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Bali has remained as one of the world's top island destinations for decades and it's easy to see why. From white sand beaches to a thriving nightlife, this tropical paradise has something for every kind of traveler.

The seaside temple of Tanah Lot, cascading rice terraces of Ubud, and black volcanic beach of Amed are only some of the beautiful views that can be found there. Diving spots at Tulamben and Nusa Penida also offer a glimpse of the vibrant marine life encircling the island. Nature aside, Bali is also known for its delicious food, ranging from beachside seafood stalls to world-class fine dining restaurants.

The island is constantly changing, with new constructions at every corner and hordes of tourists from across the globe. Yet, the Balinese spirit — reflected in the locals' genuine warmth and Hindunese spirituality — keeps it as one of the most alluring places to lose yourself in.

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The Trans Metro Dewata Bus is one of the cheapest modes of transportation in Bali. Denpasar, Tabanan, Ubud, Gianyar, Sukawati, Banjar Tegal Jaya, and Sanur are all served by this bus. Taking the Trans Metro Dewata has always been free because it is still completely subsidized by the government. You must, however, prepare an electronic transportation card for tap-out. This bus begins carrying passengers at 04:30 and the latest departure from Matahari Terbit Beach at 20:30. For more detailed Trans Metro Dewata information, download the Teman Bus application.

Practical Tips for Bali

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Where can I get halal food in Bali?

You can find a variety of halal cuisines in Bali. Many well-known halal restaurants have opened their branches in Bali. You can also find many local restaurants that provide halal menus, some of which are Nasi Tekor, Nasi Ayam, and many more. To keep your experience fun and comfortable, you can look up and prepare a bucket list of halal menus that you want to try before leaving for Bali.

What are the dos & don'ts we should pay attention to?

When visiting sacred sites in Bali, wear modest clothes, such as long sleeves and trousers, and make sure you are not on your period. Other than that, don't leave the house during Nyepi (Day of Silence), behave inappropriately in sacred places, step on canang (ritual offerings), enter sacred areas carelessly, urinate in public, live on the island without identity or permit, behave inappropriately during traditional ceremonies, disobey beach rules, and touch a dog's head.

When are the big waves in Bali?

Big waves in Bali usually occur right before the dry season in June, July, and August. Apart from the change of seasons, big waves can also be affected by other phenomenons, such as La Nina and warmer sea surface temperatures. An increase in sea water temperature will increase evaporation so that the chance of rainfall is higher. In addition, the Australian monsoon can also affect wind speed and wave height.

Where should I go in the afternoon?

As an island that is famous for its natural beauty, especially its beaches, you can visit the beaches in Bali from morning to evening before sunset. You can start the morning by taking some fresh air on the beach while doing light exercise. If you want to sunbathe, then you can visit the beach during the day. You can also enjoy a beautiful sunset view in the afternoon. Some of the beaches that you must visit while on vacation in Bali are Kuta Beach, Kelingking Beach, Green Bowl Beach, and many more. Besides the beach, you can also enjoy the day at the beautiful Uluwatu Temple, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue, Tirta Empul Temple in Tampak Siring, Monkey Forest, and so on. Needless to say, your afternoon will never be boring whenever you spend it in Bali!

What can we do in Bali?

Try surfing at Kuta Beach, Uluwatu Beach, or Canggu Beach. You can also enjoy other activities while in Bali besides surfing or diving in the sea. Take a walk in the Tegalalang Rice Fields to enjoy the beautiful rice fields or climb Mount Batur to enjoy the view of the sunrise. If you want to enjoy Balinese traditions or culture, you can watch traditional dance performances, such as the Kecak dance, Barong dance, and others, or soak in the Sekumpul Waterfall. You can also enjoy other fun activities like visiting the Monkey Forest to meet the adorable monkeys there.

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