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About Japan

Japanese Tour Package is the best solution for those who want to spend their holidays in the Sakura Country but money is the obstacle. Just as you know, Japan is noted as one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Even though the price for vacation over there is fairly high, this doesn’t affect the tourist interest. After all, Japan’s nature offers astounding beauty. Various tourist destinations are available that you can visit during the holidays. Almost every destination is child and woman-friendly making it perfect for family or solo vacation. Aside from blessed with overwhelming natural resources, Japan is also rich in culture and tradition. In Japan, you can learn the tea ceremony, Ikebana (Flower Arrangement), Tako (Kites art), and Origami (Paper Craft). You can also witness exciting festivals and performances that you can’t miss. Japan also provides hundreds of mouth-watering culinary. Starting from the main dish to dessert, you can find them all easily in restaurants, cafés, and stalls. The menu is also changed according to the season. Furthermore, every region in Japan has its own unique dishes. In Miyagi Prefectures, you can find dishes that are made of cow’s tongue, shin-tan. Meanwhile, in Toyama Prefecture, you can enjoy the delicious taste of masu no sushi.  Some prefectures don’t only provide main dishes, but also unique snacks that are as good. One of them is kuri kanoko, Nagano Prefecture’s unique dish which is made of walnut and jelly. There is also kamome no tamago, a snack made from bean paste with egg-like shape and covered with chocolate. This Iwate Prefecture’s snack is the favorite of tourists. Supported by decent facilities and infrastructures, Japan is never short on tourists. In Japan, you won’t find any problem looking for a transportation, cheap inn or hotels, or 24 hours convenient store.

Japan Tour Package Review

Now, you don’t need to bother planning out your vacation on Japan by yourself. With Japan Tour Package, you only need to pack yourself. Pretty easy, doesn’t it? This ease is what makes most tourists choose the Japan Tour Package rather than doing it themselves. Aside from being easy, the offered price is pretty affordable. In fact, you can save up to 30% when there is a discount promo. Usually, the discounts are offered from January to March. During those months, the number of visitor in Japan is much lower than in other months. You can use this chance to visit Japan. Aside from it being money-friendly, you can get the Japanese Tour Packagethat offers several interesting places which are not only tourist destinations in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, but also village areas. One of the most famous villages in Japan is Shirakawa-go which is located in Gifu Prefecture. In winter, every region in Shirakawa-go is covered in snow. The scenery presented is astonishingly dream-like. Complete your holidays by visiting some of the most popular shopping districts in Japan such as Ginza, Asakusa, Shinjuku, Kuramae, Shibuya, Akihabara, Harajuku, and Aoyama. In those shopping districts, you can find house utensils, gadgets, handicrafts, clothes, bags, shoes, comic books, and accessories at an affordable price.

Recommended Tour Package in Japan

For those who are interested in visiting Japan, there are also some tour packages with the best price. Some of the recommendations are as follow

Mount Fuji, Hot Springs, and Gotemba Outlets Tour

This tour package is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji. The mountain with approximately 3.776 meters tall is surrounded by 5 lakes which are Sai Lake, Shoji Lake, Kawaguchi Lake, Motosu Lake, and Yamanaka Lake. Can you imagine the panorama offered my Mount Fuji? Simply breathtaking. With this tour package, you will be invited to lunch at Okariba and relax at the Hot Springs Fuji Chobo no Yu. After your body is rejuvenated, you will be visiting Kawaguchi Lake at the foothill of Mount Fuji. Your trip will end after spending some time shopping at Gotemba Outlets. To experience those joys, you only need to pay Rp1,416,889* for one person.

Ghibli Museum Tour

For those who love anime, especially from Ghibli Studio, this package is totally recommended. The trip starts with enjoying lunch at the appointed place. After that, you will visit Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum. If the visit is on Monday, then it will be replaced with Jindaiji Temple or Takahata Fudoson Temple. 

The trip followed by visiting the main destination, which is Ghibli Museum. In this museum, you will be invited to an adventure with the various anime characters of Ghibli Studio. Each person only needs to pay Rp1,768,559* for this tour.

Tsukiji Outer Market, Asakusa, and Bay Cruise Tour

This Japan Tour Package offers an exciting trip around Tokyo using the tour bus. Along the way, you will find several interesting places such as the National Diet Building, Imperial Palace, and Kabukiza. Before visiting Tokyo Skytree Town, you will visit the biggest fish market in Japan first, the Tujiki Outer Market.

The next destination is Senso-jiTemple & Nakamise Shopping Street. After having lunch, you will be invited to a cruise to enjoy the beauty of Tokyo using a cruise ship themed with Gozabune Edo. Your trip will end after visiting Zojo-ji Temple and Odaiba to take a picture. You can enjoy this Tour Package with Rp1,297,704* for each person.

Kyoto and Nara Tour from Osaka

This Tour Package will take you on a trip to explore Kyoto and Nara. Enjoy exciting experience visiting 2 popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites in these regions which are Nijo Castle and Kinkaku-ji Temple. After that, you will visit Kyoto Imperial Palace, grab lunch, and continue to Todai-ji Temple Nara Park.

Before the trip end, you will visit Kasuga Taisha Shrine and Nara Nagomikan, the biggest souvenirs shops in Nara. You can get this trip package at Rp2,384,711* for each person.

Koyasan World Heritage Tour

For those who like a historical tour, Koyasan World Heritage Tour will take you to explore UNESCO World Heritage site, Sacred Site and a visit to the Kii Mountains Line. During the trip, you will find a lot of temples, pagodas, and other impressive historical building. 

Experience the thrill of exploring Koyasan which is full of mystical nuance by foot. Enjoy the sensation of lunch with the Vegetarian Buddha meals. If you are interested. You can get this package starting from Rp2,236,027*.

*Prices are subject to change