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Tanjong Jara Resort

Batu 8, Off Jalan Dungun, Dungun, Malaysia, 23000
đánh giá từ 1.331 du khách
Chỗ đậu xe
Hồ bơi
Lễ tân 24h

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Sân bay Kerteh (KTE)
(30,56 km)
Sân bay Redang (RDN)
(115,62 km)
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Nói chung là tốt ngoại trừ bữa ăn tại nhà hàng (không ăn sáng). Nó được overpriced.
Mọi thứ đều hoàn hảo. Các nhân viên đã được thân thiện. Khu nghỉ mát được duy trì tốt. Ăn sáng ngon. Bãi biển hoàn hảo sạch sẽ.
Nơi tốt nhất để thư giãn .. Tôi đã có một kỳ nghỉ tuyệt vời với gia đình tôi .. sẽ trở lại chắc chắn.
bảo vệ cuộc sống được stationing từ sáng đến tối bên bờ biển để tạo ra biện pháp phòng ngừa.
khu nghỉ dưỡng tuyệt vời! Tôi yêu sự yên tĩnh của nó, trải nghiệm tuyệt vời cho chúng tôi và những đứa trẻ. Rất hữu ích và hiệu quả nhân viên.
Đó là một nơi để thư giãn rút lui!
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1.331 đánh giá
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Giá trị
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Đánh giá từ
Doanh nghiệp18
Cặp đôi720
Du lịch một mình18
Gia đình399
Nơi nghỉ ngơi cùng bạn bè95
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Perfect break away
Just to repeat many peoples review this is a fabulous resort especially for couples. It is very spread out along the beach so quiet. The grounds are really pleasant with hammocks and day beds spread throughout plus the usual beach recliners and the same around the two pools. We had a ground floor sea view room which is worth the extra. Some of the views from the lowest cost rooms could certainly disappoint as one I saw looked into a stone wall. The lunch option round the pool was lovely and dinner at night a bit different from the norm. If you are there on a Thursday go to the Dungun night market as the food is REAL Malaya. Only down side was rather smelly pond area as this was dry season and not enough rain to keep flushed. Staff were fabulous delivering your luggage and parking the car.
Cặp đôi - 9 Th09 2017
Close to Perfection. Close.
The best thing about this resort is its people. The staff was extremely warm, friendly and helpful. Everyone was pleasant, and greeted you like an old friend. The resort itself was of course beautiful, and may I add that the breakfast spread was excellent and the spa / massage service was very good. A few minor lows however prevented me from giving this resort a 5 rating. Dinner service, unless you go for the buffet, was very very slow. Unprofessionally slow. If not for the friendliness of the staff, I would have blown my top. Also, I know this is a top end resort, but RM 30++ for a plate of Keropok Lekor? I think the hotel needs a balance in deciding how to price items on its menu. Certain top end items can be priced close to / over RM 100, but local snacks (note, not food, snacks) should be priced at a reasonable level. I just felt slightly ripped off with the price of some of the local food, which was an unpleasant feeling to have while chilling out. However other than these negative items, let me make it clear that over all it was an extremely wonderful stay and I would not hesitate to return.
Cặp đôi - 8 Th09 2017
Amazing Trip to a Beautiful Resort
We travelled as a family of four in August 2017, 2 adults and 2 teens ( 18 and 16 ). We had previously stayed in Kuala Lumpur for 3 days before catching an internal flight and stayed here at the Tanjong Jara for one week. We booked 2 Serambi rooms, that were interconnecting. We had a large King Size bed and the kids had a twin room. I had been told that a twin bed room was not available and they would have to have a 'German twin' but when we arrived we had the normal twin bed configuration we would expect, plus they had a day bed on the opposite side of the room. The rooms were amazing. They are just as they appear in the hotel photographs, beautifully designed and decorated. the bathrooms are so spacious, with twin sinks, seperate loo and separate walk-in shower area, and a bath. There was a spacious closet area too which also had a fridge. The rooms were spacious, clean and had lovely large terrace area outside with table and chairs, which was lovely to have. I would def. recommend the Serambi rooms which are downstairs with the terrace area outside. As I am disabled with back problems I could not have coped with the many wooden steps that you had to go up / down to the 1st floor Bumbung rooms, which were cheaper. I was also told that a Twin room could only be available on a Serambi room. Personally I wouldn't have liked to do all the wooden steps when they were wet, as when it rains here it's heavy ! There are large umbrella in the rooms for the rain, we needed them on a few occasions ! The Turtle Hatching Programme that the hotel have a partnership with is amazing for nature lovers and naturalists. The Lang Tengah Turtle Watch programme is well worth a visit, especially in a morniing at 10am when they check the nests. The rangers will happily talk to you about their work. Turtle releases happen at 10pm if there are any nests to be released. This is awesome, and we have special memories of watching 2 releases during our week stay here. Be sure to wear casual summer clothing / footwear you can walk along a beach in for this, otherwise you will struggle. The food here is beautiful. The two main restaurants are the Nelayan ( means fisherman, and they serve a lot of fish and more Western food also ), and also Di Atas Sungei with their famous talking Chefs Anne and Maz. The food in the Nelayan was lovely, but for a true taste of Malaysia Anne and Maz will come to your table, talk you through the menu and your specific tastes, spice levels, and make dishes accordingly. Be sure to be dining in by 7.30pm latest of 8pm if you want to be in with a chance of seeing a turtle release as you'll need to be heading off by 9.40pm to go and see it. The staff usually will come around the restuarant and tell everyone if there is going to be a turtle release that evening, or you can ask at reception from 5pm. Scuba Diving - my husband and son both went Scuba diving, which was with the company onsite. They went out to Tengol Island for the day and did 2 dives. They are not certificated but have done a few dives on holiday before, so had to do the training in the pool the day before for an hour. They really enjoyed the dives. We had to book about 5 days in advance for a space for them, it was poss. to go snorkelling also. So check this out when you first arrive and ask about availability if it's something you are planning to do. Spa - whilst the boys went diving us ladies headed off to the Spa for a gorgeous massage. I booked to day before and by booking a slot in the morning got 30% off. We had 1.5 hr traditional massages, which was simply amazing, best I have ever had. Pool - 2 pools area, one small pool for adults only and the infinity and children's pool in the main pool area by the beach and Nelayan restaurant. The pool was always clean and a nice touch that the pool staff kept up topped us with iced water with a slice of orange all day long. There was never an issue getting loungers and they had plentiful supply of towels around the pool for there or on the beach. The Nelayan restaurant served a lovely lunch menu !! Beach area - the beach was lovely and it was very peaceful to sit reading there lsitening to the sea, there were a couple of days near the end of our stay where a lot of jelly fish had washed up onto the beach, so we avoided it on those days. It was a very quiet beach area, we just sent for a stroll along it. There are no watersports on the beach sadly but we knew this is advance. Sports...there are 2 tennis courts and 1 badminton court, which are free for guests, just see the spa reception desk for details and booking a court and they give you rackets and balls etc. There is a Volleyball court, but when my teens actually found some other teens to play agame with sadly the hotel could not supply a ball ! Shame. They said a previous guest must have not returned it. We hadn't seen anyone play all week. Perhaps they could get a couple of balls in for the future. In my experience Teens make a lot of friends over a game of volleyball, at least on our prev. holiday to Mexico and Mauritius our teens have. Whilst I knew there was no teen club at this resort, it might be a nice idea if the pool area staff put on a morning game of Volleyball for any teens, since they have a court there not being used. Staff ; the staff here are all wonderful in our experience. They could not do enough for you, and were friendly and helpful at all times. The level of service here was 5 star, and everyone was always smiling and made ours a very pleasant stay. We did as a family get involved with a few of the activities the hotel did have on offer. My husband and teens went on the organised bike ride at circa 5pm, and really enjoyed it. It cost £10 each, and this included the snack they stopped off for. t was a lovely way to see some of the local area. We also went on the Nature Trail with capt Mok - a great guy !! - I personally went on the first half hour round the gardens at the hotel where he told us about the flora and fauna etc, v interesting and he kept it fun and interesting. Then they walked up through the trees, quite steep, need strong footwear or trainers, and insect repellent, so I left my family to do this bit without me. They were gone about an hour, and it was free, and worth doing if you like to find out about the local nature. Sucimurni Exercise every morning by the lobby area.....with Capt Mok ! well worth a try, we went one morning before breakfast. It's a bit like Tai Chi and anyone can have a go....lasts about 20mins. I met another lady here, and we went on to do the Meditation later that afternoon together which deserves a special mention. During our stay a there was an opportunity to engage in Mindfulness Meditation sessions, completely free of charge. I have done something similar before, but am out of practice so thought I would give it a go. Lovely guy running the sessions. We spent an hour doing Body Scan on some chairs in the gardens overlooking the sea, listening to the birds and waves. If you get the chance, try it ! Saturday late afternoon as the weekly event the hotel organised....well worth going. Expect local food and drink to try, as well as shoulder massage, traditional games on the lawn and a domesticated monkey that goes up the trees to collect coconuts to drink. nice event. Lasts about an hour, so don't be late or you'll miss it ! Special mention has to go to Nicole, who was customer relations manager for the hotel....lovely lady, so enthusiastic, cannot do enough for you, and sent us the photos she had taken on her camera during our stay when we got home. There is a shop at the hotel near the lobby where you can buy any beachwear, sarrongs etc you may want at a reasonable price too...and the usual stock of any medicines and toiletries / suncream you may need extra of. Ask at reception for fish food in a morning, and you can feed the large fish and turtles in the ponds by the reception area/ Di Atas Sungei restaurant. Food is free, just ask. It was our 20th wedding anniversary, and the hotel / Nicole had arranged a few things which were a lovely touch, such a petal bath. Our bed was covered in petals and some lovely choc. brownie sent to us, as well as wine they sent us on our arrival. Lovely touches that made it even more personal. I would def, recommend this resort, It is pretty quiet, at least it was when we stayed there. It isn't for people wanting something more lively, and with a few more activities such a organised volleyball would be better for teens who are travelling with their parents. It is a small resort, very peaceful and relaxing. We had plenty to engage us for our week long stay. There was a bar open near the adult pool in the evening where you could sit around and they projected a film each evening. It was pretty quiet and nice for a chill on occasion, but most people seemed to go back to their rooms after dinner / turtle releases as it went very quiet then. Not a complaint, merely an observation. There isn't really anywhere else to go other than to stay in the resort so they must have gone back to their rooms, which were beautiful with their outdoor seating areas, films on TV in the rooms, so why not ! Set in lush tropcial gardens, this resort is pleasing to the eye. They do spray to keep the bugs down, but make sure you take strong Mosquito repellant and bite cream, and antihistamines as we def. needed it all ( both in KL and here ! ). The rooms all take British style plugs, so no need for an adapter. There is a turn down service each night aswell as staff in doing towels and cleaning each morning. They turn on a bug zapper in the room each evening, which does help in the room. Plenty of animals around in the grounds of the hotel if you look around you : Monitor Lizards, lots of squrrels, few groups on monkeys, civet cats, and birds / buterflies and of course the turtles !! Capt Mok will tell you all about them if you go on his evening walk ! Don't worry, the animals tend to be on the shy side, so only the mosquitoes will be of bother !! I think that covers most of our week here. Tthe staff are really friendly and helpful and all you have to do is ask. Last thing : we paid for Full Board in advance, which having 2 hungry teens in my opinion was well worth it. The food was good value though considering it's a 5 * resort, if you were to pay as you go or are B&B. Worth taking a look at both options and deciding when you book which is best for you. I booked the Full Board as you aren't likely to eat out of the resort, and wanted to know I had it covered. Enjoy !
Gia đình - 6 Th09 2017
Great beach resort for a relaxing holiday
We had a great holiday at Tanjong Jara. The property is very well maintained and the rooms and places around the resort were clean. The resort is spread out over a vast area - even though the resort was almost full in capacity during our stay, we did not notice or feel the crowd (except perhaps during meal times). This is great because we felt that we could relax in whichever corner or area of the beach/resort that you choose without having to share with other people. The only negative thing about having things spread out is that it is quite a trek to get from one end of the resort to the other. So if you happen to stay in one end, it takes about 10-15mins to walk to the restaurant on the other end. It was fine for us as we took it as our leisure walk, but if you are not keen to walk that much, you may want to pay for the sea-view rooms which are situated in the middle of the resort. The children had a lot of fun in the pool (the kids shallow pool was heated which is a great plus point) and by the beach. We were fortunate to be able to experience the "kampung event" held every Saturday where you get to experience a bit of Malay kampung activities and food. We were under the residence package and had the opportunity to sample various food in their restaurants. I would recommend you go for their Asian and steamboat options (as mentioned by some of the reviews) as they are generally better than the Western food options. The breakfast fare was decent and sufficient, but nothing to shout about. The service level we had was mixed. Special mention to the front desk and spa staff, who were patient and helpful in answering our various queries. The restaurant staff were perhaps overwhelmed as we were there over a long weekend where there were a lot of people. It took quite long for the staff to attend to our orders and sometimes we had to walk directly to the bar counter to order or chase on our drinks. All in all, a great place to go if you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday. Definitely a place we will visit again in the future (perhaps will do some diving next time around).
Gia đình - 6 Th09 2017
Beautiful resort
Beautiful beach and friendly staff. Nice for a relaxing holiday with the family. Many good activities from diving to day trips and spa treatments. The western food is quite boring, stick to the Asian restaurant by the reception. Rooms are beautiful and well maintained. Staff all over the resort is very friendly.
Gia đình - 5 Th09 2017
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      Không chỉ sở hữu vị trí đắc địa, Tanjong Jara Resort còn là một trong những nơi nghỉ nằm cách Sân bay Kerteh (KTE) chưa đầy 30,56 km và Sân bay Sultan Mahmud (TGG) chưa đầy 72,64 km.

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