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28 Feb 2024 - 8 min read

Favorite Breakfast in Ipoh

Ipoh is a suitable destination for both local and international food hunters because this state capital of Perak in Malaysia is very well-known for its culinary abundance. Several reasons lie behind this popularity are the city’s signature dishes affected by Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures, hawker centers and kopitiams, culinary tourism promotion, and appealing dining settings. However, Ipoh doesn’t only provide for local food hunters, but also international ones. It’s shown by the presence of many western restaurants within the city, making Ipoh a friendly place which embraces all culinary lovers from around the world. One of the best culinary experiences that you can obtain while in Ipoh is during the breakfast times. A variety of restaurants serving local and western food menus are widely spread throughout the city. Let’s take a look at these restaurants’ list below to celebrate your eating experience starting from breakfast.

Restoran New Holly Wood

Photo : menarikdi.com

Restoran New Holly Wood is one of the popular eateries in Ipoh offering halal-conscious Chinese cuisines. Based in Jalan Lee Kwee Foh Taman Canning, Ipoh, Perak, this restaurant is known for its several menus, such as char kuey teow, curry mee, Hong Kong chee cheong fun, and more. It’s packed from breakfast to lunchtime, with operational hours from Tuesday to Sunday at 7am-10pm.

Greentown Dimsum Cafe

Photo : my.worldorgs.com

Situated in Greentown Avenue, Greentown Dimsum Cafe comprises more than 30 types of dimsum, noodle, and rice dishes, with a price range starting from RM 3.20 onwards. This cafe is also famous for its specialty beverages: three-layered tea and iced white coffee. Besides, some local snacks, like BBQ chicken pau, chicken siew mai, any kinds of dumplings, steamed beancurd roll, etc are also available here. Open from Wednesday to Monday at 8am-9pm, this place has outdoor seating for the visitors to breathe in the morning air at breakfast time while enjoying some decent dimsums.

Suhaimi Cafe

Photo : orangmuo.my

If you want to start your day with a western breakfast in Ipoh, you have to go to Suhaimi Cafe, situated in Taman Kledang Permai. Open from 7.30am-12 am all days, except Tuesdays, the favorite western food menus are roti telur goyang, roti benggali telur, roti titab, and mee curry. Several Vietnamese coffees can also be ordered here.

Allongs, Warong Ipoh Lontong

Photo : myweekendplan.asia

Another popular restaurant at breakfast time in Ipoh is Allongs, Warong Ipoh Lontong. It’s because this Malay restaurant provides various specialty menus, like soup, curry, asam boi, lemon, nasi lemak, soto, kuey teow goreng, etc with affordable prices. Located in Taman Ipoh, savor its most favorite nasi lemak on Monday to Saturday from 7.45am-1 pm while sensing the city’s breeze in outdoor seating.

Aud’s Cafe

Photo : theasiapress.com

Aud’s Cafe is another eatery offering a range of breakfast food, including the western ones, in Ipoh. This rustic and warm, with vintage ambience, cafe can be found in Jalan Sultan Yussuf, open from Tuesday to Sunday at 9am-5pm. In line with their slogan, this cafe is a cozy space for good coffee and healthy smoothies, yet their favorite menus, pulled pork cheese sandwich and tau eu bak (soy sauce braised pork belly), make this restaurant non-halal for muslim visitors.

Ipoh Station Cafe

Photo : eznakhalili.com

Based in Medan Stesen, Ipoh Station Cafe doesn’t only offer Malay local cuisines, but also western food, some of the popular ones are roti bengali kacang pool, roti teloq meleleh, sausage, hashbrown, and red beans, starting from RM 8.82 onwards. There are also many options of local meals, like nasi lemak, and beverages, such as teh ais madu leleh (iced tea with melted honey), teh ais hijau leleh (melted matcha tea), as well as several Vietnamese coffees, syrups, chocolate, and teh tarik. If you’re interested in eating your breakfast here, don’t forget to visit at 7am-12pm from Saturday to Thursday.

Canning Dimsum

Photo : canningdimsum.com

Canning Dimsum, located in Taman Canning, is a halal dimsum restaurant with a beautiful ambiance and excellent services. This spacious restaurant, with 240 seating capacity, offers more than 100 selections of pau and dim sums prepared with their own homemade recipes. Four seasons blessings, spinach shrimp dumplings, shrimp mai, Shanghai chicken broth dumplings, and sea cucumber mai are just a few of many signature menus at this restaurant. Visit it any day except Wednesdays from 7.30-3.30pm to take some moments in a beautifully-landscaped restaurant’s exterior and interior while appreciating many flavorful dim sums.

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Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong

Photo : penangfoodie.com

If you’re a sip-a-cup-of-coffee-in-the-morning type of person, Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Long should be the first destination to start your day. Situated in Jalan Bandar Timah, this coffee shop offers the best white coffee in town. Other than that, this place is also known for its the and zhi (toast with soft boiled egg), caramel custard, and fried carrot cake from the stall outside. However, some menus with pork will be an advance notice for muslim visitors wanting to come here. It’s open everyday from 6am-2.30pm.

Kedai Kopi Keng Nam

Photo : travelswithsun.com

Kedai Kopi Keng Nam is a recommended coffee shop to experience authentic Ipoh breakfast. There are various top sellers here, such as pulut kaya (rice with coconut and egg jam), chicken curry, chee cheong fun (rice roll), chicken curry mee, nga choy gai (poached chicken with bean sprouts), tau tu fah (bean curd), and many more. Don’t forget to order the best white coffee, either hot or iced, here. Since it’s open very early each morning, at 6.30am-11am everyday, arrive as early as you can to avoid those top sellers being sold out.

Kedai Makanan Nam Heong

Photo : tr.foursquare.com

Located in Jalan Bandar Timah, Kedai Makanan Nam Heong is also a must-visit restaurant in Ipoh. Pairing with its iconic foamy white coffee, you can order kaya and butter toast, dim sums, and their popular egg tarts, chicken puffs, fried radish cakes, and fried wontons with minced pork and small prawns stuffings, or some chicken hor fun and char kway teow available in the hawker stalls inside the coffee shop. This non-halal restaurant is open everyday between 7am-5.30pm.

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W&S Fullhouse Cafe

Photo : foodpoi.com

W&S Fullhouse Cafe is a western restaurant based in Taman Chateau, Ipoh. It’s a non-halal restaurant with their popular menus of grilled chicken, mushroom soup, Hawaiian salad, cheese pork chop, and curry chicken rice, with prices varying from RM 10 onwards. They also offer cappuccino, mocha, butterfly pea flower, any kinds of smoothies, fruit juices, soft drinks, and mocktails. This well-equipped and fully air-conditioned restaurant also makes it suitable for events’ reservations. Make sure to come between 11am-9pm on any day.

First Coffee House

Photo : melaniehwa.com

First Coffee House is another western restaurant in Ipoh, serving an assortment of western food, such as fried chicken, chicken drumstick, fried chicken wings, chili crab, fish ball, fried sausages, and many more, starting from RM 50. Besides, they offer Asian cuisines, like chicken curry, kam heong prawn, and mutton rendang. Go to Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar between 11am-10pm any day to savor halal menus from this charmingly old school restaurant.

Vintage Coffee and Bread

Photo : theperpetualsaturday.com

If you seek for a humble kopitiam and Hainanese food in Ipoh, Vintage Coffee and Bread is the right place to visit. You can find various breakfast favorites, like any kinds of Hainanese breads, French toasts, oatmeal, and omelets, starting from RM 1.50. For the drinks, you can have many selections of tea, coffee, fruit tea and juice, as well as soft drinks. Just by coming to Jalan Theatre, from Tuesday to Sunday at 8.30am-4.30pm, you can already enjoy your breakfast time in a somber but warm and calm cafe’s ambience.

Girlie’s Cafe

Photo : waiyenchoong.com

Girlie’s Cafe is an exact place for those wishing light meals for breakfast. Open from 10am-5pm on Tuesday to Sunday, this bakery, situated in Jalan Market, offers various dishes’ options for both breakfast and lunch, such as cheesecakes, quiches, and many kinds of whole cakes. They also provide main courses, like chili crab pasta, lamb bolognese, and more. With a price range starting from RM 9.53, you can have beautifully presentable food with excellent services in a pleasantly old-fashioned cafe.

Red Brick Kitchen

Photo : gambrick.com

Based in Taman Panorama Rapat Indah, Red Brick Kitchen is one of the best western restaurants in Ipoh. Several various western dishes, like key lime pie, scallops breakfast, risotto, beef sandwich, and many more are served in this restaurant. Along with a scenic view of a mountain, Red Brick Kitchen is a kind of hidden gem for visitors wishing for mouthwatering meals among greenery outside the glass-windows restaurant. Please plan a visit or reservation to this place soon because it’s closed from Friday to Sunday, and open on the other days from 10 am-10.30pm.

Now, as a hungry morning person, you are no longer confused about where to go to fill your tummy. Just choose some of the restaurants suiting your fancy above, but if you’re out of town, you have to head to Ipoh first in order to make the best of your culinary trip. Open Traveloka Flights to decide your travel companions, Accommodations to stay near your favorite culinary spots, and Things to Do to guide you look around popular attractions in the city. Have a fantastic time exploring Ipoh!

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