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Thông tin cần biết về tình trạng và chính sách áp dụng cho các chuyến bay trong đợt dịch bệnh Corona.

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Discover Your Journey with Traveloka

Who We Are

Technology Company

Industry obstacles and infrastructure limitation do not stop us from developing and transforming the region through ubiquitous and highly usable products, services, platforms, and technological breakthroughs.

Talent Melting Pot

Our backgrounds range from science olympiad, multinational tech, consulting, academia to entrepreneurship.

Place for Growth

Be part of a startup experience in cross-functional teams supported by resources of a firmly established company. Grow with the company into the role you want to have.

Our Values


Willingness to dedicate efforts for Traveloka’s success; having autonomy with accountability.

Intellectual Honesty

Contribution in creating a safe space to speak up, keeping an open mind to listen to other perspectives.


Keenness on identifying the right problems and solving them.


Sincere desire to understand, care for, and help people.


Ability to celebrate successes and appreciate good work while still striving for improvements.