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Traveloka, The Leading Hotel Booking Platform in Southeast Asia

Traveloka is one of the leading online hotel booking websites in Malaysia where you will be able to search hotels at your favorite destinations with the best deals on the market. Traveloka has been a growing booking platform industry for the past years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Establishing its official Malaysia branch office in 2015, Traveloka has driven the traveling industry to another level with its current two main products; hotels and flights. With over 100,00 hotels worldwide, Traveloka has proven itself as the best hotel booking site on par with other online hotel booking websites out there.

Right here in Malaysia itself, there are over 5,000 hotels and growing throughout all 15 states. Across the border in Thailand, Traveloka offers over 16,000 hotels. At its neighboring state, Vietnam, Traveloka boasts over 7,000 hotels open for booking. Traveloka optimizes its grip on Southeast Asian countries, however, it is not restricted only to that. Therefore, you will be able to find various accommodation options across the globe. In the United Kingdom, we have a list of over 13,000 hotels spreading across London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Manchester and more. In Eastern Asia, China, there are over 4,000 hotels recorded on Traveloka in various states and cities including Hangzhou, Beijing, Macau, Guangzhou and more. Traveloka has also recorded a list of Middle Eastern hotels including those in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and more. Traveloka is always constantly expanding its inventory to give you the best hotel booking experience.

Our accommodation options vary in order to give you broader options when you decided to do your hotel booking. The categories spread wide from hotels, resorts, homestays, apartments, villas, B&B and hostels. Each accommodation type is displayed with complete features that come with it including facilities, amenities, reviews from previous guests and ranks to help you pick your favorite.

Hotel Booking In Malaysia Is Simple and Easy Now!

Sometimes, things may not go as planned when you are booking hotels online. This could be the cause of various reasons; hotel prices, room availability, hidden charges, payment restrictions or system malfunctioning which would really make things more challenging for a user. Traveloka optimizes its opportunity to ensure you can experience a smoother and faster online hotel booking process. Traveloka has built its booking system to complement your hotel booking needs. How?

Firstly, Traveloka puts great effort to showcase a user-friendly and optimized display of the homepage itself. This effort is applicable both on our hotel booking website and hotel booking app. Why? Studies have shown that visuals help in keeping the mind focused on a task. To translate this into Traveloka’s context, we want to keep the visual helpful and interesting to keep your hotel booking process not feel like taking school exams. Our colour combinations and feature buttons are encoded to help you get what you want in a non-stressful way.

Second, Traveloka’s user-friendly platform is fixed with feature buttons that are extra convenient for you when you are searching and/or booking hotels. When you arrive at the homepage, you will immediately be taken to the search box where you will have two ways of looking for your hotels; stating the name of the hotel or the name of the state or city you are visiting. All the necessary information needed to filter your search - check-in dates, staying period, number of rooms and number of guests, can be selected then and there without having to be redirected to other pages. Once the search results kick in, Traveloka provides more filter options for you to narrow down your search to a specific and perfect pick. These filter options range from price range, types of accommodation, facilities and star rating.

Third, Traveloka provides multiple payment methods for users on their hotel booking spree. Everyone wants convenience when it comes to making a purchase online, hence Traveloka has gone as far as to provide four types of payment methods for you. Aside from using credit/debit cards to lock your bookings, you will also have the option to choose online banking, 7-Eleven MOLPay or Paypal. However, we don’t stop there. With Maybank credit card payment, you will also get the opportunity to apply through instalment plans where you can complete your payment in 6 or 12 months time. This instalment plan not only gives great convenience but also provides great travel opportunities to those aiming for their dream destination.

Why Choose Traveloka As Your Online Hotel Booking Platform?

The real question is, why not choose Traveloka as your online hotel booking platform? Traveloka offers a long list of hotels worldwide - not just in the Southeast Asian region. Traveloka offers cheap hotels on a massive scale through its endless promotions and deals. Traveloka offers interesting features that are convenient, special and beneficial for you.

No Booking Fees

Traveloka wants you to keep the money you would spend on booking fees for yourself because there are no booking fees applied. Once you make your online hotel room booking, you will be surprised to see that you will not be charged with any booking fees regardless if you are making domestic or international bookings. This no booking fee feature does not have any minimum transaction conditions. It applies to all of Traveloka’s products.

Honest Price

This is another feature that puts Traveloka ahead of others. What you see is what you pay for. There are no hidden charges applied in your hotel bookings as well as flights. As the same as our No Booking Fees term, our Honest Price is applicable to all Traveloka products.

Everyday Low Prices & Exclusive In-app Deals

Traveloka has two main platforms where you can do your bookings; hotel booking app and hotel booking website. If you are making your online hotel room booking using the mobile application, you will be entertained with best room rates and special deals. There are certain deals that can only be found in the mobile application. So, you might want to download the Traveloka application on your mobile phones now to get those deals.

Real Guest Reviews

How do you know if Hotel A is really the hotel you want to spend your time in? To answer your question, Traveloka creates another feature you can find on the website where you will be able to read through reviews from past guests. On each hotel page, we included real reviews along with ranks to help you determine whether the hotel is worth your investment.


Traveloka guarantees you a hotel stay in accordance with your selection and preferences. However, in the instances of overbooked rooms or if there are any discrepancies with your bookings, Traveloka will take immediate action by recommending other hotels with similar preferences without any additional costs for you. If our recommendations do not fit your needs, you will be given an immediate refund of your booking.

Various Payment Options

Whether you are placing your booking using the hotel booking app or hotel booking website, we offer four main types of payment method for your convenience. The first and the most common is payment by credit/debit card, the second is not rare but definitely a big-time convenience for all users - online banking - where you will find major internet banking options like Maybank2u, CimbClicks, Public Bank PBe, RHB Now, Hong Leong, Bank Islam, AmOnline and other banks through FPX. The third payment method is very unique because only with Traveloka, you can pay your bookings via cash at any 7-Eleven store you can find. You will be given a code where you can bring to any 7-Eleven store and use it as the reference number to make your payment. This is only applicable to cash payments. The final payment method offered by Traveloka is through PayPal which serves great convenience to international users to issue their payment easily.

Maybank Installment Plan

The instalment plan introduced by Traveloka is definitely one-of-a-kind in this industry. With this unique feature, you will have the ultimate freedom to go live your dream vacation plans. This instalment plan only applies to Maybank credit card holders and does not include corporate cards. This feature enables you to pay for your hotel booking gradually on either a 6-month or 12-month basis. With a minimum transaction of RM500, you will be entitled to apply for a 6-months instalment plan, while with a minimum transaction of RM1,000, you will be entitled to apply for a 12-months instalment plan. Both types of instalment plans are available with 0% interest in accordance with the terms and conditions applied.

24/7 Customer Service

Traveloka has a strong Customer Service that is always available on the other side of the line for you. Our Sales Support period covers pre-booking, during your travel and post-travel dates without a definite period. There are several ways you can reach our Customer Service as listed below:

Email: Submit your inquiry to

Live Chat via desktop

Phone: 0804-1500-308 (reachable from within Indonesia only)

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24 Hour Customer Service+6037 7243 501 or +6032 1091 800
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