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About Jogja

Out of all holiday attractions in the country, the kid-friendly destination in Jogja is one of the magnets that keep bringing travellers to the city. After all, Jogja is a great place to spend family holidays, especially for travellers who bring their children. Jogja has a variety of interesting places to spend time with your little one, both natural and artificial. Located in the southern region of Java Island, Jogja offers stunning nature landscape. Although the area is not too broad - only around 3,186 km2, you can find rows of blue beaches with white sand, green mountains, karst caves with unique stalagmites and stalactites, and charming waterfalls. Judging from its history, Jogja is one of the provinces that holds an important role for Indonesia. In fact, the Special Province of Yogyakarta - often called Yogyakarta, Jogja, Yogya, or Jogjakarta - was once the capital of Indonesia during the struggle for independence. Its role as the national capital lasted only a few years, precisely from January 4, 1946 to December 27, 1949 before returned to Jakarta. Initially, Jogja was the territory of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate and the Pakualaman Duchy which had its own government. The two regions had close links with the Sultanate of Mataram, which was one of the strongest Islamic kingdoms of its time before it was divided into parts. After independence, the Sultanate of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and the Pakualaman Kadipaten declared themselves to join Indonesia that turned the kingdom into a region called the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). Aside from Jogja’s history that related to the Islamic kingdom, the region is also closely related to the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom. You can find tons of temples and historic sites in this region. Some temples with amazing historical insight include Prambanan, Sambisari, Tara (Kalasan), and Sari Temple. In addition to its strong historical value, Jogja is also intensively preserving its culture and tradition. Some traditional ceremonies and regional traditions are routinely held every year. In fact, these events have become tourist attractions in Jogja. Some of the popular yearly tradition are Sekaten, Grebeg Maulud, Saparan Bekakak, and Labuhan.

Kid-friendly Destinations in Jogja

As a parent, you certainly want your child to experience a memorable vacation. Holidays should not only fun for adults, but also children. Luckily, there are several kid-friendly attractions in Yogyakarta that are interesting and safe for you to visit. The natural attractions such as the beaches in Gunungkidul can be a viable and affordable choice for your vacation. Your little one can run and play freely on the white sand, swim on the blue and clear ocean, or enjoy various activities, such as snorkeling or riding ATV. However, you need to be extra careful since anything might happen in nature at any time. The alternative tourist attractions in Jogja are water parks and modern recreational areas. These destinations are becoming more popular since they offer many exciting attractions. Your little one will not get bored quickly. Some of them is quite educational, such as Taman Pintar and Gembira Loka Zoo. Jogja has multiple modern shopping centers that offer kid-friendly attractions in with adequate facilities. Your little one can try various rides and games in the mall. If you are tired or hungry, you can just go around to look for food and drinks at the nearest food court. You can also shop as much as you like.

Recommended Kid-friendly Destinations in Jogja

There are quite a lot of kid-friendly destinations in Jogja, so you won't run out of choices to make your little one enjoy his or her holidays. If you are interested in visiting indoor attractions around the city center, here are some recommendations.

Timezone Ambarrukmo Plaza

There are dozens of exciting games available at Timezone Ambarrukmo Plaza. You and your little one can enjoy the thrill of bumper cars, rocking tug boats, dance and music games, video games and arcades. Some redemption system-based games are also available at this mall. Your little one can play to their heart's content and have the opportunity to get a variety of prizes.

To enjoy this kid-friendly attraction in Jogja, you only need to top up your Timezone card. Do it directly on location, or purchase via Traveloka. You can get the Timezone balance from Rp200,000 to Rp500,000 just by paying Rp120,000* to Rp250,000 only! In addition, some games are available for free.

Kingsfun Hartono Mall Yogyakarta

For only Rp48,500 *, you can entertain your children with a variety of fun arcade games at Kingsfun Hartono Mall. By purchasing the voucher at Traveloka, you will get a card balance of Rp 70,000.

Use the balance to try various games available at Kingsfun. This kid-friendly attraction in Jogja offers a number of interesting and exciting games, such as Boom Boom Car, Maximum Tune, Danz Dance, and Pump It Up Fiesta 2.

Amazone Jogja City Mall

Jogja City Mall has a kid-friendly attraction for you to spend quality time with the little one called Amazone. This place is an indoor amusement park with tons of exciting games located on the second floor of Jogja City Mall. You can find a variety of video games, arcades, merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, and boom boom car. There is also a kids zone with large slides, ball pools, and playground.

Have fun with various children's games at Amazone JCM with Traveloka. You only need to pay Rp45.000 *, Rp86.000 *, or Rp172.000 * to get Rp50.000, Rp100.000, or Rp200.000 respectively. Traveloka allows you to save more. Moreover, Traveloka regularly offers discounted prices that should not be missed.

Funworld Malioboro Mall

If you happen to visit Malioboro street, go take your little one to Funworld Malioboro Mall. Funworld is a modern-day arcade that presents a lot of fun games for all ages. There are video games, roller coaster, arcades, and various colorful and interesting attractions for children.

Don't forget to top up your Funcard balance. Choose the top-up balance of Rp120.000 or Rp250.000 according to your budget and needs. Try purchasing the top-up voucher through Traveloka application and website. That way, you can save more than Rp20.000 *!

Timezone Lippo Plaza Jogja

Another kid-friendly destination in Jogja is Timezone at Lippo Plaza Jogja. Just like in Timezone Amplaz and other shopping centers, you can enjoy a variety of exciting game and rides, ranging from arcades to video games.

Top-up your Timezone card on Traveloka! You can get a balance of Rp200.000 and Rp500.000 for only half the price! After the top-up, go enjoy all the excitement of Yogyakarta's kid-friendly attractions at Lippo Plaza!

* Prices are subject to change

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