Additional Flight Services

Traveling with comfort is only a few clicks away–whether you are still on the ground or already up in the air.

Sit Comfortably Throughout Your Flight

Select your favorite spot to sit on the plane, whether you prefer the window, aisle, or between your traveling partners. Have a look at the seating layout and choose the best seat for you to make sure you’re comfortable until you land.

Choosing Your Seat Number

Go to My Booking

Search your flight

Start your search by filling in the flight details. Click Search Flights and find the best flight for you.

Fill in passenger details

Once you have chosen your flight, fill in your passenger details and continue.

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Go to My Booking

Select your seat

See the Seat Number section to check the available seats. Continue by selecting your preferred seat number.

Proceed with payment

Select your preferred payment method and complete your payment within the time limit.

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Go to My Booking

See seat number on the e-ticket

Once payment is confirmed, your e-ticket will be issued. Open the e-ticket to see your seat number.

Questions & Answers

Do I have to pay to select my seat?
Fees and availability are within the authority of the airlines. Some seats are free, while some others come with a fee.
What flights support the seat selection feature at Traveloka?
Currently, the feature is available for international and domestic flights scheduled to depart more than 48 hours from the date of booking. Please keep your Traveloka App updated, as we are working on enabling seat selection for more flights in the near future
Am I guaranteed to get the seat that I have reserved?
We will make every effort to fulfill your request, but please note that seat selection is subject to airline's availability. For paid seats, please make sure that you make a payment within the time limit to secure the seat that you have chosen.

Free to Choose the Most Comfortable Seat for Your Flight

Your seat is one of the keys to a more comfortable journey on a plane trip. Seat locations that suit your needs is bound to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, thus making your flight more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, airlines are usually the ones get to choose the passenger’s seat during check-in. Oftentimes, the location of the seat chosen by the airline is not exactly where we want to sit.

However, in order to provide better service, many airlines have allowed their passengers to select their own seats. This is usually done prior to the flight’s departure. For example, when booking flight tickets at Traveloka, passengers on certain flights can immediately choose their seat numbers. There are also several airlines that offer passengers to choose their seats when checking in online, including at Traveloka. By looking at the seating layout of the aircraft, passengers can easily choose the most comfortable seat for them.

Although some airlines provide this service for free, some charge an additional fee for passengers who want to choose their seats in advance. When booking a flight ticket at Traveloka, passengers can pay their seat charge together with their flight tickets.

The priority seats located on the front rows are typically the most costly. These seats guarantee extra comfort, thanks to the extra legroom that make the seats feel more spacious. In addition, these priority seats also give much easier access to the aircraft’s exit door, so passengers get to be the first to get off the plane when they arrive at their destination.

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