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Welcome to Bengkulu

Popular Destination in Bengkulu

Tourism of Bengkulu is considerably rich. The city offers various kinds of historical sites, beaches, traditional villages, and culinary center. You can utilize the car rental service including a driver in Bengkulu to reach the popular destinations more freely. Several top-hits tourist objects in Bengkulu that always be the people’s favorite are:

Marlborough Fort

Once was colonized by the British, no wonder if Bengkulu is the site for various historical buildings from that big country. The fortress that is situated in the area of Tapak Paderi Beach was one of the strongest British fortresses. Established since 1719, the stone fort is still intact and sturdy until today. Tourists can explore the entire side of the fort to step back into the hundred years of history while hunting photos.

Kerinci Seblat National Park

Tourists visit the Kerinci Seblat National Park with the main purpose to directly see the Barisan Mountains, Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower, also the Sumatran Elephant Conservatory Area and Training Center. Kerinci Seblat is the biggest national park in Sumatra, with the area covers to 13.750 kilometers. The size makes this nature preservation, which also recorded as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, spread over four provinces, which are Jambi, South Sumatra, Bengkulu, and West Sumatra.

Dendam Tak Sudah Lake

Despite the fierce name, the lake that’s located in Dusun Besar Village treasures a very sweet panorama. The water here is very clear so it can reflect the light and making the surrounding sights colorful. Within the lake territory, you can find various exotic floras and faunas, such as Anggrek Matahari and Siamang. Tourists can enjoy the lake by taking photos, fishing, riding raft, and tasting various culinary of Bengkulu.

Soekarno’s Exile House

Historical traveling in Bengkulu will never complete if you don’t visit this old house. Situated in the central city, this house was an exile place for Soekarno during the year 1938 – 1942 and now it is open for public. Visitors can freely step inside the house and touring around to directly see the story of Soekarno while being exiled. Several collections like the furniture, clothes, old books, old bicycle, and the photos of Soekarno and his family will bring your memory back to the situation at that time.

Panjang Beach

Panjang Beach is the most popular beach in Bengkulu. One of the reasons is that the beach is located really close to the city center, which is only 10 minutes driving. Moreover, Panjang Beach also shows marine beauty with very long coastline reaching 7 kilometers. Visitors can enjoy nature here in various ways, starting from swimming, playing sands, surfing, cycling, to culinary traveling at a cheap price.

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