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All You Need to Know About MATTA Fair 2020!

Strap your seatbelts on and prepare yourself for the biggest day of travel! The grandeur MATTA FAIR 2020 is back and bigger than ever with the overflowing of flight promotions, hotel deals, and discounts all-day, every day! Due to the Coronavirus pandemic hitting the nation worldwide, Mattar Fair have taken measures to push back the historical event to November instead - but, nevertheless, it is an event worth locking your calendar for!

What is MATTA Fair 2020?

So, for those who are not yet up to speed with this mega event happening, MATTA Fair 2020 is a travel fair that occurred every year between March and September by our travel heroes at the “Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents” (MATTA in short). Carrying the MATTA Fair objective “to promote the interest of travel and tour industry in Malaysia”, MATTA Fair 2020 is the place where you will find the best flight promotions, flight deals, hotel booking stays, tours and more. This year around, MATTA Fair 2020 will be held at the same location; Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), although the timeline will be different than usual. Instead of March and September, it will be in November instead. 

If you have travel plans in your bucket list for the year, you might want to drop by MATTA Fair 2020 before you purchase any flight tickets yet, because you might just find the golden egg here instead.

What does MATTA stand for?

Well, good question! As mentioned above, MATTA stands for the “Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents”. They consist of various companies and organizations band together bringing you the best possibilities to travel to your favorite destinations. It not only participated by local entities but also included numerous overseas affiliations as well. Currently, there are over 3,400 members in MATTA and you can bet the number continues to increase every year. 

What do MATTA Fair 2020 deals provide?

One word - PLENTY. As the biggest travel fair in the nation, you can be sure the number of flight promotions and cheap flight tickets available will be like shopping during the End Year Sale. However, your choices may not be limited to flight promotions only, you will also be getting various options for hotel booking deals and tours to some of the best places around the world.

When and Where is MATTA Fair 2020 being held?

This is the most important part of all, right? Usually, the PWTC MATTA Fair is being held at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). PWTC or rather the World Trade Center as it is now being formalized has become its iconic location each year due to its strategic location and accessibility. 

The next question is “When?” Well, each year, the event will take place between March and September. Due to the recent updates from the official MATTA committee in regards to the pandemic we are currently facing, you will likely be able to enjoy the big collection of MATTA Fair 2020 promotion packages to the max sometime in November instead. It is best to keep an eye out on the news regarding the MATTA fair event. Plus, it is best to adhere to the new normal Covid-prevention precaution steps during your purchase frenzy during the MATTA fair event. 

Is MATTA Fair 2020 the only BIG THING happening in Travel?

YES and not limited to as well. Here comes the second big news for you because Traveloka is also coming in headstrong with various flight promotions and flight deals for you to grab. MATTA Fair 2020 is a pretty big place and it caters to a pretty big crowd from all over the world. Maybe some of us are a bit anxious about the thought of being surrounded by that big of a crowd - especially in this time of the year, hence, the next best thing you can drop by to get the same kind of experience in much convenient way, plus, for the same amount of flight promotions and deals might be - US! 

To serve the best to our customers, you will be able to find and not limited to flight ticket deals, hotel booking stays, discounted activities and tours, plus the ultimate convenience of having everything in a one-stop mobile app where you can find everything in one platform. It saves you the hassle to leave the house, pushing your way through traffic, limited parking space, the crowd and long-stretches of walking.

But, WAIT, there’s more!

Speaking of travel fairs, travel promotions and amazing flight deals happening this year around, you cannot forget the special promos we will be including for our seasonal holidays as well! Christmas is not too far off, and this could be a good opportunity for you to hang around MATTA Fair 2020 to still experience the fun of Christmas celebration. You could also keep an eye out for the Traveloka promo as well because we also bring the best of seasonal holiday promotions to your screen.