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Swimming in Jakarta
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About Jakarta

Jakarta swimming pool is a favorite recreational facility in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the capital city. After all, the swimming pool in Jakarta is mostly considered modern and complete, and many times they’re far from being boring. The diverse concept of the Jakarta swimming pool is surely thanks to the fact that Jakarta is the largest metropolitan city in Indonesia. Because of that, Jakarta has always been trying the best to further improve the quality of its every aspect, some of them being the governance and economy. History shows that Jakarta is the center of the governance which sets the standards for other cities in Indonesia to follow. Not only that, but Jakarta has also stolen the world’s attention due to its vast development growth. This leads to the international world calling it The Big Durian, a title that stands equal with the name New York City of the USA. In addition, Jakarta even has the biggest number of an educational center in Indonesia, ranging from kindergarten to the university. And lest you forget, Jakarta hosts two massive airports, and they are Halim Perdanakusuma and Soekarno-Hatta. But who would’ve thought that behind its glory, Jakarta has undergone several changes of the name? Before Jakarta is Jakarta, the capital city was known as Sunda Kelapa, a name taken from the famous harbor in the region of Sunda Kingdom. Across the 12th century, Sunda Kelapa became the busiest harbor in the world, located in the riverside of Ciliwung River. And this was where people traded spices and foreigner ships docked in. Moving on near the end of the big war against Portuguese, the name Sunda Kelapa was then changed to Jakarta in 1527 AD. Later on, the governance of the Dutch East Indies changed the name again into Batavia, and remained so until 1942. At that time, the Japanese ruled the land and changed the name into Jakarta, a name that remains strong to this day. Due to all of the historical significance, Jakarta has a massive economic development. Over 70 percent of the nation’s financial state revolves around this metropolitan city. Also, almost every industrial, service, and monetary sector is centered in Jakarta. Even the largest shopping centers are located in Jakarta, such as Tanah Abang and Glodok. Meanwhile, the government aims to build 250 skyscraper tower units in Jakarta by the year 2020. The same goes for the transportation routes, in which the government will continue to repair the airway, sea, and land access. All of them are taken into account to improve mobilization and distribution, especially for tourists to visit the Jakarta swimming pool.

Jakarta Swimming Pool Review

Jakarta is a crowded city that has its green fields turned into local settlements, office buildings, or shopping centers. Because of that, finding natural tourist spots in Jakarta will be just like finding a needle in a haystack. To compensate for that, local citizens choose the swimming pool in Jakarta as the weekend getaway spot. Not only does swimming refresh your mind, but it also works as an exciting sport for your body. As for the facilities, Jakarta swimming pool tends to have a playground, café, and ornaments akin to the natural scenery. Swimming pool in Jakarta can also have a park, gazebo, “Pendopo,” and a leisure area on several occasions. Other than that, Jakarta swimming pool is commonly split into two categories, and they are adults and children. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your children when swimming around. To reach the locations for the swimming pool in Jakarta, there are several public transportations you can take. Apart from the online taxi, there are also KRL, busway, Kopaja bus, and bajaj.

Recommended Jakarta Swimming Pool

If you’re planning to swim in the Jakarta swimming pool, take a look at these recommended pools

Swimming pool at Cilandak Sport Center

Cilandak Sport Center is located behind Cilandak Town Square, abbreviated as CITOS. To be more exact, it’s situated in Jalan TB Simatupang, South Jakarta. Around the sport center, there are numerous sport facilities available to use, one of them being a swimming pool. The category for this swimming pool in Jakarta is split into two, adults and children. To ensure the safety of the swimmers, every pool has a lifeguard monitoring the activities around the pools.

You can enjoy the swimming pool facility at Cilandak Sport Center by buying the entrance ticket in Traveloka. Three types of ticket for this swimming pool are available, such as the Weekends Children, Weekdays Adults, and Weekend Adults. The ticket price is approximately Rp38.700—64.500 per person.

SnowBay Waterpark

SnowBay Waterpark is a world-class modern waterpark established in 2018. Since its debut, SnowBay Waterpark showcases the dramatic The Cruise New Simming Pool area, designed by Mr. Son Dong Jin—director of SnowBay Waterpark. The Cruise New Simming Pool has a massive size with the depth starting from 135—165 centimeters. Here, you can find the replica of snow and waves, along with water slides. Apart from The Cruise New Swimming Pool, there are also the “Snow Fun Party,” water turf war, and “Snow Dance.”

To explore all the excitements of SnowBay Waterpark, it’s recommended to buy the entrance ticket in Traveloka. The SnowBay Waterpark ticket is available to buy for the price of Rp75.060, applicable every day for one person with insurance included in the price.

Atlantis Water Adventure

Atlantis Water Adventure offers a thematic waterpark depicting the ancient Mediterranean city that sunk into the ocean due to a natural disaster. However, back in the days, Atlantis Water Adventure was known as Gelanggang Renang Ancol. The birth of this waterpark is dated in June 28, 1974, inaugurated by Jakarta’s governor at that time—Lieutenant General Ali Sadikin. During its establishment, the waterpark was only about the size of 7 hectares. However, Atlantis Water Adventure now has nine different pool types. Every pool is decorated with challenging and exciting facilities like a water slide, current pool, waved pool, and makeshift waterfall.

To visit Atlantis Water Adventure, you can buy the entrance ticket online with Traveloka. There are four different ticket types for the Atlantis Water Adventure available on the site. And they are the Weekdays (Rp92.150), Weekends and National Holidays (Rp132.000), All-Day Access (Rp182.410), and Annual Pass Atlantis Water Adventure (Rp291.755).

Waterboom Jakarta

Hailing the theme of Urban Cool, Waterboom Jakarta has been a favorite swimming pool in Jakarta among families. If you’re curious, the theme is similar to the Tropical Cool theme from Waterboom Bali, consisting of tropical gardens surrounded by abundant trees. 

Apart from the design, Waterboom Jakarta is also equipped with a lengthy Aquatube water slide that reaches 14.5 meters. There’s also a Speed Slide facility for those who crave for an exciting challenge because you’ll slide at the speed of 70 km/h. Make sure to enjoy the full experience in Waterboom Jakarta without waiting at the ticket booth by buying the ticket in Traveloka firsthand. There are two ticket types sold in Traveloka, and they are the Weekdays – Easy Access and All Day – Easy Access. Price starts from Rp99.000—140.000 per person.