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The Theodore Hotel

Km. 54, Silang Crossing East Aguinaldo , Tagaytay, Philippines, 4120
Bên ngoài / Tòa nhà
đánh giá từ 87 du khách
Máy lạnh
Chỗ đậu xe
Lễ tân 24h
Nhà hàng

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Summit Ridge Promenade
(2,39 km)
Sky Ranch
(2,97 km)
Picnic Grove
(4,43 km)
(7,13 km)
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Đánh giá từ người dùng

6 Khách hàng Traveloka đã ở và đánh giá:

Khách sạn được đánh giá cao. Thân thiện nhân viên. Tuyệt vời!.
The room is very clean and comfortable, amazing garden view from my room, recommended for a one night stay.
Comfortable and cozy room, very relaxing ambiance, I've stayed here for more than 2 times and never feel disappointed.
Our breakfast served at the garden and it's pretty cool! The room is cozy and clean, the staffs are very accommodating too. Highly recommended!
Satisfactory service from the staffs, strategic location, very clean and comfy room. Definitely worth another visit.
Very convenient location, the staffs are staff-responding and the check-in check-out process were quick and satisfying.
Trang đầu
Trang trước
Trang sau
Trang cuối
Dựa trên
87 đánh giá
Bình chọn
Địa điểm
Dịch vụ
Giá trị
Sự sạch sẽ
Đánh giá từ
Doanh nghiệp3
Cặp đôi44
Du lịch một mình2
Gia đình25
Nơi nghỉ ngơi cùng bạn bè7
Kết quả bình chọn
Rất tệ
Trung bình
Rất tốt
Tuyệt vời
Liza T
Big room, nice theme!
A good staycation hotel. Love the Cherry Blossoms-themed room given to us though have expected that we will get the Whimsical one. It is quite spacious. One letdown is the Wifi which went on and off. If you are doing work while there, you would have lost what you've done because of the poor connection. The view of the lake from the small garden is also great, but the foul smell (sewage) is a turn-off. Cannot stand to be in the area for a long time. Good thing it was gone the following morning when we were taking our breakfast. Brekky was good though the tapa serving was small. Plus point for this hotel is its location which is just infront of a mall where you can take meals or buy something anytime. Room rate is a bit pricey compared to other hotels and BnB we've stayed in Tagaytay.
Gia đình - 28 Th08 2017
Ge B
Stayed here overnight for business meeting. The place, staff, bfast, view –superb!!! Love the little details like free sweets along the hallway that you get from the tiny jars:) Only can do better, the conference room's aircon. It really needs 'time' to cool up so almost halfway thru our session, we had to fold papers and use as improv fans/open the door to let some air in (w/c didn't help much as it's quite humid in TGT, time of visit.)
Doanh nghiệp - 23 Th06 2017
Cozy and artsy hotel
I guess this is one of those underrated boutique hotels in Tagaytay. It may not be as big and as commercialized as the other guest hotels but definitely, it offers one of the best views of Taal Lake. Also love the chic and artistic interior design, making our stay more homey and intimate. The service was great as well - friendly receptionist and attentive staff. The room is quite big for two, as there are two double beds. But the hotel is kind of strict with the number of guests per room so, they would charge the third/fourth person as additional guest/s. We also had our plated breakfast delivered to our room the next morning. It is also centrally located and is just across an Ayala mall so way finding is not as difficult. If only there are amenities inside the hotel, it could have been a better experience. But overall, I still enjoyed my birthday getaway with Theodore.
Gia đình - 23 Th05 2017
Mom's Day Quick Getaway
Wanted to have a quiet time this mom's day, and our decision was right to choose Theodore Hotel for a Sunday-Monday stay. We initially booked for a Superior Room, but I found the Whimsical Room small and a bit suffocating especially if you're not used to enclosed areas. We upgraded to the Theodore Room, which was very spacious, and it gave us a very good view of the Taal Lake. The place is quiet and we enjoyed the view of the romantic room atop the lake from our veranda. This is a great place if you just want some quiet time. The room facilities need improvement though. And while they serve good breakfast, expanding food offerings during merienda such as coffee, tea and small pastries may be helpful and hopefully can be considered because the lobby, view deck and dining area are beautiful areas to just have some quick bite during the stay.
Cặp đôi - 14 Th05 2017
Elaine C
The Best of Both Worlds
I stayed for 2 nights with my kids and our Yorkie. Theodore Hotel is pet-friendly, though you have to pay extra for the dog. But they added a nice welcome for our dog: when we entered the room, there was a doggy bed laid out for him, with a white towel, a food and water bowl, wet tissues and poop plastic. I appreciated that, although my Yorkie didn't even want to sleep in the doggy bed. I guess he could smell the other dogs who've stayed in that room before. I booked the Theodore Room which I think is their best room, also the biggest with a private balcony overlooking the lake. Room is clean, the comfort room has a bathtub. There's a queen-size bed, a single bed, and a sofa bed so it's good for maximum of 5. Service is very good, Joanna and the other girl at the front desk are pros. Theodore takes in students for their On-the-job training, so service is fast and delivered by young people eager to please. Breakfast is good and portions are big. On our last day we requested breakfast in our room and we really enjoyed it : just eating and looking at the lake, enjoying our stay-cation. Ample parking for hotel guests and your car is on the basement so it's safer. They also give a 30-minute complimentary massage for 2 which I enjoyed. I really liked our stay here. First of all, it's pet-friendly. Clean rooms, good breakfast, good view of the lake. Also, it's right across Ayala Serin Mall so when my two kids felt a bit restless they just crossed the street and they could buy the food they wanted. Safety and security in this hotel is good. The best of both worlds: great view of nature on one side, then a mall on the other! On the down side, they charged me extra for my request of extra blanket. And during our stay, there was some construction going on that emitted bad odor in the air. Thankfully on our second day there was no more of that. And also, during our stay their wi-fi had a problem. I hope they fix that. This hotel serves only breakfast. In other B & B's we've stayed in before, this is inconvenient because I tend to just stay in the room and chill. I didn't want to leave the room and drive again. But the mall across solves that. Theodore is a bit pricey, but I think that's because of their location. Oh, during my second stay, I booked two rooms: Theodore room and Moorish room (facing the mall). My concern with the Moorish room is the mildew scent. I hope they fix that too. But overall, great stay. For the price they charge, I hope they keep the hotel in good condition, because I will definitely consider this hotel again the next time we visit tagaytay for our vacation.
Gia đình - 19 Th03 2017
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      nơi nghỉ này rất dễ tìm bởi vị trí đắc địa, nằm gần với nhiều tiện ích công cộng.

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      Dịch vụ tuyệt vời, cơ sở vật chất hoàn chỉnh và các tiện nghi nơi nghỉ cung cấp sẽ khiến quý khách không thể phàn nàn trong suốt kỳ lưu trú tại The Theodore Hotel.

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