malang Night Paradise – 1-day and 1-night Tour

This tour package is short, efficient, and satisfying. Within one day, you can enjoy various types of attractions in Malang. The tour starts with a hike to see Mount Bromo. You can see Bromo’s iconic sunrise from Penanjakan 1, one of the climbing posts in this mountain area.

Afterward, the tour takes you to see the colorful Jodipan Village. During the day, this village offers a brilliant view. You can find various photo spots and interact with locals who maintain the village. During the evening, you can explore Malang Night Paradise, a family theme park with beautiful glowing decorations. You can buy local snacks such as crispy tempeh and apple chips. The price for this tour package starts from Rp2,774,034 in Traveloka.

Batu – 1-day Tour

If you are curious about Batu, book one-day tour to explore this area. The short time is enough to explore some of the most recommended areas, such as waterfall and fruit orchard. You can also visit theme parks such as Jatim Park 1, 2, and 3, which combine amusement with educational activities. One of the visited spots is Museum Angkut, a museum that displays historical and vintage transportation modes in Indonesia. The price for this tour package starts from Rp554,000.

Holiday to Batu Malang – 1-day Tour

This one-day tour package to Batu takes you to the city’s famous apple orchard. There, you can pick apples and buy or eat them directly. Batu apples are famous for their sweet and crisp flavor. You can also see beautiful flowers at Selecta Recreational Park, which combines flowers with unique park designs. The tour also takes you to Batu Flower Garden, which is famous for its colorful flower landscapes and Hobbit houses.

After lunch, the tour takes you Coban Rondo Waterfall and Taman Labirin (Labyrinth Park). You will see a beautiful sunset from a hilltop spot in Mount Banyak. This tour package requires a lot of stamina, so make sure you prepare your physique and wear warm, comfortable outfits. The tour starts at 8.00 and finishes at 18.30 (local time). Traveloka offers a starting price of Rp475,000 for this tour.

Holiday to Jatim Park 3 Malang – 1-day Tour

Jatim Park 3, also known as Dino Park, is an educational theme park for the whole family. This theme park is full of dinosaur replicas, rides, and educational facilities that take you to the past. The tour starts at 9.30 and finishes at 18.00 (local time). The tour also takes you to nearby The Legend Start and several recommended spots in Batu.

This package offers a private tour, with a small group that consists of five people. The trip is more convenient and relaxing because of the small numbers. Don’t forget to prepare your camera, because there will be a lot of fun things to capture. The tour price starts from Rp300,000 per person.

Paralayang Package, Omah Kayu, Langit Park – 12-hour Tour

This half-day tour allows you to try the best activities. The tour starts at 8.00 (local time) with parasailing. The guide will take you to the parasailing post, where you will spend the next hour flying hundreds of meters above Malang. Next, you will see Omah Kayu, a treehouse complex that stood above a steep cliff. Omah Kayu is actually an accommodation, but you can visit to see the view and take pictures.

Continue your journey to Langit Park, an Instagram-able park in Mount Banyak. The park has various photo spots with beautiful, unique decorations. It has artistic branch installations, colorful statues, grass “beds”, bird’s nest, viewing platforms, and many more. Some installations directly face the mountain area, so you can use the spectacular view as the background. The tour package price starts from Rp490,000.

Malang is a great place to visit and explore. Book your tour package from Traveloka for a more convenient trip.