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Yuzhong Xian
China 4G SIM Card (Philippines Pickup) by AIRSIM
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China 4G SIM Card (Philippines Pickup) by AIRSIM

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Whether you’re going on a holiday or a business trip, the AIRSIM Global Data Roaming SIM Card keeps you connected to your loved ones or clients anywhere in ChinaBrowse the Internet or make outgoing calls to any international number with voice and data services in more than 100 countries for as low as $1/day This SIM card comes with a $10 USD credit that you can use to buy a data pack for your next trip Have your AIRSIM card delivered to your preferred address or pick it up at the Esquire Tech office in Alabang
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Take the stress out of traveling with AIRSIM Global Data Roaming SIM Card! This reusable SIM card allows you to enjoy data and voice services in more than 100 countries, so you can stay connected wherever you go. No more queuing up for a local SIM or pocket WiFi—all you need to do is buy a data package through the AIRSIM ROAM app and you’ll get to enjoy data services immediately upon your arrival. For every data plan you purchase, you’ll get free 30 minutes for international calls on AIRTALK ROAM, which allows you to make calls to your destination country and back home.  


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China 4G SIM Card (Philippines Pickup) by AIRSIM

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