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Traveling with comfort is only a few clicks away–whether you are still on the ground or already up in the air.

Baggage Allowance That Suits Your Needs

No more rearranging your stuff at the airport to avoid additional baggage charges. Now, you can select your preferred baggage allowance when booking your flight at Traveloka. So get that travel checklist out and make sure to pack everything you need.

Choosing Your Baggage Allowance

Go to My Booking

Search your flight

Start your search by filling in the flight details. Click Search Flights and find the best flight for you.

Fill in passenger details

Once you have chosen your flight, fill in your passenger details and continue.

Go to My Booking
Go to My Booking

Select your baggage allowance

See the Baggage section to check your current baggage allowance. Continue by selecting your preferred allowance.

Proceed with payment

Select your preferred payment method and complete your payment within the time limit.

Go to My Booking
Go to My Booking

See baggage details on the e-ticket

Once payment is confirmed, your e-ticket will be issued. Open the e-ticket and you can see your baggage allowance.

Questions & Answers

What is the maximum weight for my cabin and checked baggage?
Each airline may have different baggage allowances, depending also on the flight routes. Detailed information about your baggage allowance can be found on your e-ticket or the search results page during booking.
In rare cases, the information you receive at the airport upon check-in may be different from the details shown on your e-ticket/search results page. If this happens with you, please let us know so we can help you resolve the issue.
If you need extra baggage allowance, you can purchase it online during your flight booking on Traveloka App or website.
Checked baggage is not included in my fare and I don't pay any baggage fees. Can I still bring my baggage?
Yes, you are allowed to bring your cabin baggage. All adult and child passengers occupying their own seat can bring up to 7 kg of cabin baggage or carry-on baggage on board. This baggage will be the responsibility of the passenger throughout the journey.
How much should I pay for extra baggage?
The price for extra baggage per kilogram may depend on your seat class, flight route, and departure airport. You can purchase the extra baggage upon booking before you proceed to the payment screen.
Can I purchase additional baggage after my flight e-ticket has been issued?
Of course. You can purchase the extra baggage upon web check-in, or by contacting the airline call center directly. You can also do so when checking in at the airline check-in counter at the airport. Please note that web check-in is only available for some airlines and flight routes. Please go to the respective airline website to know whether your flight supports web check-in.

Pack Everything You Need with Extra Baggage Allowance

When traveling far for a long period of time, it’s likely that we carry more baggage. We may even end up with more suitcases upon our return, thanks to all the souvenirs we bought for our friends and family. It is no wonder to find our baggage exceeding the limit allowed by the airline.

Airlines usually provide a free baggage allowance for each passenger. However, the amount can be different for each airline. Some may give a free allowance only for cabin baggage, some may give a free allowance for checked baggage. The free checked baggage allowance itself can differ between airlines, ranging from 15 – 35 kilograms per passenger, depending on the type of airline and the flight route.

However, since passengers often need an extra baggage allowance, many popular airlines offers Extra Baggage Allowances to their passengers. This is to prevent the high additional charge due to excess baggage. This extra baggage allowance is offered in packages, so passengers can buy it at a more affordable price compared to paying the excess baggage load per kilogram.

AirAsia baggage service, for example, offers packages of 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 kilograms of Extra Baggage Allowance. The AirAsia Extra Baggage Allowance is available for their domestic and international flights, with varied prices depending on the route, schedule, and travel period.

Passengers can buy Extra Baggage Allowances prior to flying from the airline’s website or application, or from online ticket booking services such as Traveloka. Extra Baggage can be purchased up to 24 hours before departure or at the same time during flight ticket bookings, depending on the policies of each airline. However, at Traveloka, passengers can buy the necessary baggage allowances together with their flight tickets.

So if you can anticipate that your baggage would exceed the free baggage allowance provided by the airline, buying an Extra Baggage Allowance as early as possible is always a good idea. This is also important to avoid inconveniences during your check-in process only because you have to pay an extra charge for your excess baggage.

By buying an Extra Baggage Allowance before your flight, you will be able to proceed through check-in smoothly. In addition, you will also feel comfortable throughout your flight even with a lot of baggage in tow.

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