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Kuntum Farmfield Tickets
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Kuntum Farmfield Tickets

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What Others Are Saying

Great. Love it and it’s very interesting. My son loves it very much. So many beautiful things and scenery.

Miranda S. - Tue, 20 April 2021

it was really great, my daughter really enjoy it and learn a lot

Vina H. - Mon, 12 April 2021

It was good to be able to visit this place... Very recommended if u have to go back to the nature

Rizky R. - Sun, 26 December 2021

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Explore Kuntum Farmfield and revel in an agrotourism experienceEnjoy organic farming activities for families and couplesLearn more about nature by joining fun and educational activities
Good for: Free Time, Adventure Junkies, Relaxation, Learning & Development, Free Spirits, Fun-loving Families

What You’ll Experience

A fun trip awaits at Kuntum Farmfield! Nestled in Bogor, this attraction makes a perfect destination to be one with nature. Surrounded by a relaxing ambiance and lush greenery, you and your loved ones will get to enjoy organic faming activities and interact with livestocks, such as crows, rabbits, sheep and chickens. Bring your children along, and see their excitement as they feed these animals – loving Mother Earth should start from an early age, right? On top of that, you may also get the opportunity to take a closer look at the Albino Buffalo, one of the rare buffalo species.

Your family day out will even be more fun as your little ones get the chance to develop their creativity by painting farmer's hats and baskets. This activity is also great to improve their problem-solving skills and their sense of sight. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? So, come and take your children here to learn and get closer to nature in the most entertaining way!

Get your kids closer to many animals, like the rabbits

It's going to be a fun family day out!

Take in the lush greenery with your family


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Kuntum Farmfield, Jalan Raya Tajur No.291, Sindangrasa, Bogor Tim., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16145, Indonesia
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Kuntum Farmfield Tickets

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Opening Hours (Local Time) : 08:00-18:00
( Last Redemption Time: 16:30 )
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Regular Season

  • Monday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Tuesday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Wednesday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Thursday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Friday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • Sunday: 08:00 - 18:00
  • What You'll Experience

    Kuntum Farmfield

    Kuntum Farmfield successfully captures the attention of today's millennial families. When you get bored of visiting the mall, these attractions are the best alternative for your child to get to know the surrounding environment. Located on Jalan Raya Tajur No. 291, Bogor, this agro-tourism is not far from the center of Bogor and is easily accessible via the Jagorawi Highway. With the motto of "Back to Nature, No Chemical and Friendly Environment," you and your family can try a variety of organic-based agriculture, fishery and farming activities. This destination combines recreation, agro-tourism and education in one area. Several pavilions distributed in the complex areas present different types of activities. Here are some of the activities you can do at Kuntum Farmfield.

    Plant and harvest vegetables

    In the mini rice fields located in the middle of the complex, children can learn how to plant seeds and water rice plants. You can also take your child to learn how to harvest vegetables organically. This method builds children's understanding of how long the process of preparing vegetables until reaching the dinner table. This will help them learn to respect the food served and encourage them to eat more vegetables.

    Catch fish from the pond

    Have you ever imagined asking your child to catch fish directly from the pond? In this complex, you can let your child dive into a muddy pond to catch fish with a net or their bare hands. With a game setting, this activity can hone your child's reflexes and motor skills.

    Riding a horse

    Who is not amazed to see a horse standing proudly? Take your child to ride a horse available here. The horse will take the child around the Kuntum Farmfield area accompanied by an experienced guide. You can also see up close how horse care is performed.

    Play with rabbits and guinea pigs

    Dozens of rabbits and guinea pigs are kept in a huge cage. They are free to roam around without worry. These two adorable animals are often the favorites of young visitors. Children are free to interact with rabbits and guinea pigs, like playing and feeding.

    Interacting with farm animals

    Don't be surprised if you smell unpleasant odors from the farm area. There are several cows, goats, and sheep that are kept in the farms here. Children are allowed to interact with these animals and feed them.

    Interact with birds

    After watching the mammals, you can find birds roaming freely in an artificial river. Chickens, ducks, geese and various types of birds can be found in this area. Be careful when standing near the swan because sometimes they will bite you.

    Be creative with a straw hat

    For children aged 5 years and over, you can take them to play and be creative with a straw hat. Children will draw and paint on this hat made from bamboo and make them more attractive. In addition to practicing creativity, children can also learn about colors and develop their imagination.

    Meet albino buffalo

    Buffalo is generally blackish grey colored. However, in this agro-tourism complex, you can find a rare albino buffalo. This buffalo is cream colored and looks in contrast to other buffalos. It is a rare opportunity to be able to see this unique animal closely because usually they can only be found in Tana Toraja.

    Shopping and dining

    Next, end your visit by shopping and dining. Snacks and unique trinkets are available for you to take home. This is the right place to go if you want to add your plant collection. Some types of plants that can be purchased here are vegetable, medicinal, ornamental, and fruit plants. Don't forget to try the food and drinks served in the stalls in this area. The manager has prepared several supporting facilities for your comfort. Toilets, parking areas, prayer rooms and eating places are available.

    Open daily at 08.15-18.00, Kuntum Farmfield entrance ticket price ranges start from Rp44.000. Ticket prices may vary depending on the number of visitors and time of visit. Entrance Tickets on Weekday (Monday-Friday) is Rp45.000. Meanwhile, a Group Entrance Ticket (minimum 15 people) is Rp43.000 per person. The Weekend Entrance Ticket (Saturday-Sunday) is Rp55.200 whereas the Group Weekend Entrance Ticket (minimum 15 people) is Rp54.000. For more information about the price of this entrance ticket, check the Kuntum Farmfield promo at Traveloka. Check the site or application before determining the date of your visit because ticket prices can change at any time. Take your kids to learn how to farm in a fun way only at Kuntum Farmfield!

    Ticket prices for Farmfield bud

    • Entrance Ticket for Working Days is RP45,000
    • Group Entrance Ticket (Minimum 15 people) is Rp43,000
    • Group Weekend Entrance Ticket (Minimum 15 people) is Rp54,000
    • Weekend Entrance Ticket is Rp55,200