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Overtime fee will be charged when rental duration exceeds 12 hours, or past 23:59 on each rental day. This add-on can only be paid directly to the driver.


Out of Town Usage fee will be charged when traveling outside the specified city/region. Use outside the specified Out of Town zones is subject to additional fee determined by the car rental provider, payable to the driver directly. Please refer to zone map for more details.


Out of Town Pickup/Drop-off fee will be charged when your pickup or drop-off point is located outside the specified city/region.


This add-on covers all the essentials to make your travel easier: fuel and driver’s meals throughout the rental period. This add-on is not applicable for out-of-town use.


Driver’s Accommodation fee will be charged to cover driver’s overnight stay during out-of-town trips.

Popular Destination in Padang

Padang has a variety of interesting tourist destinations. From iconic buildings, beaches, lakes, canyons, waterfalls, to exotic islands you can visit. Of the many tourist attractions that you can visit in Padang, here are the most favorite for tourists:

1. Air Manis Beach

This beach is famous for the legend of Malin Kundang. You can find the prostrate-shaped rock that was allegedly Malin Kundang. Because this legend is popular, Air Manis Beach or Aie Manih Beach is always crowded with visitors. Besides the beach, you can also enjoy the view of Mount Padang in the distance from here.

Air Manis Beach is near Teluk Bayur Port. The location can be reached by driving around 10 km to the south from the center of Padang City. On this beach, you can relax while waiting for the sunset and take pictures with a statue of Malin Kundang. If interested, you can also buy souvenirs or miniature Malin Kundang at a shop near this beach.

2. Padang Beach

Not far from the City of Padang, Padang Beach or Beach But Lauik provides a variety of interesting entertainment facilities for you. You can relax while enjoying views of the sea set on Mount Padang along the coastline. The waves are also often used by surfers to practice.

It is not difficult to find this beach considering its location near the Siti Nurbaya Bridge and Pasar Raya Padang. Here, there are many local traders selling snacks such as roasted corn and grilled bananas. You can enjoy it when you see the sunset. If you want heavy food, seafood is also available here.

3. Sianok Canyon

The canyon is a deep valley between two cliffs. Formed due to the fault of the earth plate, Sianok Canyon stretches for 15 km with a depth of 100 meters and the width of the gap reaches 200 meters. To search through the river, it takes around 3.5 hours by canoe or kayak. Along the river, various rare plants and tropical animals can be found.

The calm atmosphere with the sounds of animals and the splash of river water are coveted things in Sianok Canyon. The burden of the mind will be released when you see this green valley. Trekking or slow walking are some of the exciting activities you can do here.

4. Maninjau Lake

Maninjau Lake is in the middle of Agam Regency. The lake is located at an altitude of about 460 meters above sea level formed by volcanic eruptions from Gunung Sitinjau. The surrounding land thrives making the Lake Maninjau area very green.

Maninjau Lake offers a view of a stretch of tropical trees, green grass and a lake with bluish colored water. Although it is about 140 km from the city of Padang, many tourists are willing to come here to enjoy the natural scenery.

5. Tigo Tingkek Waterfall

Tigo Tingkek Waterfall is in Koto Lubuk Hitam Village, Cindakir. The distance is about 22 km from the city of Padang, precisely at the foot of Bukit Barisan. This three-tier waterfall is a favorite place for nature lovers because of its challenging, steep and slippery location.

Three levels of Tigo Tingkek Waterfall can be reached by trekking. To reach the third level, it takes about 1 hour to make the hard terrain. However, your fatigue will pay off when you arrive at it. If you do not want to climb, you can swim at the lowest level.

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